Links Between the Theory of Vacuoles and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (Francis Pitard)

The following document has been submitted by Francis Pitard. More information about his theory and ideas can be accessed at his website here:

Vacuoles and LENR presentation
  • Axil Axil

    How did the proton get its spin?

    Progress in understanfing the nature of sub atomic particles.

    • LION

      Axil Axil, thanks for linking the article, most interesting.

  • Zephir

    The vacuole theory looks crackpotish, but it has realistic background in Aether Wave Theory. In this model the vacuum is elastic environment characterized with balance of transverse and longitudinal waves (virtual photons and neutrinos, i.e. scalar waves) in similar way, like every dense gas. The places of dominated with longitudinal waves behave like the holes with respect to transverse waves (light waves). The particles and antiparticles are composed of layers and the particles and antiparticles differ each other just with order of these layers. In normal matter dominated Universe these layers always start with bubbles. The most primitive form of matter, the dark matter consist mostly of scalar waves only, i.e. it’s composed only of bubbles.
    The bubble model of particles in vacuum explains, why the particles cannot be packed – the bubbles repel mutually at distance due to their weak nuclear forces, which are essentially a surface tension effect of these bubbles. For example the simplest particle like the electron looks like the standing longitudinal wave (virtual neutron) interferring with transverse wave loop (virtual photon) around it. Therefore the interior of electron looks like the void for real photons.

  • hunfgerh

    How can I transform this knowledge into practice (CF / LENR)?

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