MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has posted an article on its Steemit account which provides instructions on how to process nickel foil to make “‘free energy’ reactor discharge electrodes” in the manner used in the Indian ECCO device that they are planning to test.

Indian inventor Suhas has been communicating with the MFMP and sharing information about the ECCO reactor, and has invited them to visit India and test out an ECCO device sometime this spring or summer (not sure of the exact timetable).

The article focuses on the the nickel foil fuel preparation using an electrodeposition process, and states that once the processing is completed, it is “ready to be made in to balls to form breathing fuel barriers and discharge electrodes”

The full post can be read here:

  • Bob Greenyer

    More SEM/EDX updates tomorrow.

    • FC

      Good stuff, Bob.
      Is the test still scheduled for the first and/or second half of May?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Suhas asked for the tests in India to be moved to mid June so that he could prepare a second reactor and a range of fuels to test to enhance the value out of us all travelling there. It will mean extra travelling expenses for us, however, there were challenges getting the testing equipment together, but the Visa was the biggest challenge so the timeline works better.

        me356 will therefore be the first to be verified in the second half of May with a tests of Egely reactor scheduled for the end of May. More information to come on both in coming days.

        • I think it only right that me356 goes first. He’ll have a chance to make history.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes, whilst his approach is less open initially, it is because he understands the risks with his implementation and he does not want the roll out to be stopped before it is too late.

            Having a safe test conducted will leave the vested interests and nefarious adversaries no excuse to demand it shut down and their own media proclaiming it is impossible will not give them a lot of room to manoeuvrer to act on shutting down something that just appears to be a lot of cranks testing a crank (now you may start to understand my recent strategy). 😉

          • Perhaps you follow Rossi’s lead in this matter.

          • Bob Greenyer

            No, the MFMP are not originators of complete systems. Of course, we have proposed many things and helped where ever possible, but we are testing the claims of others.

          • psi2u2

            Hehehe. ; )

          • Ged

            LENR uses a fuel (hydrogen and high energy/low binding energy nucleons), so it is not perpetual motion. It just has very very high energy density, similar to hot fusion if a little less, so far as limited data suggests.

          • georgehants

            LENR G, do you mean if they get a positive result they will hide it away, allowing no clear and open conformation of their claims for seven years?
            I think MFMP work on a completely different Moral basis than Rossi et al.

          • No I didn’t mean that. I meant that I suspect that sometimes Rossi’s behavior is calculated to drive away unwanted attention.

          • georgehants

            LENR G, well he certainly does that regarding anybody who cares about people and the World.

          • Steve Savage

            Bob, Have you given up on the use of punctuation completely? Sorry for being picky, but it does get hard to read 🙂

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Steve, I find it almost impossible to post here Steve, since it freezes all the time when writing replies. Also, with two young kids and no child care, it is sometimes hard to focus on the finer points of being a wordsmith.

          • Steve Savage

            Bob, considering all that you are doing, it is not even important and I regret mentioning it. Thank you very much for all the insights you are providing us. It is a beautiful thing to watch the emergence of these technologies and history will note your contributions. Thanks, and keep at it, we need what you are doing !!

          • Bob Greenyer

            It’s ok – I hate reading back what I write, invariably I find all sorts of issues and ways things can be explained better. My problem is there is always more to get out than I have time to make easy to understand so I have to draw the line somewhere.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I shall see if I can find out.

        • Is it decided and scheduled for you guys to test Me356 technology?

          • Bob Greenyer

            We have scheduled – yes.

          • I was not aware there was a set date.
            I hope he keeps his word.

          • Bob Greenyer

            time will tell.

    • Ged

      Looking forward to it! Will be very interesting seeing Me356’s beast in full operation with the veil gone. If it all works out, does MFMP plan to adopt building and supplying replication kits based on me356 and/or ecco since that was a big mission objective?

      • Bob Greenyer

        me356 strategy is extended, this will become clear

        Suhas is more open to us playing a more direct role earlier.

        in both cases, we have people lined up to help the early wide scale testing costs.

  • CWatters

    Presumably ordinary Nickel foil doesn’t work..

    • Bob Greenyer

      It is not what he used. Perhaps it does. If we verify the principle claims it would surely be a first test in the interests of simplicity.

      Suhas has high end ultrasonics and chemistry in his toolset. In addition, he believes that the process imparts special properties to the Nickel and given the results of the EDX – it appears to have done a lot of transmutation. SIMS analysis may reveal non-naturally occurring element isotope ratios as observed many times by Adamenko’s group.

      In India, it is not always easy to get affordable real and definable metals. With the technique above, foils of different thicknesses can be produced and repeatably without having to rely on the fortunes of a supplier, or in the case of goodfellow, a suppliers supplier.

  • Obvious

    I used to get those phone calls, but they stopped after I made two of the callers cry.
    I told them that all of their ancestors before them have wasted their lives of struggle, hardship, and hard work to make a better life for their children if the end result of all those hundreds of lives was a liar stealing money from strangers on a phone.

    • cashmemorz

      Thanks for your approach to those calls. One more gem for me to use on “them”.

      • Bob Greenyer

        My approach if I have some time for a little fun, is to pretend to be a call waiting system

        “Thank you for calling Bob Greenyer please select from the following options:-

        If you are willing to pay $100 a minute to talk to Bob Greenyer please press 1
        If you are willing to donate to live open science please press 2
        If you are a worm, we understand it is hard to speak, even harder to press buttons and hold the phone, you have our sympathy.”

        You get the idea

        • psi2u2


  • Free energy? Over and out!

    • Bob Greenyer

      ‘Free Energy’

    • Gerard McEk

      I guess it’s more like ‘cheap energy’, but it has still to be proven.

      • Bob Greenyer

        When one goes to the supermarket and there is a BOGOF offer (buy one get one free) that would be a COP of 2.

        3 for 2 would be a COP of 1.5

        Of course, the more scientifically minded say the first is half price and the second is a 33% discount overall.

        It is the way of thinking about it. Do the claimed 7 and 9 free unites of energy from Suhas and me356 respectively come free or were they because you bought a reactor from that vendor.

        In normal technology terms, if you bought a solar photo voltaic with a 10% efficiency or one with 15% – did the second have free energy? One could argue in that case that you just got more of the energy incident on the panel.

        • Gerard McEk

          It’s semantics, obviously. But if you call something with a COP of say 10, you still need energy and you have the cost of fuel, which is very low for LENR.
          ‘Free energy’ comes from the pertual motion and the Zero Point/Tesla Coil fanatics. They think they can tap energy from an energy source that does not exist (Zero Point) or try to violate the first law of thermodynamics. Both with zero results as can be expected.
          I hope you can prove that LENR works soon, Bob and I wish you all the best in doing this. It would be interesting to see where the LENR reaction actually starts. Will it be in the small crater features or somewhere else? I assume you will also try to explore this. Listening to the comment of ME356, you would expect the crater ‘coly flower’ has got the right properties/structure/material mix or whatever. I hope we will also have similar pictures of ME356 fuel.

          • Bob Greenyer

            To the end user, only the gain matters.

            I’ll have bit of fun on the way with reasoned and referenced hypothesis.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is a claim in parenthesis, one where the claimant has a long history of delivering technology into large scale manufacturing plants to produce the products or processes he has concluded development of.

    • HS61AF91

      I always used near free energy, or practically free energy, (no parens) and left it to the reader to decide what that means.

  • georgehants

    Morning Bob, hope all going well, as always appreciate the work of your group for genuine open science.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks George on behalf of the team. Must thank Suhas for being very responsive in answering questions. This is the first time that a process from chemicals to electronics has been fully described that seams to produce transmutations where the products are precious metals that does not need a hydrogen source or a good vacuum system (Adamenko’s system, though well described, required these and precision engineering yielding a oen strike per build).

      This Nickel foil / transmutation evidence system can be built with parts off Ebay and the hardware store and if a Universities have an SEM, there is really no practical excuse why they cannot do it other than will. Once built, they could try many combinations of deposition and repeat the process and see what transmutations they get.

      In a way, the work of Bolotov was similar, and he saw precious metals as well as copious excess heat. There is a small chance that this kind of plating system could create excess heat – but I would not like to do the calorimetry!

      Some beautiful SEM images coming.

      • psi2u2

        Suhas seems like a really upstanding and outstanding scientist and gentleman. Surely he will be a hero in this saga.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Only if you have a energy conversion technology efficient enough to ‘close the loop’ even then it is not perpetual, it is capturing energy.

    I look at it like this, if the energy is really coming from the structure of the physical vacuum, it will find its way back there. It is like a ‘heat’ pump, only you are pumping energy from the aether where there is plenty, eventually the energy will find its way back to the aether.

    I sense now that the energy yielded from binding energy is an effect of this capturing process.

    Is a solar panel exposed to a light source a ‘perpetual motion’ system – it essentially keeps producing electricity all the time it is exposed. In the New Fire, it may be that we are finding a way to expose charge carriers (electrons) to the sea of energy that is perpetually around us and through which we travel and exist.

  • Bob Greenyer

    A 16kW heat exchanger core component for evaluating energy derived from claimant reactors


    We know there many experts in the LENR field now on thermodynamics, pumps, heat exchangers etc and we welcome your comments!

  • Bob Greenyer

    Bob Higgins starting new experiment with Pd coated Nickel foam and LiAlD4

    In his own words.

    “I am starting a new automated experiment – beginning now. There was a little bit of a false start as pressure began increasing, but was programmed to be low. Found that I had unplugged the pressure control solenoid. Now plugged in and the pressure is headed to its control point. Hopefully smooth sailing from here.

    The DAQ data file will be copied to the Data_DAQ folder in the following Google drive master folder for this experiment:

    The experiment is a high temperature experiment, but it is not with a Parkhomov-like fuel. The fuel is about 0.35g of Ni foam that has been electroplated with Pd. The plated foam was supplied by Dennis Cravens. Separated from this foam in the end with a zirconia felt plug is about 0.05g of LiAlD4 which was supplied by Mathieu Valat. So, the predominant hydrogen isotope will be D2, though there will be some H2 from the OH that is attached to the LiAlD4. There are some clean-up heating and vacuum cycles, and then the experiment will be run in comparatively (to Parkhomov’s experiments) at high pressure – as much as the LiAlD4 can generate in decomposition up to 90 PSIA. The temperature will top out at 1100°​C and will last about 36 hours. This experiment also has a few cycles between 190°​C and 350°​C which Dennis identified as critical loading temperatures for the Pd. From a setup standpoint, the reactor looks just the same as it did in the previous experiment. Only the fuel, hydrogen isotope species, and the heat/pressure protocol have changed.

    Other notables… the vacuum system has its leak repaired (I used Rectorseal #5 instead of teflon tape on the joints) and a timer has been setup to run the vacuum pump once per hour for 5 minutes. This should keep the vacuum reservoir below 10 Torr. The bug in the DAQ Labview code that caused the .csv files to be missing a character has been fixed. The gamma spectrometer software has been modified to produce a true 24 hour time stamp and include the offset from UT in the stamp.”

  • georgehants

    Via Vortex with thanks
    CERN Declares War On The Standard Model[email protected]/msg114129.html

    • Rossi Fan

      More like Frank declares war on any opposing thoughts. Censors everything and anybody that/who dares to question Rossi. Makes you wonder if Frank is on the take. If/when Rossi gets his $90M on top of the $10M he already weaseled how much of it will go to Frank for the excellent propaganda machine he has going here?

      • Perhaps the more pertinent question is how much are you getting paid by APCO to smear people you’ve never met?

    • Kevmo

      I posted that article. Next we’ll see mainstream physics papers starting to steal all of the lenr results we’ve been talking about because those results were not in peer reviewed journals.

      • Bob Greenyer

        More like dragging the research out of their dusty archives and admitting to it.

        • Kevmo

          That would be weird if they just started researching lenr without any fanfare.

          • cashmemorz

            Easing into the act sideways like a queu intruder: “I was here earlier. The guy in front of me held my place. Oh, was that you Rossi? Hi, long time no see. BLah, blah,blah…”

  • Bob Greenyer

    Is the ECCO nickel foil making process also making Silver?

    In our second look under and SEM at a different sample of ECCO foil, one asks, with no silver in the input chemicals or apparatus, where is it coming from?

    • FC

      Absolutely stunning, Bob.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • FC

      The great Viktor Schauberger, what a wise man he was.
      And you’re so right. If I had an SEM I would also spend the whole day analyzing every speck in the samples. What a mine of information!

    • LION

      BOB, for sure it is a beautiful image, interesting to see a smaller but identical Vortex image due north of the larger one and in the Opposite direction. Honouring the Forester reveals Wisdom and Insight, I firmly believe that your finest work yet lies ahead of you. All the BEST.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Yes, in fact there were quite a number of these structures at various scales.

        An interesting feature is that they appear to be longitudinal sections of a nickel tube cleaved from end to end and this is supported by the smaller part cleaved ‘flower’ resting on its head inside the left side of the large vortex spiral.

    • lrao

      How do you know that these were created and not just revealed?
      That is,, perhaps the original foil samples contained traces of these elements. They origibal materials were not looked with SEM, or in any detail.

      Occam’s razor: simpler explanation is more probable…

  • OFF TOPIC: Ultra sound technology is good for many unexpected applications, not only for LENR:

    • Any confirmation from Gullstrom?

      • No. Thanks for reminding, need to follow up.

        • Questions I would ask…

          Q: Were you physically present for the experiment(s) written up in the paper(s)?
          Q: Did you take the measurements yourself?
          Q: How confident are you in the measurements?
          Q: Do you have near certainty that the QuarkX has a COP of over 100?
          Q: Are you involved in the effort to reach “5 sigma”? Can you explain what the 5 sigma is in relation to exactly?

          • kenko1

            Huh? I don’t follow…..

          • Bob Greenyer

            he is suggesting questions to ask gullstrom… it is off topic

          • kenko1

            I kinda gathered that:). did gullstrom see a working quarkx?

          • That’s the $64k question.

            Gullstrom has co-published a paper with Rossi that describes an experiment and the results of that experiment on a QuarkX.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Add a vacuum

  • Bob Greenyer

    Question answered on Steemit

    C is in the SS304 that the electrodes are made from.

    He wants the arc for ‘ion implantation’

    Ag is possible coming from condensation onto copper that comes from the Nickel.

    I have an idea why C may be important

  • Bob Greenyer

    Carbon is added deliberately into the fuel processing, but not in the foil processing.

  • Bob Greenyer

    C can be formed from the O (from the water or air) or the N (from the air) but successive addition of protons

    • Arnaud

      So you are implying indirectly that already LENR occurs on the foil preparation.

      • Bob Greenyer

        The analysis of it suggests this.

        Moreover, when you look at how the foil is prepared – it is basically Bolotov without being deliberately dirty and with the addition of ultrasonic plasma discharges that may not have been possible in 1956.

        But Suhas was just using his expertise to make the foil.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The New Fire and Other Matter Manipulation

    Slides to follow

  • Bob Greenyer

    Each of the cores have between 115 and 135 input power 100W DC discharge and 15-35W ultrasonics, both at 1Mhz.

    Output is claimed at around 1kW + per core.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Suhas foil maker is pretty simple and fully described in this article.

    Not sure of the value of changing anything whilst what he did produced the observed results.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO Fuel Transmutation Discussion

    In this clip, Bob Greenyer and Suhas Ralkar discuss the apparent ability of Suhas Ralkar’s ultrasonic fuel processor to create superconductors.

    • Axil Axil

      The cavitation process will produce an ultra-dense hydride, most probably water…Mark LeClair calls this stuff… the water crystal. LeClair has done extensive experiments to characterize this stuff. LeClair has produces extensive transmutations including heavy transuranic elements. Look into what LeClair has done.

      The water crystal along with other ultra-dense hydride is superconducting because of the spin wave that surrounds their positive core. That covering of electrons form a Bose condensate when the electrons in the spin wave become entangled with photons to form Surface Plasmon Polaritons… Bob Greenyer incorrectly calls these solitons EVOs.

      These SPPs are the active agent in producing the LENR reaction.

    • Axil Axil

      With regards to your superconductor theory, if you remove the hydrogen from the pre fuel mix, superconductivity will stop because the hydride is what generates the superconductivity.

      • Bob Greenyer

        It is not a theory – it is just an obeservation that with no superconducting elements or allows in the un processed Ti, Ni and C, you are ending up with 3 potential superconducting structure in the processed fuel.

        NbTi alloys

        • Bob Greenyer
          • Axil Axil

            Where is the hydrogen?

          • Bob Greenyer

            EDX cannot see Hydrogen – and the sample is dry (but not dessicated).

            The fuel is processed in water like this (Fuel Processing section)


          • Bob Greenyer

            Also, carbon is over represented because in EDX it is used hear as a backing tape for the sample to stick to. If this was taken out, then maybe we would have an even clearer picture.

          • Axil Axil

            A guy whose tag is DogOne produced the same transmutation results using an old washing machine pump in a replication of LeClair’s process.


            He produced nuclear waste in this replication.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Is that good?

          • Axil Axil

            It is very good because it explains what is going on in cavitation.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Suhas’ results also show the result of what has gone on in Cavitation.

            I’m not very good with seeing inside the processor, so I point to others that have spent far longer than I have working on this.

          • Axil Axil

            IMHO, there is a direct relationship between the appearance of superconductivity and the mitigation of radiation from the LENR reaction. If we see superconductivity we will not see radiation. Because you are seeing superconductivity in the Suhas reaction, you will not see any radiation.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Axil,

            Just to be clear, I never said there was superconductivity, I have noted that apparently, Suhas’ fuel processor is creating elements that are super conductors and yet others that can alloy to form superconductors. I have not said that these superconducting alloys have actually formed, though they may have.

            In the first part-processed fuel the University examined, where there was W added to the fuel, V, which is an elemental superconductor, was observed, also Nd was observed which is noted for its capability to form part of the strongest magnets.

            In the second part processed fuel that the University examined, where the starting elements were only H, O, C, Ti, Ni in a resonant SS304 processor – The data showed Nb, Sn.

            Nb and V are elemental superconductors, however, whilst Nb has the highest temperature of any elemental superconductor, it is still at cryogenic temperatures – you still need liquid helium.

            Nb3Sn and alloys of Nb and Ti are possible in the second fuel, though not confirmed. These type two superconductors form the bulk of superconducting wire produced worldwide.

            None of the superconductors, either elemental or possible alloys will exhibit their superconducting properties at the temperatures in the reactor.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I am not saying that I am seeing superconductivity

            I am saying that two of only 3 elements that are capable of type II superconductivity, are forming in the fuel processor. Depending on starting elements, Nb and V is obtained.

            In addition Pb is being formed, which, whilst a type 1 elemental, it is nearly as good as Nb.

            Furthermore, Sn and Ti can form Type II alloys with Nb etc.

            None of these will exhibit superconductivity at high temperatures…. in normal circumstance

          • Bob Greenyer

            I will publish the slides later today.

            And no, you will have never heard of him. But he has been mentioned here a few years back in passing.

            Norris Peery

          • Bob Greenyer

            Super accurate Mass Flow Calorimetry

            MFMP volunteer Ryan Hunt of Hunt Utilities Group, goes over some of the aspects of the hardware that he has been working hard to put together and which our wonderful crowd donations helped to acquire.


            These tools are targeted at the AURA and ECCO verifications.
            Please think about what is being shown and suggest ways you think it may be improved.

            Please help support Ryan’s volunteer work by looking at his main businesses products here:


    • Lou Pagnucco

      Perhaps Suhas’s comment on the significance of cavities is important.

      This seems to be central to the technology of Oxford U. spinoff, First Light Fusion (

      Also see USPTO patent 9,530,524
      “Localised energy concentration”

      and the threads —

      • Bob Greenyer

        Perhaps, he was following research like this for guidance.

  • Bob Greenyer

    me356 shares images of ‘AURA’ reactor controller…

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