LENR Article in a German Newspaper

The following post has been submitted by Wilfried Lesnik 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemans,

I would like to draw your intention to an article which was released on May 30th 2017
in the Berliner Zeitung, a Berlin newspaper.
It sums up the events regarding LENR starting with Fleischmann & Pons until the recent ones, including all key players acting in the field.
It’s written in a quite neutral way (IMO) and gives the reader a good overview about the topic I think. And it’s mainstream media…
Here is the link:
The newspaper is a local one in Berlin, Germany with a daily edition of about 100.000 samples.
See here:
Best regards,
Wilfried Lesnik
  • William D. Fleming

    Danke, aber mein Deutch ist sehr nicht gut.

  • Gerard McEk

    A balanced article! I would not say that with 100k subscribers the paper is ‘mainstream’ , but every publication is welcome. Thanks to the author and the paper.

  • HS61AF91

    when I saw commentary was possible at the end of this article, I just could not help myself adding:

    I’ve been pulling for, following on Ecat World, and cheering on the good
    Doktore Rossi for since at least 2011, and I find it fascinating that
    the folks in Berlin are informed of future energy abundance. Climate
    change is real and this alternative means of fueling the modern world
    has come to the fore just in time. With my President Trump withdrawing,
    for economic fairness reasons, from the Paris accord, perhaps
    governments serious enough to do something about climate change will
    support the commercialization of this technology, and save the world,
    when cheaper means than oil/coal/gas burning, diminishes its use.
    Herzliche Gluckwuensch!

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