12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals to be held in Asti, Italy Next Week

There’s a meeting taking place in Asti, in northern Italy next week which looks to be an interesting event for people interested in LENR. The title of the workshop is “12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals” and is being sponsored by ISCMNS, LENRIA, JCFRS, FSCMNS, Airbus Group, HERA, and Nichenergy.

The website for the meeting is here: http://www.iscmns.org/work12/

“The purpose of the workshop is to bring together an international experts to present their results and encourage discussion. The emphasis is on experimental innovation, methods, instrumentation, diagnostics and theory. In addition there will be afternoon discussions on topics of interest including explanations for the anomalies.”

Some familiar names are on the program: Alan Smith, Francesco Celani, George Egely, Vladimir Vysotski, Yasihiro Iwumara, and others. I know that Bob Greenyer is attending so I hope he, and also other attendees, can report on any significant presentations and information.

  • Mats002

    I find this poster most interesting:


    A.Takahashi june 6, 14.30.

    “AHE at elevated temperatures around 300 °C were observed only for binary-metal nanoparticle samples
    ; no AHE for single-element-metal nanoparticles”

    The binary-metal is Cu and Ni.

    Plans forward: Design a prototype for 1 kW output power.

    • Bruce Williams

      I agree with you Mats002, this is a most interesting contribution : these people should be thanked for an extremely detailed piece of work AND for their openness in sharing all the details with us.

      • Mats002

        Indeed. Six years of Rossi play game is getting annoying.

    • georgehants

      Any contribution that gets Rossi out of the limelight and helps Cold Fusion freely into the World will be Wonderful.

  • LION

    BOB Greener said this: Look out for Parkhomov’s imminent Asti paper.

    As I don’t see Parkhomov listed to give a paper, so could you tell us BOB who is going to present it on his behalf or is he flying in specially as a late edition???????.

    • Zeddicus23

      If you look at the program you will see that Parkhomov is a co-author on the first of 2 talks on Tuesday given by K. Alabin (with many additional co-authors) which discusses the isotopic composition changes in Ni-H reactors, which produced (according to their analysis) excess heat ranging from 100 MJ to 790 MJ.

      • LION

        Thanks for that, I used to have 20/20 vision, but clearly I need to visit the Optician and get NEW glasses, but it would still be nice to know if he will be there himself, because if so, perhaps BOB could interview him about his recent work and post it here on ECW for us all to enjoy!!!!!?????? Certainly I would love to see him speak about his own work, brave researcher that he is.

        • LION

          OK just to help others, here is the link, cf page 14.


          Seems my eyes are not so bad after all, see what happens to you if you look for a name on the poster only, I will be 60 next year, guess it is showing, such are the joys of life.

          • Omega Z

            Someone told me it’s all down hill after 60. So the year after next, that would make you 59 again. Am I right?
            🙂 We can always hope…

          • LION

            Inspiring thought, thanks.

  • sam
  • Bob Greenyer

    OK, so the conference organisers have said NO VIDEOS of the speakers presentations, they are making videos and these will be released at some point later on-line.

    In the mean time, I made the best Audio only recordings I could and took some images of as many slides as I could plus some incidentals of the speakers and some of those posing questions.


    Some nice presentations.

    • LION

      THANKS very much BOB for taking the time to do that, very much appreciated.

      • Bob Greenyer


  • cashmemorz

    What if Randell Mills is right and Quantum Physics and the Standard Model, that depends on QP is wrong, very wrong. Then those using SM and QP are shooting in the dark as far as getting answers of any kind let alone LENR. Then we all will have to wait until the old guard dies off or give in to Randell Mills’ Grand Unified Theory Classical Physics and start doing their work based on that. If so we might have to wait another 20-30 years while the new guard gets schooled in the new physics before we have any hope for knowing, really knowing what the new fire is all about.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Gerard McEk

      Thank you Bob. I have just gone through Celani’s presentation, which is very good to follow on the slides. Quite interesting!

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