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  • georgehants

    China Focus: Chinese satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter.
    BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) — China’s Dark Matter Particle Explorer
    (DAMPE) has detected unexpected and mysterious signals in its
    measurement of high-energy cosmic rays. Are they from dark matter that
    scientists have spent decades searching for? Will the cosmic “ghost”
    finally show itself?

  • Val K

    Are there any new regarding Randell Mills and his SunCell?
    It looks like the site of BLP has not been updated since September.

    • sam

      15 days ago

      Comment from LENR Forum
      Shane D
      11 hours ago
      I hesitate to post this as I am starting to wonder about BrLP, but in support of open science:

      Randy Mills
      Nov 13 9:56 AM
      are making great progress. I just filed patents on a new MDH
      thermodynamic cycle that is amazing. Engineering program is progressing
      well. More validation completed. Fantastic results on hydrino energetic
      material reactions. Just isn’t advantageous to constantly publicly
      announce and share our results.

  • kenko1

    Has anyone compiled a list/link of attendees and their affilliations to the demo. I didn’t recognize anybody. And Rossis’ wig threw me for awhile.

    • sam

      Alan Smith from LENR Forum
      is the only I know of.

      Alan Smith
      22 minutes ago
      Bob – Well, sorry you feel that way. I have done my best, but in the face of a flood of other reports (Mats, ECW’s rep) it seemed unreasonable to write up much of the same things again. I do remain gently skeptical but in general I am positive that Rossi has got something real, and I am not alone in that. If I had no hope, I would not have gone, but as someone there said to me ‘This is the hottest ticket in maverick science’.

      Nothing I didn’t see has made me change my mind about Rossi’s general flakiness, but nothing I saw has made me want to disavow the man. If donors thought they were paying for a Damascene conversion, they are doomed to disappointment, since I am not so easily bought. And anyone who would like their cash back on the grounds that they donated expecting me to rubbish Rossi on my return only has to ask. I should remind you that I never asked for donations, they were volunteered, much to my surprise -they certainly made it easier for me to go, and I did appeal for people to stop donating when it yielded enough to cover my flight and hotel. I remain grateful for the support, as it helps me to continue with my own support of researchers with materials and equipment ‘pro bono’. I try to give back at least as much as I receive.

      ps. Sincerely glad the market is looking after you, in 2008 I did a lot of looking after the market. But some things will defy gravity, at least for a while.

  • sam
  • georgehants

    Bye, Bye, second law of thermodynamics.
    Quantum experiment reveals time really can flow backwards
    1 December 2017 By Brinkwire
    Time travel may be possible – for sub atomic particles, at least, a new experiment has found.
    Physicists have discovered that heat can
    spontaneously flow from a cold quantum particle to a hotter one under
    certain conditions – effectively reversing the ‘arrow of time’.
    While the discovery doesn’t advance the
    possibility of building a time machine, it does show the quantum world
    operates under very different rules, researchers say.

  • sam
  • sam

    First controlled nuclear chain reaction achieved 75 years ago

  • Val K

    Video of hydrogen compound formation in a reaction chamber displayed at 10X speed with an insert of filaments of the compound in air displayed at normal speed. Detonation of a hydrino reaction mixture produces an energetic power release and forms filamentous chemical products comprising a metal and hydrogen. Each product is ferromagnetic and each comprises a metal not known to form a hydride or to be magnetic.”

    Well, from this video I can see only a wire blows up by some electric discharge and a lot of smoke, which really looks like filaments, but that’s all. I do not see anything suggesting the hydrino reaction, no evidence of composition of the filaments and no evidence they were ferromagnetic. As to the filaments, I have seen something similar when watching some burning plastics.

  • sam
  • Veblin

    The Delaware County Daily Times
    Adrian Ashfield Letter to the Editor:
    Major advance in cold fusion touted as energy solution.

  • georgehants

    Physicists excited by discovery of new form of matter, excitonium
    So what exactly is excitonium?
    Excitonium is a condensate–it exhibits macroscopic quantum phenomena,
    like a superconductor, or superfluid, or insulating electronic crystal.
    It’s made up of excitons, particles that are formed in a very strange
    quantum mechanical pairing, namely that of an escaped electron and the
    hole it left behind.
    It defies reason, but it turns out that when an electron, seated at
    the edge of a crowded-with-electrons valence band in a semiconductor,
    gets excited and jumps over the energy gap to the otherwise empty
    conduction band, it leaves behind a “hole” in the valence band. That
    hole behaves as though it were a particle with positive charge, and it
    attracts the escaped electron. When the escaped electron with its
    negative charge, pairs up with the hole, the two remarkably form a
    composite particle, a boson–an exciton.
    In point of fact, the hole’s particle-like attributes are
    attributable to the collective behavior of the surrounding crowd of
    electrons. But that understanding makes the pairing no less strange and

    • sam
      • georgehants

        Many thanks Sam, things are moving very rapidly these days in the Quantum World.
        Look forward every day now to new discoveries.

  • sam

    Star Crash: The Explosion that Transformed Astronomy

  • sam
  • georgehants

    Japanese scientists use organic ferroelectric to extract more current from solar cells
    The new technology uses a quantum-mechanical process, which can extract
    current from solar cells in a much quicker, less wasteful way, the
    research team claims. December 12, 2017 Emiliano Bellini

  • georgehants

    IAEA Coordinated Research Project Generates New Quantum Data on Hydrogen Fusion
    Tuesday 12 December 2017
    A recently completed coordinated research project (CRP) has improved
    the understanding of fundamental atomic and molecular processes
    necessary to progress in the development of fusion as a future source of
    energy. Specifically, the project generated and evaluated data for
    collisions of hydrogen and helium and the resulting radiative processes,
    in which energy is released in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
    Fusion reactions can be induced in a form of matter called plasma, which
    consists of extremely hot electrically charged gases, and which was the
    focus of the research.
    “The data from this CRP have expanded our capability to simulate the
    complicated processes that go on in fusion devices, giving us a clearer
    picture of what’s happening in our experimental reactors,” said Bastiaan
    Braams, a researcher at the Netherlands’ National Research Institute
    for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), which participated in the

  • georgehants

    A New Experiment May Finally Reveal the True Nature of Gravity
    Unifying Theories
    Quantum physicists have toiled to no avail for decades in their
    attempts to subsume gravity (the first cosmological force ever
    discovered) into quantum physics. A group of researchers recently
    proposed a new experiment that could redefine the nature of gravity, and
    transform our understanding of the fundamental forces of the universe.

  • Veblin

    Falls Church News-Press
    The Great Energy Transition: A Progress Report
    By Tom Whipple December 11, 2017

  • kenko1

    In 100 years I’d like to see this question on Jeopardy:


    1. Zefram Cochrane
    2. Andrea Rossi
    3. Frank Ackland

    psssssst…. it is a trick question cuz everyone knows who invented the warp drive.

  • kenko1

    Another quarky christmas carol.

    Sung to the tune of “Jngle Bells”. There are three verses but I have only
    written one. Any one can add…..

    Dashing through the snow
    in an e-cat powered sleigh
    o’er oil fields we go
    with quarx on the way.
    Sales on retail swings
    Making spirits blight
    O What fun it is to ride and sing
    Of bankrupt oil tonight

    e-cat sells, oil smells
    quark x on the way
    oh what fun it is to ride
    oil down to zero pay

  • sam
  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

    There may be something there. But involving humans, or whoever else, has not been initiated by “them”. Sightings have been made for decades if not centuries. It seems it is not up to humans to get involved beyond just sightings and the occasional chase by military planes. If we were important enough, there might have been involvement/communication with someone. But that someone is also not talking. We seem not worth attacking, or any thing else, until we get our act together. Do we even know, what “getting our act together” implies, where those aliens are concerned?

  • sam

    Electricity from plasma instability secret experiments.
    If you do not know Russian start at one minute mark.
    If you do know Russian please explain experiment.

  • James Octavo

    LENR Domain Names

    I was researching lenr items on ebay and saw doman name up for sale. So i ressearched lenr domains on which sells domains. I was surprised to see LENR domain names offered for sale for prices from $1,500 to $10,000. The one on ebay is $250. Is it worth buying?

    • cashmemorz

      Frank Acland might find those domains a point to consider, in case LENR development progresses in other places besides the Rossi e-cat or eCat QX. Depends on how much Frank is invested in the E-Cat name or Rossi’s devices being a reality over other LENR devices

  • sam

    The Universe Beyond the Big Bang.

  • HS61AF91

    Just got this email, and thought it would be interesting for those actually engaged in experimenting:

    US DOE ARPA-E Open Funding Opportunity

    Heute 15:26 Uhr



    FYI – All LENR researchers should c/o the ARPA-E OPEN Program

    The US DOE’s 2018’s federal funding window is open meaning there is
    an opportunity for LENR research and development firms to apply for
    ARPA-E R&D project funding. The starting point is to submit a
    four page concept paper by February 12th.

    ARPA-E OPEN is just what it sounds like: transformative ideas that
    haven’t been funded elsewhere. It would be great to see multiple
    applications from LENR R&D scientists and researchers given
    that they have USD$100 million to award with a maximum award size
    of $10M and a minimum of $500k.

    The starting point is to submit a four page concept paper by
    February 12th. One of the best ways to increase your odds is to
    partner with one of the pre-approved DOE Team Partners (90 in
    total). Good luck to all applicants!

    Thanx to CapstreamX for info

    What a way to get 10 mil, not so excruciating as the way our Doctore got pinched into doing it.

    • cashmemorz

      I wonder how open they really are to “unproven” new energy.
      I tried to comment on some physics sites about what, to me at least, seems promising sources of energy. I got banned for mentioning anything not in accepted journals and text books. Some of the accepted journals containing the peer reviewed articles dealing with new energy are listed on a link that deals with journal lists. So it is not so much what is in the journals but simply not what passes for accepted mainstream physics as such.

  • cashmemorz

    Georgre hants this is for you if not for everybody:
    I find the following guy believable and to the point, re economic inequalty, its causes.
    A Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton, an economics professor at Princeton, and the recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in economics, thinks we’re asking all the wrong questions about inequality;

    The physical spacing in the main article, between main paragraphs, is a bit too long, so one has to scroll down every paragraph much more than expected.

  • sam

    The Universe Extreme Energy.

  • cashmemorz

    Devices and physics explaining new physics is already being commercialized based on the electron that creates various forms of gravity:

    The controversy is covered in its main arguments pro and con (establishment and others in competing mode) Subscription required$8.99 per month. The part that is free I tried to copy and paste but it replaces fonts to make it near impossible to read for free.
    You have to go to that site yourself and read it:

    The easiest and for me the most convincing of what the theory purports is a lecture that is very eye opening but requires a need to suspend ones vestment in QM.

    minute 45 of :

    The following link contains a listing with main headings: The Universe/Matter and Energy/Hydrogen and Hydrinos/Suncell/Double Slit Experiment/References:

    The latest update of full thesis is available for free by download:

    It is a long thesis, nearly 2000 pages so it can take while to download

    Or you can download it in three parts(much faster)
    You can use the table of contents in the front of the thesis or find the
    parts containing the term “dark matter” by reading the thesis in the Adobe Acrobat Reader and then using the top menu “edit” and scroll down to “find” click that and input “dark matter” or whatever word or term you are looking for then click on “next” or “previous” which will search the
    document and highlight the next or previous incidence of the term that
    you input.

    A lecture by Dr. Mills at Fresno State U Smittcamp Honors College Colloquium. Introduced by Eric Tilton:

    Eric Tilton(profile from LinkedIn)
    “Owner and CEO
    Company Name MJT Technologies LLC
    Dates Employed Sep 2013 – Present
    Employment Duration 4 yrs 1 mo
    Location Clovis, CA
    MJT Technologies is an engineering, design, and consulting services company, blended with a business and product development arm. We also mentor and work with a software startup with six founders. The younger entrepreneurs keep us stimulated, challenged, and up on all the latest cool trends.

    Currently, MJT Technologies is also involved in application-specific business development for Brilliant Light Power SunCells(R), revolutionary new primary power sources. We focus on the use of SunCells(R) in powering: small, medium and large SWRO facilities (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis); Industrial RO for high-purity water needs; Agricultural ground water and runoff treatment; and high volume pumping. We also have several Information Technology Services consulting clients. “

    Brett Hoverstott used to be a close worker with Mills. Holverstott has a site dedicated to much of what Bret and Mills had done together on various parts of the theory, devices, tests of the theory.
    This part of his site is a listing of peer reviewed articles dealing with the part of the theory that is related to the Suncell and physics thereof:

    Discussion of the theory with emphasis on Suncell and ash/Dark Matter in general by experts:

    Main (independent?) 5 tests done on physics of Suncell:
    Report 1:Rowan University’s report

    In 2002, Rowan University’s Anthony Marchese said that whilst “agnostic about the existence of hydrinos”, he was quite confident that there was no fraud involved with BLP. Although his NIAC grant was criticized by Bob Park, Marchese said “for me to not continue with this study would be unethical to the scientific community. The only reason not to pursue this would be because of being afraid of being bullied.”

    Dr. Robert Park is well know[n] among the new-energy community for his valiant efforts to destroy the credibility of any new-energy developments that might threaten the flow of funds into the hot-fusion community. Therefore, if he is distressed, it must be a worthy new-energy discovery.
    However, since 2012, Park has come to recognize the new-energy developments in a much more positive light.

    Report 2: Rowan University’s report II

    Reportr 3: UNC Asheville’s report

    Report 4: University of Illinois report

    Report 5:

    “EUV continuum radiation (10-30 nm) arising only from very low energy pulsed pinch gas discharges comprising some hydrogen was first observed at BlackLight Power, Inc.(BLP: renamed in 2016 “Brilliant Light Power, Inc.”) and reproduced at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics (CfA). The source was determined to be due to the transition of H to the lower-energy hydrogen or hydrino state H(1/4) whose emission matches that observed wherein alternative sources were eliminated. ”

    Where/how the theory started:
    Item 1 of 6: Free Electron Laser: Electron ray gun(1986) USA military.
    When the electron’s point structure was not enough to develop the free electron laser for the USA military, Haus, Mills’ professor, and Randell Mills, each separately, used classical physics, which included Maxwellian electro-dynamics, Einstein’s Special Relativity, the Stern-Gerlach experiment and a few others whose expertise in classical physics was applicable. Using this method of developing the electron’s structure, Haus succeeded in building on previous, partially successful work on the free electron laser, into a structure of the electron that was actually used for finishing developing the laser project into a successful, working device.

    “An important advance occurred in 1986, when Hermann Haus derived Goedeke’s condition in a new way.[2] Haus finds that all radiation is caused by Fourier components of the charge/current distribution that are light-like (i.e. components that are synchronous with light speed). When a distribution has no light-like Fourier components, such as a point charge in uniform motion, then there is no radiation. Haus uses his formulation to explain Cerenkov radiation in which the speed of light of the surrounding medium is less than c.” Haus, H. A. (1986). “On the radiation from point charges”. American Journal of Physics. 54: 1126. Bibcode:1986AmJPh..54.1126H. doi:10.1119/1.14729.

    A theory of classical quantum mechanics (CQM), derived from first principles, successfully applies physical laws on all scales [1]. The classical wave equation is solved with the constraint that a bound electron cannot radiate energy. The mathematical formulation for zero radiation based on Maxwell’s equations follows from a derivation by Haus page 1:

    The calculations and formulas used to develop the theory:
    Electromagnetic Noise and Quantum Optical Measurements: Herman A.Haus

    Hermann Anton Haus at MIT, in ~1986, gave Mills a copy of Haus work on the classical electron, under condition of anonymity, so as to not upset his colleagues who were all heavily vested in QM.

    Using that same base of the newly modeled electron, Mills was able to develop it into his Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics

  • cashmemorz

    Not a scientist or physicist. A general philosopher, into shamanmism and the like. He understands the limits of science in the big bang. Everyone knows that limit and admits it is a limit that is not explainable. That is just one more reason why Haus’/Mills’ Grand Unified Theory- Classical Physics has a much better model of the universe where that limit does not exist or is needed.

  • Buck

    For those who are simply curious or interested. Here is an example of the consequence of countries, whose budgets are supported by oil revenue, begin to see shrinking budgets due to negative oil revenue cash-flow issues.


  • Jas

    Here is a newer interview with Luis Elizondo from To The Stars Accademy. At 6 minutes into the interview he talks about the technology that drive these craft and enable them to perform the manouvers that are seen in the videos. He doesn’t go into detail but he mentions 5 areas of technology that they are investigating. He then says that all 5 areas are influenced by one main technology. Perhaps this key technology is Lenr based?

  • sam

    The Bottom of The Ocean Has Started Sinking Under The Weight of Melting Glaciers

  • sam
  • Buck

    This is from 12/7/2017, so some of you may already be aware of the following:

    “GE to Cut 12,000 Jobs in Its Power Business” (Bloomberg)

    “General Electric Co. plans to cut 12,000 jobs in its power business as the company’s new leaders look to slash costs and stabilize the beleaguered manufacturer.

    The reductions, accounting for about 18 percent of GE Power’s workforce, include both professional and production employees, the company said Thursday in a statement.The world’s largest maker of gas turbines said the unit needs to become leaner AS CUSTOMERS TURN AWAY FROM FOSSIL FUEL-BASED ENERGY SOURCES.”


  • EEStorFanFibb

    VERY impressive numbers here:

    This is how coal dies — super cheap renewables plus battery storage

    “Two weeks ago, Xcel Energy quietly reported dozens of shockingly low bids it had received for building new solar and wind farms, many with battery storage (see table below).

    The median bid price in 2017 for wind plus battery storage was $21 per megawatt-hour, which is 2.1 cents per kilowatt-hour. As Carbon Tracker noted, this “appears to be lower than the operating cost of all coal plants currently in Colorado.”

    The median bid price for solar plus battery storage was $36/MWh (3.6 cents/kwh), which may be lower than about three-fourths of operating coal capacity. For context, the average U.S. residential price for electricity is 12 cents/kWh.

    Note that by definition, half of the bids are below the median price — and there were 87 bids for solar plus storage, meaning many bids were
    quite low (see table above).

    There were 96 bids for wind power alone — at a median price of 1.8 cents/kwh — which means some were very low-priced indeed. The tremendous number of bids in Colorado reveal the power of competition in driving prices down.

    But it’s not just Colorado whose energy markets have been turned upside down. In November, we reported on the remarkable findings of the financial firm Lazard Ltd., which found that in many regions of North America, “the full-lifecycle costs of building and operating renewables-based projects have dropped below the operating costs alone of conventional generation technologies such as coal or nuclear.”

    What XCel Energy has shown us is that the price for battery storage is dropping so fast, adding it to a solar or wind project increases the
    total price only modestly. And that’s a game-changer.”

  • US_Citizen71


    • Omega Z

      So we’ll be able to build aircraft that has no weight ???

      • US_Citizen71

        The article is about Polariton generation, when I originally put the link up it was showing a preview. From the article start-

        “Yes you heard it right. Physicists have just made what they say is the first ever device that’s completely capable of producing particles that act as if they have negative mass. This particular device produces a peculiar particle that’s half-light/half-matter, and as if that doesn’t sound cool enough, it might also be the foundation for a completely new kind of laser that could function on far less energy than present technologies.

        This forms on new theoretical work on the behavior of something called a polariton, which seems to act as if it has negative mass – a mind-bending property that perceives objects move towards the force pushing it, instead of being pushed away. Now physicists from the University of Rochester have created a device that allows them to actually create these polaritons at room temperature…”

        • Omega Z

          “objects move towards the force pushing it”

          Ahhh uhhhhhhh ahhg,
          So I’ll never be able to push my truck out of the snow when I get stuck.
          Oh well, I’ll just melt it with my E-cat… Hurry up Rossi.

  • sam

    Michigan meteorite
    I observed this myself 200 miles away
    in Ontario Canada.Even from that distance it was spectacular.

  • Veblin
  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    It is not only the third world that has problems with water.

    If this what is waiting for the others in the first world, then Rossi or somebody better have some cheap power to get the potable water from desalination or whatever, and just in time. Does someone actually have such a cheap source of energy?

    • georgehants

      cashmemorz, it is no problem as the rich and powerful will always have enough, in fact a very good opportunity to raise the price of water so they become even richer.
      Only the poor will really suffer and if they die off then a good way of removing the homeless from our streets.

  • georgehants

    Why Aren’t There More Smart Americans?
    Russian, German Physicists Create ‘Impossible’ Material for Quantum Computers

    • cashmemorz

      As those Russian and German scientists themselves say: “…enabling such systems to be used as a quantum simulator…” Key word in all current quantum computers is that they do a “simulation” of what a true quantum computer would do. The same simulation that D-Wave is doing. Reading their patent clearly shows a simulation by using the uncertainty formula of Heizenberg at the core of their “‘quantum” computer’ processes. Quantum physics in general is also guilty of using that same math to uphold their vast house of mirrors and smoke. It Is all about the math. Not reality. Einstein, Schrodinger, Laue and others all warned of this back in the 1920’s when Schrodinger proposed his wave theory as one of many ways to approach reality. Now we have weird science with devices that can be more simply understood using classical physics, all the way from the 2 slit experiment up to entanglement and every other phenomenon at all scales. That is why Herman Haus and Randell Mills especially has been likened to being greater than Einstein and Tesla together.

  • Val K

    ***Today, the big news is that a large US investment company has acquired the rights to Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion technology. That investment company, Cherokee Investment Partners, appears to be interested in deploying the cold fusion tech commercially in both China and the US.***

    This amazing news was published exactly 4 years ago, on Jan 28, 2014. Some things never change.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Karl Popper on Ruggero Santilli:

    “I have mentioned Santilli, and I should like to say that he – one who belongs to a new generation – seems to me to move on a different path. Far be it from me to belittle the giants who founded quantum mechanics under the leadership of Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Born, Heisenberg, de Broglie, Schrödinger, and Dirac. Santilli too makes it very clear how greatly he appreciates the work of these men. But in his approach he distinguishes the region of the ‘arena of incontrovertible applicability’ of quantum mechanics (he calls it ‘atomic mechanics’) from nuclear mechanics and hadronics, and his most fascinating arguments in support of the view that quantum mechanics should not, without new tests, be regarded as valid in nuclear and hadronic mechanics, seem to me to augur a return to sanity: to that realism and objectivism for which Einstein stood, and which had been abandoned by those two very great physicists, Heisenberg and Bohr.”

    From “Quantum theory and the schism of physics”, London / New York 1982 (p. 14)

    • cashmemorz

      There are many who have pointed out the many shortcomings or flaws in the QM approach towards looking at and analyzing phenomena.

      This has culminated in results using other methods such as the classical or more reality based approach. In 1986, when Herman Haus developed a model of the electron based on purely classical principles, he was able to use that model to finish development of the Free Electron Laser for the USA military. Then Randell Mills asked for and got a copy of Haus’ work on that electron model which Mills then used to produce Mills’ Grand Unified Theory -Classical Physics.

      “Supersymmetry and the Crisis in Physics

      For decades physicists have been working on a beautiful theory that has
      promised to lead to a deeper understanding of the quantum world. Now
      they stand at a crossroads: prove it right in the next year or
      confront an epochal paradigm shift

      By Joseph Lykken, Maria Spiropulu

      At dawn on a summer morning in 2012, we were on our third round of espresso when the video link connected our office at the California Institute of Technology to the CERN laboratory near Geneva. On the
      monitor we saw our colleagues on the Razor team, one of many groups of physicists analyzing data from the CMS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Razor was created to search for exotic
      collisions that would provide the first evidence of supersymmetry, a 45-year-old theory of matter that would supplant the standard understanding of particle physics, solving deep problems in physics
      and explaining the nature of the universe’s mysterious dark matter. After decades of searching, no experimental evidence for supersymmetry has been found.”

      Scientific American-11/201

      A criticism of Quantum Mechanics:

      “SAN ANTONIO — Quantum mechanics is science’s equivalent of political polarization.

      Voters either take sides and argue with each other endlessly, or stay home and
      accept politics as it is. Physicists either just accept quantum
      mechanics and do their calculations, or take sides in the never-ending
      debate over what quantum mechanics is actually saying about reality.

      Steven Weinberg used to be happy with quantum mechanics as it is and didn’t
      worry about the debates. But as he has thought about it over the years,
      the 83-year-old Nobel laureate has reassessed.

      “Now I’m not so sure,” he declared October 30 in San Antonio at a session for science writers organized by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing.
      (Disclosure: I am a member of the CASW board.) “I’m not as happy about
      quantum mechanics as I used to be, and not as dismissive of its

      “In addition to the invalidation of the HUP (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) as the basis of the wave particle duality, the other aspect of HUP, the measurement-disturbance of the HUP, has been tested
      for the first time and experimentally disproved” [L. A. Rozem Soudagar, A. Darabi, D. H. Mahler, A. Hayat, Y. “Violation of Heisenberg’s Measurerment-Disturbance Relationship byu Weak Measurments,” Phys. Rev. Lett., 109 (2012), 100404.].(from GUT-CP-2016-Ed-Book-Web-121517 pg. 1707)

      Use of the GUT-CP in mainstream research towards an explanation of
      unorthodox phenomenon:

      Vessela Nikolova on her website E-Cat “The New Fire” has an interesting article in which she and physicist and science journalist Mario Menichella discuss ideas from two preprint articles by F. Celani, A.
      Tommaso and G. Vassallo with these Authors

      “Maxwell’s Equations and Occam’s Razor”

      “The Electron and Occam’s Razor”

      The main point made by these authors is that instead of considering the
      electron to be a particle, which is the commonly held concept
      accepted by quantum physics, they propose a model of “a current
      ring generated by a massless charge that rotates at speed of light
      along a circumference whose length is equal to the Compton wavelength
      of the electron”

      The interview covers many details of their theory, including how it could
      be compatible with the work of Holmlid, Iwamura, Mills and

      The interview can be read here:

      This a short section of a longer list of similar quotes criticizing QM.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Mills is the ideal example. It seems that Popper did not know him, but the above quote would fit his approach perfectly. Too bad that there is so little interest in looking deeper into some of these alternative theories – not even with the objective to disprove them experimentally.

  • sam
  • Veblin
  • Andreas Moraitis

    From lenr forum:

    Note that this is not LENR. But it might help to explain the formation of ‘whiskers’ in some experiments.

  • sam

    For the first time in 152 years, a supermoon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse will coincide

  • georgehants

    Editor’s Web: Science forces its way into new territory
    What does physics have to do with neuroscience or psychology? A better
    question would be to ask what physics does not deal with, from Kaku’s
    perspective. His work has broadened to such an extent that it now covers
    everything from the existence of God to extraterrestrials, immortality
    and predicting the future.

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam

    Flexible and stretchable power sources for wearable electronics

  • sam
  • georgehants

    Phys Org
    February 5th, 2018
    National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
    Scientists from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI have
    developed a process for making a next-generation solids consisting of
    quantum dots (QD) or semiconductor crystals with a diameter of mere
    nanometers. The results of research were published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. It will help to develop affordable solar panels that absorb sunlight in a broad spectral range.

  • sam

    CERN May Have Evidence of a Quasiparticle We’ve Been Hunting For Decades

  • sam

    Superdense wood is lightweight, but strong as steel

  • georgehants

    Science Alert
    Science Alert We Can Now Harvest Electricity From Earth’s Heat Using Quantum Tunnelling
    8 FEB 2018
    Researchers have come up with a way we could harvest energy from
    Earth by turning excess infrared radiation and waste heat into
    electricity we can use.
    The concept involves the strange physics of quantum tunnelling, and
    key to the idea is a specially designed antenna that can detect waste
    or infrared heat as high-frequency electromagnetic waves, transforming
    these quadrillionth-of-a-second wave signals into a direct charge.
    There’s actually a lot of energy going to waste here on Earth – most
    sunlight that hits the planet gets sucked up by surfaces, the oceans,
    and our atmosphere.
    Read more –

  • Buck

    Exxon’s reply to shareholder’s demand for analysis of how Climate Change and new technologies will impact the prospects of Exxon.

    “Exxon Studies Climate Policies and Sees ‘Little Risk’ to Bottom Line”

    “Exxon’s conclusion: Even aggressive climate policies pose “little risk” to its investments. It stressed that it expected healthy demand for its products for decades to come, regardless of how strongly countries move to cut emissions.”


    • Omega Z

      This seems contradictory with all the hype of the green energy revolution, but in fact it will take decades to transition to any new energy technology. Even LENR.

      There are over 1 Billion ICE vehicles on the road. You will find projections of 40 to 100 million EV’s on the road by 2040/2050. It’s also projected that the total number of vehicles on the road is also projected to increase by 50 to 100 million so little change in the number of ICE vehicles. Thus the reason Exxon and others continue as they are. Of course, by 2050, that will have to change as over 50% of the world oil reserves will be gone and the price of oil becoming cost prohibitive..

      • Buck


        where I think Exxon is crossing the line to dissembling is in the realm of valuing a business and the consequent impact upon stock prices. I see the advent of LENR as a highly disruptive technology that without question points to the demise of fossil fuels as a pervasive source of energy. It is this perceptual shift from “fossil fuels can compete with wind and solar” to “fossil fuels can’t compete with LENR” that undercuts if not destroys the implied rationale that there is “little risk to the bottom line.”

        The risk to future cash flows of a business is an inherent quantitative and qualitative component to valuing a business/company. While I agree that the transition to LENR will occur over decades, I think that the introduction of LENR dramatically increases the risk associated with projecting future cash flows for ANY given individual fossil fuel company, and therefore all fossil fuel companies.

        Here is a overview of business valuation techniques. IMO, they encompass an evaluation of how the introduction of LENR fundamentally changes the evaluation of risk/reward. IMO, Exxon’s response shows that they have “lawyered up”.

        • Omega Z

          The advent of LENR will only have a temporary dampening on fossil prices. Once reality sets in life will continue as usual and fossil fuel prices will again be stabile even with a gradual decline in use.

          Big Oil has plenty of time to adapt and there will be little problem of their valuation. Keep in mind their product is of limited supply and LENR will be decades in having any real impact. It will take a minimum of 10 years to adapt LENR to personal transport and will have the same/similar trajectory as EV’s. At most, it will only prolong the the supply of Oil available to us.

          I’ve posted before that I hope oil lasts long enough for a transition. I have to say those prospects do look bleak. Houston. We have a problem. The problem everyone has is comprehending the magnitude of the task. We live the little picture and have trouble seeing the big. Consider, how many oil & gas wells do we have to drill just to maintain the status quo and meet future demand. Increases of 1-2 percent annually.

          In 2014 it was projected that to meet World needs From- Drilling more than 670,000 oil and gas wells need to be drilled through 2020.

          Since 2010, the U.S has drilled.- 130,000 wells. Over 16000 a year average or neasr 50 per day.

          10’s of 1000’s of depleted wells are shut down every year. Just a 3 month stoppage of drilling has a big impact on supply. So I think you can see how easy Big Oil could change the picture. Adjust drilling count-effects price-adjusts valuation.

          As an example of how quickly things can change- When OPEC curtailed production(about 2 years ago), supply was about 93.5 mb/d and demand about 92 mb/d. Today, demand is around 98 mb/d. In 2020 that number is projected to be 102.5 mb/d. Who would have thunk it. Like wise, supply can be adjust in the opposite direction only quicker.

          Note- 10 years ago, they said we had oil reserves enough for 60 years at the current demand of the time. 10 years latter-Today, It’s about 40 years. The experts like everyone else see the world as static. It is not. Demand is still increasing.

          40 years??? It appears even my past pessimistic views were overly optimistic.

          • Buck

            your projection may well come to pass. However, I’m disinclined to agree regarding oil prices holding steady in the face of declining demand as it goes against the premise of prices acting as a balancing point of supply & demand curves. In addition, the notion of their company valuations showing no impact just doesn’t hold water for me.

  • sam
  • sam
  • Buck

    ICYMI, here is an interesting example of an industry that can/will benefit for low cost heat: the production of sapphire glass at about 2200C applied over about 16 days.


    • sam

      Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher of the New York Times have written an excellent article about why Apple makes iPhones and iPads in China instead of the United States.

      One of the key points is this:

      Chinese factories are far more nimble than American factories.

      The story Duhigg and Bradsher used to illustrate this will only add to the iPhone lore.

      Just over a month before the first iPhone was to be released in 2007, the authors report, a frustrated Steve Jobs summoned his senior team.

      Steve had been using a prototype iPhone for a few weeks, carrying it
      around in his pocket. When his lieutenants were assembled, he pulled the
      prototype out of his pocket and pointed angrily to dozens of scratches
      on its plastic screen.

      People would carry their phones in their pockets, Steve said. They
      would also carry other things in their pockets–like keys. And those
      things would scratch the screen.

      And then, with Apple just about to ramp up iPhone production, Steve demanded that the iPhone’s screen be replaced with unscratchable glass.

      “I want a glass screen,” Steve is quoted as saying. “And I want it perfect in six weeks.”

      The glass itself would come from Corning, an American company. But
      the only way for Apple to meet Steve’s deadline would be to find an
      empty glass-cutting factory, a huge amount of glass to experiment on,
      and a team of mid-level engineers to figure out how to cut the glass
      into millions of screens.

      An executive at the meeting knew that the only place Apple might be
      able to find these things would be in China. So he flew to Shenzhen,
      where a bid for the work quickly arrived from a Chinese company.

      Before they even won Apple’s business, the Chinese company started
      building a new factory building in which to cut the glass. (The Chinese
      government was providing subsidies, and the company took advantage of
      them–“just in case.”) The company provided Apple with a team of cheap
      engineers, as well as spare glass for Apple to experiment with, the
      latter for free. The company’s engineers were housed in dormitories, so
      they were available to Apple 24 hours a day.

      Apple hired the company to cut the hardened glass for the screens,
      and after a month of experimentation, the engineers figured out how to
      do it. They quickly sent the first shipment of screens to Foxconn’s
      assembly plant in Shenzhen, where they arrived in the middle of the
      night. Foxconn’s managers woke up thousands of workers and immediately
      began assembling iPhones.

      Three months later, Apple had sold 1 million iPhones. Four years later, Apple has sold ~200 million of them.

      As the Apple executives who spoke to Duhigg and Bradsher for their
      article make clear, there is no way American manufacturing companies
      could have met this timetable.

      The end-to-end process of building the iPhones, Duhigg and Bradsher report,
      required 8,700 mid-level engineers. In the United States, Apple
      estimated, it would have taken 9 months to hire this many engineers. In
      China, it took 15 days.

      • Buck

        I am cautious about using China as an example for many reasons. It is notorious for IP theft, pollution, extreme labor policies, and the politics of individual rights relative to social control and autocracy.


        • sam

          Vietnam Pulls Request for U.S. Help to Build a Coal-Fired Power Plant

          By MIKE IVESFEB. 11, 2018

          The site of the Long Phu 1
          coal-fired power plant in Soc Trang Province, Vietnam. Environmental and
          other groups said the project would have had a greater environmental
          impact than reports submitted by PetroVietnam had suggested.

          Quinn Ryan Mattingly for The New York Times

          KONG — A Vietnamese company is no longer seeking American financial
          support to build a coal-fired power plant in Vietnam, bringing to an
          abrupt end a closely watched test of whether Washington would back
          international projects that could potentially contribute to climate

          Thursday, the Export-Import Bank of the United States, a lender run by
          the American government, said the Vietnamese state-controlled company,
          PetroVietnam, had withdrawn its application for financial support.

          lender, also known as the Ex-Im Bank, takes on the financial risk for
          American companies exporting high-value equipment and merchandise as a
          way to help companies in the United States win valuable international

          this case, a green light would have allowed PetroVietnam to purchase
          millions of dollars’ worth of turbines and other equipment from General
          Electric, the American manufacturer.

          isn’t clear why PetroVietnam withdrew the application for American
          financial support for the Vietnamese coal plant, Long Phu 1. But the
          project, which is already under construction, faced intense criticism
          inside and outside the United States. Continue reading the main story
          and other groups said the project would have had a greater
          environmental impact than reports submitted by PetroVietnam had
          suggested. More broadly, the application raised the question of whether
          the Trump administration’s commitment to using more coal at home would extend abroad.

          World Bank and other major institutions have increasingly avoided
          backing projects supported by developing countries that burn coal and
          other fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases that contribute to
          climate change. The United Kingdom’s version of the Ex-Im Bank had
          declined to offer financial support for the Long Phu 1 project for
          similar reasons.

          In addition, the project is partly financed by Vnesheconombank, a Kremlin-connected Russian lender that has been subject to American sanctions since 2014 because of Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine. On Jan. 26, the United States Treasury Department expanded its Russia sanctions to include Power Machines, a Russian firm that is one of several construction companies with contracts at Long Phu 1.

          Ex-Im Bank said in a statement that it had not yet completed its due
          diligence review of Long Phu 1 when the application was withdrawn. It
          also did not specify a date for the withdrawal and referred further
          questions to PetroVietnam.

          Emails sent to two PetroVietnam officials on Sunday were not immediately returned.

          Electric said in a statement on Saturday that it complies with
          Americans sanctions, including those announced by the Treasury
          Department in January. It added that it was committed to working with
          its “partners and customers in Vietnam to deliver world-class products
          and solutions for the power industry.”

          The New York Times described the Long Phu 1 project and the views of its critics in a Jan. 26 article.

          project’s Vietnamese backers face broader challenges. A Vietnamese
          court last month sentenced PetroVietnam’s former chairman to prison as
          part of a broad anticorruption investigation.

          ruling Communist Party sees coal as central to national energy needs.
          Long Phu 1 would be the first element of a three-plant complex in a
          rural area about 150 miles southwest of the country’s economic hub, Ho
          Chi Minh City.

          may plow ahead with the project without the United States or G.E. The
          project could still be completed without support from the American
          government, said Basav Sen, the climate policy director at the Institute for Policy Studies, a left-learning think tank in Washington that opposed the plant.

          added that it did not represent a retreat by the Trump administration,
          which has been generally more supportive of coal projects at home.

          was easy for the Ex-Im Bank to back out of this project in Vietnam
          because the power plant was going to get its coal from Indonesia and
          Australia,” said Mr. Sen. “It may have been a different story if the project were a market for U.S. coal exports.” Continue reading the main story

          • Omega Z

            Everyone keeps trying to write coal power off, but they should keep an eye on what India and China are doing. Both are stopping construction of 60 year old coal technology(20% to 25% efficiency) and moving to cutting edge technology. Both have built new plants that exceed 50% efficiency with 60% being the ultimate goal.

            Members of the UN concerned that both countries were trying to sidestep CO2 reductions by more then doubling efficiencies as a means of reduction are in the process of changing the language to specify CO2 reduction per ton of coal burnt regardless of efficiencies.

            However, Both India and China are already ahead of them by including Carbon sequestration into their designs. India is really thinking outside the box capturing the CO2 as a solid which will become a saleable product. They’ve already built a smaller pilot plant that works meaning this is not pie in the sky hopes, but a reality. To the UN they can say check mate.

  • sam

    TAE Technologies pushes plasma machine to a new high on the nuclear fusion frontier

  • Andreas Moraitis

    This could be important. Thanks to Lou P. from LENR forum ( ):

    “Transport of hydrogen isotopes through interlayer spacing in van der Waals crystals”

  • Omega Z

    The world is not static. Future projections seldom happen as envisioned. Such as don’t be shocked when incandescent bulbs rise from the ashes. They’ve developed an incandescent bulb that is 25% more efficient then LED’s and are working towards 50%.

    175 gigawatts: Multiply that by 4 to 6 times according to geographic location and an equivalent amount of battery storage and THAT’s what it takes to provide the equivalent 175 gigawatts 24/7 fossil fuel power plants and that doesn’t allow for bad weather or overcast skies.

    Coal is dead. Apparently, all India and China heard was reduce CO2 output. With carbon capture, they both intend to build many more Advanced ultra-supercritical power plants. You might note that the U.S. is adding 20 gigawatts of natural gas plants. Coal plants may still be built in the future, but cheap natural gas has put a damper on that at this time. That and with current technology, gas plants are much cheaper to build.

    As to Sams post- Vietnam Pulls Request for U.S. Help to Build a Coal-Fired Power Plant

    It probably wasn’t going to be approved for 2 reasons. They intended to buy coal from other then the U.S. and because a Russian company is directly involved in some of the financing and in charge of it’s construction.(Sanctions) Oh, and the head of the company was arrested for financial shenanigans. It may still be built. There are currently over 1600 coal fired plants in the works in 62 countries around the world. About 1/3rd of them to be built and partly financed by Chinese companies.

    Personally, I think it’s a waste of oil, gas, and coal resources that have much more value in the over 8000 products they are used for other then burning. But even if Rossi brings LENR to market, It’s going to take decades for the transition. Regardless what we transition to.

  • sam

    Commercial fusion ventures learn lessons about engineering and expectations


  • sam
  • AdrianAshfield

    Why the lenr-forum is so biased.
    I have just been banned again for two weeks, for the following comment.

    Reply to comment “And yet you’re still here.”

    “I wouldn’t have been if I had not been censored/banned by Eric Walker.
    I never said I was leaving for ever, just that current page which was rubbish. Which it was. Most of the comments got removed when Walker got around to looking at it. It continues to be rubbish on that thread (Rossi’s blog comments) that never seems to give any of his actual
    comments, but is made up entirely of insults and unsupported opinions.

    As Walker is one of those running Rossi down, the tread is unlikely to change. Should Rossi actually produce QXs
    is a year or so, it would be apt for him to resign as a moderator.”


    Asked by someone else to explain the reason for the ban, moderator Eric walker wrote: “The first rule of not being banned: don’t be grating or annoying in the eyes of one or more of the mods.”

    As Walker thinks Rossi is a fraud ,anyone not supporting that opinion annoys him and most get banned. This makes the forum very biased.

    • sam

      I hope you keep posting your interesting comments on ECW

      • AdrianAshfield

        Thank you.

    • hymanrosen

      The commenting guidelines for ECW say “Comments that state openly or by implication that LENR/cold fusion/E-Cat is a fraud or hoax” are subject to moderation, so you might as well ask why ECW is so biased.

  • sam
    • AdrianAshfield

      “Science Confirms That Antarctica is Screwed — And So Are We”
      is almost certainly rubbish written by an AGW fanatic. The Antarctic is not warming and there is reason to think the world will start cooling in the 2020s.
      The IPCC’s projections have all been wrong and have exaggerated global warming by 2.5 times.
      Man is doing a lot of damage but CO2 is not a problem.

      • sam
        • AdrianAshfield

          Your link is to a growing number pf scientific papers. You need to open the video full screen to be able to understand it.

          I became skeptical following McIntyre’s analysis of Mann’s Hockey Stick.

          In my opinion it will take at least another ten years of data for the media to catch on that AGW is nonsense.

      • Steve Albers

        I would take this stuff a bit more seriously. For example the acceleration of sea level rise can be noticed in the satellite altimetry. It’s harder to defend now that this is a linear trend. The ice sheet melt is a contributor to this.

        • AdrianAshfield

          Sea level is not accelerating. See the video Sam linked.

        • Steve Albers

          So far in the video they haven’t refuted this new paper, showing the non-linear trend in the recent satellite data.

          • AdrianAshfield

            ” we show that this rate is accelerating at 0.084 ± 0.025 mm/y2, which agrees well with climate model projections”

            You have to be kidding,knowing the resolution of the satellites is 8mm or for the other one. It surely doesn’t agree with the IPCC either.

            You might note this too.

          • Steve Albers

            Since the trend is being observed over about 20 years it is easy to follow how a quadriatic fit can have a smaller yearly acceleration compared with the resolution of an individual measurement. Furthermore the seasonal fluctuations can be easily observed even though they are only around 2mm.

            IPCC has a wide range so it doesn’t seem to be hard to fit in their envelope.

  • hymanrosen

    It should go without saying that pop-sci reports that claim a scientific paper overturns an established paradigm are never correct. The paper itself, , makes no such claims, and its reported measurements match theory. (Better than previous ones, and the paper explains why.)

  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    Anti- climate change propaganda is trying very hard to be convincing. Still, over 90 % of climate scientists are in agreement about the climate change. They must also be the other side of the conspiracy, according to anti- climate change propagandists. Which side knows more? The ones who are in it for professional and career reasons. The other side are not professionals and have other kinds of careers.

  • kenko1

    har har har now the e-cat quark-x is obselete! it’s too small.all that work and testing wasted. I dub thee new instance:JUMBO QUARK!. Here’s to another few years of testing, sigma xx, prototyping for maas dispersal yada yada yada.

    • sam

      Frank Acland
      February 26, 2018 at 7:26 AM
      Dear Andrea,

      From what you have commented regarding testing a higher power E-Cat QX, does this mean you will be abandoning the plans for the smaller reactors, thus requiring you to restart your designing of a commercial plants, and losing time?

      Best wishes,

      Frank Acland

      Andrea Rossi
      February 26, 2018 at 7:56 AM
      Frank Acland:
      Warm Regards,

      • kenko1

        I’VE already said, years ago, to not expect a product before 2025 has been my prediction. Just wait, there will be some type of delay. e.g. a new subststance will be found that requires refueling once every 5 years, then 10.etc. Each requiring years of testing, validation etc. Sadly, Rossi is 65++; he may take it with him. best wishes tho.

  • sam

    Signal from age of the first stars could shake up search for dark matter

  • sam

    Today in Apple history: Here comes the Macintosh II

  • sam
  • sam
  • Omega Z

    This is just political hyperbole aimed at the general public. Both the U.S. and Russia are very aware of what the capabilities of the other is. There is no other purpose for these public debut then to influence public opinion. It works evidenced by your post.

  • georgehants

    So sad the “O” page is closed, come on Bob send Frank a new interesting report for a new page to follow.

    • georgehants

      Ahh back open again, good.

    • Frank Acland

      Not sure why it closed. I didn’t do anything, and not sure why it opened back up either!

  • sam
    • cashmemorz

      Leave it to to the Italians to do the actual work resulting in 1) a very compact and long lasting power source, ie: E-Cat Quark X, and 2) a method of gathering ambient and rare molecules of air into a device that is a very futuristic rocket engine. Together these two items just might be used together for that kind of rocket..

  • kenko1

    I can’t wait for the day when I can walk into any conveience store in the USA and say ” Gimme a pack of Marlboro’s soft pack, a tweleve pack a Bud Light and
    two E-cat Quarx refills.” That’ll be a good day.

    • cashmemorz

      Just don’t mistake the small cigarette like looking quark X for the Marlboro’s. Those will curl your small and curlies.

      • kenko1


  • artefact
  • sam
  • US_Citizen71

    Neat little DIY data collector controllable via web browser I found while searching for something else. It might make collecting data and remote control for any hobbyist researcher a little easier and maybe even safer as it allows for wifi control distances.

    • Skip

      Cool, but I hope to find an Arduino Sketch to do likewise…

  • sam
  • Val K

    News from Brilliant Light Power

    Video demonstrating the magnetic properties of a hydrino hydrogen compound wherein the only possible source of magnetism is hydrogen being in a hydrino electronic state.

    Very disappointing to me… Does it look like magnetic?

    • tlp

      What else if not magnetic? You can lift only magnetic material with a magnet.

      • Val K

        I can lift a magnetic materials with my fingers. It does not mean my fingers are magnets.

        I do not see any signs of magnetic attraction on the video. Have you ever see how iron powder behaves when a magnet is in proximity? Do you see anything like that on the video?

        • Omega Z

          Ha, that was funny whether intentional or not.

  • peacelovewoodstock

    Just published, SRI’s technical report on Brillouin Energy 2017 progress. Available via lenr-forum:

  • Omega Z

    “Even the pentagon was surprised.”
    I doubt that. Cruise missiles are are old hat. If there was any surprise it would only be that they became that involved in Syria.

  • sam

    Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76

    • Stephen

      In the view of many including mine he was the greatest man of our time.

      Maybe now he knows all the cosmos and can see how his great insights and understanding fit in the whole.

      He will be missed by all of us who like to explore new ideas in new ways.

      But I think we can continue to take his baton forward in life and continue to explore the universe and the world in new, courageous and interesting ways.

  • Scott Beach

    Mcdonnell Douglas developed an engine that can run on waste heat. See the video “5- Megawatt Nitinol Engine by Mcdonnell Douglas”

    This type of engine could be powered by a group of E-Cats. The engine can operate at low temperatures so it should be relatively easy to build and maintain.

    • cashmemorz

      I would like to see a user of the Millsian molecular modeler run the alloy Nitinol through that modeler. Would the user have to know the particular way that the constituent elements are arranged in the alloy? Would x-ray crystallography show the structure in sufficient detail for the modeler to use that structure to figure out the atomic scale forces acting in the alloy? This might be an ideal way of confirming whether the Millsian does what it claims to. do.

  • Omega Z

    BITCOIN Taxes
    The IRS says that cryptocurrency transactions are taxable by law. That means people who made money (or lost it) on bitcoin trades, “mined” ethereum or even bought a cup of coffee with digital currency face potential tax implications. Failure to report it could mean potential audits, fines and penalties.


    Yes, most likely.

    All digital currency transactions are taxable events, according to the IRS. That includes if you sell it, trade it, “mine” it, use it to pay for something or were paid with it. Even if you sell cryptocurrency and keep the gains in your exchange account, instead of as real cash in checking account, it’s still taxable.
    The Long Arm of the IRS. These taxes likely apply even if you’re outside the U.S. if those transactions occur within the U.S. similar as with any entity doing business in the U.S.

  • sam

    Scientists Produce Micro-Scale Nuclear Fusion in the Lab

    • Omega Z

      “NASA almost never came to be.”

      That’s a propaganda article. NASA was a civilian face given to a space program that already existed. It was and has always had DOD tasks behind it’s civilian frontage.

  • Buck

    The cosmos we live in continues to show itself to be far stranger than we think:

    “This new form of light is a physical molecule”

    • sam

      Why we need to understand stars to find
      the next earth.

      • Buck

        very enjoyable . . . really brings a scale to the known and unknowable for each of us.

        • sam

          Thanks Buck.
          This is the type of video i like watching
          with my grade 6 scientific knowledge.

          • Buck

            nice enjoyable TedXtalk. Thank you.

            I also enjoy quantum physics, especially the topic which the physicists don’t really like to talk about much: the Observer Effect, the metaphor that consciousness has the capacity written into the laws of nature to effect matter, to collapse infinite uncertainty into a finite known object . . . a very contentious topic. A topic discovered by the many different types of “double slit” experiments.

          • cashmemorz

            GUT-CP again addresses the 2 slit experiment as the conservation of momentum by classical particles of light electrons, etc, without any wave aspect. The link :

            The physics at work in the Double Slit Experiment according to the


            A more accurate and more elegant model of the Universe based on
            reality based physics of the GUT-CP, where the universe is eternal in
            time and oscillatory in its trillion year cycles in space(1988) Corroborated by:
            The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation experiment which produced a
            graph with three peaks, page 70/77: that same grph was predicted by GUT-CP and three more peaks:

            Also corroborted by others:
            astrophysics genius has problems with the Big Bang Theory – On the
            Front Lines of the Culture Wars

            Tunneling Diode effect:

            “The electron as a real extended particle, each of size equal to
            its de Broglie wavelength has its potential energy gained as the
            particle traverses the barrier that is cleared; even though its
            initial kinetic energy was less than the barrier height. Energy
            conservation is obeyed at all times. Tunneling arises from physical

            Similar classical explanations for the following devices claimed
            to be based on quantum mechanics:

            Band gap in Transistor of the Conductor-type in semiconductor bond
            of band:Page 1282 GUT-CP-2016-Ed-Book-Web-121517

            SQUID(Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) Page

            The Bose-Einstein condensate(BEC) is incorrectly interpreted as a
            single large atom having a corresponding probability wave function of
            quantum mechanics. Since excitation occurs in units of ћ in order of
            to conserve angular momentum as shown previously for electronic
            (Chapter 2), vibrational (Chapter 11), rotational (Chapter 12), and
            translational excitation (Chapter 3) and Bose-Einstein statistics
            arise from an underlying deterministic physics (Chapter 24), this
            state comprised of an ensemble of individual atoms is predicted
            classically using known[classical] equations [110]. As in the case of
            the coherent state of photons in a laser cavity (Chapter 4), the
            coherency of the BEC actually disproves the inherent Heisenberg
            Uncertainty Principle (HUP) of quantum mechanics[QM] since the atomic
            positions and energies are precisely determined simultaneously.
            Furthermore, it is possible to form a BEC comprising molecules in
            addition to atoms [111] wherein the molecules lack zero-order
            vibration in contradiction to the HUP. The classical physics
            underlying Bose-Einstein statistics was covered in the Statistical
            Mechanics section.

            The Aspect Experiment at Bell Labs

            GUT-CP-2016-Ed-Book-Web-121517 Pg.1709-1717


          • cashmemorz

            That picture of the atom with its colored bands is the exact picture of the form of an atom as predicted by the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics of Herman Anton Haus / Randell Mills in 1988. Most of the time the QM based model of the atom is depicted as having lobes where the lobes represent the probability of where the QM predicts the point-like electron is located around the atom, where those colored bands are the more correct depiction of the strength of the charge currents circulating in the orbit-sphere of the electron around the atom, as shown in the video. The video, therefore shows a truer shape and other characteristic of an atom. QM is catching up to GUT-CP, whether QM will admit it or not. There are other features or phenomena at the atomic and smaller scales, that QM has come to claim as its own, many years after the same was predicted by GUT-CP. One is the Fourier components of waves that did not exist in the theory of QM until after GUT-CP predicted that aspect of light. Those same Fourier components of waves was predicted by GUT-CP in 1988. The acceleration of the expansion of the universe was predicted by GUT-CP in 1992 and “discovered” (more like corroborated)by experiments, based on QM, in 1995. There are many other predictions that were made by GUT-CP and then confirmed by QM physicists years later as having been “discovered ” by experiments base on QM. Of course, those in QM based physics won’t admit, that there is any relation to what QM finds and what GUT-CP predicted earlier, since the QM stuff was discovered independent of GUT-CP.

    • georgehants

      Shakespeare once said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

  • Veblin

    March 17, 2018
    India warms to cold fusion
    Kalyanaraman M

  • sam

    Found this on internet.
    I hope there are more people like Richard Burt
    who can make sense of the insanity of NW and
    give the world hope for the future.

  • cashmemorz

    According to others, besides Mills, the author of the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics(GUT-CP), that theory contains sufficient predictive powers via its formulas of atomic and electron and nuclear forces, to be able to allow Mills’ app, the “Millsian”, to extremely accurately, speedily and easily model molecules. More so, by a factor of at least one hundred, better than any similar app based on forces as described by quantum physics of the Standard Model. One of those others is Huub Bakker, a Senior Lecturer at Massey University, in New Zealand. Here is a link :!}

    Two computer programmers, who helped write the code for the Millsian are one:

    And two is:

    to the theory as Bakker describes the theory and several items that have been made according to the theory, the Millsian being the second of six items coming from the predictions of the theory.

    What many criticize the GUT-CP, as a false theory or some kind of scam just for getting investors to support Mills’ ongoing, since 1990 promise of virtually free power from another item based on the same theory, the Suncell.

    Bakker claims to be in the proof of concept stage of developing a fifth item, an anti-gravity device with the co-operation of Mills. The theory started with Herman Hause, an electronicc engineering professor at MIT in 1986. Haus developed a purely classical model of the electron, which in turn allowed Haus to finish developing the Free Electron Laser. Then Haus gave a copy of that electron model’s paper to Mills. From that paper Mills developed the GUT-CP.

    Another site showing the theory in a favorabe light is:

  • sam
  • sam

    New valve technology promises cheaper, greener engines

  • Veblin
  • sam

    A Bright Galaxy Deep in the Universe | Hubble Hangout

  • sam
  • Veblin

    The Pioneer (India)
    Monday, 26 March 2018

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam
  • sam

    The Age of URANIUM 1
    The Age of URANIUM 2

  • sam
  • Buck

    For those open to discovering that Big Oil knew about how the burning of fossil fuels would lead to dramatic and detrimental changes in the global climate ecosystem since the ’60’s and ’70’s. A Dutch news organization even found the Shell Oil documents showing that Shell projected that they would eventually be taken to court for their (big oil) role in promoting climate change and its catastrophic effects, including “climate refugees”.

    Confidential Shell Oil Report Prompts Lawsuit: They Knew About Climate Change Decades Ago | The Real News

    Exxon Researched Climate Change in 1977 | FRONTLINE

    • Omega Z

      And what would have been the alternative. Never having used fossil energy and turn back time 400 years. Depleting the forests to keep warm and mass starvation due to a massive reduction in food production.

      Everything has a time and purpose or we would not have had most of the societal advances we’ve had. All Science would be very primitive compared to today and be a very small community. I find this kind of thinking small mined and silly. On the bright side, most of those who make a fuss about these things likely wouldn’t even be here today never had being born.

      • Omega Z

        Just to note, The world would have warmed up anyway. First the climate warmed then nature released very large quantities of CO2.

        • psi2u2

          That is called ocean out-gassing and is a natural response to warming temperatures as indicated by the geological record, which shows that warming preceded Co2 increase by circa 400 years. No known effect cannot precede a cause in nature. This is but one of many fallacious premises on which the alarm of anthropogenic Co2 depends.

          For the record, I totally believed in what was then still called “global warming” but has now been blandly reduced to “climate change”, throughout the 1990s. Then I started to do some homework and saw all kinds of questions and question marks.

      • Buck


        there has been over the years a great deal of criticism heaped upon the vested interests that acted to destroy Pons & Fleischmann and muddied the value of the scientific pursuit of cold fusion.

        With this example in mind, should there be any surprise at the lengths Big Oil did go to protect their economic interests? Should there be any surprise at how investigative reporters determined that Big Oil funded disinformation/propaganda efforts like Big Tobacco, clouding the findings of science?

        People don’t like change and when their livelihoods become involved some become very willing to pursue actions that destroy the lives of those caught in the effects of their industry.

        So, your argument of hyperbolic absurdity seems misplaced in the face of this example of resistance to change.

  • sam

    Trade wars lead to real wars where the strong prey on the weak – economists to RT

  • sam

    NASA delays James Webb Space Telescope launch to NET May 2020

    • Buck


  • georgehants

    Scott, yes RT is financed just like the UK BBC, but the BBC lost all impartiality years ago as with our other media owned and controlled by the few rich and powerful.
    In the UK, RT is almost the only source of Truthful information of what is going on in the West.

  • John Littlemist
  • sam
  • HS61AF91

    Looks like the big wigs are weaseling in on LENR. Have come across this, courtesy of PEERS which I support:

    Lockheed Martin Receives Patent For ‘World Changing’ Fusion Reactor

    March 28, 2018, CBS News (Washington D.C. affiliate)

    Martin has reportedly been working on a revolutionary new type of
    reactor that can power anything from cities to aircraft carriers. The
    Maryland-based defense contractor recently received a patent for the compact fusion reactor (CFR) after filing plans for the device in 2014.
    According to reports, one generator would be as small as a shipping
    container but produce the energy to power 80,000 homes or one of the
    U.S. Navy’s Nimitz-class carriers. Lockheed’s advanced projects
    division, Skunk Works, has reportedly been working on the futuristic
    power source since 2014 and claimed at the time that a CFR could be
    ready for production by 2019. “I started looking at all the ideas that
    had been published. I basically took those ideas and melded them into
    something new by taking the problems in one and trying to replace them
    with the benefits of others,” Dr. Thomas McGuire of Skunk Works said
    during a 2014 interview.
    “The nice thing about a fusion reaction is that if somehow it would go
    out of control, it would just stop itself automatically,” William &
    Mary’s Saskia Mordijck told in 2012.
    “If a fission reaction goes out of control, it can really go out of
    control. You can’t stop it and it actually might go into a nuclear
    meltdown.” Lockheed advertises its quest to develop fusion power on its
    website, calling the technology “a cleaner, safer source of energy” that could be used to power communities or even travel to Mars.

    Note: A 2004 New York Times article
    stated that Lockheed Martin runs a “breathtakingly big part” of the US.
    This company’s “Skunk Works” was kept very secret until 2014, when
    reporters were given a glossy brochure featuring a “10-point “Skunk Works 2015″ agenda”. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing energy invention news articles from reliable major media sources.

    • cashmemorz

      Lockheed Martins patent describes a hot fusion reactor, although of a very small size. No weasling, just trying to hang onto obsolete and wrong physics of what DOES NOT WORK a la ITER and the rest of the Tokamak based designs. No LENR type of device configuration. One look shows the basic Tokamak configuration with high strength magnets on the outside. The break through is putting together the latest in compaction of main parts using latest of hardware that could do, supposedly, what the large scale Tokamak based designs are supposed to do.

      • HS61AF91

        Thanks cash, I feel better now, in fact you made my day!

        • cashmemorz

          It is still odd that the large companies like Lockheed Martin are going along with the hot fusion physics despite the lack luster history and little undertood physics. I knew tht it would not work soon after I graduated from high school. That so few in the physics field could nor=t see that makes me what, better then Einstein. More likely the politics of sticking together, like herd mentality is at play. As in” because the physics guys went to university, they must know something”. Not necessarily.

  • Steve Savage

    Investing in Bitcoin still looks a lot less reasonable than investing in cold fusion
    Paul Krugman… Nobel laureate in economics

    Cold Fusion, alchemy, platinum, ethereum ICO…. Oh My

    I stumbled across this today… Not sure if it has been posted previously… Very interesting !

    “It cannot but rejoice that young blood also joins the number of like-minded people – the Karabanov team Synthestech – for example,. I was glad to learn that young people have joined our research and, also, is achieving its success in this area.”

    Alexander Parkhomov

    More detailed information can be found in the article: How to make money investing in Cold Fusion by “Synthestech”

  • sam

    The Bayer and Monsanto deal | DW Documentary

  • sam

    Margaret Geller, Einstein meets Lagrange
    Lecture starts at 13 minute mark.

  • sam
    • Omega Z

      Japan also found similar large deposits of rare-earth minerals about a 150 miles of NW Hawaii a few years ago. The situation is also similar as to developing an economical means of extraction. It’s likely many other such deposits will be found as we explore more of the oceans floor.

  • kenko1

    What’s in a name?

    instead of LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, call it High Energy Chemical Output? Or Flameless Fire?

    • kenko1

      or maybe ENERGY CATALYSER. That’s a good one.😃

    • cashmemorz

      Actually that is very important. If a potential customer looks at such a device on eBay or Home depot, they might start wondering what it is all about. The name usually is expected to have a connection as to how it works, similar to how medicines have the chemical or a generic name somewhere. Any thing new will have people asking hard questions. The name has to show something about how it works and also not too much emphasis on any negtive aspects, as is currently the case with that “nuclear” term in Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Even one suggestion, “Low Energy Neutron Reaction”, can call up references to nuclear and all of the negative baggage that carries.
      Maybe Frank Acland can start a call for submissions for a better acronym for what such a device could be better called, what it does or entails. There might be some rules that would limit the submitted names to just those that show the purpose of the device, or how it works in terms that are more general without referring to specifics of physics which are not fully known currently. The name need not be an acronym. E-Cat is nice. Rossi is using a logo that is a picture of a cat’s head or bust looking downwards to a dot, presumably a mouselike object. This was, at one time about how one part of the device reacts to another part, in a cat and mouse activity. Rossi has a pictorial logo for the original ecat device. Does Rossi also have a logo for the Quark X? Will the Quark X be the commercial name of the core device, or the name applied to all devices containing the core item. The general name, as used in discussing the whole topic, could use a name that conveys a more positive image. The pictorial used by Rossi accomplishes much of that. At first look that pictorial makes one wonder what does the picure of a cat looking at a red dot have to do with the function of the device. A small “Energy Catalyser” somewhere on that picture might help that potential customer to make their mind, to at least look further at what the device is all about.

  • sam

    SpaceX launched NASA’s planet-hunter satellite

  • Buck

    Over the years, Stirling engines have been repeatedly associated with Rossi’s Ecat as having a strong potential benefit. As part of the conversation, the Kockum’s Stirling engine as used in the Gotlund class of Swedish submarines has been highlighted as being one of the most advanced forms of this type of engine.

    The following video is the best I’ve ever seen describing the workings of a Stirling engine as well as the Gotlund class of submarine’s capability to upend the current status quo.


  • cashmemorz

    Scientific American disabled comments on my account at their site. Seems they do not like having pointed out their premature discounting of cold fusion. My comment was in regard to censoring of whatever does not suit their idea of science, by their chief editor, soon after an article appeared on their site about censoring what does not suit some in science circles. The blackened pot does not like to be compared to the other black kettles. Taking constructive criticism the wrong way, or a too thin skinned editor?

  • cashmemorz

    Found on:

    “… I proposed in my essay that science should be more tolerant of its
    mavericks, when so much is at stake. If I’m right, then the reputation
    trap itself is the thing that should be condemned and ridiculed, not the
    science of LENR.

    Not surprisingly, some readers weren’t
    convinced. Some concerned commentators even worried about what the piece
    would do to my own reputation. So, three months later, am I having any

    On the contrary, the story has become even more
    interesting, in my view. I want to offer some updates for readers who
    weren’t persuaded last time that these developments were worth following
    for themselves. And I want to sound a note of caution for anyone who
    still feels confident that they can continue to ignore the field. If
    LENR is on the verge of a comeback, the reputation trap will turn inside
    out very, very quickly. No one wants to be the last ostrich to pull its
    head out of the sand. You have been warned!One of the key figures in this story is Andrea Rossi,…”

  • sam
  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    25 Crazy Predictions About the Next 25 Year
    LENR or any kind of high density power production or very cheap form of energy production not included. Certainly not hot fusion. But then not everything that might happen is also not included. Some editing by MSN must be in play.

    • Omega Z

      ->”Some editing by MSN must be in play”
      Do ya think. Pretty much all the news seems scripted today.

  • sam
  • sam
    • cashmemorz

      Value of a rare or semi-rare material is all about how much anyone will pay for it. Natural abundance determines the base price. Then market manipulation, as in the case of diamonds by De Beers, can raise the price to artificial levels that are many times that which would be achieved by natural market forces. Investors have to take all that into consideration. A smart supplier will keep the amount down to a comfortable level that is comfortable for all involved. Too high a price and no one wins. Too much of the metal in the market and it get to be what aluminum was worth at first and then fell to very low levels of costs, when a very large deposit of the ore was found, mined, refined and delivered to all buyers. Too many producers of the synthetic version will undercut the main goal, of getting rich. What the synthetic form will do in most cases, is to ensure a steady supply, even when the natural version has mosty been found and taken out of the ground. A balancing act has to be achieved in this kind of game, by all involved. Therefore a complicated and long term game. As most kinds of investment are. Might even apply to LENR in the long run. All depends on that balance.

  • Veblin
  • Veblin


  • sam

    Project of Cold Transmutation (LENR) technology

    Good day,

    We are pleased to inform you that yesterday, May 15, 2018, a presentation of the Synthestech Project was successfully held in the Moscow City business center.
    The event was attended by around 100 people, mostly investors, as well as interested individuals.
    Presentation of the business plan by Vladislav Karabanov, the Synthestech project’s founder, was very warmly welcomed by all presentation attendees.

    Evgeniy Gilbo, experienced economist, founder of the School of Effective Leaders (SHAL), took a very active part in discussions of the project.

    In the margins of the meeting, there took place very lively and engaging conversations about the further development and perspectives of the project.
    A short video of the presentation, a speech text and the business plan will be available within 2-3 days.

  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    Graph showing increases in higher temperatures on average world wide coinciding with periods of unusually high uses of fossil fuels, where the over all increases of temperature started during WWII and which increase has accelerated, with 2015-2016 being the greates acceleration :

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam

    NASA Chief Lays Out Lunar-Exploration Plans, Commits to Climate-Change Research

  • HS61AF91

    With hydrogen being integral to E-Cat workings, it is interesting to see this taxpayer funded research into using excess ‘nuclear-generated’ heat (!) to make hydrogen. If it’s so interesting, it would be a nice add-on to the E-Cat’s utility. Maybe Dr. Rossi and Co. can contribute to these efforts, and who knows, take some of this tax money we pay into a direction I’d prefer E-Cat enhancement.

    ” … Home: » Energy Department Announces up to $3.5M for Nuclear-Compatible Hydrogen Production
    Today, the Energy
    Department (DOE) announced up to $3.5 million for hydrogen production
    research and development (R&D) that is compatible with nuclear
    energy sources. Many utilities are now economically incentivized to
    consider integrating nuclear energy production with other industrial
    processes to optimize thermal and electrical energy production.

    Through the selection of these projects, the Office of Energy
    Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office will
    advance HTE hydrogen production research and development (R&D) with
    the potential to offer baseload nuclear plants an additional revenue
    stream. This is one example of how DOE’s innovative early stage hydrogen
    R&D can enable affordable and reliable energy that enhances
    economic growth and energy security.

    “Today we are producing affordable energy from a wider range of
    sources than we ever thought possible,” said Principal Deputy Assistant
    Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Daniel Simmons.
    “Renewables, nuclear, and fossil energy are part of America’s energy
    mix, as we remain committed to a comprehensive energy strategy to ensure
    we are utilizing all of our abundant, American energy resources.”

    Using electricity and heat generated at nuclear energy facilities to
    produce hydrogen via extremely efficient high temperature electrolysis
    (HTE) is one promising integration approach for generating low cost
    hydrogen. Through utilization of the high temperature heat generated by
    nuclear energy plants, less electricity is required for the HTE process;
    thermal energy is generally less expensive than electrical energy.

    The projects identified are chosen as alternates under prior year
    Fuel Cell Technologies Office funding opportunity announcements, which
    included topics on hydrogen production materials R&D.

    FuelCell Energy of Danbury, Connecticut will
    receive $1.5 million for materials R&D aimed at reducing the
    operating temperature of solid-oxide high-temperature electrolysis (HTE)
    to levels more compatible with advanced nuclear energy heat sources.

    Saint Gobain of Northboro, Massachusetts will
    receive up to $1M to adapt its novel all-ceramic stack technology to HTE
    with a focus on addressing fundamental durability challenges.

    West Virginia University of Morgantown, West
    Virginia will receive up to $1M to develop new HTE materials capable of
    durable and efficient operation at temperatures compatible with nuclear
    energy heat sources.

    DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    (EERE) supports early-stage R&D of energy efficiency and renewable
    energy technologies that make energy more affordable and strengthen the
    U.S. economy. … ”
    just postulating.

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam
  • artefact

    Biological Transmutations | Alchemy Inside the Living System

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam

    Mysterious neutrino surplus hints at the existence of new particles

  • sam

    Experimental nuclear fusion reactor surpasses sun’s core temperature

  • georgehants

    American Psychologist, May 24 , 2018
    PSYCHIC PHENOMENA “American Psychologist”
    is the flagship journal of the American Psychological
    Association many of whose members have been fiercely
    skeptical of psychic phenomena (psi). So it will be
    interesting to see how they react to the article it
    is currently publishing: “The experimental evidence
    for parapsychological phenomena: A review”.
    he article concludes: “The evidence provides cumulative
    support for the reality of psi, which cannot be readily
    explained away by the quality of the studies, fraud,
    selective reporting, experimental or analytical incompetence,
    or other frequent criticisms. The evidence for psi is
    comparable to that for established phenomena in psychology
    and other disciplines, although there is no consensual
    understanding of them

  • sam
  • sam
    • Omega Z

      The article your link goes to is just scare mongering. It holds no weight.

      Trump may get things started, but others such as people of science from the DOD, DOE and NRC will actually be involved with negotiating denuclearizing of N.K.. This would be the case regardless of who’s President.

      As to having a Scientific Adviser. They tend to become insider lobbyist who advocate funding for their scientific field of work at the detriment of all other research. It was also a scientific adviser that told George Bush Sr. that M & F claims were junk science. That it was best to fund Hot Fusion ITER projects.

  • Buck

    If memory serves, the Woods-Mackenzie authors of this video are associated with the Woods investment fund which bought into IH. I find the comments to the video far more interesting than one might expect. Woods-Mackenzie’s clients appear to be the status-quo in this matter.


  • sam
  • Brent Buckner

    Clever move by Lawrence Forsley to have undergrads replicate (and some also published) – building a young base:
    “Energetic Particle Emission in Pd/D Co-deposition: An Undergraduate Research Project to Replicate a New Scientific Phenomenon”

    • greggoble

      This was conducted at J.J. Pickle Research Campus U.T. Austin. U.T. moved certain research to Pickle in 1946, a few months after the first atom bomb dropped on Japan. Primary research defense, nuclear physics, and space flight
      It’s a closed campus due to the sensitive nature of research performed there for the U.S. government. Most students are working professionals in advanced masters programs. Pickle’s has 11 research departments, one of which, ARL (acoustics and advanced materials), was recently awarded a $1.1 billion Navy research contract; the largest in Texas history.

  • sam

    In the interview, which was attended by dr. Vassallo of DIID (Dept. of Industrial and Digital Innovation) of the University of Palermo, the importance of skepticism, understood as suspension of judgment or “epochè” in technological and scientific research, is underlined. Such skepticism must be applied not only in the evaluation of possible new discoveries but also in the context of universally accepted and apparently consolidated concepts and models. In this regard, I would like to recall an earlier post in my blog, which briefly discusses an alternative model for elementary particles and the possibility that this model can explain some of the anomalous phenomena classified with the generic acronym of LENR.

  • HS61AF91

    “Department of Energy Seeks Feedback on Regulatory Barriers to Hydrogen Infrastructure”
    so titles a offering from the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (in this link)
    My opinion they need look no further than this E-Cat World to find much to satisfy their Request for Information
    Are world governments finally getting on the ball, and driving toward the goal of LENR success – sure seems more promising now than previously.

    Anyway, interesting reading.

  • Dods

    Researchers at QuTech in Delft have succeeded in generating quantum entanglement between two quantum chips faster than the entanglement is lost. Via a novel smart entanglement protocol and careful protection of the entanglement, the scientists led by Prof. Ronald Hanson are the first in the world to deliver such a quantum link on demand. This opens the door to connect multiple quantum nodes and create the very first quantum network in the world. Their results are published in Nature.

    Read more at:

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam
    • cashmemorz

      Accelerating universe, discovered in 1998. But already predicted by just one theory, the Grand Unified Physics-Classical Physics(GUT-CP), in 1995. Higgs not accompanied by other particles, as expected by those in QM, was refuted altogether by GUT-CP. The Higgs was not discovered at LHC, CERN or anywhere else, it was just another stray signal at the approximate strength that something like a Higgs particle was expected only based on someones idea but not a prediction as such. Therefore that is why it doesn’t do everything that a “real” Higgs Boson particle would have done, if the QM was a sound theory and made that particular prediction. Another 2 flaws in a long list of flaws in QM. GUT-CP, so far has had no flaws. Completely other wise it was totally developed from first principles consisting of four postulates that existed and were accepted by all as thoroughly sound sources: The GUT-CP was developed using first principles of: 1. Maxwell’s Equations(ME), 2.the Special Theory of Relativity (STR), 3.the Stern-Gerlach Experiment(SGE) and4. the deBroglie standing wave method of treating the circulating charge current activity on the extended electron model first developed in 1986 by Herman Haus. All these four were fully accepted classical era formulations. These four are the cornerstones of the GUT-CP, which has required no other postulates in its full development. The GUT-CP, works through 85 orders of scale, makes thousands of predictions, many of which have been corroborated or shown to be supported by experiments done years later by those in the QM arena, has at least three fully developed items based on its predictions and three more in development.:

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