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  • Frank Acland

    I have started a new Always Open thread since too many comments were affecting the loading time of the original one. Please feel free to repost recent comments from the original Always Open thread.

  • sam
  • FC

    The clean energy revolution that most of us have been looking forward to for decades is already underway. Although instead of being brought about by some breakthrough invention, it is being triggered by the disruptive convergence of several mature technologies that are growing exponentially thanks to the compounding effect of incremental improvements and cost reductions, a la Moore’s Law.

    Solar is already the cheapest power source in most countries. Solar+storage is already cheaper than most 24-7 energy sources in many countries. And things can only get better.

  • georgehants

    Scientists discover long-predicted particle that annihilates with itself
    Newburgh Gazette
    Antimatter has been the staple of science fiction for decades, since physicist Paul Dirac suggested in the late 1920s that every particle has its antiparticle and that the pair annihilates in case of a collision, producing lots of energy. When particle and antiparticle met they would be annihilated, releasing a poof of energy. But it’s always been theorized that there’s an exception to the rule, with certain particles that are actually their own antiparticles. Now, scientists from Stanford and the University of California have found the first strong evidence for this type of particle, which they dub the “angel particle”.

  • sam
  • John Littlemist

    Frank, you’re breaking links to articles again. This used to be a working link:
    But you changed the date in the URL afterwards.
    Please keep your article URL’s constant!

  • georgehants

    This week in science is a review of the most interesting scientific news of the past week.
    A gravitational anomaly on Earth
    Symmetries are important tools for Physicists, particularly since
    Emmy Noether proved it is always related to a conservation law. For
    example, the conservation of energy can be considered a consequence of
    time symmetry, or the invariance of a system under time translations.
    But sometimes Nature breaks some of its symmetries, a phenomenon
    physicists call an anomaly.
    One example is when the laws of quantum mechanics break a symmetry
    existent in classical, or Newtonian, mechanics. Until now, such
    anomalies were seen only in the world of elementary particles, for
    example in the experiments made at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). But
    an international team of physicists, material scientists, and string
    theoreticians has observed a gravitational anomaly in addition to a
    quantum anomaly in a new type of materials called Weyl semimetals, which
    look like 3D graphene.
    Electrons in a Weyl semimetal behave in the same way as the
    elementary particles in accelerators such as the LHC – they cannot be at
    rest and must always move with a constant speed. Also, they have a
    property called spin that can point towards or in the opposite direction
    of the motion. Therefore, an electron would exist in one of two
    possible states, but because of the quantum anomaly it can be
    interchanged between those two, which is increased by the gravitational
    Such a gravitational anomaly was thought to be triggered only by the
    curvature of space-time, something we don’t deal with in our daily lives
    on Earth. As stated by Dr. Johannes Gooth, an IBM Research scientist
    and lead author of the paper published in the scientific journal Nature:
    For the first time, we have experimentally observed this fundamental
    quantum anomaly on Earth which is extremely important towards our
    understanding of the universe. We can now build novel solid-state
    devices based on this anomaly that have never been considered before to
    potentially circumvent some of the problems inherent in classical
    electronic devices, such as transistors.
    Furthermore, some calculations have shown this gravitational anomaly
    can be triggered by heat and a simultaneously applied magnetic field.
    That is why scientists believe this discovery will open new
    possibilities for the development of sensors, switches, and
    energy-harvesting devices.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    USPTO grants patent on Santilli’s „magnecule“ technology (unfortunately, a link to the patent is missing):

  • Buck

    The WSJ recognizes that the petroleum industry is facing a very different future. I can only wonder how the WSJ will respond to the growing evidence of LENR as an industrial source of energy.

    “Shell Prepares for ‘Lower Forever’ Oil Prices”

  • sam
  • AnthonyRepetto

    The Paradox: How Cold Fusion will cause Oil Prices to Rise

    If Rossi demonstrates his device publicly, in October, or whenever any of the players in the market makes a convincing demonstration or begins selling a working device, the price of oil, natural gas, and coal will leap upwards. The reason is simple: to pay down their debts.

    Most of the financing for fuel extraction happens with debt, and the proven reserves are the collateral. A public acceptance of cold fusion would drive down the value of those proven reserves, but the debt doesn’t go away. Those fuel producers would need to continue paying debts, yet, they would have an expectation that future prices will be dramatically lower.

    To pay those debts when fuel is cheap, they’ll need plenty of cash on hand. That necessitates an increase in prices, before cold fusion saturates the market. Get all the cash, now, so that debts can be paid, later.

    Some fuel extractors have more debt than others, but they all have some debt. The *faster* a cold fusion device could saturate the market, the *more* those extractors will have to charge. Consider: you have $10 billion in debt, that you expect to be able to pay over 30 years at current prices. If cold fusion prices you out of the market in 15 years, your debt burden has doubled – you’ll need to charge more, today, to have enough cash in 15 years.

    Yet, if cold fusion prices you out in 10 years, your debt burden triples. And, if one producer has lower production costs, compared to others in the fuel market, they will survive longer, before being priced out. They might have a 15 year timeline before cold fusion takes enough market to make their oil unprofitable, while high-cost producers have a 10-year timeline – Saudi Arabia, compared to Venezuela, for example. The Saudis don’t *need* to raise prices as much as Venezuela, because they have a longer time until they are priced out of the market, and thus, a lower annual debt burden. However, the Venezuelans will be raising their prices, because of a 10-year timeline… so, the Saudis might as well match those prices. The market price will increase according to the debt burdens of the most-quickly-priced-out producers. Lower-cost producers will be happy to take that windfall, before fuels become dirt cheap.

    And, as each fuel producer is priced-out of the market, the price will fall to match the debt burdens of the next highest-cost producer. They will step-ladder prices downward, matching the portion of energy that cold fusion supplies. Suppose, 15 years after a public device, that only the Saudis are still pumping oil, albeit with only tiny profits; natural gas producers are still somewhat profitable. Only when cold fusion threatens to completely supplant that remaining fuel production, would price at the pump finally collapse.

    So, my prediction: natural gas producers, already a low cost operator, will see a huge windfall from the oil-spike. And, expensive oil will simultaneously deliver more value to solar and wind. Not that anyone would plan to build new wind farms, when they could just wait for the delivery of their Quark – the existing wind farms would see a larger profit.

    And, worth considering: if the Quark X is as spectacular as Rossi claims (and, I have a peculiar feeling that he has found the winning design… moire imply that special conditions can allow this sort of thing), his device could saturate the market *very* quickly. Many fuel producers would be confronted by this: “I need to make enough money in the next five years, that I can pay back all these debts. I’ve been operating at a 5% margin, at $50/barrel, which barely covers my debts. To pay the debts within this crimped timeline, my barrels will need to pull six times as much gross. That’s still only $62.50/barrel. I can do that. But, I could also make a profit, because the *last barrel* sold sets the price for all the barrels… how much profit could I really get out of this, before it folds?” Stock prices will tank, unless the barrels become *very* expensive. And, most consumers will still need to buy the oil, because cold fusion wouldn’t be saturating the market, yet. The faster cold fusion can replace oil, the more likely that fuel producers will gouge prices, as a last-ditch effort to walk away with cash in their pockets.

    – Oaklandthinktank

  • sam
    • cashmemorz

      Gravity works as Einstein predicted. Although he was unable to get the unified theory of how it all works in full detail. Mills has done just that. Where the Standard Model and Quantum Physics are still muddling as to how gravity really works, Mills has developed several forms of gravity all figured out in enough detail to make an antigravity device. Mills did that by avoiding the wave theory that Erwin Schrodinger tried as a last ditch attempt on his part to tie everything together as it was understoodin the 1930’s. But Schrodinger did not like it and its implications. That is the point where the physics community went off the tracks when they just took the idea of waves without listening to the other side of the argument. So now the physicists are trying all manner of updated versions of Quantum this and quantum that to see if they can fix it. If the predictions of a theory are a test of its power then QM, QFT, etc. is failing everywhere including how gravity really works. The Grand Unified Theory-Classical Physics wins on all points including how the warpage of space that creates gravity happens to occur around the nucleus when the flat electron wraps itself around the nucleus. When it wraps itself in the negative way it makes anti-gravity and we have the anti-gravity device as it is being developed at Massey University under the co-operation of Senior Lecturer Huub Bakker and Dr. Randel Mills and several other seemingly impossible devices that work based on the GUT-CP.

      For a lecture regarding the theory with some details about various forms of gravity and the anti-gravity device, see minutes 30-38 of:

      Credentials of the above lecturer:

      A lecture by Dr. Mills at Fresno State U.:

      • sam

        Even though I hardly understand a darn thing Dr
        Mills talks about I still think the World will soon be talking about it.

        • cashmemorz

          In the blogs I answer in the vein of GUT-CP, I have started to notice a bit of bending of the answers that pro- QM physicists use. They tend to qualify their answrs with things like” it is not fully accepted what QM says..”, and “QM says this or that but it is not the last word, depending on what a better theory would say in that regard…”. Leaving themselves an out for when they have to admit fully who is in the right.

  • georgehants

    A quantum leap in solar
    “We might not have to worry so much about energy in the future if we can generate it everywhere,” he said.

  • sam
  • sam
  • georgehants

    Quantum magnets doped with holes
    Image of a chain of atoms taken with the quantum gas microscope. It
    demonstrates that atoms with different spin orientations are spatially
    separated. If the spin points downwards (green), the atom is located in
    the lower part of the double well structure of the lattice site, whereas
    it is in the upper part, if the spin points upwards (red). In addition,
    the holes can be detected directly. Credit: MPQ, Quantum Many-Body
    Systems Division
    In general, solid state physicists are not able to separate the two
    processes, so they cannot answer the question, whether the magnetic
    order is indeed reduced, or whether it is just hidden.
    MPQ-scientists reveal hidden magnetic order in one-dimensional crystals doped with holes.
    Now the scientists plan to apply this method to two-dimensional quantum
    crystals that are doped with holes. This would be a new approach to
    simulate two-dimensional -doped systems of correlated electrons.
    Experiments of that kind could lead to a better understanding of the
    so-called high-temperature superconductivity which was detected 30 years
    ago. The name describes the effect that in certain compounds with
    layers containing copper the electrical resistance vanishes already
    above the boiling temperature of liquid nitrogen. The interplay between
    defects and antiferromagnetic correlations is believed to play an
    important role in this puzzling phenomenon.

  • LT

    Concerning the Prominent pumps

    Many are questioning if the Prominent pumps used in the Doral 1MW plant where capable of supplying the needed water flow to generate 1 MW of steam.
    In the notes of Rossi with respect to the Smith report Rossi notes that in addition to the Prominent pumps there was also a recirculation pump.
    However what if Rossi (Under pressure form the law suit ?) mixed some things up in his comments on the Smith report and that what was called the recirculation pump was in reality the main pump.
    Now suppose that this main pump was supplying a flow of water which was larger then needed and that the Prominents where recirculators which pumped back the excess flow at the input of each reactor so that the water flow entering the reactors was the correct one.
    This would lead to the following comments :

    1. Fail safe operation

    If the Prominents would fail, the water flow would increase (less water recirculated) and the reactor would cool down.

    2. Flow control

    The main flow setting for the 1 MW plant can be controlled by the main pump. This is a single point of control and thus easier to implement in a computer controlled environment then controlling all 24 Prominents. Indeed none of the Prominents on available photographs make use of their control connectors leaving only the option to control them manually which might be good enough for setting the recirculation flow.

    3. Redundancy

    If one reactor would fail or put out of order for maintenance, the flow through the remaining three reactors would still be supplied by the main pump and still be about the needed water flow to generate 1 MW of steam. (But only if the reactors where able to increase their output power by 33 %) This would also explain why under such circumstance the plant kept delivering the needed flow and power.

    4. Prominent flow rate setting

    It was noted on the internet that the rate setting of the top row of Prominents was set at 40 % while the bottom row was set at 100% (However I don’t know anymore where this was stated)
    This is in line what would occur if the Prominents where the receiculators. Since the reactor on the top would receive the lowest flow from the main pump, less water needs to be recirculated to obtain the right flow and thus the rate setting of the Prominents at the top would be the lowest.

    I don’t know if the above scheme makes sense and can be explained by the piping of the 1MW plant shown on the different photographs of the 1 MW plant. So I am inviting the “experts” to weigh in.

  • sam
  • cashmemorz

    On my Purism computer, when I go to e-catworld dot com, the Purebrowser can’t lget past the HOME connection. When I click on a topic, I am ge to the topic but the discussions do not get loaded. I keep getting the circle going round and then a note: “Disqus seems to taking longer than usual. Reload?”
    Is that anything to do with the non “https”(unsecured) connection? I also noticed a lot of spyware, trackers etc., get on my non-Purism (Acer) computer, where I do get fully connected to e-cat world, so that I do see the discussion on any topic. Maybe Purism prevents spyware loading by not connecting. Also when I try to connect to Disqus on the purism computer I am also unable to connect to Disqus itself. Is Disqus trying to ge too much loaded when someone connects to a site using Diqus?

  • Omega Z

    Andrea Rossi August 7, 2017

    Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
    This comes after the allowing of my US patent also in Japan.
    Warm Regards, A.R.

  • georgehants

    Massive Particles Test Standard Quantum Theory
    Friday, August 11, 2017 – 14:02
    in Physics & Chemistry
    In quantum mechanics particles can behave as waves and take many
    paths through an experiment, even when a classical marble could only
    take one of them at any time. However, it requires only combinations of
    pairs of paths, rather than three or more, to determine the probability
    for a particle to arrive somewhere. This principle is a consequence of
    Born’s rule, a cornerstone of quantum physics and any measured violation
    of it might hint at new physics. Now, researchers at the Universities
    of Vienna and Tel Aviv have addressed this question for the first time
    explicitly using the wave interference of large molecules behind various
    combinations of single, double, and triple slits. The analysis –
    published in the Journal ‘Science Advances’ – confirms the formalism of
    established quantum physics for massive particles

  • sam
    • Omega Z

      “Cassini to begin final five orbits around Saturn”

      And that’s how the War of the Worlds begin. We’re doing Science that the Satarians think we’ve launched a 1st strike….

  • sam

    “Tracking a solar eruption through the solar system”

    “Atomically thin layers bring spintronics closer to applications”

    • cashmemorz

      I have noticed one glaring aspect of Quantum Physics to show how wrong it is. Every time something is publicised about another step closer to whatever is found in QM that seems to work, is just that, one more step closer. Ever closer, but never quite getting there. This applies to almost everything based on QM. Hot fusion, gravity waves, entanglement. The few real world solutions, based on QM, that are found, are so unusual in terms of application that they are no more than lab curiousities applicable in a very narrow venue of use. On the other hand, after Herman Haus and Randell Mills both derived the electron’s structure along purely classical means, not only was everything else based on classical fully derived, without ever needing continuously extra closer steps, but that which was fully derived was almost immediately used via the highly accurate predictions associated with each fully derived classically base phenomena, to make fully functioning devices. These devices are fully developed with no need to produce every better developments of the underlying theory to get there, as has to be done using QM .This is a strong point showing that QM is a curve fitting method to approximate the real world. Each step that brings QM closer to the expected final answer, whether, the theory or a device is just that, one more step closer. And each of those QM steps involves ever greater mindbending definitions and concepts and math to get there. With Classical derivation of the same or similar phenomena, there is only a one step derivation or method of development to get to the final, functional or predictive stage. No multiple waves in one spot, no indeterminacy as in momentum or location, no tunnellings, nothing in many places at one time, no many worlds.
      Taken together, all these aspects of the classical derivation of physics indicate that classical is the much more elegant, more proveably predictive approach to physics, which leads directly to answering questions about nature, reality and even commercial products. QM will get there, someday, but at an ever increasing complexity, monetary and other costs not to mention the waste of time where those doing QM could have been better occupied in more productive pursuits. Classical is already there and making money for those involved in the classical approach, ie: Randell Mills.

  • sam
  • sam
  • peacelovewoodstock

    I am, like many, looking forward to October E-Cat demonstration.

    I had the idea of posting a question on a public “prediction market” as to the outcome, but am having a hard time coming up with a “yes/no” question regarding the E-Cat demo.

    Is there a simple “yes / no” question regarding the demonstration that would answer conclusively whether Rossi actually demonstrates a significant COP?

    “Will Rossi provide indisputable evidence?” may be open to interpretation, e.g., what is “indisputable”? Etc.

    Based on whatever the demo might show, how will we know whether the Rossi effect is real?

    Is there anything he can do at the demo to absolutely convince a skeptical world that he is on to something real?

    • Omega Z

      “Is there anything he can do at the demo to absolutely convince a skeptical world”

    • georgehants

      “Will Rossi provide indisputable evidence?” may be open to interpretation, e.g., what is “indisputable”? Etc.
      Indisputable is a complete open recipe that others can follow to very quickly confirm his claims and yes he can certainly do that but it is entirely his decision, as it has been for seven years.

  • sam
  • sam

    1,069 dancing robots break Guinness World Record in China (VIDEO)

    “Spoiler alert: Computer simulations provide preview of upcoming eclipse”

    “Engineering team images tiny quasicrystals as they form”

  • sam

    Eclipse Science: What They’ve Taught Us, What We Hope to Learn

  • sam
  • John Littlemist

    “Etiam Ltd has been terminated as a company and all its operations have been discontinued.”

    “Etiam Ltd’s main intellectual property asset, specifically, the European patent EP 2783369 B1, granted on the 14th of June 2017, has been sold to the highest bidder.”