ECCO Testing: First MFMP Update from India (Update: Suhas Agrees To Help MFMP Replicate in Europe)

UPDATE (July 20, 2017)

The following video has been posted, in which Suhas agrees to visit the MFMP in central Europe and help them to replicate this technology. He and the MFMP have given up trying to carry out testing during the current visit.


I haven’t had time to listen to this yet, but this is Bob’s first audio report from India; from the description it sounds like it is not plain sailing:

“After a gruelling journey and two nights with little sleep, we arrive with all equipment intact only to face more difficult challenges, people.”

Also: “ECCO day one – stupidity rules the world”


Bob Greenyer and George Egely’s flight to India was delayed, but the finally got to India. They say they have trouble with the inventor and the bank. While they were in transit they got notification that Suhas had been visited by bank officers, who had put a padlock on the door of the laboratory. Bob Greenyer and George Egely went to see the bank manager who refused to open the lab.

The bank told MFMP that they found out that Suhas was doing research, and they did not support that, they were only interested in supporting production. MFMP tried in vain to negotiate access to the lab so they could do testing. Bob says he tried “literally everything” to get access to the lab.

They made an offer to rent the lab for 3 days, but the bank manager said that offer would have to come from Suhas. Bob says they will try again tomorrow. In the meantime they are having technical discussions with Suhas about his technology.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Ged

      Good luck, Bob! Getting to see all sorts of interesting places, I see. Really hoping for your best of health and success–can’t wait to see how ECCO performs, once you get past all the craziness.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks Ged

    • sam

      Hi Bob
      Did you see Adrians comment
      Should you talk with a lawyer.
      Was the offer that Suhas has brought up.
      Is there any possibility that the bank or Science establishment does not want Suhas
      to be the Inventor.
      Maybe someone does not want you to know or prove what Suhas has.


      • Bob Greenyer

        This is a possibility – we just don’t know.

  • AdrianAshfield

    If your written offer fails you might try contacting the Bank Manager’s boss or even the president/owner of the bank, who might be more reasonable.
    If everything fails, try contacting a news reporter: I doubt the bank would welcome the bad publicity.

    • Steve Swatman

      Bob should do that straight away, the boss might be more sympathetic, he might also not want to get caught up in a con if this is one.

      • Bob Greenyer

        We are working all angles and keeping it legal, in the end it is Suhas that must choose course of action.

  • artefact

    Howly cow!

  • bfast

    I sooo smell a rat! These guys are playing for money before showing the goods — probably because they don’t have the goods. The banker is colluding with them to get money ahead of showing the goods.

    No show, no dough.

    • Steve Swatman

      I agree, I spent 5yrs in India in the 80’s they have some of the most sophisticated cons ever, and everyone is in collusion, Bob and the guys should be very very carefull.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I ran a business here for best part of decade. I agree and I am – believe me, I have offended everyone with tough searching questions.

    • LookMoo

      A sucker is born every minute… the view many Indians have.

      • Bob Greenyer

        you’re not wrong

  • Ged

    Your name is so apropose.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      à propos… = apropos ;))

  • cashmemorz

    Does anyone know how those screws are fixed from the other side? They may be loosely pressing agaaind the opposite surface with a washer and even a large plate and two nuts to hold against the other side and not just screwed into the material of the door. I have tried opening many such doors only to be foiled with what I did not see. The bank or sherriff who put the sliding draw bar on the door uses a good locksmith who makes the seen parts look simple. What is underneath is not simple.

    • Bob Greenyer

      and your line of business is what exactly?

      • cashmemorz

        I started off as a machine design draftsperson in 1965 at which time I was working on piping and structures pertaining to military aircraft and connecting rings for multistage lift vehicles such as the Saturn V at Aeroquip Ltd, My immediate supervisor, Jim Gerry, was a very good although not a gradute engineer. Shows what kind of experts were designing the rockets back then. The much better experts later, were not able to get those same rings to work as in Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Since then I have worked at various places such as IMAX on their 3-D glasses, Godfrey Aerospace (now SPAR), Amerace-Esna Ltd. (Airport landing light systems),DAF INDAL(Wind turbine design).

        So the mechanics of an interlock system as in the picture is small potatoes.


        • Bob Greenyer

          Now THAT is a resume!

          • cashmemorz

            Overqualified, or I would have been working more steadily. Its lonely at the top, (smirk).

            Retired now and trying my damnest to figue out if LENR , the Suncell, and the like are real or scams, or maybe partly true. So much is in the mix from the authors of said energies sources. The critics are quite evenly spread on both sides, pro and con. So if you believe the positive ctritics, why are there an equal number of negative critics?

            Are the positives paid critics or just don’t care to lie to support the likes of Rossi or Randell Mills? It ends up looking more like some psychology phenomenon and less about the energy producing devices.

  • Karl Venter

    Walk away
    Go do some sight seeing

    • Bob Greenyer

      Tempting, but have you seen the weather forecast – it is like an inverted sea with slits in it here!

      We have a meeting with a trusted person I have known and worked with in India since 2009 who is connected and local in Mumbai. He may be able to assist.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It may look simple, but think again, thing of the lock hole that goes through the swing leaf, that is mounted with screws hidden behind the leaf. Moreover the screws could be mounted with spin nuts.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Good day so far. Found credit card thought I lost last night an it is Georges birthday!

  • I think there’s a good chance that MFMP is being played… if not by Suhas then by the people around him.

    The only rational move here is to withdraw. The sense of urgency created is artificial and very suspicious. Return home or back to me356 if he’s ready. With passage of more time the situation in India will become clearer.

    If Suhas is legit, then he will find a way to work with you, lab or no lab.

    • sam

      But if Suhas accepts the offer on the table his technology goes with it.

      • invient

        There isn’t a patent? How would they be able to claim ownership without one, they will own the reactor as part of the deal but not the IP as it does not exist yet. Also, the creditors are only interested in the technologies ability to clean pipes, and likely do not believe any energy production claims… so they are unlikely to file a patent for that reason.

        Like others have said, MFMP, with the crowd funding could get Suhas to the UK or even stay in India… file a patent with his designs for 20-50k. Make a research reactor based on the patent with Suhas, and then test it.

        Im of the opinion, if they cannot test the current reactor, this is now the best option. Suhas gets to maintain his good standing by following through with his deal with creditors, and the MFMP can get to test and own the IP with Suhas assisting them for some royalty or equity benefit that they can negotiate.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Yes, and this is a potential route – but if we can secure legal access to test the reactor this week, we will have been diligent enough to ensure that it is a path that is likely to bear fruits.

          When you understand the situation fully though – you will know the problem still has to be fixed before Suhas would be free to participate in this way.

    • interstellar hobo

      MFMP lost credibility with the weird posts about aliens and 911. You can’t get that back, and can’t pretend it didn’t happen. Then the trip before this, now this obvious scam. I don’t think they are in on the scam, I just think they are gullible. And trying to get people to donate to these schemes rather than just sitting down and concentrating on finding proof of lenr, doesn’t have to be commerically viable, is no memorial to Fleishman. They should be ashamed to be using his name and I hope his family asks them to stop using it.

      • Bob Greenyer

        The MFMP is a collection of individuals who can free think, it is not the science by committee or convenience like that which brought down MF and SP.

        The posts you refer to, were deliberately on a different channel because I knew that there would be a strong reaction to them. I wrote them and I am perfectly comfortable with holding several potential explanations for phenomena and event in my head at the same time even those that are contradictory. In the end the truth will out and it matters not what anyone was shown to believe.

        We have been diplomatic in extremis when misrepresented by claimants in the recent past – only the data matters really, I am a nobody giving my skills and life to try and find an answer.

        Please wait on your judgements until I can find the time to publish the data from AURA family ash tests and 40 hour ECCO ash. This will prevent any embarrassment. As I said in today’s review, I welcome any credible testing parties that would like to test the samples – and given our experience in the past, I would like an observer present when the tests are conducted – preferably from this community to ensure the actual data is passed on.

        If we cannot learn from the past, and from those that have given the best part of their life to exploring this then are we not fools?

        This is exhausting work in difficult circumstances.

  • Jas

    This reminds me of the scene from the film Boogie Nights.
    The musicians want the demo tapes to get a record deal so they can pay the studio. The Studio wont release the tapes till they get the money.

    • Bob Greenyer


  • Thomas Baccei

    Has anyone talked to Suhas about the possibility of abandoning his current debt ridden operation and, with MFMP help, securing crowd sourced funds to equip another lab in the U.K.? No mention that he owes anyone his I.P., so he clearly can take any / all lab notes, instructions, schematics etc. This almost certainly is a scam, because his I.P. is worth more than he, or anyone else, can imagine. How long would it take him to reconstruct a working device if he knows for certain exactly how to make it? Especially with the help of MFMP? For goodness sakes, Bob G., get him a plane ticket back home, put him up in a fine hotel and get him anything he needs to build another device. That would surely be far less than the $ 300K + needed to buy his real estate and old equipment. Call his bluff on this for all of us. If he has it and wants to share it this would completely allow that. After verification back in your world, do you suppose we’ll have any trouble at all coming up with $300K , or $3M? Otherwise you are rushed at best in his lab, and with the mounting time pressure and outlines of a classic scam technique I surely will not pledge anything!

    • sam

      The way I understand it Suhas comes from the old school that
      believes you pay off your debts
      even if it means giving up a
      Possible valuable invention.

      • Thomas Baccei

        This would be the best way for him to repay his debts IMHO. Also, as I understand it, the other offer to buy is not for the LENR device, but for the hi Fre Oscillators. Sell it to them! Repay debts! Pay any balance left with the proceeds from demonstrating a newly built device!

        • Bob Greenyer

          Well, the other offer would prevent him from allowing the tech to be used by another party – though we may try to work with Suhas to find any number of ways through this, including some options that may or may not involve this other interested party.

      • Bob Greenyer

        You are right, but listen to my report from today – it is likely that Suhas has been wronged in this action and the bank manage proved beyond all doubt yesterday that he is no friend of research or reason.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Tomas, this would be a good idea, were it not for the fact that the debt would follow him, even then it is not a bad idea and one to consider. Good thinking.

  • sam

    If you are accusing Bob of being part of a Scam I think you are mistaken.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Day two – The Law

    Often people will tell you something has to, or has not to happen and there is nothing you can do about it. They let their egos get in the way of the facts and that leads to them making mistakes. Is one breaking the law when one merely is a victim of a crime?

    Sometimes reason, logic, humanity and decency cannot lead to a just result and so, you just have to legal up and go on the offensive – better to fight on the front foot than defend on the back one.

    • dst18

      Excellent thinking Bob with the legal route and finding that channel. You really are the perfect person for this job!

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks, it comes down to will to proceed now – clear and cool heads must prevail.

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Bob Greenyer

    If only you could have sat in on the bank managers meeting yesterday and the Lawyers meeting today.

  • Bob Greenyer

    nice. with friends like these…

    I value my life, I love being with my family, I don’t enjoy being exhausted – I chose to try and answer the question with my time and intellect, I take responsibility for my passion to do.

    Like we asked before we came, “Do We Really Want the New Fire?”, because it seams there are those that don’t – and others that will not take the risks necessary. Perhaps we are not ready – in at least this case, we may know tomorrow.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The card was found – but only because it was lost did we secure a brilliant lawyer today.

    I have to say – Suhas is a genius to engineer his ash if what you say is true!

  • Bob Greenyer

    I was a victim of Child abuse, not gonna happen.

    Sterling Alan couldn’t handle the truth when he discovered it, I felt I could and carried on regardless of the ridicule is garnered.

    P&F was a called a scam, I guess I am really starting to empathise with how they felt now.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thanks – we are doing our best. I am not doing this for an easy life, so it matters when someone shows they care.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We apparently did in 2012 with Celani wires – but not at levels to get anyone excited. Then apparently with various *GlowSticks* but again, in the low double digits at best but no conclusive.

    At the moment we are preparing tests based on Piantelli in US (Alan Goldwater) and Dusty Plasma transmutation in Czech (reactor being built going through first tests today with those that are building it).

    • georgehants

      Bob, I am confused, if as you say you have confirmed Cold Fusion “in the low double digits” and have or are able to publish a complete step by step recipe for others to follow from scratch, why have we not had many more reports of replication and improvement based on your Wonderful work.
      Low double digits seems a miraculous over-unity achievement to me.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Well, Parkhomov, other Russians and Chinese have, but it is not practical and heat is always accused of being an artefact at this level.

        • georgehants

          Bob, when you say “not practical” what exactly does that mean, if there is an open, complete recipe to replicate, surely many repetitions by reliable sources of low double digit over-unity then nobody can argue the success, excluding of course the usual nutters.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Nothing can be done with 12, 13, 14% and it is assumed to be a mistake by many that could test so they would not choose to waste significant resources on such an effort.

  • LilyLover

    Bob, do not be discouraged. If the unselfish ultimate goal of Suhas has always been to open source the technology, ask him to distribute the knowledge in detail or in guidelines for free. Worldwide recipe followers will improvise and produce a “reverse auctioned product”. Product will emerge. Companies will compete. When the knowledge is free, the incentive to lock-up will vanish. Merely the threat to openly give away knowledge, will make the bankers “require” to think twice about being adamant. Then they won’t. The point is simple, as GW would have said — orders are in place. Lazy bankers became active. Careless openness is antidote to banking “proactiveness”. Publish a fake/true news in the sense that, sufficient funding has been amassed and Suhas is walking away to help UK based company to build reactors and repay through earnings. Merely, that will, set the wheels of cooperation in motion.

    Anyways, remember… E-Cat QX will save the humanity. Redundant – sagacious – Suhas will be remembered as “that man who tried”.

    Love and virtual TLC.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks, for the support. We have a plan.

  • Samec

    Cheapest solution: Simply pay Suhas some 50 000 USD for re-build his device in other garage and for publishing all details to world. Win-Win scenario for all, even banksters.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Suggested some months back

  • Stephen

    It’s curious, but If I’m not wrong it seems to me George Egelys work and Suhas work are exploiting similar physics but at the same time address different aspects of the technology. I wonder if there could be a kind of synergy between them?

    Do you think it would be possible for them to combine their experience and knowledge to build something new that combines the best aspects of their individual technologies.

    Im wondering if it would be possible to build a small highly versatile device that could work with all kinds of stimuli that are known to work with different kinds of fuels (elements, crystal types, particle structures and sizes). It seems to me such device could be very useful to characterize what is happening in LENR, plasma behavior, and chemical transmutations. Ideally it should be self contained and small ideally small enough for anyone to test but at least small enough for a small research group to easily handle.

    I know we are all hoping their individual devices will do this but could a new combined device be even better and more optimum and more versatile?

    • Bob Greenyer

      It is a personal wish of mine to foster this collaboration for the common good and I have been working on just that outcome openly with them both for months. Indeed you will see in a video recording of them both, that I took today, that this is very much the agenda – we are discussing the synergies all the time.

      What we recognise though is that here is not the best place for this.

      • Stephen

        Yup the “place” needs to be nurturing scientifically and supportive structurally.

        Pity you can’t build a lab on the Block Chain… ? Can you?… I’m not sure how you would do that…. maybe a networked distributed lab/studio with low rate live coverage or something.

        • Bob Greenyer

          er… the live bit is possible – and don’t have to worry about data in Czech.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hmmm, a non open account.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hmmm, another non open account.

  • Voodoo

    For me it is making feel that MFMP is indirectly responsible for this situation. Without publicity Suhas could continue in what he was doing for long time.
    MFMP appeared and now there are serious problems.
    Previously MFMP just decided to visit me356 even that he was not ready.
    I feel that something is terribly wrong.

    Did Suhas really wanted to share particulars? Who knows.

    • Ged

      If people really did act against him, all fault lies with those people who did the deeds, not upon the news which Suhas repeatedly said he wanted to get out. Misappropriating blame lets the real perps get off scott free.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Another untraceable

      Suhas’ problems were there well over a year before I or anybody else knew about him. Suhas had took many decisions long before I met him that led to this situation, including, but not limited to using funds for research when they were not borrowed for that purpose and closing his business… Had I never met him, he would have been in exact same position now, 4 months after closing business the bank is required to declare a Non Perfoming Asset – nothing I or the MFMP have done would have made a jot of difference.

      Before NPA
      – I offered to find a way to pay interest so he did not become NPA (which led to seizure), offer refused
      – I suggested we pay for a clone reactor to be built and housed off site making current situation impossible, offer not taken up
      – I was ready to come any point since before the AURA tests, we were asked to not come until he had found a solution

      Suhas wanted to conclude his research and had never shut a business before so the situation was not expected – but it has absolutely nothing to do with choosing to be open about his technology and everything to do with wanting to make it and then focus on it all prior to our meeting.

      – me356 is a very different story and we take a diplomatic stance on that.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Day three – patience, fight the battles you can win

  • Bob Greenyer

    Please listen to today’s review and think about the damage that shoot from the hip comments like this can do.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Since finding support for LENR research is very difficult – those interested often spend to the bottom of their credit lines – in fact, I would say most do, even those at universities. Difference here, with people like Norris Peery, Suhas Ralkar, they used their own money or took credit to act against their good standing.

    Still – it is only real when a test is done.

  • Brilliant Light Power is screwed up as well. Their website is messed up. Hit the “NEWS” and “CONTACT” page. Are they in hiding mode?

  • HAL9000

    Bob, the claimant cooperated fully with your in-depth discussions about his process, fuels, and results; all excellent. Then, he refuses any assistance (interest payment, alternate development location, etc.) that would preserve his extraordinary work and discovery from being locked up by the bank. Why? What is your analysis of the claimant’s contradictory behavior?

    • Bob Greenyer

      convenience and path of least resistance, also pride – he has always fixed his own problems and he would appear to have now, for us it is deeply disappointing because many paths were offered that would have ensured testing.

  • Jerry Soloman

    Bob means well but we have to move on, Rossi demo is October this is what’s up next,

    • Bob Greenyer

      Let’s hope it is plausible.

  • sam

    Hi Suhas
    I hope things work out for you.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I wanted to, I was ready, George and I had our Visas. Suhas specifically and directly told me not to come – given the unfair treatment we received over aura if we actually went against a direct request not to come and test then there would be legitimate cause to attack us – however, the data would have been correct.

    On the 1st of July I wrote this to George

    “Hi George,

    To keep you in the loop, the bank visited Suhas and are going to start winding up on the 7th.

    We therefore must be there ASAP, or I am afraid this will be another lost invention.”

    on 3rd July I wrote to Suhas

    “Visa[s] granted

    Can get flight with George Wednesday”

    We were asked not to come.

    What you are saying is we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Hello Bob, Suhas and George,

      Re: “Suhas agrees to visit the MFMP in central Europe and help them to replicate this technology.”

      – great news!! Congrats to all of you for doggedly working towards this win-win-win solution which could prove to be an historical moment in the New Fire story.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks – there is still a slim chance the bank may let us rent the lab as we made our official offer today – but not expecting it.

        This may be the best thing.

  • Bob Greenyer

    LENR discussion at the Dutch Consulate

    • Max Nozin

      Good news. Lenr ranks are expanding.
      Can the dutch be with Suhas for testing? Given he is enthusiastic and louder we may have better media coverage from the lab. Thanks.

      • Bob Greenyer

        We will leave 2 lab thermometers (so he can easily do in jet steam temperature measurement, 2 thermal watt meters, the heat exchanger and 2 bubble neutron detectors with him plus all of the hoses needed to just hook it up without visiting the hardware store.

        The dutch guy could then be an eye on the ground.

  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Day four – Your dreams are not yours alone

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Bob Greenyer

    Mathieu and Ryan are not in a position to do this work. Celani makes different wires now.

    We have the rectors if someone can commit.

    We may attempt Celani analogue wires in Alans experiment that is looking for gammas.

  • Bob Greenyer

    If we can’t get to test this week, after pipe cleaning deal on the table has been concluded, Suhas says we can come to test.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is a very damaging power trip from a man with a paucity of intellect and reasoning.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Ball lightening is one of the most interesting natural phenomena – could they provide answers to LENR and other strange observed phenomena?

    Dr. George Egely and Bob Greenyer discussion

    In this extensive study, you can see recorded anecdotes of how they behave and what they have been reported to do.…nsKFKI-1987_LQ.pdf

    • LION

      Excellent BOB and George loved the talk, I think you will find this video interesting-dusty plasma.

      I will post more here later when I find it, that is relevant to you talk-discussion, keep up the great work.

    • LION

      Hi BOB and George, here is what I was looking for:

      I furnished the firm with the names and addresses of some Russian scientists in Moscow, since it was clear from their internet site that the scientists were on the fringes of the KGB energetics weapons program. An excellent European engineer fluent in Russian was sent in, several times. Several unusual things were demonstrated to him, including (i) transmitting enormous energy down a very thin wire, and (ii) cold molding, or turning metal into a liquid at room temperature, pouring it into a mold, and then letting it sit and harden. All without heating.

      It is from the Tom Bearden website, he has written much about these Extended E/M.Energetics. If I have time I will show some microscope photos later that I believe are relevant to your discussion.

      • LION

        Hi BOB and George, you may find this interesting, the fuel was Deuterium.

        first pics is a LFH copper wound tube that was run for 3 days which brought about these changes, the tube never reached the melting point of copper but never the less was substantially changed to a glassy type ceramic, there is much further work to be done but the crystal growth is interesting, and the transformation of the copper was where the flux was most intense in the lower half of the tube. An important lesson learnt was the importance of weighing all the different items, i.e. fuel, tube, copper wire etc and then the overall weight so as to compare it both before and after the experiment, which in this case I feel would of told a very interesting story.
        There is no doubt that if we keep working, the cause of such changes will become clearer.


        • Goodrice

          What is the role of the copper wire? It doesn’t seem to be electrically connected to the power, does it? Does the reactor still work without this wire? Can you describe your reactor more in detail?

          • LION

            Hi Goodrice,
            Q a)–to aid muonic fusion,slight increase,but can be scaled in future experiments.
            Q b)–NO
            Q c)–YES
            Q d)–Yes by October I hope a HOT tube will be DEMONSTRABLE- Time will tell but it is on a good path. I am using a DATALOGGER from LFH from Alan and Sam and Team so if all goes well they will present the data gathered. At that time more information will be released, but it is still my hope to get to the CAVENDISH in Cambridge, before the end of the year.

          • Goodrice

            So your idea is that your reactor is emitting muons that react with nearby materials as Holmlid suspects happens in his experiments? In that case you might be able to get a different response (both in terms of heat and radiations – if you’re detecting any) depending on the thickness and exact material of this outer unconnected metal layer.

            Reportedly, the same principle could also taken advantage of to increase counts with Geiger counters and other radiation detectors by just placing foils and/or plates of metals directly in front of the detector’s window.

            I guess that until October there won’t be more details on what kind of fuel you’re using, processing and protocol, correct? Although if I’m relating past information correctly your protocol might be consisting simply in ramping up temperatures linearly very slowly (unless I’m recalling incorrectly and/or mistaking person).

          • LION

            Hi Goodrice, it is simply a question of doing sufficient experiments to gather good DATA and then intelligently using that DATA. This is why I personally have such Huge RESPECT for Andria, a MAN unafraid of Hard WORK he demonstrates real application and I care not one jot what others think of him, he won my RESPECT long ago. Steady careful progress is what interests me. LENR is REAL and we will win the day. There are many fine intelligent experimenters in this field, we have simply not had the funding that we deserve but it will come, of that I am sure. The thing is to keep working. All the best.

          • Bob Greenyer

            This is very interesting LION, if you can get a sample to me before I do next EDX (Probably at the end of this week) I think it would be good to know what is there.

            I have a very interesting disintegration data-point to share today. Something I am witnessing in real-time.

            Some form of ‘strange radiation’ which could be charge clusters of a range of sizes or something that is released as they appear, is going on.

            I suspect that your sample will be changing its form with time.

          • LION

            Hi BOB,
            Great to hear from you. Of course i am very happy to supply you with a sample if our good friend Alan can’t part with some that I have already sent to him – a generous portion. Please speak to him first and see if he will part with some, as it may be quicker for Alan who has all your details to send it to you quickly. In the meantime I am contemplating doing something quite MAD and allowing you/Alan to break open my tube and do analyses of its contents. However I may recover my sanity by morning! All the best.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Good find. Do you have the specific link for that?

        This now makes 3 experimental and 1 natural phenomena recordings at least, but completely unconnected parties.

        The enormous energy down a thin wire is easy – charge clusters. Wire would be passivated, insulated, in an inert atmosphere or preferably gold – this would be to prevent massive oxidation and disintigration of the conductor. The resistance (and therefore losses in relation to a quanta of energy transferred may be no more than that for a standard electron derived current in the same conductor. Since the charge clusters could contain 100s billions worth of electrons per ‘virtual electron’ unimaginable energy could be transferred efficiently.

        My expectation of the metal moulding, is that this phenomena can be achieved by specific resonant microwaves with the light in the 22 – 24 cm wave length (a very precise wavelength in that band) combined with a static HV field of high v/cm. It would not need the metal to be hydrogen loaded. Optimum source form would be a sphere of metal with diameter leading to standing EM waves. Optimum metal would be silver, though any would do.

        I suspect that at a specific frequency, the electron state is changed in some way, into one that means it looses its Casimir / Van-der-waals properties, and this leads to a cold ‘fluid’ like state with a very high surface tension and some shape memory.

        Moulds could be made in 3D printed wax or thermoset plastic (say, from a 3D printer) and plastic, ceramic or other non-conducting pumps could be used to cold form the parts. Removal of the EM field and light would allow the metal to set. Some charge clusters could have built up ( I will explain my hypothesis on this later ) and these would need to be drained otherwise, if for instance the metal was Iron or Aluminium, this would lead to red or white ‘smoke’ which would actually be progressive and rapid oxidization from the external surface with the particles so light, they would loft as if supported by a flame.

        The parts would be amorphous, but could be given a range of internal structures by annealing and quenching post moulding.

        Regardless of LENR (which I am now certain is real, more on the reason for that later), this could be a HUGE manufacturing technology in its own right.

        • Max Nozin

          The excerpt was from Tom Bearden book Fer De Lance. I only found one chapter in which he claims that Soviets had scalar wave weapons. It transmitted scalar waves under disquise of Woodpecker signal. All you need is to locally amplify it. This way they allegedly weakened Challenger and one US submarines.
          Funny though it can explain why Hutchinson could not repeat his experiment.
          As for the power transfer, I have Russian newscast where they show people in the lab transmitting something like 20kw current through hair thin wire. They call it Tesla effect and claim that current simply runs outside of the conductor.
          I would be cautious about any claims about Russians since they are known for allocating money for deception and constantly trying to replicate what was already done in the west. FYI to this day Russia struggling to manufacture a car which will run 5000km without an issues.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Ok – wire transfer could be faked – pretty hard to fake in your face cold metal moulding.

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Bob Greenyer

    How to make an ECCO 8-Core reactor

    • sam

      Is this the invention of the Century.
      Thanks Suhas,Bob and George.

      • Bob Greenyer

        This is so much more than excess heat.

  • LION

    Hi Max, 9 days late, but have only just come across your post. Off the cuff I would say– Mass difference and QV excitation, BUT????????
    All the Best.