“Proof of the Reality of the Cold Synthesis of the XIAS Energoniva Synthesis of Metals demonstration” (Video)

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Доказательство реальности холодного синтеза ХЯС Энергонива синтез
металлов демонстрация Энергонива – ответная ЭДС в реакторе Вачаева,
эффект Лыгина

“Proof of the reality of the cold synthesis of the CNG Energonov synthesis Metals demonstration Energoniva – response EMF in the reactor Vachaeva,
Ligin effect from  lenr.su/video



Videos are in Russia, so feel free to ask for details. For background see https://www.lenr-forum.com/…

This technology shares many resemblances for BLC Power process: high current discharge inside the water vapor plasma between copper or silver electrodes with signs of overunity – just the the arrangement of experiment is a bit different.

  • Zephir

    Max Nazarev pushed electric discharge through the water and they got quite a bit of silver and even
    palladium from it (see also here). These rare metals were also reported during original experiments too, so that we
    have some replication here. Their experiments were very crude though. Results of more controlled experiments weren’t so interesting. Here we can
    , how each impulse released lot of black dust into water. This is strange, because copper electrodes don’t behave so: their oxidation products are rather pale.

    • Omega Z

      Saw something similar in the late 60’s in middle school science class. Water taken directly form the tap.

      Results of such tests will vary and produce different elements and amounts depending on the water source.

      “Max Nazarev pushed electric discharge through the water and they got quite a bit of silver and even palladium.”

      Where did he obtain his water. This may be economically extractable with cheaper energy such as the E-cat. 🙂

      • Zephir

        According to founders of Energoniva technology, the water discharges can run in self-powering regime, where they produce an energy instead of consuming it (in similar way, like the BLP is claiming). The formation of heavy metals from water is just a bonus. I’m not saying, this is real – but it’s definitely worth of further research.

  • Zephir

    Cirillo, D. and V. Iorio: Transmutation of metal at low energy in a confined plasma in water Test of underwater discharges with using of tunstgen cathode and anode. Also some gold and another
    heavy elements were found. Their experiments were replicated by J.Naudin in some extent and presented at ICCF-11conference in Marseille (oct 31 – nov 5, 2004) apparatus
    Naudin with Cirillo and Iorio Naudin got electrode covered by whole spectrum of rare metals in macroscopic quantities.

  • Zephir

    Water arc explosions were first described in 1907 by John Trowbridge of Harvard University, though the phenomenon was not studied in detail until it caught the interest of Peter and Neal Graneau in the mid-1980s (Graneau and Graneau, 1985). By discharging a high-voltage apacitor through around 100 mL of water, the Graneau team was able to expel the water from a ielectric cup. At the time, the Graneaus conjectured that the arc discharge generated high- pressure steam within the water which expanded rapidly and resulted in the observed explosions. Measurements in Graneau and Graneau (1985) andHathaway and Graneau (1996) indicated that water arc explosions were unusually strong. The history includes work by Trowbridge in 1907 as noted below; also Frungel in 1948 and 1965 papers; and Gilchrist and Crossland in 1967. About the same time as Graneau’s publications, we also find a publication by Azevedo of MIT – 1986. YT Videos Water Drop Trigger Apparatus, Max Spark Rate Demo .

    For further reading: The Mysteries of Fog (Graneau, P., & Graneau, N. (1985). Electrodynamic explosions in liquids. Applied Physics Letters, 46(5), 468, Graneau, P.,
    Graneau, N., Hathaway, G., & Hull, R. (2000). Arc-liberated chemical energy exceeds electrical input energy. Journal of Plasma Physics, 63, 115-128), see Graneau e.a. – Arc-liberated chemical energy exceeds electrical input energy – 2000.pdf (364.3 kB), Powerful-water-plasma-explosions.pdf
    (313.59 kB), GraneauEditorial94.pdf (178.4 kB), P4.pdf (320.36 kB)

    • Zephir

      For example at
      this blog
      and videos (1, 2) we can find the results of Stanford Plasma Physics Lab – as we can see, the net explosion energy exceeded the input pulse energy in
      EVERY shot observed. In shot 1, the measured explosion energy even exceeded the
      total energy stored by over 200%.

      Compare also Richard Hull’s
      . With 50 J of input energy, the quantity of fog produced was of the order of 0.75 g of water. To dissociate this amount of water into oxygen and hydrogen would require 10 kJ of energy. Hence the fog explosion is unlikely to be caused by electrolytic dissociation of water molecules. Without this dissociation, the most likely source of the explosion energy is that stored by hydrogen bonds between the water molecules. This bond energy is said to be
      equal to the latent heat of evaporation, and therefore could contribute up to 2200 J/g (1, 2, 3).

      Collective Low Energy Nuclear Reaction May Cause Overunity in Graneau’s Water Explosion Under extreme magnetic field and necessary exciting energy, two and more atoms can transform new atoms with circa keV level energy transaction per collective reaction that is significant more than regular chemical reaction but far less than regular nuclear reaction. Article of Yanming Wei contains some calculation and discussion of collective multiple body LENR. Equation 1 with Ni60 Li7 H1 yields 437 keV for activation energy.

  • Gerard McEk

    Seems indeed similar to BLP. The latter are much further developed, including the theories. The question remains: is it LENR or hydrino’s. Time will tell.

  • Max Nozin

    What is notable that the presenter in the video stressed on the fact they want to keep the research open for everyone. He called on interested parties to participate in the test:’ you bring your own water, you add reactants to according to our instructions, we run the reactor. You analyze the result. ‘
    They are saying that amount of iron in the processed water undoubtedly proves transmutation.

    • Shinichi

      That might be something for the MFMP to check out. Open Science friendly LENR researches are few and far between, so any open tests with third party participation would surely be a good thing.