Cavitation Energy Systems Claims More Efficient Way to Produce Steam

There’s an interesting thread on the Vortex-l list started by Nigel Dyer who has been working with a company called Cavitation Energy Systems ( who claim to have developed a new efficient way of producing steam using cavitation.

On their website they describe their system which is built on the idea that the crushing of cavitation bubbles creates heat in an efficient way. Details are described on the company’s website here:

A provisional

Nigel Dyer states in his post: “What is not obvious until you start going through the details of what they say on the website is that there appears to be five times more energy in the steam they produce than the electrical energy they use to produce it.”

He writes:

* As they intended, they use a diesel injector to create a pulse of
water that is full of cavitation bubbles.
* When the pulse hits a nearby surface a shock wave travels back
through the water initiating an almost synchronous collapse of all
the bubbles.
* The potential differences within the collapsing bubbles accelerate
some free protons such that they have an energy of the order of
10kV, enough to overcome the coulomb barrier and initiate fusion.
* The fusion energy is carried away by a virtual neutrino, and there
is a cascade of virtual neutrinos which distribute the energy as
kinetic energy among nearby protons and electrons. Some of the
protons have sufficient energy to initiate a secondary fusion event
starting a short duration chain reaction. With others the kinetic
energy they gain is transferred to the water molecule and
consequently the water is heated up until it boils.

In addition to his blog post, Dyer has written a more detailed analysis titled “On the possibility of hydroelectric fusion: The evidence from the CES steam generator “

  • Ophelia Rump

    This cavitation energy concept has been around for almost a decade. It is so simple to implement that if it is true, then the people who were promoting it should already have made their fortune.

    There is something untrustworthy indicated by this disparity.

    • Dave Lawton

      I remember this years ago.Also I have seen this effect in my turbine water pump I was using because of a air leek,it only took thirty second to get up to steam. Arthur C Clarke on the Griggs machine.

      • Dave Lawton
      • Ophelia Rump

        Yes, I can tell you this about cavitation it can in quick order destroy the propellers of Super oil tankers. I was told about this by a marine engineer.

        My suspicion is that if you can produce the effect in sufficient quantity for energy production it will quickly destroy the machinery. I believe the effect is real but so is the erosive force produced by it.

        • Dave Lawton

          Yes he was right I served in the RN.It was first analysed by Lord Rayleigh.

        • Leroy Essek

          I like those Russian torpedos that can move in different directions using super cavitation that travel 200 mph under water.

    • Blaming the rape victim for the rape… similar to dismissing monopolistic restraint of trade and market cognitive dissonance as a questionable inventor, lol

    • Axil Axil

      Put yourself in the place of the US government. If a technology that could turn water into transuranic elements with just a motor and a pump were accepted as valid, would you popularize it or discourage it?

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Could it be the following nuclear reaction, a proton hitting oxygen-18?

    O(18) + p > He(4) + N(15) 3.9798 MeV

    Run the reaction with oxygen-18 enriched water and see what happens.

    • Alan DeAngelis


      Oxygen-18 enriched water is commercially available.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Yes – and is used for Positron Emission Tomography and 18O is the basis of our GS 5.4 and 5.5 tests

  • Ophelia Rump

    Does anyone here know if the high temperature fusion folks have tried generating their plasma inside a bubble in a fluid as a containment method? Maybe these two approaches should cross pollinate.

    • Leroy Essek

      Putterman over at UCLA has some fantastic research in this direction that Ophelia Rump has raised.

  • bfast

    I have found cavitation interesting for a while. Of interest/concern is that people playing with cavitation seem to show signs of radiation sickness, unlike the LENR experience.

    Though I think that LENR and brilliant light must be two perspectives on the same thing, my guess is that in cavitation unfathomably pressures are created, and hot fusion is happening.

    A COP of 5 is highly useful. This is a technology that needs to be watched.

  • Axil Axil

    The Study of Cavitation Bubble- Surface Plasmon Resonance
    Interaction For LENR and Biochemical processes
    Farzan Amini

    Amini explains how nano and micro resonators generate polaritons and how the cavitation bubble acts as a micro resonator.

    LENR is an optical based process where light is trapped in a waveform called a soliton. Think of this structure as Nano sized ball lightning. This ball of light can form in many ways: inside ultra-dense hydrogen, on the surface of rough metal surfaces, inside cracks in metal, on nanoparticles and microparticles, between nanoparticles in dusty plasma, and inside a cavitation bubble. But critically, this soliton is not active until it is triggered through the electrostatic effects of a stimulating EMF emission.

    These six ways that polaritons are generated in LENR include the cavitation bubble.

    Sonoluminescence is an example of how sound is converted to high energy light as polaritons release light energy to the far field rather that converting that energy into magnetic energy.

    Another way that the cavitation bubble can produce polaritons is by forming metallic water through the compression of water in the collapsing bubble.

    Some of the bad characteristics of cavitation is the generation of radiation, neutrons, and transmuted radioactive waste products. This failed LENR reaction might be due to the failure of cavitation to produce a global Bose condinsate of polaritons which is what speeds up the action of the weak force to instantly stabilize activated transmuted elements and to absorb and store nuclear excitation energy.

    Cavitation does not permit the application of the LENR triggering field to be applied which greatly increase the COP. This limits the COP in cavitation to single digits.

    Mark LeClair produced a gainful cavitation system using a pump. LeClair’s cavitation process produces a ton of radiation and radioactive isotopes.

    DogOne replicated this cavitation reactor and this is what he said:

    DogOne duplicated his reaction and got a solution of radioactive waste.

    “Seriously guys, this is a bad idea to pursue. Does it work? I say yes. Should we embrace it? I say no. You’re taking some electrical energy to run a pump and pure water and making heat and toxic water. Plus, everything that has come in contact with that toxic water is now contaminated. It wouldn’t really matter to me if the COP was greater than 100, its risks outweigh its energy production capability. That’s about it in a nutshell. We need to be looking somewhere else for an energy solution.”

    If you have an old washing machine with a pump and an electric motor and you don’t mind a dose of radiation, and some radioactive waste around the house, you can verify what DogOne did in his LeClair replication.

    But never say never…

    The ECCO reactor fuel preparation process uses cavitation to produce LENR active fuel. This LENR active agent might be metalized hydrogen. metalized water, or some other metalized hydride. Something is happening in the ECCO fuel prep process that stops radiation effects from taking hold. LENR is complicated enough to keep your interests stimulated.

    • Leroy Essek

      UCLA Putterman Research…Frontiers of Physics… by Professor Seth Putterman states: “In sonoluminescence the diffuse energy density of sound spontaneously focuses by a factor of one trillion to generate flashes of light”

      • Axil Axil

        Does Professor Seth Putterman explain how this sound to light conversion process works in detail? The devil is always in the details.

  • Leroy Essek

    I think the company located at the Kennedy Space Center that was granted two patents in 2016 and has 8 million in funding from several investors might be using sonoluminescence or cavitation resulting in a self sustaining hydrogen production using any type of ocean, brackish, polluted or pond water. As of Sept. 6, 2017 it was reported online by NewsCenter IO that this alternative energy startup called Joi Scientific is licensing it’s Hydrogen 2.0 technology to a range of of major power industries, including electrical generation, heat generation, transportation and specialty power. I sure hope they partner with the international combined heat and power (CHP) company called 2G Energy that has a large facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • Leroy Essek

    Dave Parker representing The Free Energy Party is representing the Quantum Engine that was invented by Controlled Cavition Energy Systems in Florida. This over-unity device looks like it could be manufactured at a reasonable cost for sustainable energy on demand. Plus with the campaign to “Reverse the Grid” tied in with a private currency would be a great way to monetize different sources of free energy.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The challenge for cavitation based systems is to not inadvertently push the LENR system too far as it is more an overflow / destruct approach than a controlled build/drain conservative system and so it may lead to dangerous transmutations / radiation. There may be effective ways to mitigate this.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yeah, maybe with deuterium and other elements in solution
    the Oppenheimer-Phillips process might come into play.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It would be something to instrument and then remotely monitor.

    • Bruce__H

      Yes. Definitely. But repeatable and intense production of fusion-related particles synchronized with cavitation events would be hugely convincing … even for me!

  • protn7

    i dont belive it. must surely be a fraud.

  • HAL9000

    According to Nigel Dyer, “The fusion energy is carried away by a virtual neutrino, and there is a cascade of virtual neutrinos which distribute the energy as kinetic energy among nearby protons and electrons.” A virtual particle has been described as, “a disturbance in a field that will never be found on its own, but instead is something that is caused by the presence of other particles, often of other fields.” (Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler). The proposed transferof energy by an avalache of virtual particles feels like a forced construct designed to justify their particular theory of fusion-based cavitation. However, I support the notion that cavitation can be a pathway to LENR.

  • Curbina

    As others have pointed out cavitation heaters have been around for a good while. Dr. Hal Puthoff is known for taking interest in exotic energy claims and through his participation in SRI they investigated some of the overunity claims of cavitation heaters. By using what they call the MOAC (mother of all calorimeters) they did not found overunity but they did found the devices to be highly efficient (99%) to heat water.

    • Bob Greenyer


      • Curbina

        Hello Bob, can you share your thoughts about? You know I’m no pseudoskeptic, just a bit worn out with the never ending Rossi Saga, but I do follow and root for the MFMP ongoing work (and weep with the misfortunes as what happened with the adventure in India).

        • Bob Greenyer

          I will share my thoughts about Dr. Harold Puthoff (HP) in more detail later – actually, I have been mentioning him since February, I think perhaps today I will publish my Asti presentation and you will see another part of the story. And then I will publish another related video.

          Earthtech Texas (ET) was set up by Dr. Puthoff – several times when MFMP had major progress they would offer assistance or offer to actually conduct the key test (even in the MOAC).

          Then, whilst preparing for GS5.4 in California, long before my IIT Mumbai, India presentation (and long before I had made certain connections), I asked to meet Earthtech and discuss the work of Kenneth Shoulders (KS) and John Hutchinson possibly explaining LENR. Contact was suggested and offered by our friendly Earthtech staffer who copied two people, one that worked directly with KS for many years on behalf of ET and HP into her email to me. No contact by either party was forthcoming, despite chase up attempts, and since IIT Mumbai presentation, no contact at all from Earthtech – despite our huge progress.

          What has happened is I have been specifically warned, at length, and face to face, to not pursue certain discussions.

          There is a reason for this. Try to get ahead of me.

          We are still getting a lot of information from the samples that Suhas provided (but which he thought had no intrinsic value when he gave them) in fact, the story these samples tell may reveal key aspects of LENR, I believe they already have in the context of many other researchers work and I will lay out those facts as soon as I can – many people have been walked through it as a backup.

          Additionally, I hypothesised a situation and conducted an important test whilst in India and am preparing the media and context on that, but there are other things to get out of the door.

          I can tell you that Dr. Egely and I were fully prepared to put in every effort to see Suhas’ claimed vision realised, but the greed disease either got him directly or by proxy, either way it was him that made the decision. Dr. Egely has been studying for decades the history of exactly this type of human condition causing similar technology to be lost across the ages, to live through it was especially painful. I hope Suhas makes good on his bet that he can do it himself, but the history of these things points to a usual outcome.

          For me LENR is unquestionably real now, any other conclusion can only be drawn if one does not look at the evidence. I hope that in the coming weeks I can lay down a definitive fact-based case that will allow others to have the same clarity of thought.

          • georgehants

            Morning Bob, look forward to all you can reveal (be careful) with great interest.
            Please continue to comment on any updates (especially esoteric) on these pages.

          • Bob Greenyer

            You’re gonna have a feast.

          • Eyedoc

            Hope so,……we’re starving here 😉

    • Andreas Moraitis

      99% efficiency (COP 0.99) is what you could expect if your calorimeter is well isolated.

  • Bruce__H

    I find this worrisome. To me a lack of radiation suggests a lack of fusion.

    The situation is akin to homeopathic treatments. Homeopaths claim “no side effects” as a big advantage of their treatments. But, in reality, this claim is true only because homeopathic medicines have no biological activity. The lack of side effects is just a sign that the proponents of these treatments are fooling themselves. Likewise, failing to see radiation from proposed LENR technologies (unless there are secure theoretical grounds to not expect it) is also an indicator that the underlying claims are not true.

    P.S. For fans of “let the market decide”, I note that homeopathic remedies are hugely popular and lucrative. But that doesn’t make the claims any more true.

    • Leroy Essek

      Looking forward to CES and Joi Scientific on 60 minutes showing off working models of their technology that has been tested by a 3rd Party independent lab on a ocean going ship for 30 to 90 days that safely stores the hydrogen in any type of water. Both companies report that hydrogen safely stored in Seawater produces higher levels of hydrogen gaseous or explosive energy than just hydrogen safely stored in fresh water. Bottom line both are self sustaining energy sources and who cares if they don’t produce radiation.

      • Bruce__H

        What is the principle involved in creating the hydrogen?

  • GordonDocherty

    Reminds me of this:

    and especially:

    The radiation emitted by the reactor left nuclear tracks, burned the hole pattern of the core into the clear PVC core
    enclosure, activated high neutron absorption cross-section 39Cl (56 minute half-life) in the chlorine of the PVC core enclosure and transmuted the water in the reactor into nearly all the other elements. The experiment also accidentally resulted in acute radiation sickness beginning the day after the August 25, 2009 experiments for both investigators Mark LeClair and Sergio Lebid and lasted for more than a year.

    So, maybe this is the reason Cavitation re-entrant jet (in the case of NanoSpire, Inc.) is best approached with caution.

    Still, this having been said, does anyone have any news on what NanoSpire, Inc. are up to these days?

  • Axil Axil

    “Abstract: Nanospire has announced that its investigative study on fusion created by cavitation in water has come to an end. The company has been working on high speed cavitation re-entrant jets and has acquired four patents recently.”

    The Nanospire reaction is hot fusion:

    “The crystals were accelerated due to their attraction towards the supersonic bow shock produced by the Casimir Force. This acceleration resulted in the relativistic speeds of crystals in extremely short distances. This phenomenon was called the LeClair effect. High elemental transmutation was witnessed due to the bow shock.”

    This compression/collision based hot fusion reaction reveals that the metalized water crystal is very rugged, almost indestructible. This reaction can produce transuranic elements that happens in a supernova. There seems to be a very strong charge separation in play on the surface of the metallic water crystal that somehow protects this crystal from heat and pressure.

    This indestructible nature of the water crystal is consistent with the ability of cavitation to erode the hardest substances including diamond.

  • Axil Axil

    The hellish conditions found in the Earth’s lower mantle: more than 1,800 miles below the surface, the lower mantle experiences temperatures nearing 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures that are 1.3 million times higher than the air at earth’s surface is where diamonds are created after a milion years of enduring these intense physical conditions.

    Graphite-to-diamond transformation induced by ultrasound cavitation

    Diamond microcrystals have been synthesized using ultrasonic cavitation of a suspension of hexagonal graphite in various organic liquid
    media, at an average bulk temperature of the liquid up to 120°C and at atmospheric pressure. The yield of diamond is up to 10% by mass. The
    diamonds were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and laser Raman spectroscopy. Analysis of the crystallite size
    distribution showed that the diamonds were nearly mono-dispersed, having a size 6 or 9μm ± 0.5μm, with cubic, crystalline morphology.

    one “successful” cavitation bubble collapse = one diamond crystal)

    If cavitation can produce diamonds from graphite in a microsecond, cavitation can also produce the same intense conditions that can produce metallic hydride components such as metallic water and hydrogen deep inside the earth and other planets.

    • Bob Greenyer

      This is similar in structure to Suhas Ralkar’s device that was designed to mill carbon, Ti and Ni in H2O but that in fact appears to have caused massive transmutation.

  • Axil Axil

    The experimenter is not permitted to follow the processes described in the patent unless permission is granted at the risk of prosecution.

    • Bruce__H

      The passage you quote comes from a discussion of trade secrets law, not patent law. If you want to keep amateurs (or professionals) from following a process then don’t patent it, keep it a secret!

      As part of patenting a process you, by definition, tell everyone exactly how to do it. And anyone may follow your instructions as long as they don’t try to sell the result it commercially. You can’t infringe a patent if yo don’t plan to make money off the invention.

      • Axil Axil

        Can you verify your unsubstantiated assertion with a reference from the US patent office?

        • Bruce__H

          “Can you verify your unsubstantiated assertion with a reference from the US patent office?”

          No. Because the “experiment” or “safe harbour” defense to a patent infringement claim is not statutory … it is common law. In US courts this defence has been interpreted pretty narrowly when it is corporations that are undertaking the experimenting, so it turns out that you are partly right.

          • Axil Axil

            Doesn’t that mean that the rules regarding the IP contained in the patent takes president over a non existent patent requirement?

            I have heard that Randell Mills will sue anybody that attempts to replicate any of his IP to protect that IP from competition.

            There is no legal distinction between amateurs and competition, IMHO.

  • Leroy Essek

    Excellent patent resource you provided on Joi Scientific showing they have 3 patents instead of only two. The company called Agess, Inc in San Diego received a “letter of intent” from Joi Scientific over a year ago using their technology to desalinate ocean water as a free byproduct of generating a self sustaining hydrogen fuel. During the process of generating very low cost zero pollution energy 24/7 they provided purified water from any source. The San Diego Company called Agess, Inc & The Ecomedia Compass at the Salton Sea are involved with motivating the State of California to spend 3 billion dollars to construct a Sea to Sea project to restore the largest lake in California for many years. Just last Saturday on 9/23/2017 at a public meeting at the Salton Sea it was announced by a local Congressman that Gov Brown of California has agreed to take a closer look at water import projects to be considered as part of a long-term fix for the Salton Sea. Even Warren Buffet who owns 10 geothermal power plants astride the Salton Sea is interested in importing the Seawater because thermal distillation of ocean water can be facilitated by his geothermal power plants using the spent steam. But with Joi Scientific they can desalinate the imported Seawater without the need for external electricity, geothermal spent steam or reverse osmosis. Plus by selling highly profitable low cost zero pollution energy 24/7 to Cities like San Diego, Palm Springs or Los Angeles this would be fantastic. One other company for a Sea to Sea project is represented by Gary K Jennings. He estimates his cost would be $350 million to import the Seawater. At only $350 million the State of California could have plenty of cash left over for Joi Scientific or Controlled Cavitation Energy Systems that Dave Parker calls the Quantum Engine that both can desalinate ocean water the cost of rain.

  • Charlie tapp

    Sounds similar to the davey cell I think. The ac voltage on the half cycle starts to disacciate the water molecule creating two hydrogen bubbles on one surface and one oxegen bubble on the other then on second half of ac cycle the opposite happens crushing the molecules back into recombination creating heat. But it will only make so much heat (boiling of the water) that is. Once at boiling point amperage drops to almost nothing. Wish I had some etched nickel bells to play with. This little system is by far the lowest energy user I have seen yet to make steam. The other day I boiled a cup of water useing speaker output on a amplifier at around 30 volts no amp readings was just playing around with it.

  • Axil Axil


    Is Science finally barking up the LENR tree?

    A laser beam is used to produce a roughened surface on the glass wall of a container that contains gold nanoparticles. After the wall has been ​roughened to include gold nanoparticles through some sort of melting process, and the gold nanoparticles are removed, and the laser light is removed, the liquid continues to flow even without continuing energy input from the laser. Where is the energy coming from to power the flow of water since there is no laser energy input? The energy driving the flow of liquid seems to be produced by the spot created in the glass wall. Can anyone explain how the theory presented by the experimenters explain the unpowered flow of water generated by the glass spot(called a Volcano) on the wall?

    Could this be like something that Holmlid is doing.

    • Charlie tapp

      Kind of similar to a solar oven the gold must line the cavity and become a reflector heating the water with each pulse causing a pumping action kind of cool. I did not see in this video however that they produced the movement without the laser only without the gold, after the cavity is made any liquid will work but I think you still need the laser. Is there another video I missed?

      • Axil Axil

        The spot produces energy for more than an hour after all output energy is removed from the system.

        The cavity and flow can last for more than 1 hour (fig. S7). The aging of the cavity is believed to be due to the loss of Au nanoparticles, but this problem can be solved, for example, by using strongly attached nanoparticles and milder laser illumination.

        Do the nanoparticles store energy like Holmlid’s UFH does?

        The water flow stops because the gold particles detach from the volcano.

        What causes the nanoparticles to detach from the spor on the side of the glass?

        Isn’t energy required to detach these gold particles from the melted glass?

        See Fig. 7 from supplemental data

  • Zephir

    Nearly all devices involving water were reported with overunity, if we order them by energy density scale: 1) free flow wheel (Bhaskara) 2) bubble buoyancy generator (GAIA ROSCH and older ones) 3) cavitation heaters 4) water combustion engine (Meyer) 5) dozen kHz water membrane generator 6) 13.56 MHz radiowaves (Roychowdhury, Kanzius) 7) 2.5 GHz microwaves (Vaks, Zographos) 8) 0.6 – 200 MHz discharge (Energoniva) 9) low voltage/high current discharge (Brilliant Light) 10) plasma electrolysis (Mizuno, Bazhutov, etc.) If these devices all work at least under specific circumstances, then there is low probability, that the very same mechanism will be involved at all these cases. I can see some similarity between negentropic behavior of magnetic domains in ferrite OU devices and small bubbles (oversaturation, hysteresis and size dependence).

    • Has any detection of Hydriinos been set up when these experiments were performed? Mill found that “pinch discharges” brought about the released of additional energy when Hydrios were formed …

  • Leroy Essek

    Google search news for Sept 6, 2017 for Joi Scientific. It looks like another investor with $2 million understands how this technology works while Joi is busy licensing their technology to major electric power generation companies, transportation and industrial heat. So glad I connected Joi Scientific with a international CHP & ICE company called 2G Energy that has years of experience w/ hydrogen gaseous fueled engine generators. Lets hope The Dearman Engine Company read my emails and gets involved with 2G Energy and Joi Scientific as well.

    • Bruce__H

      I am dubious about this whole enterprise. It is all quite vague on exactly the points that should be made clear. It sounds like a scam to me and your posts greatly amplify my concerns.

  • Leroy Essek

    Bruce H your objections will never be satisfied by anything I say. Why don’t you contact Traver Kennedy the CEO of Joi Scientific? Or you could visit Vicky Harris the VP of Marketing located at the SLSL. She will probably connect you with Ken Harden the SVP for partnerships and alliances. What about contacting the retired Brigadier General who is a business adviser for Joi Scientific. Or call the VP of Microsoft for all of Asia who is also a business adviser. Better yet the co-founder of GoPro Camera who invested $5.5 million dollars into the first round of funding for Joi Scientific. Before he invested the $5.5 million he signed NDA agreements and had friends of his who are involved in nuclear physics confirm how a self sustaining supply of hydrogen can be generated so our generation can be liberated from oil, coal and natural gas. I have never signed a NDA with Joi Scientific. I have no money invested in this technology. I do not have any written, oral or expressed agreements to represent this company. I have been promoting hydrogen and alternative energy for 27 years. In fact back in 1990 I was promoting a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle invented by Dr. Roger Billings at the Los Angeles Eco Expo. I had the Southern California Gas Company sponsor the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I have been active with the American Hydrogen Association when I joined that non-profit group back in 1989.

    • Bruce__H

      If you don’t know the answers to my questions then I suggest that you start asking them yourself.

      • Leroy Essek

        The credibility factor of all who are involved in a trial are often judged without solid evidence or knowing all the answers. The credibility of the company called Joi Scientific with 3 US Patents granted in 2016, Brigadier General, VP of Microsoft as business advisers, Traver Kennedy the CEO, open minded skeptics now working for Joi Scientific and over $7.5 million in investment funds in a highly disruptive technology after signing non disclosure agreements (NDA) sound very positive without answering your questions. With any major breakthrough technology to tail doesn’t wag the dog.

      • Leroy Essek

        The tail doesn’t wag the dog.

  • Add the physics of a “pinch discharge” and water CAN act (in part) as a fuel … see Mills et al over the past couple decades …