Czech Company Files New International LENR Patent Application

A new patent application has been filed with the World Intellectual Patent Organization for “THE METHOD OF GENERATING THERMAL ENERGY, DEVICES OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION AND HEAT GENERATION SYSTEMS”.

The applicant is a company called Power Heat Energy S.R.O. based in Nusle in the Czech Republic. The text of the patent can be read here:

Unfortunately I am only able to find this referenced on a Chinese language portion of the so it’s not exactly clear who the inventor is — there are three Czech persons listed, and one Russian. It looks like the publication date was September 14, 2017.

A PDF version is here:

It’s a very detailed application; here are a few things that stood out to me. There seem to be a number of similarities with Rossi’s Fluid Heater Patent in terms of elements used. For example here is the first claim:


1. A method of producing thermal energy, comprising the use of chemical elements involved in the exothermic reaction of the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) during the interaction of a reactive material consisting of a catalyst in the form of metal powder of the elements of the 10th group of the Periodic Table, in particular nickel (Ni), and a fuel mixture of hydrogen-containing chemical compounds of aluminium (al) and lithium (Li), such as lithium aluminium hydride (L1AIH4 ), under conditions initializing external thermal effect, where the controlled LENR reaction is obtained through the use of a heater (1) produced as a porous ceramic electrically conductive tubular element with a reaction material being placed in its pores, the inner surface of which is being heated and the thermal energy is being removed from the outer surface, with metal contacts (2) of the upper part of the heater and metal contacts (3) of the lower part of the heater being placed on the opposite ends of the heater, connected to the input of the control system (85) for controlling the electric resistance in the heater, for which purpose they are subjected to voltage and the current value is being measured, and the first and/or second derivative of the current is being calculated, based on which the temperature is being maintained at which the LENR process occurs, by means of disconnecting or connecting the thermal energy supply to the heater (1) and the reaction material within the range minus (5 – 10%) of the initial melting temperature of the catalyst, for which purpose the thermal energy connection/disconnection control devices are connected to the control system (85) output.

Nickel, hydrogen, lithium and aluminum are all in Rossi’s patent.

The application itself references Piantelli, Rossi and Godes of Brillouin in the theoretic explanation section.

The actual device mentioned is described as a “porous ceramic electrically conductive tubular element made of ceramic material SiC, Zr02, A1203, with the reaction material being distributed in the pores and with metal contacts being placed on the opposite ends”

As far as claimed performance, the application states:

“In a typified heating device, the electric energy consumption can be 300 W, with the equivalent output thermal performance of 900 W with the reaction material weight of 1 gram. In a heating device of the type of heating system, with the power supply of 300 W, on the initiation heater, the thermal output generated on the emission heater can reach 2700 W with the react on material weight of 4 grams.”

Thanks to Alan Smith for the alert to this!

  • Alain Samoun


    • Zephir

      Possibly, but Power Heat Energy S.R.O. based in “Nusle in the Czech Republic” is from Prague, whereas Me356 is somewhere from around Brno in Morava, where Bob Greenyear also lives. Also the content of patent application doesn’t overlap way too much with Me356 actual research (i.e. the fusion in hydrogen plasma discharge).

      • invient

        Me356 has also said, IIRC, that he has gone to great lengths to avoid any lenr-type patents… so this has way too many similarities to rossi for it to be me356.

      • Bob Greenyer

        It is not me, that I know for sure.

        me356 has done plasma discharge, I am readying the EDX data of a tested sample for publication.

        I have given lectures in Czech Republic, both in Brno and Prague, so it could be a group that was inspired (which would be nice). One group was from the university and others from industry, always free. For me, the mentioning of NH3 leads me to believe it came from my presentations since, to the best of my knowledge, I was the first person to suggest this publicly after intuitively deducing it from the Cincinatti groups work, you can see in my video here.

        I do recognise grammar that is eastern European, which is in line with me356s, I guess he needs to be asked directly in a public forum.

        • Alain Samoun

          ” he needs to be asked directly”
          Maybe Frank?

          • Bob Greenyer

            good call

  • Zephir

    There is a link to the company’s publicly available information ("s.r.o." acronym is roughly the equivalent of "Ltd".) It’s rather Russian than Czech company, which makes me suspicious about their real business and intentions. For me it looks like typical patent troll or mafia company, trying to embrace and extent the potential LENR business in post-soviet republics in the name of Russian Federation.
    Ing. EMANUEL HUBENÝ Praha – Stodůlky, U jezera, PSČ 155 00 (the only Czech person in the group, probably because the registration of company in Czech requires at least one Czech Citizen)
    OLEG OLSHANSKY Volgograd, Klubnichnaja 19, PSČ 400 069, Russsian federation
    ANDREY KOLOSOV Volgograd, Vostochno-Kazachstanskaja 49a, PSČ 400 094, Russsian federation
    LEONID KHUDYSHKIN Volgograd, Prazhskaja 1, PSČ 400 050, Russsian federation
    Apparently Russia struggles to embrace energetic business in all countries of its influence. So this patent makes no big deal for future progress of LENR – it’s rather an example of growing grey economics connected with it.

    • Alain Samoun

      ” it looks like typical patent troll or mafia company” Agree, the government of Russia is not a friend of LENR as gas/oil represent 60% of the total export of the country.

      • Zephir

        Also the content of patent doesn’t add nothing new to known LENR technology despite it’s really huge, no new trick is revealed on 145+ pages – it essentially means, it tries to embrace the potential LENR business, not to bring progress into it. Most of you could write the similar patent application with using of existing knowledge.

    • Anon2012_2014

      Looks to me like nothing to do with mafia. Just a patent troll. Why shouldn’t they do it in their enlightened self-interest if the poor intellectual property laws allow patent trolling? Don’t like it — reform the patent laws.

      Whether they are supported by a Russian oligarch is besides the point. The oligarchs “invest” for money without regard for any “fairness” issues. Many of them came from the pre-1989 black market and they just did what was in their enlightened self-interest — becoming the first to take advantage of the “vouchers” to amass large amounts of wealth. That the Putin government is aligned with some oligarchs is well known and beyond the scope of this blog.

      These same patent trolls could have come from within the United States patent troll community, e.g. “Intellectual Ventures/Nathan Myhrvold” supported by none other than Bill Gates. IV’s Lowell Wood has been trolling LENR for years. There is no fairness doctrine there either — if the patent laws allow them to patent the obvious developed by someone else, they do it. All Intellectual Ventures does is have multiple teams of people inventing the obvious so they can patent squat. That a Russian oligarch does the same is not news, but just a waste of societal resources.

      • Philip James


  • Omega Z

    To my knowledge, No change.
    The work around of many seems to be explaining things in vague while never mentioning cold fusion or LENR. However, I think some have been able to get by slipping new terms for LENR into patents.

  • Eyedoc

    Pat, this is World Intellectual Patent Organization not USPTO , but yes, things will change

  • sam;_ylu=X3oDMTBybGY3bmpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1506906345/RO=10/

  • Alain Samoun

    No, It’s the Russian oligarchs who are afraid of LENR:
    From forbes billionaires list: Name,fortune in billion,age,activity
    Leonid Mikhelson $18.4 62 gas, chemicals
    Vladimir Lisin $16.1 61 steel, transport
    Gennady Timchenko $16 64 oil, gas
    Alisher Usmanov $15, 63 steel, telecom, investments
    Vagit Alekperov $14.5 67 oil
    Mikhail Fridman $14.4 53 oil, banking, telecom
    Vladimir Potanin $14.3 56 metals
    Andrey Melnichenko $13.2 45 coal, fertilizers
    Viktor Vekselberg $12.4 60 metals, energy

  • Zephir

    Once you have enough of money, you can stall the LENR spreading with issuing of patents easily. The similar thing did happen with ActiveX plugins on internet.