Bob Greenyer Presentation at Asti, Italy (Video)

A new video has been posted by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project of a presentation made by Bob Greenyer at the ISCMNS: 12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals 2017 held near Asti, Italy in June 2017.

From the video description:

Asti Presentation – June 9, 2017
In this presentation, MFMP volunteer Bob Greenyer
– presents approaches using isotopes that may prove the mechanism behind LENR
– discusses Parkhomov data gained from MFMP analysis that relies on an isotope and that might support ‘Lugano Report’
– verification by a third party of element production determined by MFMP in Suhas Ralkars’ ECCO fuel preparation
– puts forward a possible LENR mechanism for consideration based on data derived from ECCO fuel and other researchers inside and outside the field.

  • georgehants

    Well Bob, slightly more interesting than Rossi mumbling about Sterling
    Engines after seven years of supposedly discovering an over-unity device
    that must be kept secret at all costs, no matter the negative effect of
    non-publication. (if genuine)
    Next he will be discussing how to use
    his Cold Fusion to power a vacuum cleaner, when all anybody wants to
    know is, does it bloody well work.
    Look forward to the Transmutation results later in the week.
    You guys are clearly crazy, as if you confirm Transmutation etc. you should
    only care (seemingly like Rossi) about how much money you can stash in
    off-shore accounts and forget about how allowing thousands of other
    scientists Worldwide to use that information to help People, flora and
    fauna, may be a better alternative.
    Good luck.
    Drop into Penzance and I will buy you a large glass of red.
    Wonderful day
    CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing
    At Stanford Research Institute
    by H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D.
    Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

    • georgehants

      Bob Greenyer • 23 minutes ago
      For me the bit at the end was just amazing, perhaps people start to
      understand why I was so frustrated that we could not test ECCO.

    • Chapman

      For someone who declares that they want to see a nicer, cleaner, and more decent world, you sure do LOVE to be uncivil and throw a lot of MUD…

      If you want to make the world a better place, why don’t you start by NOT introducing even more HATE and UGLINESS than we already have to deal with???

      • Ophelia Rump

        He means well, but has been a little edgy since his gruntal was surgically removed. Each in their own way and to their own measure.

      • georgehants

        Chapman, strange how you guys always make reply’s nothing to do with my points, why are you afraid to reply to my points, are you suggesting that it is not obvious, logical and pure common sense that we all want to know the only important answer, does it work.
        Equally are you suggesting that making a “cleaner, and more decent world,” would be achieved much faster if Rossi secret where known (if genuine) and thousands of scientists where working together to make that “cleaner, and more decent world,”
        I do not expect any sensible answer, just more of the same illogical condemnation.
        Try stop attacking me and put up the benefits of what ever way you think is best.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Ok, try this:

          The people taking billions based on the FALSE pretext of helping mankind are the all the countries that pledged 120 billion at the Paris climate summit. This is a summit where 50,000 people attended, drank French wine, stayed at 5 star hotels – caused a week long shortage of limos.

          And is any of that 120 billion pledged to save the planet and environment ear marked towards clean energy like LENR?

          Guess not, but hey do you get limos, caviar, French wine for your party junket.

          So Rossi not raised 120 billion UNDER THE guise of saving the planet and providing clean energy – but that WAS AND IS the claim of the Paris summit.

          But hey, that 120 billion sure will fund the next round of pigs eating at the
          trough while they push a carbon tax.

          So I am replying and addressing your issue directly about greed.

          Rossi: not completed his work, not taken 120 billion dollars from working people based on the EXACT same goal of saving the planet.

          You remained me of these Hollywood types – going around and preaching to the choir about women rights, but then look at their cesspool of corruption, lies and really a casting couch system based on what amounts to prostitution and abuse of women.

          So I did address the issue:

          The issue is how can you stand here with a straight face while your socialists foe have 120 billion dollars and are not spend ONE CENT on LENR to save the planet?

          In other get your socialist house of UTTER hypocrisy on this issue in order before you attempt to preach about the greed of Rossi when your socialist foe are THE WORST offenders and WORST hypocrites on this energy issue.

          In other words, stop the hypocritical position – never seen you bash your socialist foe for taking 120 billion on the scam of global warming.

          So sure, let’s address your socialist issue of greed.

          1 – Why no criticising of the funds pledged for the Paris summit

          2 – Why are your socialist foe taking 120 billion and doing nothing for LENR and clean energy?

          3 – Why are you preaching about Rossi who not taken 120 billion, yet the very folks with 120 billion are doing nothing for LENR?

          The above should give you some issues to chew on – so yes, DIRECTLY pointed out the issue of greed from your side – so now you can respond directly to these issues of the hypocrisy – else you just like Hollywood! Any by Hollywood they are eager to point out all these issues of women’s rights, but don’t have their OWN house in order on this issue.

          Since your socialist flock and foes are like pigs scooping up huge amounts of money BASED on being green, then why are you socialist pigs and foe doing nothing for LENR? Why is YOUR side putting greed first? (Unless the only greed you criticize is based on your political views! – so it not really greed anymore, but you socialist view of things that drives your criticizing here)

          Get you own house in order before you even being to preach about greed, since the global warming scam is ALL ABOUT greed.

          Does the above directly address your issue of greed and hypocrisy well enough?

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Veblin

    This video at time 35:35 reminded me of a post I made to the old Always Open Thread about 4 months ago.

    Los Alamos Daily Post
    Los Alamos Scientist Awarded Giuliano Preparata Medal

    A Los Alamos scientist known for a modified cold fusion experiment in which he repeatedly got radioactive tritium produced in a low energy system, has been presented with the prestigious Giuliano Preparato Medal. Dr. Thomas Claytor, one of the first researchers to understand that low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) could be triggered outside an electrochemical cell and is primarily a near surface effect, received the medal June 8 at the 12th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Castigliole d’Asti in Piedmont, Italy. The award recognizes Claytor’s initiation and further development of effects related to hydrogen anomalies in solids.

  • Gerard McEk

    Bob, today astronomers reported they witnessed the collision between two neutron stars. Gravity waves made them aware this was going to happen. They still believe that these collisions are the only cause that we find heavy metals on Earth:
    “The wedding band on your finger or the gold watch you’re wearing was most likely produced by two neutron stars colliding”.
    Your video shows a much more likely cause of how gold and silver arrived here. I wonder when this is going to be accepted by the astro-physisists.


    • Bob Greenyer

      And they’ll keep thinking that until they can no longer. Using their logic, we have neutron stars in Adamenko’s or Ralkar’s or Bolotov’s etc. work.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I always wondered why Crookes used a Maltese Cross to mask a beam of electrons, this year I found out.

    • Zephir

      And why exactly? I didn’t find any explanation for it in the Wikipedia article linked.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Because in history it is associated with the light, god-controlled power.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Yes, a link to the slides in normally given in the video description.

  • Bob Greenyer

    .:StarDust:. Part 3: Little for a lot

    NOVA reactor cost discussion and publication of available plans

    • Veblin

      Sorry, I thought I was helping.
      I guess sending the Masaryk University Dean this concept video of what NOVA Reactor testing might be like did not help.
      As United States Energy Secretary Rick Perry would say.

      • Bob Greenyer

        You certainly helped below, I was at the presentations during ICCF18 – forgot about these, but whilst there is a different explanation for Neutrons from Ti, the fact remains and it is more data to support “CAB Story”

  • sam

    Anyone know what this video is about?

    • Zephir

      First video: Плазменный разряд в водородосодержащей среде (plasma discharge in hydrogen-containing environment). Experimental test of thermic effectivity of vortex reactor. It’s Klimov’s setting with nickel electrodes and argon/water mixture as a working gas. The idea was to check the calorific value of the vortex installation together with the plate heat exchanger and the second water circuit. Efficiency was equal to 87%, probably the presence of a heat exchanger created additional hydrodynamic resistance and violation the necessary vortex structure of the flow. In general, high thermal efficiency is not always obtained, we have not yet figured out what it depends on. Work continues.

  • Axil Axil

    Being shorter than regular transition metal bonds and unbalanced, these microcavities that pit the surface of metal can be up to 10 times stronger than the bonds that connect a perfect crystalline lattice metal structure. In simple terms, the walls of a micro cavity on the surface of a metal is very strong.

    When hydrogen atoms enter such a cavity, that atom becomes very energetic because such tight confinement produces extreme energy due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

    Ux Up >= ħ/2
    (ħ is the reduced Planck constant h / (2π)).

    Certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables: position x and momentum p, can be known only to a fixed degree.

    Because the hydrogen atom enteres into a very confining space, its energy is driven to extremes by this quantum effect.

    The metal bonds of the cavity absorb this energy of confinement and the atom’s temperature eventually equilibrates with that of the lattice. As more hydrogen atoms enter the micro cavity, this new resident atom becomes even more energetic since it has even less space to occupy inside the cavity. This atom’s energy will eventually be cooled by the lattice until its temperature eventually equilibrates with that of the lattice.

    As more hydrogen atoms enter the cavity, the quantum effects pressure caused by the entrance of that new atom in its turn becomes so great that the pressure reaches a level sufficient to produce a crystal of ultra dense hydrogen.

    The engineering takeaways from this quantum compression process:

    There is an ideal size that a microcavity shoud be. That size should be just large enough to contain the finished UDH crystal and no bigger.

    The LENR fuel preparation process that the sucessful LENR reactor builders undertake requires a long time for the production of ultra dense hydrogen to occur. If sufficient time for the long term absorption of hydrogen and associated quantum compression is not allowed, then the UDH will not reach the proper pressure for UDH formation to occur.

    The hydrogen must be isotopically pure for UDH to form.

    If lithium is used in conjunction with hydrogen, Ultra dense lithium hydride will form requiring just 1/4 of the quantum pressure. But both the lithium and hydrogen must be isotopically pure. Any isotope poisoning will kill the quantum compression process. That poisoned cavity will not from UDH from then on.

    LENR poisons like nitrogen will kill UDH formation, but after UDH formation, poisoning is no longer a consideration.

    The UDH will slowly exit the microcavities in which they were formed and activate the LENR reaction. The micrographs of the me356 fuel shows that UDH process and UDH falls from the metal micro cavity containment onto the carbon substrate to catalyze transmutation of carbon into metal.

  • Bob Greenyer

    .:StarDust:. P4 – despair becomes hope

    Dr. Egely talks about what made him, what he enjoys researching and his personal fascination and world expertise – ball lightening.

    Thanks to donations from the crowd, real people that want a better future, the Basic NOVA reactor has been re-built from scratch breathing new life into a promising area of materials science at the

  • Bob Greenyer

    .:StarDust:. P5 – Ball Lightning

    Dr. George Egely discusses what interests him, in particular, ball lightening of which he is one of the worlds greatest experts.

    • Axil Axil

      Dr. George Egely has nailed the keystone cause of the LENR reaction: the surface plasmon polariton. That quasiparticle converts light/heat into magnetic field lines, Bob will someday take advantage of his connection with Dr. Egely and have him explain to Bob how it all works.

  • Bob Greenyer

    NOVA – Determining maximum field strength / direction

    A small tungsten filament bulb attached to a wooden skewer is placed into the resonant Microwave cavity in order to determine the maximum field strength / direction in the microwave.

    Knowing where the nature of the field is critical to effectively igniting and sustaining the plasma.

    • Axil Axil

      I wonder if those hot spots could all be focused into a single location through the use of another type of reactor body shape like an ovoid.

      The source of the microwaves could be located at one focus of the ovoid and the hotspot would be located at the other focus.

  • Bob Greenyer

    NOVA – LIVE Initial set up

  • Bob Greenyer

    Review of Day 1 Basic NOVA testing.

    Preliminary testing of newly re-engineered NOVA reactors is discussed.

  • Bob Greenyer

    After a night of contemplation, a mission was set… to do our best to find a potential source of contamination since it appears we did not use non-conducting carbon.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The old site broke and the web standards have moved on and whilst we have tried to migrate it a number of times, most things broke, You can still send messages through that site, and on the related .:StarDust:. page.

    You can post questions through steemit also. Here is the last post there on NOVA

    Most regular updates are to Youtube.

    We have a plan to use a site for experimentation protocol, data and chat which we have been assisting on the development of – it will most likely be used for the first time with long form NOVA testing. This site allows protocols to be drafted, cloned and for data to be embedded – also there will be a live chat.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Report on Test of NOVA Reactor with Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

    Andrew Johnson was invited as an independent observer and he paid for his own transport to and from the testing venue. In addition no MFMP funds were used for his accommodation. He was provided board.

    This is his report of the preliminary NOVA testing

  • Bob Greenyer

    .:StarDust:. P6 – Dust Fusion Discussion with Dr. Egely

    A detailed discussion of Dr. George Egelys claimed approach to fusion using engineered resonances with microwaves recorded on November 20, 2016.

    Dr. Egely discusses a wide range of important factors and know-how discoveries made during years of research into ‘dust fusion’.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Carbon Conductivity clip

    We need to find a reliable source of near-zero conductivity carbon