On the Electromagnetic Electron (E-Cat “The New Fire” Article)

Vessela Nikolova on her website E-Cat “The New Fire” has an interesting article in which she and physicist and science journalist Mario Menichella discuss ideas from two preprint articles by F. Celani, A. Tommaso and G. Vassallo with these ruthors

1. “Maxwell’s Equations and Occam’s Razor” https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320274378_Maxwell%27s_Equations_and_Occam%27s_Razor

2. “The Electron and Occam’s Razor” https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320274514_The_Electron_and_Occam%27s_Razor

The main point made by these authors is that instead of considering the electron to be a particle, which is the commonly held concept accepted by classical physics, they propose a model of “a current ring generated by a massless charge that rotates at speed of light along a circumference whose length is equal to the Compton wavelength of the electron”

The interview covers many details of their theory, including how it could be compatible with the work of Holmlid, Iwamura, Mills and Rossi/Gullstrom.

The interview can be read here: http://www.ecat-thenewfire.com/blog/electromagnetic-electron-new-fire/

  • Dr. Mike

    Nikolova and Menichella do a good job explaining the basics of these two technical papers in their question and answer format. Of particular note is that in these papers the electron is being modeled using Maxwell’s equations, the same approach as Randell Mills used to develop his hydrino theory (with Mill’s theory seemingly being a more general theory since he does not constrain the charge speed to be at the speed of light). It will interesting to see if LENR can eventually be explained by the theory developed by Mills.

  • invient

    Konstantin Meyl’s theory is similar to these researchers, although I’ve lately become critical of Meyl for his books references to homeopathy, sheldrakes research, and Reich’s orgone energy which imo are both complete nonsense (I do appreciate Reich for his work in childhood psychology and his book on mass psychology)… It is good to see researchers without that association essentially exploring the same idea of looking at maxwell equations without the “Lorenz Gauge.”

    • au contraire

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      If you don’t notice anything at all, then your “imo complete nonsense” is justified.
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    • au contraire

      Actually, bad idea. High potency homeopathic remedies can be physically very disturbing. Please ignore the suggestion. In fact, Frank, please delete it.

  • Zephir

    /* Authors propose a model of  a current ring generated by a massless charge that rotates at speed of light along a circumference whose length is equal to the Compton wavelength of the electron.*/

    Similar ideas resonate in certain scientific circles for certain time already – check for example the study Möbius strip structure of electron and an alternative explanation of the elementary particles based on self-bending/circular EM waves. Models of electron. Is the electron a photon with toroidal topology? According to extension of the ring model of the electron the mass of electron = (1 cm³) c² Λ / 2 G α π.  Λ is cosmological constant, α is fine structure constant = e² /c hbar See also derivation of α and particle mass by Randell Mills (via 1, 2)

    IMO most advanced are the Nige Cook‘s  self consistent predictions of particle masses based on shielding model of supergravity.

  • This sound similar to (though not exactly the same as) Randell Mills’s theory about electrons being a shell around the nucleus of the atom.

  • Mareta Arakelyan

    Recently, a new theory of the electron has appeared. Not based on electromagnetic interactions.