E-Cat Presentation Planned for November

We have been hearing for quite some time now from Andrea Rossi about a planned presentation of the E-Cat QX, and from everything that has been said, it should be happening within the next few weeks. The exact date has not yet been announced; however, Rossi has confirmed a number of times that it will be in November, most recently on October 20th he wrote: “Yes, I confirm November. Not all the invitations have been made yet.”

A lot of details are being kept under wraps, such as the actual date and location, but there have been some comments from the JONP that can give us some hints of what to expect. Rossi has said that there will be around forty persons who will be invited to the demonstration. When asked about how his fans would be able to see the presentation Rossi stated “it will be in direct streaming”, which I understand to mean it will be video streamed via the Internet.

Today on the JONP he answered a few more questions:

October 21, 2017 at 2:04 PM
Good luck for you and your team of course.
Please allow the follwing questions on the upcoming demo:
1.) Will a third party participate?
2.) Will You be able to convince the skeptics, as far as you believe today?
3.) Will it in your opinion change the LENR recognition in the media?
4.) Is Magnus Holm still on board?

Andrea Rossi
October 21, 2017 at 4:33 PM
1- yes
2- I am an industrialist, not a phylosopher
3- I do not know
4- Yes, of course, as well as all the great Team of Hydrofusion
Warm Regards,

To me, it sounds like this will be the most important public presentation of the E-Cat to date. The last similar event he held of this kind was in October of 2011, when he presented his first 1 MW plant, but that was more of a private affair for invited guests only. This time it seems like his purpose is to introduced the E-Cat QX to the world, perhaps with the intention of generating business interest.

So while there are a lot of unknowns, it does sound like the event is happening, and it’s not too far off now. We should be staying tuned for more information!

  • artefact
    • Andreas Moraitis


      1. Additional EDX analyses of homogenized (melted) samples.
      2. Mass spectrometric analyses.
      3. An ‘old-fashioned’ chemical analysis.

  • artefact

    On JONP:

    “Andrea Rossi October 22, 2017 at 7:06 AM
    Today a very important test, because we made an improvement. This will not affect the timing to complete the Sigma 5 path.
    Warm Regards, A.R.”

  • kenko1

    rossi sez on hiz blog his next delay after the demo and sig 5 will be several years of r&d for matching quarks and ssterling engine prototype.

    • Frank Acland

      October 22, 2017 at 5:49 AM
      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
      So, you decided to couple the E-Cat with a Stirling engine?

      Andrea Rossi
      October 22, 2017 at 7:07 AM
      I have decided that within one year I want an engine. We will test all the possibilities, also the Stirling engine and decide which one suits better the E-Cat QX.
      Warm Regards,

      • kenko1

        That wasn’t me who Rossi replied to . i always go by kenko or kenko1. dunno who that ‘ken’ Is. My first post in this thread is mine ;and made after I read ‘kens’ post & rossi’s reply on the JONP.

    • CWatters

      Well I suppose if I had as many $millions to play with in my retirement I’d also play big toys. I mean there is no rush (Rossi doesn’t appear to believe in man made global warming).

    • Steve Swatman

      Actually he says that within 1yr he wants an engine (generating electricity).

      Which seems to me, is saying;

      I am very happy with the Qx, it is ready to be reliably producing heat on an industrial scale, and within 1yr I expect to be efficiently producing electricity with (possibly) a Sterling engine, but any engine that I can find that is reliable and efficient will do.

    • Axil Axil

      The top priority, no more like the only priority in the Rossi marketing plan is to protect the e-cat IP for as long as possible. That means that the Quark cannot be exposed to any customer, So the product that Rossi will sell is industrial heat and later electricity production,. Only trusted employees can get near the quark, All reactor management will be done via remote control. The E-cat reactor will be protected by locks and walls.

      • roseland67

        Axil axil,

        “IF”, the Ecat works as stated,
        (Energy Out > Energy In),
        this approach is simply not possible
        as the reward is to great NOT to steal
        and duplicate.
        Also, this would be impossible for Rossi to “police”, eventually, one of these “Trusted Employees” would be corrupted and his secret would be gone.
        As I have said many times, this IP issue that you speak of is mute, the promise of cheap sustainable energy is to great to keep secret, eventually, someone, somewhere, will reverse engineer the Ecat

        • f sedei

          Sad. But,true. Russia got the secret to the Atomic Bomb because of inside traitor(s). Any discovery will eventually be released to others over time. Rossi must prepare for such an eventuality, and profit from it.

          • NCY

            I hope someone steals Rossi’s secrets.

        • Omega Z

          Ideally once Rossi gets the kinks worked out would be manufacturing only the QXs and licensing Big Corporations to market products like Intel inside. Rossi surely knows he can not build everything. Heaters, Power plants, Aircraft etc, none of which his expertise lies. However, until then he needs to hold his cards close to his vest.

  • georgehants

    Ha Ha Ha, what a Wonderful system capitalism is, let’s have all those who just follow false ideology, giving their arguments as to how years more of delay for Rossi’s Cold Fusion will benefit all people and the World, Ha.
    There can be no better system or improvement to the current plutarchy, that is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens.
    Heads in the sand guys, follow the leaders.
    As I have said before it seems very strange that in seven years there has not been a single report of an openly repeatable conformation of Rossi’s Cold Fusion.
    Now he is willing to let many more years pass, taking the chance that others in the World will not find the answer, I certainly hope they soon do.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      Ok, I direct address your issue of greed.

      The people taking billions based on the FALSE pretext of helping mankind are the all the countries that pledged 120 billion at the Paris climate summit. This is a summit where 50,000 people attended, drank French wine, stayed at 5 star hotels – caused a week long shortage of limos.

      And is any of that 120 billion pledged to save the planet and environment ear marked towards clean energy like LENR?

      Guess not, but hey do you get limos, caviar, French wine for your party junket.

      So Rossi not raised 120 billion UNDER THE guise of saving the planet and providing clean energy – but that WAS AND IS the claim of the Paris summit.

      But hey, that 120 billion sure will fund the next round of pigs eating at the
      trough while they push a carbon tax.

      So I am replying and addressing your issue directly about greed.

      Rossi: not completed his work, not taken 120 billion dollars from working people based on the EXACT same goal of saving the planet.

      You remained me of these Hollywood types – going around and preaching to the choir about women rights, but then look at their cesspool of corruption, lies and really a casting couch system based on what amounts to prostitution and abuse of women.

      So I did address the issue:

      The issue is how can you stand here with a straight face while your socialists foe have 120 billion dollars and are not spend ONE CENT on LENR to save the planet?

      In other get your socialist house of UTTER hypocrisy on this issue in order before you attempt to preach about the greed of Rossi when your socialist foe are THE WORST offenders and WORST hypocrites on this energy issue.

      In other words, stop the hypocritical position – never seen you bash your socialist foe for taking 120 billion on the scam of global warming.

      So sure, let’s address your socialist issue of greed.

      1 – Why no criticising of the funds pledged for the Paris summit

      2 – Why are your socialist foe taking 120 billion and doing nothing for LENR and clean energy?

      3 – Why are you preaching about Rossi who not taken 120 billion, yet the very folks with 120 billion are doing nothing for LENR?

      The above should give you some issues to chew on – so yes, DIRECTLY pointed out the issue of greed from your side – so now you can respond directly to these issues of the hypocrisy – else you just like Hollywood! Any by Hollywood they are eager to point out all these issues of women’s rights, but don’t have their OWN house in order on this issue.

      Since your socialist flock and foes are like pigs scooping up huge amounts of money BASED on being green, then why are you socialist pigs and foe doing nothing for LENR? Why is YOUR side putting greed first? (Unless the only greed you criticize is based on your political views! – so it not really greed anymore, but you socialist view of things that drives your criticizing here)

      Get you own house in order before you even being to preach about greed, since the global warming scam is ALL ABOUT greed.

      Does the above directly address your issue of greed and hypocrisy well enough?

      since you NEVER criticize you own flock, then you like Hollywood, or that of priest preaching about how bad pedophilia is – but then go and commit that act.

      You NEVER criticize the socialist and left greed on their billions they taken for global warming, yet are doing nothing for LENR. What this means is you NOT really here criticizing greed but ONLY criticizing those of a political view you don’t like – it called having zero moral compass and you only being here to promote your one sided political agenda until such time you call out your own socialist foe on their greed and how they doing nothing for LENR.


      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • HAL9000

        I fall off my stand in laughter. All organic life derives from need and greed. Without Survival of the Fittest you would all be few-celled organisms swimming in the mud. Life is the product of billions of battles between inequalities that worked out in your favor! A toast then to… Need and Greed! Civilized thinking is mainly a product of forgetting where it came from.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Sure. The problem is the context of “greed”. In this case georgehants is using the word greed as a “moral” attack against capitalism before the discussion has even started.

          I can have a discussion with you, but if I start out saying all you capitalist folks are greedy, or you are raciest, or you are a white supremacist, then you applying a moral judgment that seeks to devalue their position. In effect one is attempting to take the moral high ground here. That means the person not really interested in a discussing, but only attacking people.

          I suppose one has to define what they mean by greed. Someone who works hard, has a nice car and clothes often results in others saying look at that greedy person. This is already an attempt to de-justify that’s person’s position. This is already an attempt to suggest that such a person does not deserve what they have and earned. To accept such a characterization means one has already lost the argument – once you successful attacked the person on the moral grounds, then facts, figures etc. really don’t matter. You already lost the argument – so you must attack back at full force and on moral grounds also!

          This is no different than someone making a statement, and the response is oh, you are just a white supremacist. The person is making a moral attack without an argument. In effect this is a pre-judgement against that persons moral standing.
          Once you lost the moral grounds, then you duck soup in any discussion.

          As I pointed out, if greed REALLY is the issue in georgehants case, then such scams as the Paris summit taking 120 billion dollars to save the planet but do nothing for LENR is clearly a great example of greed. The problem is that greed is coming from the socialists and lefts flock in this example. So the issue then is one cannot let the hypocrisy of this moral judgement stand. Unless the person criticizes their own flock for the same moral teaching, then it not a moral teaching at all – but only an attempt to attack one’s moral standing to win some discussion based on destroying the moral position of the opponent.

          If the word greed is used in terms of one aspiring to provide more wonderful things for family, children or a better lifestyle, then great.

          When you see someone with nice things, and that inspires you to do better and provide more for your family, then this is a great thing. If the result is envy and that you want to take away from those successful people, don’t want them to have better things? Then envy of course is a negative force, and a negative value to aspire to.

          So the term greed without a context is certainly not a bad term, but the “general” use of the term today implies that the achievements and things one has cannot be morally justified – and in that context it is simply an evil term. And a evil term used by the left socialists most often.

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • georgehants

            The Guardian
            Is it possible to run an expanding capitalist economy while keeping
            its impacts within safe ecological boundaries, or is the greed-driven
            system effectively a suicide machine that is doomed to destroy itself?
            The fact that the now dominant capitalist economic system is unsustainable is not in doubt. It has contributed to the breaching of several ecological boundaries, in relation to climate change, biodiversity loss and nutrient enrichment.
            At the same time as damaging the natural systems that sustain it,
            capitalism is also leading to increasing inequality, in turn creating
            social tensions that make it still more exposed.

          • Omega Z

            The U.S. spends about 3 trillion$ a year paying people NOT to work. The cost of housing goes up as there is a shortage of housing. There is a shortage of housing because there are not enough people willing to work to build houses(why would they when they get paid to do nothing) and as the shortage grows, housing becomes less affordable.

            See how those socialist policies work. Less people producing product means less for everyone. Works great doesn’t it. Next we should pay the farmers not to grow food… The housing shortage would soon become surplus houses available…

          • orsobubu

            You (and Kallal, Warthog, Deangelis, Hal9000, Chapman…) are absolutely right if argumenting against socialism (which, in scientific terms of the critique of political economy is state CAPITALISM; and, in fact, you complained about “giving same MONEY to everbody”). But here the true question is capitalism against COMMUNISM. We want the abolition of property of the means of production, of wages, of money at all. And all of your arguments against communism fall short in their inner contradictions.



          • Omega Z

            Did you know that the wealthy only have an approximate 10% stake in big oil. Guess who owns the rest. The wealthy merely steer the ship, but the masses own the bulk of it. Even tho they may not realize it. True of most publicly trade companies. Sounds like the working man is exploiting themselves.

        • Chapman

          Ahhh… A man who understands!!!

          It is SO refreshing to see RATIONAL ideas being put forward again around here. I had grown so tired of the BS and socialist preaching that I had pretty much tuned out and sought “intellectual engagement” elsewhere. A sad state of affairs when nonsense is allowed to run amok with no checks, but Kallal speaking out recently renewed my faith in this forum! So for GOD’S sake, please keep it coming…

      • TomR

        Thank you Albert for responding to George. I used to like Albert’s posts until he went ballistic. A few weeks ago, he was reasonable for a couple of days and I was able to up vote his posts, but now I am thinking he is a lost cause.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Thanks. (And I assume by “reasonable” for a few days, you mean George?).

          I think important in this great big ocean of ideas is the Socratic method of debate. This approach and exchange of ideas is what makes the internet so fantastic (and better then school).

          Every point made is open to counter points. And then counter points to that point. And then around you go again! This process really never ends. This point + counter pointer is BETTER than the traditional read a book in school approach. You lean so much more, and wind up with great battle hardened positions.

          At the end of the day, it always telling if the person involved is willing to address the points made, or simply attempts to change the subject.

          I really do believe I am open to any reasonable idea or argument or counter point. And I don’t avoid or ignore such counter points.

          I believe that in any claim I make, they are being made with such a position having gone through the point and counter point process. This is why I with “ease” at least state why I have the position I have (and often a simple statement based on this “long” process or the result of reading 5 books that can’t be posted here!).

          So what occurs then when challenged, you see LONG list of reasons spill out by me (and in most cases the opposing says you really trying to cook up ideas – no, I had all those ideas and that’s why I stated something that don’t seem to obvious at first!).

          So often what stated seems silly, but with point and counter point the context or reason for my position will at least be based on “something” – and in most cases sound judgement.

          However, in the art of debate, you lose on moral grounds, all the facts and figures don’t amount to much. This is why many a conservative loses discussions.

          The socialist : Babies are starving to death
          The conservative: We can create more cars.

          In the above, the conservative going to lose – and lose badly. If the discussion flips from facts, and making a case to that of moral grounds? Then you ALSO have to switch modes, and blow back firing with all barrels on the moral grounds too – since that’s what the opposition attempting to do!

          I.e.: win not on arguments, but by attacking the morals of the opponent.

          And even this post here? Well, it is the result of many point and counter point discussions!

          Again, thank you kindly,
          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • georgehants

            More than a million Canadian children are living in low-income households, according to census data.
            Census information released by Statistics Canada Wednesday shows that in 2015,
            nearly 1.2 million children across Canada were living in low-income
            households, representing about 17 per cent of all Canadian children.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            A great link!!!
            Becuase it JUST proves my point even more!!!
            In Venezuela things are so bad, that baby formula, diapers, medicine and even SIMPLE items like bandages and toilet paper in hospitals are in SHORT supply!
            (no toilet paper in a hospital? no baby formula in their hospitals?).

            So why do you like policies that INCREASE the number of babies starving and going without food?

            Why do you love polices that cause children to suffer MORE and MORE?

            So this increasing poverty in Canada just means us following the same path as Venezuela, and as we see the country become more socialist, we see more and more ranks move into the poverty line and more starving children.

            As the government intervenes more and more, taxes more and more, increasing socialist polices, then you see the SAME declines and increasing rates of poverty! However just like eating too much in one day, you don’t see the results over night. So when Venezuela STARTED their socialist revolution, the party was on! Just like when you get a brand new credit card – it is party time until you have to pay up!

            They made Chavez out to be the 2nd coming of Christ and how he was finally going to show the world how great the socialist can run a country! And the fake dream turned into a nightmare – and the end game is ALWAYS bloodshed, and we seeing that too in Venezuela.

            So very glad you posted the above link, since it tells everyone here to reject your socialist policies. And as countries adopt more and more socialist policies, then things get worse and worse and thus you see more articles like the one you posted as to how things in Canada are going. If we can’t reverse your socialist ideality you have, then the blood of starving children is on the hands of people like George who push such policies. In fact GENERATIONS of children and families will see MORE poverty if we can’t reverse these socialist trends in the west. Our futures really are at stake here.

            However you still have to explain to everyone here why love policies that CLEARY increase the number of children starving and going without?

            There is not a country in the world that adopting more socialist policies that ALSO not seeing increasing poverty rates.

            Do people not have ANY compassion for the economic disaster and REAL human catastrophe of how people of Venezuela are now suffering?

            And ALL of their issues and woes could have been avoided by the country simply choosing a different path for their future. This is so VERY sad, because they could have AVOIDED this suffering with the simple act of making different choice – a simple choice was for them to reject their socialist policies.
            There is no patent, or special rights to the free market system. This not some secret formula that Coke Cola owns. You don’t have to pay for some fee to apple or google or anyone else for this free information!

            The information for a nation to move in the direction to have LESS AND LESS starving children is to reject the socialist system and adopt the free market system. There is nothing stopping this process except those like George who continue to push policies and ideas that support the socialist governments. And thus George is pushing policies that will cause a ever increasing spiral of starving children in countries that listen to people like George.

            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • Omega Z

            Venezuela was an up and coming economy. Then socialism set in.

            In 2015, Venezuela had over 100% inflation – the highest in the world and the highest in the country’s history at that time. The rate increased to nearly 500% by the end of 2016 with Venezuela spiraling into hyperinflation while the population poverty rate was between 76% and 82% according to independent sources. Apr 5, 2017 – In Venezuela 82% of people live in poverty. Yea for Socialist policies.

            In developed countries, the poverty measure(income per household) is used to determine how much government assistance is provided. It does not mean those individuals actually live in poverty. Something you don’t seem to grasp.

            You posted a while back on the A.O. Thread about people without toilets. In India, they spent over a billion$ on building flushable toilets for rural citizens with a description that sounded like a standard septic waste system. This also reduces the chance of contaminated drinking water. Many months later they came back to check on them. Seems many were used for storage of all kinds of goods. Asked why, the answer was- We can crap anywhere along the road, the garden or in the water. The wanted storage space over toilets. Go figure.

        • georgehants

          Morning Tom, I am human and concerned about those who suffer, please explain to me what difference my being smooth or erratic makes to the people who need help.
          The message is the same and obviously it is a sad World when the vast majority do not agree that caring and sharing, finding the best system is the way.
          Some people have such distorted minds that they will go on fighting a for a false ideology no matter how much Evidence is all around to disprove it.
          I apologise for not being up to your standard all the time but how does that change the Facts?
          My wife who is in Ghana again this year distributing Water Filters to those who only have a filthy supply, rang last night in tears from the response of the hundred and fifty children and teachers that we pay medical insurance for each year.
          I Frankly have no interest in listening to academic misfits preaching that we live in the best system, the system stinks.
          I was conned into following Rossi, like many, seven years ago when we believed that he had found a way to save the suffering of millions and celebrated.
          Then the system took over and we see the result.
          People who attack me are doing no more that trying to excuse their own failings, Sad.

          • Frank Acland

            George, we understand where you are coming from. Please try to avoid unnecessary repetition in your comments.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            Well you say you are concerned, but refuse to reject your views that cause more children to suffer. So why should I accept you care about children when you REFULST to reject your ideas that cause more children to starve?

            And why do you feel you were conned by Rossi? Sounds more like you be conned by the left wing nuts and socialists then that of Rossi.

            As I stated many times, the invention of a Tractor with a fuel based engine has done MORE then anything else for starving people. However if the country don’t adopt free markets and reject socialism, then they not have tractors or LENR devices anyway. What good is LENR or tractors if the country can’t adopt such technology? There not some shortage of technologies now that these countries can’t adopt to feed their poor. LENR will NOT change things for such countries anymore then the tractor will and can UNLESS they adopt the tractor!

            The computer is a great invention, but what good is such a device in a countries that can use or afford computers, or don’t even have or KNOW WHAT to do with electricity?

            The problem like any drug addict, you can’t give up your heroin or drug of the socialist dream. You been propagandized to hate differences in income, hate successful people.

            You been taught for years that everyone should make the same money. Years of this kind of training means now you a full on 100% die hard socialist in the wind. This type of brain washing results in counties like Venezuela having starving Babies, no basic necessities like water or electricity.

            Why is your wife not handing out water filters in Canada to Canadian children? Why, because our system is better then where she goes to hand out water filters.

            And that does not mean we should and hope things are better here. So many things need to be fixed here!

            Now that what we have is better than those poor countries certainly means those counties should be grateful that we ARE better.

            We ARE better. And if we were NOT better then no water bottles for those people!

            Of course that don’t mean or imply that much more should be done here and with what we have.

            However, if we don’t reject our increasing socialist ways, then people WILL HAVE to come to Canada to hand out water filters to our children in just 1 generations if we don’t change our ways fast! Then we NOT BE ABLE to help OTHER children.

            You do realize that USA has the highest % of charity donations of any country, right?

            Most amazing? Is the number of people STILL thinking that socialism is ok! Imagine that, people eating birds and dogs from city parks, people actually DROPPING DEAD in their streets, and they STILL hang on to socialist views! (I mean, wow, just wow!!!). People in Venezuela are actually eating birds, and fighting over actual dogs to eat!

            How can this be? There should be no surprise. In other words, as Venezuela goes through what looks like some future sci-Fi nuclear bombed out planet? You actually see people pushing shopping carts around with ALL their possessions it the shopping car. And we not talking like poor in downtown cities here – you ONLY see 2-3 old water bottles in the cart and they wearing ONLY some tattered rags on their back with mismatched boots. That is ALL they have (no blankets, no nothing).

            I not making fun here, but they REALLY DO look like people from Road Warrior or some future sci-fi movie with a destroyed planet.

            WHY THEN does the country NOT start to change? I mean why let your country melt down when things are SO VERY bad?

            Well, ever seen a drug addict dying? They keep shooting up until they die. They can be skin and bones and STILL NOT change their ways! So this type of thinking is quite much the stage George is at, and so is Venezuela is at right now.

            A drug addict who can’t change or give up the way they think. Your ideologies are so baked in and so hard wired in after all these years, change is going to be VERY hard for you.

            I can point out how bad drugs are, or in this case how bad socialism is, and you ONLY response is articles about poverty in Canada. I mean, if I tell you some part of town has a drug problem, your response is to give me more articles about people suffering from drug use? What use is that? That is NOT a response!

            So sure poverty is increasing in places like Canada, and so is the amount of socialism which just proves my point even more!

            You ALWAYS play the card here that no one responded to your issues. I directly response, the problem is YOU NEVER respond to my points.

            As I stated as counties adopt more and more socialist policies, you see more and more children and people go hungry. Until you finally accept this simple fact, and reject your socialist policies, then like a drug addict, you NEVER be open to any solution except more drugs, or in this case more socialism.

            If you really care about children, then by rejecting socialism, you see less and less children starving in in this world. Not perfect, but BETTER then what we have now!!!

            However until you can take this first step of rejection, then anything you do or say will not help, no more so then a drug addict has no will to quit what they like and will not change what they like and will not adopt what is right for them.

            No one is making the claim here that by rejecting socialism you solve the problem of ALL starving children. However without question moving away from socialism means LESS AND LESS children will starve – and that’s your dilemma and the fact that you can’t accept here.

            However, if people pushing around shopping carts with 3 half full plastic water bottles to their name starving to death can’t change? I doubt any hope exists for most of these people to change, let alone George.

            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • georgehants

        Canada Without Poverty > Poverty > Just the Facts
        Nearly five million people in Canada – that’s one
        out of every seven individuals – currently live in poverty. Poverty is a
        widespread issue across the country and the world, but vulnerable
        groups such as people living with disabilities, single parents, elderly
        individuals, youth, and racialized communities are more susceptible. The
        effects of poverty can be expressed in different aspects of a person’s
        life, including food security, health, and housing. The following
        statistics show the different manifestations of poverty in Canada.
        If you have any questions or would like to request more information, please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter.

    • Alan DeAngelis
    • Brokeeper

      Well, not a reflection on Rossi, decades and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on cancer research and we now have healthy cured rats while humans have little improvement other than same chemo cocktail theropy. Hmmm, I wonder why that is. I will never contribute to cancer research. Might as well flush it in the commode. I have not witnessed this deception in Rossi.

      • Omega Z

        And yet, We have politicians who say we will double down and find a cure for cancer in 10 years. Do they not know that there are 100’s a various cancers and there is no magic bullet. Or are they just funneling money to certain constituents as pay back for campaign contributions.

        Note there is a vaccine that greatly reduces the odds of contracting 1 type of cancer, but there are 100’s to go. Also, there are new genetic therapies that are promising, but I think they are likely to be cost prohibitive when applied to the masses. (cost prohibitive as in exceeding total GDP of the populous)

    • Omega Z

      George ranting again about something he knows nothing about.

      George wants them to invest in water projects to provide potable water for the children. Little does he know that the money required to invest in these water projects come from profits. No profits, no money, no investments in water projects.

      It’s really that simple. The wealthy have assets like factories and such that produce profit that they then invest. Without the profit producing assets, they have no more money then anyone else. They’re broke. All their wealth and assets no longer have any value as they produce no profit. In fact they become an unsustainable cost.

      George probably thinks that the wealthy have piles of profits in some huge vault where the sit in a circle counting their money. Fact. All profits are reinvested in some form or fashion. The wealthy understand that money that sits loses value. A $2 loaf of bread today may cost $6 in 20 years or less. To retain value, it must be reinvested. Only fools wouldn’t reinvest their profits.

      As to the worlds needs for investments, that you need $10 billion investments doesn’t matter if all you have is $1 billion to invest. It then becomes a matter of priorities and some things have a higher priority then others to different people. You opinion on those priorities may differ. One of many of Bill Gates priorities is getting vaccines to the impoverished. George’s would be water projects. In both cases children will die without them. The money available is limited. It’s comes down to choices. NOTE- The money available depends on profits… You’d have a hard time spending(assets) a brick and mortar factory.

  • Rene

    Andrea Rossi:
    October 17, 2017 at 8:03 AM
    We will reach Sigma 5 by November, if we have no more bumps in the road.
    Warm Regards,

    Usually when a person writes ‘by November that means at or before the 1st of November. So…


  • georgehants

    scottlshman, Ha possible, but more likely he was carried high for making their work much easier.
    Many today are saying he should have hid it in a cave for many years and tried to
    get a fortune out of the peasants.

    • georgehants, Please run for office and let me know how I can support you.

      • georgehants

        John, Ha, putting up with the clowns on ECW that think that attacking me is going to save the World is enough.
        One cannot become a candidate in our totally undemocratic system without being vetted for conforming with the party’s agenda, all worthwhile candidates are weeded out, only a non-party election where people vote only for candidates that have proven their care for local people can be elected makes any sense.
        All politicians are brought and sold by the rich, Tony Blair just escaped prosecution regarding his actions of the Gulf war, etc. etc. corruption rules everywhere.

  • gautea

    Andrea Rossi bruker prøve og feile metoden. Det er derfor progresjonen tar så jævla lang tid. Når de forstår lenr 100 % , vil utviklingen gå raskere. Det er bare flaks og tilfeldig at Rossi har kommet lengst i utviklingen, men vi må være takknemlig for at han har oppdaget en delvis løsning som produserer såpass mye energi at vitenskapen konkluderer med en NY energikilde.

    Google translate: “Andrea Rossi uses the test and error method. That’s why the progression takes so damn long time. When they understand 100%, development will go faster. It’s just luck and by chance that Rossi has come the furthest in development, but we must be grateful that he has discovered a partial solution that produces so much energy that science concludes with a new energy source.”

    • Hi all

      In reply to gautea

      The iterative trial and error methods are standard in engineering and indeed scientific process of discovery.

      It takes time as you say, but when you are dealing with an anomalous system where you are trying to discover its processes it is only reasonable for it to take that time.

      But it is the dogged persistence of Andrea Rossi that has created the improvements he has achieved. It is in his nature as an Ultra Marathon competitor to operate in this way.

      He knows it is only the dogged determination of the careful researcher and engineer that can tame such an anomaly.

      Kind Regards Ian Walker

      • Can you give us an example of the improvements he has achieved?

        • cashmemorz

          According to Rossi COP is as much as 22000. Yes at max. But for actual use it will be in the one hundred or two hundred range because of tight control needed for stability. Still impressive if that is used over a year or more. Competition watch out.

          • Omega Z

            According to Rossi COP- is guaranteed COP>6.

            All other claims are assumptions of bloggers reading or calculating such numbers from other sources such as the published Gulfstrom theory.

            Anytime Rossi has been asked about such numbers on JONP, he has answered that COP is high enough. This is not denying or confirming anything other then he is not going to provide a number.

            The problem with posting these numbers is that Rossi detractors and those who haven’t followed the story will claim or assume this as Rossi says. When such numbers are posted, it should be pointed out that this is not a Rossi claim.

          • Steve Swatman

            I have a memory of Mr Rossi explaining (quite early in development of the e-cat) that once you push beyond a cop of 200 you start to get dangerous radiation bursts, which was why he spent so much time working on controlling the E-cat at far smaller COP, for safety and certification,

            There were also a couple of guys (1 a Scandinavian scientist and one guy from the oil industry) who claimed replication and a COP of 200+ but massive radiation bursts, which led them to stop their experiments, both of these points were discussed here.

          • Jas

            Which would make it impossible to get domestic certification but should surely not be a problem for industrial settings. Rossi will be leasing the heat so no human being should need to go anywhere near the container while it is operating. Sheilding for Industrial units shouldnt be a problem. We all dream of having a home unit and sub cop of 200 would be more than adequate for domestic use.

          • frank

            Is here anybody who really believes, that any kind of an unknown nuclear device (doesn’t matter if industrial or home use) that came to market by trial & error, will get a certification without understanding where the risks are? No one can confirm that this device is safe to use without having an idea on the underlying theory of the nuclear processes happening…People getting crazy these days already from shipping around non-fueled or empty CASTOR containers….

          • Warthog

            NOT true. The safe operational space is readily confirmed by testing (and would be anyway for certification). Theory has nothing to do with it.

          • frank

            So – confirmed by testing a few months? By whom? Such a groundbraking technology, that not even big GE, the NASA or US Government is able to bring to market with all their billions of dollars and man and institutional power? You being in the responsibility of releasing a product for industrial use would clearly state and certify that there is no runaway or unexpected radiation bursts or what strange behavior else, only because Andrea Rossi didn’t see so far any problems (?) in the past 18 months? The so called Quark-X reactor doesn’t seem to be older based on what we know from Andrea Rossi…and no one (?) understands what exactly happens (or should happen resp. should not happen). Please come up with a product of that nature that has been released on guesses and a year long test only, and no nobel prize winner has a clue what the hell goes on in this piece…

          • bob dash

            ” ..that not even big GE, the NASA or US Government is able to bring to market with all their billions of dollars and man and institutional power?”

            The very reason the big powers don’t have it. Not saying it’s real but.. I’m conservatively open minded about this.

          • Warthog

            Just maybe because I am somewhat familiar with how such testing is done. The prospective licensee provides (for instance) UL with a number of identical prototypes and a set of test specifications for safe operation. UL then tests those samples within the specified safe range. The product either performs according to prediction or it does not. If it passes, it is certified. If it fails, it isn’t. What might happen if operated outside the specified range isn’t part of the certification.

            All your speculations are simply not involved n the process at all.

          • Steve Swatman

            I am sure that was with the big old industrial E-cat which is possibly why it was only guaranteed a COP of 6 and is not been run any higher for safety sake.

            One might surmise that the Qx can be run at a massively higher COP without the radiation bursts, this could be simply because of size, a new mix, better controllers, better build materials, the Qx is running hotter which would suggest a higher COP, so the radiation bursts may possibly have been dealt with.

          • roseland67


            And as the owner of an industrial plant that uses heat, would you allow a product of unknown design and function, without a UL label, that can emit dangerous radiation inside your building?

          • Omega Z

            That the math on an as yet unproven theoretical paper indicates a possible COP>22K is meaningless. Only what is actually obtainable in reality matters.

            “once you push beyond a cop of 200 you start to get dangerous radiation”

            Yes, that was when he was working with Focardi. Rossi also said that 1 of the Hot cats appeared to have generated something like 1 million watts in about 10 seconds. These instances happen during runaway melt downs. Under certain circumstances you could claim infinite COP, but that would be misleading. So officially, Rossi only guarantees COP>6.

            Note once you reach COP>20, all else doesn’t matter. You’re already getting 20 watts for every watt applied. A COP>40 is 20 watts for every 1/2 watt applied. You are already within the margins of error. In effect you’re just speculating.

            Things to keep in mind. According to Rossi, self-sustain is only about 2/3rds of the time. That means 1/3rd of the time COP=1. Even when in self-sustain mode, power is still applied. These are Rossi says. Does Rossi have to kick up the input when the QX is not in self-sustain? There are to many unknowns for wall flowers to apply a set COP. We have to little info. Only a sustained period of operation will determine the COP. Thus, I will stick to only what Rossi officially claims. Guaranteed COP>6. If COP is greater then 6, that’s great. I will face disappointment only if COP is less then 6. What about everyone else should high COP numbers not prove out. A lot of people will be disappointed.

          • Steve Swatman

            I would expect that anyone with half a brain would be more than happy with COP 6. 😉

          • Richard Hill

            The heat pump outside my bedroom has a COP>3. I understand that highly tuned industrial plants do much better. Rossi knows this. That is why he has to get cop>6 to be of interest to industry.

          • Omega Z

            Actually, these 2 uses of the term COP are not the same.
            Rossi’s use is actually energy in verses energy produced out. A heat pump merely moves heat from 1 point to another. As long as this is kept in mind, you’re OK.

          • Omega Z

            I agree. Others may not.

  • pegon125

    Actually he says that within 1yr he wants an engine (generating electricity).Which seems to me, is saying;I am very happy with the Qx, it is ready to be reliably producing heat on an industrial scale, and within 1yr I expect to be efficiently producing electricity with (possibly) a Sterling engine, but any engine that I can find that is reliable and efficient will do.

    • Steve Swatman

      great minds really do think alike

  • Omega Z

    It did throw thousands of them out of work. They had to be retrained to build carts to which they attached the wheels. This allowed them to transport more goods and all benefited from the new found availability in those goods. It also allowed more time to gather wood for the fire that saved many lives as it helped keep the sabre tooth kitties away at night.

  • Omega Z

    With that logic, most of the pharmacists shelves would be empty. Many drugs barely do as claimed if at all and we have no clues as to what long term effects of many of them may be. And that’s if used as prescribed.

    • roseland67


      Drugs are not electric, they do not get plugged in, you know that.
      Without a UL label,
      the Ecat is doa.

      • Omega Z

        Discussing safety.

        And you think prescription drugs don’t go through a rigorous safety review and get past even though they don’t know all the possible long or short term consequences.

        Regardless, Rossi’s technology has already been SGS safety certified for industrial purposes several years ago. Certificate published here on ECW. Likely when a completed product is ready for production, it will need a final review, but that would be to cover any new electronic device likely built with already approved components. A formality.

        Residential use is a different issue and probably wont be granted without several years of industrial use to provide a safety history. Microwaves were only approved after an extended period of commercial use.

      • Warthog

        Not quite….your statement needs to include the disclaimer “for use by the general public”. Industrial use is more flexible, and is often the source of long-term run information. Which, of course, describes exactly the way Rossi has approached certification.

  • John Williamson

    It never ceases to amaze me how others never cease to be amazed by promises that never cease to remain unfulfilled.

  • Gerard McEk

    It is about time that the astro physisists reconsider the BigBang Theory (BBT).
    See this conversation between Brokeeper and Andrea:

    October 24, 2017 at 8:03 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    Your E-Cat should not exist.
    In fact: ‘Scientists Have Concluded That The Universe Shouldn’t Really Exist.’
    It’s all an illusion.

    Andrea Rossi
    October 24, 2017 at 10:26 PM
    Don’t tell our Partners! Pretend it’s a joke.
    Warm Regards,

    What is easier than just drop the BBT in the bin? It conflicts with many more important details both on atomic- and on astro-physic level:
    – Dark Matter: Not found
    – Expansion of the visable space should slow down: not found
    – Creations of matter at the moment of the BB: Impossible (unless you except you don’t exist).
    – Galaxies can’t exist, but they do.
    I am sure there are other issues apart of the fact that the whole idea of the BBT is absurt as such. So it is about time to reconsider this and and find a theory that fits better!

  • Jas

    We talked about ths before. Once the secret is out then someone will knock them out cheaply and flog them on the black market. Counterfit QX’s out of the boot of a car down a side alley.

  • Gerard McEk

    Then, what is the purpose of the demo if it is forgotten afterwards….;)

  • Brokeeper

    I’m speaking of curing and prevention without death being a side effect. I know those who have died from the treatment and/or temporararily in remission.
    As many here, both my wife (twice) and I are cancer survivors, but have ongoing side effects that can’t be corrected but greatful to be alive. I’m speaking of discovered cures without side effects. Not many companies want to produce a product that reduces thier revenue. But the pharmaceutical companies go beyond that. They want products that sustain and increase thier revenues. They lock up or bury for good proven products that either prevent or cure cancer. Weekly, for decades, I have read about amazing discoveries that have erradicated completly the cancer or reduced its occurance, but never to hear from them again. You have to eventually ask yourself why that is.

  • Simon de Boer

    I fall off my stand in laughter. All organic life derives from need and greed. Without Survival of the Fittest you would all be few-celled organisms swimming in the mud. Life is the product of billions of battles between inequalities that worked out in your favor! A toast then to… Need and Greed! Civilized thinking is mainly a product of forgetting where it came from.

    • John Littlemist

      What is it with these bots(?) repeating already made comments?

  • Steve Swatman

    It would seem that the demonstration getting close has rattled the cages of the coal, oil and gas industry shills already, I didnt really expect them to get active until the date was actually announced. Could they know that they have something to fear.

  • Omega Z

    Various Nations will enforce the IP. They would only intervene if Rossi were not to bring it to market.