E-Cat QX Presentation, Live Thread #1

I will start posting materials that I receive from the E-Cat test location in this thread. It may not be very organized but I will try to keep up with I receive. I will add items to this thread until it gets too big, then will start another one.

This is the first photo taken by ECWreporter who was able to have a look around the presentation room at the IVA Conference Center in Stockholm on the day prior to the test.

ECWreporter is now at the conference center.

9:40 local time — ECWR: “Looks like start at 10”

10:12 local time — Mats Lewan is moderator.

A video clip from Mats’ Presentation:





Sorry this is all a bit confusing, I am getting links, but not sure what order they were filmed in. Below is a short clip of Rossi speaking:


This is a closeup video of water flowing


And another


Some more images:


Here’s an excerpt of Rossi speaking at the presentation. Audio is not good.

Some more information coming via ECWreporter:

2:29 Local time:

The meeting is now over, and took longer than expected. It was initially planned to run for 2 hours, but ran for closer to 4.

There were some problems taking readings from a spectrometer because the plasma in the QX was so small, and hard to focus the spectrometer on. This was apparently chosen as an additional method of measuring the temperature of the plasma.

Calculated COP reported to the audience was apparently around 300

There were measurements taken using two different resistors across the QuarkX, a 0 Ohm resistor, and an 800 Ohm resistor. ECWreporter did not have the details of the calculations taken, but they will be in the video.

Carl-Oscar Gullstroem gave a presentation on theoretical aspects of the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi took questions at the end.

It looks like we are going to have to wait for the official video to get a clear picture of all that took place, and that is predicted to be ready at noon US Eastern Time. I would not be surprised however, if it was delayed, just because if the event was longer than expected it might take longer to render. We’ll see how that goes.

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  • Canada watching. It’s 0:30 in BC Canada on west coast. Time to sleep and check in at 9:00 am PST for stream. Good luck. Will you wait I recommend this : https://twitter.com/PeterlooPete/status/933829011909705728

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  • Roul Sebastian John

    Just wondering… Is Mats Lewan also involved in organizing this event? I remember he announced his own “New Energy World Symposium” on the Ecat last year, but it had to be cancelled. He said it might happen later, but I haven’t heard anything from him since then….

    • Bob Greenyer

      He helped organise it.

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    I heard on the short livestream that Frank is not allowed to stream, so he shut down. Hope he can write something during the demo?

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    Take the pictures of any strange device connected to the ECAT (generators, oscilloscopes, control boxes) – especially waveform and frequencies!!! Take pictures of all wires around.

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    The person who will make the measurements is from endeavor (earlier: Tesoro)
    See for background:

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      Bob, Can u give brief overview at what we can see?

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    US here. From Salt Lake City. Site of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons’ seminal experiments.

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    Frank, is it possible to have a bit higher resolution of the pictures. They are non expandable thumbnails.

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    Any indications on what organisations/institutions are represented/present?

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      Giuseppe Levi, red sweater, sitting in first row

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        Good spot – I caught him in clearer shot above

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      I now think Hanno Essen is on left – either way he is there

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      Front row with the red pullover could be Levi. Better visible from Franks second google drive picture

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      Wonder if next to Hanno Essén two other persons of the Lugano team are sitting,
      Roland Pettersson and Lars Tegnér.

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        Got it.

  • Bob Greenyer


    0.12V in and 20V out – though without knowing the current, it could just be a transformer.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Maybe W, not V?

      • Bob Greenyer

        It was relayed as V – I guess we will have to see if it was misinterpreted.

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    Just interesting that the usual spy-bots following ECW has jumped from the usual six to 18 this morning.

    • Morning George – hope you are well. This event seems to be critical, so perhaps we’ll see something at last. I hope so, but…

      • Frank Acland

        Nice to see you here again Agaricus!

        • Hello Frank and Artefact, and thanks. This is really what I/we’ve been waiting for I think – lets hope it’s convincing.

          • artefact

            I think this is more something like what Mills has been doing for some time now.
            Search for partners and money.

          • Unfortunately, the search for partners and money seems to be the norm in this field. Considering that all more public attempts seem to have come to nothing though, that’s probably a good thing.

      • artefact


      • georgehants

        Morning Peter, great to hear from you, hope all is well, sorry it took a while to answer, the automatic updates on page are not working for me correctly and I have to refresh every so often.
        Have received e-mail from GreenWins friend who came to visit me this summer, that he is ok and should receive e-mail shortly.
        Fingers crossed for today but hope you stay on ECW, miss your comments.

        • Hi George. I seem to have missed some news about GreenWin – I hope there is nothing serious going on.

          As you say – fingers crossed.

          • georgehants

            Peter, GreenWin has asked for all to be confidential, so I cannot answer, sorry.
            Toes as well, ha.

          • Fair ‘nough, but my hopes unaffected.

            Some of the more technical ‘regulars’ seem unhappy – I sincerely hope their fears will be resolved.

  • Gian Luca

    Andrea, maybe, was born in Lesa (NO). Lake Major. Right?

  • orsobubu

    I’m just copying here a comment from an an italian forum

    From one of the
    first photos received, it is noticed that the heat is removed via a
    closed circuit with water circulated with a pump.
    The volume inside the container appears to be 2 liters (if the graduation is in liters).
    They should therefore measure the rising ramp of the water temperature in the container.

  • Gerard McEk

    The video with the voice of Rossi shows an oscilloscope showing a picture where a untriggerable signal is switched on and off

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    Hmmm, expected more than a plastic jug…

    • artefact

      Its translutient and glas would be more heat conductive.

      • wpj

        Yes, but I would have expected something a bit more “professional” and maybe some insulation

        • artefact

          IMO insulation would just make it not translutient anymore and with negligible input power it is not necessary.

          • wpj

            But it gives the LENR Forum guys a lot of leeway.

          • Engineer48

            Hi Artefact,

            Negligible input power needs to be measured and PROVEN.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The pump will be providing more than negligible power via compression of the water

          • Monty

            really bob?
            compression of water?
            4.6×10^–10 Pa^-1
            you really think that has any effect whatsoever?

          • Bob Greenyer

            not really, however, in our me356 test, which used a very similar pump, there was a significant power draw pulse.

            I understand the triplet QX is being run 1/3rd power, so only a 20W output that leaves every other factor 3X more significant.

          • Monty

            but the compression of water is so incredibly small…
            there must be other things more worthy to put your attention to

          • Bob Greenyer

            See my list at the top.

            I have learnt a long time ago that getting all the facts together is more important that starting out by assuming I know which are significant – since after a test is run – you can’t go back and guess what the missing thing might have been.

          • Monty

            I dont think this “test” is in any way thorough but just to put Rossi back on the map. If he really has what he claims…

          • Bob Greenyer

            I agree with all you say – but, by just thinking about this test a little bit more (I spent around 30mins) he could have been on the map far more without revealing anything.

            I hope there is a lot more supporting info to come – but the physical display does not inspire confidence.

          • Monty

            well i would likte to see the whole event before i judge it,
            But from my perspective this can only be a starting point and Rossi has to present something more extraordinary to really support his claims. But maybe this is not the intention of this demonstration.

          • Monty

            from what i have learnt in this whole saga Rossi and the people around him are not stupid. So if something is as it is I from my point must suppose it is like this by intention.

          • Bob Greenyer

            They are not stupid, that is for sure, but to what end?

          • Monty

            that indeed is an interesting question 😉

          • Bob Greenyer

            I agree, I am not judging the event, but on the face of it – there are going to have to be some pretty convincing testimonials before it can be accepted as presented.

            I think that there does not appear to be an intention to be convincing, but I hope there will be.

        • Timar

          It’s much better this way: it’s “transparent” and any measurement error due to heat loss will make the calculation more conservative.

          • Vinney

            You wonder how they design winning F1 cars.

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    Martyn in Amesbury UK, watching and hoping this will be the start of the Great Breakout!

  • Gerard McEk

    Some values of temperature, on-off times, power-in/out, flow would be interesting. They must be available now….

  • Engineer48

    Alan, or anybody, can you confirm the output flow temp sensor is actually in the middle of the water stream and not touching the tubing walls nor the casing of the reactor?

    This is not clear from the videos and pictures.

    Has anybody seen how input power is being calculated?

    Measuring the voltage drop across a 1 ohm series resistor will reveal current flowing through the QX but not the voltage across the QX.

    From the images, there seems to be no measurement of the voltage drop across the QX, just the current flowing through a series connected resistor.

    • Gerard McEk

      As of the report the resistance of the QX is near to zero.;)
      I hope that is measured too.
      The signal on the scope is not very stable and on-off. I hope people can be convinced that it can be used for power measurement. I would be very critical.
      I see also nasty high peaks…

      • Bob Greenyer

        Yes there are regular high peaks.

      • Engineer48

        Hi Gerard,

        Voltage drop across the QX MUST be measured and shown.

        Then need to use a high quality true RSM meter to measure and calc the real QX input power.

        This is TOO important to ASSUME anything.

  • Bob Greenyer

    higher frequency component on carrier wave – periodic application – with spikes


    • artefact

      Looks similar to the “superwave”.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Exactly my thoughts. Would need the time base stretched out to confirm. Actually, having the time base would be super useful (assuming it works!)

  • luca

    Is there a live-streaming of the event?

    • Frank Acland

      No, it is not permitted according to Mats.

      • Gerard McEk

        I thought there would be a video stream at about 12 east US time?

        • Frank Acland

          I meant audience members streaming live from the meeting was not permitted. Yes, video will be available on ecat.com

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks frank for being up so early to monitor this!

          • georgehants

            Yes and also many thanks to all you technical guys, without which many of us would not be aware of the meaning of it all.

    • artefact

      But there wil be a video of the event in about 6 hours.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Need to know
    – Locations of TCs (absolutely critical)
    – Make of USB TC module
    – Make of pump (to calculate any input power delivered via compressive pulses)
    – Make of scales (to determine accuracy)
    – Make of oscilloscope
    – Diameter of all fluid pipes (as water will be retained in these)
    – Surface area of bowl (as evaporation will increase reducing water in closed loop)
    – Current in system
    – Black box electrical schematic
    – Time base of oscilloscope

    Problems with test
    – bowl of water is not stirred
    – weight of pipes on bowl
    – no insulation
    – very low flow rate
    – closed loop so thermal losses will increase and efficiency of heat transfer will decrease

    • Max Nozin

      Three last points are not important if cop is high. Agree?

      • Bob Greenyer

        No, the length of the tests is SO short, that it is nearly impossible to claim any COP with any credibility, so as much detail is needed as possible for a plausible appraisal. My list is in no way exhaustive, but most aspects could have been dealt with easily.

        I hope I am wrong, I hope there is more that will come.

    • Concur with all the above and then this: You don’t just put a complex waveform on a scope and wonder what to do next. What’s needed is full knowledge of the Fourier spectrum, from which the RMS power (the sums of the squared components) can be calculated. An Analogue to digital converter into a computer would certainly suffice, with the likes of MatLab making short work of the FFT and power spectrum.

      Matts could also have hired a hard-wired instrument to do this RMS measurement but he’d first need to find the maximum frequency present and that is where you could use a scope but, of course, you’d need to have the time base set to a calibrated setting. That looks like a chirp signal on which they’ve adjusted the time base between calibrated settings in order to freeze it on the screen.

      All this really shows how difficult it is to second guess anyone’s experimental setup without actually being there and cross examining every aspect of it.

      • Bob Greenyer

        This was a still I grabbed from one of the shared videos.

        One thing that can be determined is the time between zero or no signal and this.

        • – do you mean the period of the chirp envelope?

          • Bob Greenyer

            No – in the video, you see this waveform, and periodically the oscilloscope shows a flat (possible with offset) trace.

          • Strewth – a kind of signal, modulated by a chirp but all that modulated by a square wave!? I need a drink!

          • Bob Greenyer

            with spikes (though these might be discharges).

          • Well, yes, and the problem with spikes/discharges is their very high frequencies and the scope may not have the frequency response to see them. So what you could be seeing is a band-limited version of what is actually there.

          • Bob Greenyer

            There are discharges – and they start at the point the waveform is turned on

          • roseland67

            Are the “very high frequencies”
            typical Multiples of the local fundamental?

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Rossi uses typically a PCE-830, which is capable of handling complex waveforms. I guess that the oscilloscope has another function. Ideally, it should display the voltage drop across the reactor. In this case, it might suffice to roughly estimate if that voltage is low enough to be ignored in the COP calculations.

  • Bård Havre

    This is useless, get organised.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Roul Sebastian John

      YES! That’s the right link! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Bob Greenyer

    Good point

  • Deffoda Jonnyto

    Please use something else, I recommend MEGA.NZ for speed..

    Google drive error:
    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

  • MeyerF

    What we see in this part is a complete nonsense.
    I am sorry, this demo is for nothing !!!

    • Vinney

      What we see at this point was not meant to be broadcast for worldwide audience, but for benefit of experts who may then have valuable input on official broadcast starting a few hours time.
      That Rossi allows this, proves he is now confident of his product. The official ecat.com video broadcast is the information offered for worldwide scrutiny.

  • Roul Sebastian John

    I have not attended any of Rossi’s previous presentations. So, can anyone of you guys tell if this current event looks really more professional / convincing / impressive / comprehensive than the ones before? Or is it still too early to tell? It is surely not (yet) a presentation of a marketable product, or is it?

  • Brokeeper

    Good morning E-Cat family! It’s a grand day! (7:30 from Ohio)

  • Some points of reference.

    A 9V battery has about 5.5 Wh of energy.

    The tungsten filament of an incandescent light bulb can reach temperatures of over 2500 deg C.

  • Roul Sebastian John

    “Here’s an excerpt of Rossi speaking at the presentation. Audio is not good.”
    Actually, I do not hear anything. Maybe my laptop’s speakers are too weak?
    Can you give an indication of what Lewan and Rossi were talking about?

    Another minor issue: Youtube does not let me open your videos here on this page because they were “blocked by the owner” (retranslated from the German message). Maybe you have to “unblock” them somehow? But it’s not so important, the videos can be watched if opened in a separate tab.

    • artefact

      Works for me. It is a bit quiet but you can turn your speaker louder.

  • artefact

    Don’t fall from your chair watching the latest video [excerpt of Rossi speaking]. Some loud sound interrupt at two ocasions (for example at ~07:50)

    • Deffoda Jonnyto

      in-ear earphones user. I wish I’ve seen this before. my ears hurts now.

  • artefact

    Rossi talks of doing spectrometry (during the show?)

  • Bob Greenyer

    Weeks ago, MFMP directors asked me what they should get next for their experiments.

    I said “A van-de-graff generator”

    Why, because that is what Hutchison uses – he used to use a tesla coil.

    • Hmm, well, a Van der Graf produces EHT DC and a Tesla coil HT AC. Can EVO’s be produced by either?

      • Bob Greenyer

        See my post below.

        Shoulders says EVOs are in Hutchison Effect.

        Hutchison used RF interferometry in combination with HV DC field, first by Tesla coil and then by VDG

        Transmutation in Hutchinson samples are in line with LENR.

    • Alan DeAngelis
      • Bob Greenyer

        This video will form part of my “Crushing Matter” video. Sadly, the sample was sold for $750 a few years back – Damn I would have loved to test it.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Since, as demonstrated by Hutchison and me356 (and elsewhere), you can create light without extra heat through specific stimulation of CCs, I am not sure the determining power from looking at spectrum is a valid method.

    • OK, so is Hutchison still around and active? Does his Tesla coil and VDG still work? Could you somehow team up with him and replicate his CC work but, of course, document it?

      Actually, way back when, the Auckland Physics Dept scored a hand-me-down Van der Graf generator from Harwell (I think it was) so maybe you could do some high tech “dumpster diving” with the likes of Aarhus. Hey, its 3am here!

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hutchison has moved on – but, other angles are well advanced

  • Rip Kirbyian

    I agree. If Lewan, Essén and Levi still hangs around AFTER being accused for taking part/being used for the conspiracy they must be quite confident that Rossi has something.

  • Gerard McEk

    Unfortunately this illegal video has poor sound an I have no simple means to improve that. I have to wait for the official streaming of this event.

    • Frank Acland

      It wasn’t illegal to take videos and record, just streaming live was verboten.

      • Gerard McEk

        OK, I misunderstood, your German is improving though, Frank

  • Bob Greenyer

    I hope the other directors in the MFMP will now agree to investing in van-de-graff generator.

    After going on about this since I made the connection between shoulders and hutchison I got round to spelling it out.

    On the 29th of September, when asked “What Next” I wrote this to the group

    “If you are using a non metallic core containment for the excess heat stages, I would suggest adding a high voltage electro-static field. Simplest way is with a van-de-graff generator.


    This is for designs that use some oscillating light MW/RF. I would try to get metals with a length or diameter 1/2 the EM wavelength or any length that permits standing wave in sample.

    Have a magnet standing by.”

  • Engineer48

    Wait for it:


    Both a flash of light from INSIDE the QX and an audio click.

    There are 2 flashes and clicks.

    • pelgrim108

      After watching it again I saw 2 flashes and the corresponding sound 2 times without the seeing it. Seems to be quit regular. Maybe every 5 seconds or so. Maybe its related to a spectrometer? Yes/No?

    • Bob Greenyer

      The spark / flash happens at the moment the modulated waveform begins.

      • Gerrit

        yep noticed that too, but my comment is still in moderation

  • Bohem FromCz

    Frank, forget any special measurment. Take care to what is central power, from where is system feed !!!
    And Take care to time and what °C increase the volume of water !!!!

    • pelgrim108

      Frank is not present there.

  • Rip Kirbyian

    Yes, he will probably do that. However, I think the silence from the Lugano team is quite disturbing. Since they have lended their scientific credibility to Rossi I would expect them to have a more open communication about what is happening.

    • Indeed. Their knowledge of the situation could change things abruptly were they to share it.

  • pelgrim108

    Yes, I confirm its around 8 seconds. You can hear or see it every 8 seconds.

  • Gian Luca

    ….smettere? Perché hai scelto questo verbo?
    Sembra che tu abbia una dipendenza che può farti dl male.
    Puoi spiegarmi?
    Per quanto riguarda il resto posso solo immaginare quale sia lo choc per chi deve far quadrare i conti (guadagni) con altri “materiali”.
    Le teorie di Preparata/DelGiudice sono tutt’ora valide e applicabili. Non pensi?

  • Ged

    This was a more fancy event than I figured. Thank you to ECWreporter for taking the time to send us all this great correspondence and intel!

  • fusionrudy

    How many people were present you estimate? Did you meet or hear about important industry representatives in the room?

  • COP of 300 is pretty tasty.

    The energy out calculations are not going to have a very big error bar… straightforward change in temperature of flowing water stuff. Energy in is more problematic, but perhaps information in the video will put an upper bound on it.

    Of course they controlled all the instruments and the experiment did not really run long enough to rule out chemical so the debate will rage on regardless of what’s in the video.

    • artefact

      As the QX ran at 30% the COP could go way up when run with 100%. (Better than linear)

      • Any real-world COP over 6 essentially leads to approximately free energy (eventually). So 300… 2000… jackpot either way.

        • Omega Z

          Anything beyond COP>20 is of little consequence and anything beyond COP>100 is easily lost in the noise.

  • HS61AF91

    Sorry to hear this, regret kidding about it. Hope that the healing occurs posthaste.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Spark on, spark off – Interval between spark on approximately 8.3s

    Audio frequency of click on isolated and enhanced for registration


    • Engineer48

      Hi Bob,

      Nicely done mate.

      Also zoomed into the flashes, slowed it down and pushed the gamma.

      There are lower intensity light pulses after the big 1st one.

      • psi2u2

        Can Enginneer48 or Bob please speculate on the interpretation of these observations, for the same of us beginners. How significant is this in terms of validating Rossi’s claims for this test?

        • Engineer48

          Hi Psi,

          Supports the generation of a plasma inside the QX.

          Need more data to support COP, flow rate, water temp difference and input power.

          • psi2u2

            Thanks! What is the proposed relationship between the plasma spark and the modulated wave form? Again, perhaps self-evident to many but worth explanation for the rest of us.

          • Engineer48

            Hi Psi,

            When the digital scope displays the input wave form or when the control box drives the QX, the bright light appears. Suggesting the input signal to the QX somehow initiates an internal plasma that creates a very bright light and the clicking sound.

            Process would then be that the energy in the plasma burst heats the QX metal body and warms the water passing through it.

            It should be noted that the colour of the light as observed is not white but has a yellowish hue.

      • Bob Greenyer

        NOTE: The delay between Spark on and off and the response from the oscilloscope is most likely from the camera to projector loop since the Audio is basically real time, but the video is recorded with this inherent delay.

  • Alex Ruiz

    Aside from measurements and results, I wonder if I am the only one seriously impressed by Rossi’s behaviour and aspect.

    • Jouni Tuomela


  • By my manual stopwatch it seems on slightly longer than off… so it seems to almost fit. There’s kind of a lag in the scope it seems cause it freezes for a moment before clearing so it’s hard to be exact about it.

    • Bruce__H

      I would accept the moment the trace freezes as the moment that the stimulation signal is turned off.

      • In that case it’s about 50/50 or slightly longer off.

  • Pre-video situation update:

    For those just joining us this story has been going on for years without a clear resolution. The possibilities are…

    1. Andrea Rossi, Italian inventor, has managed to engineer a device that through a poorly understood most likely nuclear mechanism is able to output multiples of energy out in the form of heat than are fed into the device. Far more than chemical… more along the lines of the energy density of nuclear fission reactors… but without any harmful radiation and using inexpensive materials. If it’s true it’s a game-changer that will result in cheap abundant green energy for the whole planet.

    2. There’s been some mistake. Measurements have been botched and Rossi doesn’t really have what he thinks he has.

    3. Massive fraud by Rossi and his team, numbering at least 4 co-conspirators, over the span of years. This was alleged by Industrial Heat, Rossi’s previous partner, in a case that was settled before trial earlier this year. In that case, Rossi was shown to be deceitful when it suited his business purposes.


    Today’s meeting so far:

    * Will not prove definitively that the E-Cat QX works as claimed for the simple fact it was not independent. Rossi and his team controlled the instruments.

    * Even though possibility #2 was deader than dead coming into this event, it’s another nail in its coffin. The COPs are just too high.

    * #3 just became a little less likely as a new person is involved in the measurements: Hurley. So did the team of conspirators just get a +1?

    * The presence of some of the Lugano testers (there were some previous relatively independent tests conducted by scientists) indicates some degree of continued interest. Seems this also makes #3 less likely.

    * Demonstrates that, if it is fraud, the fraud still continues on as bold as ever despite Rossi and his team already pocketing over $10M from Industrial Heat.

    Awaiting the video to see what we can learn.

    • Engineer48

      Hi LenrG,

      Maybe you can explain how a click was generated and a Yellowish Greenish light was emitted from the end of the QX every time it was driven by the control box?

      One way was a plasma was created inside the QX every time the QX received a drive signal.



      Please watch the video.

      • Easy enough to fake if you wanted to E48.

        Look, people basically know where I stand on this. I think it’s real. But I’m not going to declare it’s been proven until the possibility of fraud is completely eliminated.

        • Engineer48

          Hi LenrG,

          Fake it how? Use a LED? QX input voltage is way too low to drive a LED.

          How to then explain the water temperature difference?

          I do agree we need to see a LOT more data.

          • There’s enough room for some batteries in the hidden core. And yeah an LED for the colored light which hardly uses any juice at all.

          • Engineer48

            Hi LenrG,

            LEDS need at least 1vdc to reverse bias the junction.

          • Sure… and by the looks of it there’s enough room to put a ring of 9V batteries in there hidden from sight. Who’s to say it’s not just a filament, some batteries and some LED lights.

            On Edit: Not to say that’s what I think is happening here. Just wary of making assumptions is all.

          • Engineer48

            Hi LenrG,

            Data I have seen suggests the QX is a current driven device with a constant voltage drop of a few 10 of millivolts. Nothing electronic will respond to voltage that low.

            So even if batteries inside how to switch then on and off?

          • I don’t know exactly but hardly strikes me as impossible.

          • Engineer48

            Hi LenrG,

            OK as an EE, yes it could be done. Just needs an op amp to amplify the tiny input voltage.

          • psi2u2

            Hi Engineer,

            What is your simplest short explanation of why you believe this is not what was done?

          • Engineer48

            Hi Psi,

            Can’t comment as I need to see more data.

          • psi2u2

            I look forward to your commentary when you have more data.

          • Engineer48

            Hi Psi,

            My gut feeling is what I have seen so far is not conclusive. But I have yet to see all the data.

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Bremsstrahlung from the MeV alphas stirring up the electrons?

          • I mean… your theory is as good as mine. Maybe Gullstrom has nailed it. Who knows.

    • sam

      I pick #1

  • Deffoda Jonnyto

    nothing will ever be unequivocal until multiple teams make the same mesurements on multiple reactors, and Rossi will never allow this before the product reaches the market.

  • Edac

    Although everything may be genuine, nothing about this demonstration can be said to be unequivocal.

  • artefact

    Looking foreward to a looong video to watch this evening. I hope they do not cut much.
    And of course to the various reports.

  • pelgrim108

    60 minutes till the non-livestream starts. ( If there are no delays )

    • Frank Acland

      I would not be surprised if there was a delay, since the presentation went longer than expected. The video would be longer than expected and could take longer to render.

  • pelgrim108

    SIfferkoll has some nice new photos and mentions a COP of ~ 550.

  • EEStorFanFibb

    who is the guy sitting to Rossi’s right in Sifferkoll’s pics

  • pelgrim108
    • Engineer48

      Hi PelGrim,

      Do note the red glow at the left and right ends of the QX housing. The left red glow location is where we saw the light flashes.

      • pelgrim108

        Yes, now I see it. Interesting. Nice find.

        • Engineer48

          Rossi did say in the past, that the plasma colour could be altered.

          • pelgrim108

            It could be just afterglow during demontage.

  • pelgrim108
  • Good morning from Canada. Hope the demo went well. 7 minutes to Delayed video stream available here? Or on http://ECAT.COM (Fri 24/11 : ~ 09:00 PST : noon EST : 5 pm GMT)

  • artefact

    Thread 2 is opened.

  • Engineer48

    Here are the flash and non flash QX ends for comparison.


    Seems to be a Yellowish Greenish flash.

  • Appreciate update on expected video availability time. Here right? http://e-catworld.com/demo/

  • pelgrim108
    • gdaigle

      Ah, so the pump is in the white box. Thanks.

      • pelgrim108

        The pump is visible next to the transparent water container.

  • Today, FRIDAY #AndreaRossi ‘s demonstration of new #LENR reactor #ECAT QX was a success! The Coefficient of Performance (Power out/Power in) “COP” was 300! Video Stream delayed so far 40 minutes – http://e-catworld.com/demo/

  • Bob Greenyer
    • Talk is cheap.

      • Bob Greenyer

        That was a lot of work by Ken Shoulders in the early 2000s, published in 2005.

        This is talk, by me 😉

        So, might go something like this – discharge, to initiate EVOs, build using waveform, accelerate – hits target material with smaller flash and transmutes, transmutation generates heat. Little power needed during wait for transmutation. Rinse, repeat. CCs prevent ionising radiation. Heat / Light and electricity possible. Too much electricity draw down and no transmutation.

        That’s talk.

        • Do you plan to build and test?

          • Bob Greenyer

            I’d absolutely love to! But, the devil is in the details. And neither party has great description of their work. However, Adamenko does, but his publish device is just a one strike wonder – though, to his massive credit, it was based on sound understanding and worked first time and repeatedly since.

            I have a lot of tests already done to write up and publish, then other equipment waiting to be used on both sides of the pond and then more tests scheduled – but my understanding is advancing, and as always I will make it public regardless ASAP.

          • It’d be enough just to prove the creation and flux of EVOs. The rest just kind of follows naturally… no need to build a complete reactor. Perhaps there’s a simpler way to test just that.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I know Alan Smith is working on that and I have offered to collaborate and we discuss it regularly.

            I firmly believe now our “signal” was an EVO blowing up (all the hallmarks – looks like a beta burst, took out not-connected equipment).

          • Bob Greenyer

            The good thing is that nothing of Ken’s is patentable, since hist first patents have lapsed and he deliberately published stuff like the above so they could not be patented.

    • Alan DeAngelis
      • Bob Greenyer

        I believe it is something like this with some modifications.

        Shoulders (and to a lesser extent Adamenko) put an insulator in between the electrodes. This forces the electrons to bunch up before the insulator breakdown voltage. Then when in an EVO guide, you want to (in Ken Shoulders terms) feed them electrons and ions, in this case more protons, to beef up the charge cluster. Then you want to accelerate them to the target.

        When they hit the target they will do their stuff.

        • Very interesting Bob but do you have a link to that Adamenko patent to hand? I’d be curious to see how IP free we’d all still be to pursue the use of CC’s for Open Science.

  • Frank Acland

    I heard people there were impressed, but no quotes yet.

  • clovis ray

    So what have we learned it is all confusing is the test over where was the coverage, what is next ,
    where are all the pictures ,I seen none of the instruments much of anything thing else, was this on purpose what’s going on now.

    • artefact

      We are waiting that the video gets posted.

      (Rossi says on: Ecat.com, Ecatworld, Youtube and other places)

      • clovis ray

        Thanks, artefact so what what’s your take on the demo, what was the reaction of the invites was there cheering heard, smIle. 😄.

        • artefact

          I don’t have enough information to give you an answer. Even metadata are missing. But I somehow have the impression that it is a good sign.

  • Bob Greenyer

    IMPO, with many caveats, this reactor shows Rossi does understand the process and has likely made it practical.

    If it is too close to Adamenko / Shoulders though, I don’t see how he can claim patent other than strike targets. Aluminium, being the lowest melting point by far of the top four most conductive elements and having demonstrated in Hutchison’s work in the 80s to readily transmute is a great choice. Lithium and Hydrogen are very good feeds for EVOs to capture ions of and Nickel is a very good transmutation target, particularly 62Ni – since EVOs only want to create Stable Atoms and there is none more stable.

    • Omega Z

      NO One can patent LENR. All one can patent is unique designs of hardware technology that makes it viable. The aim of which is you hope you have covered the most promising.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Love it.

    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear it.
      Would be great to have some more independent test performed….

      • Bob Greenyer

        If he is open to it it can be considered.

  • MeyerF

    What happend with the video, that showes the E-cat QX demo in Stockholm?
    We wait since 3 hours, and checked on ecat.com, ecatworld.org, youtube.com –
    Who knows, what happend ???

    • psi2u2

      Unknown among anyone who is talking.

      Some delay was expected due to the original demo lasting for 2 extra hours. But it has not been confirmed by any knowledgeable party that this is the cause of the delay or when the upload can be expected — at least not that I have seen.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, the crowd is in a frenzy of anticipation.


      • artefact

        All we have at the moment is a video of a hidden camera probably from the conference center’s bathroom while the demo was going on.
        (with music from a Swedish goup)


    • sam

      Maybe they are all partying

  • MorganMck

    I hope the QX production roll-out goes better than the roll-out of its demo video (although I’m not sure why we should think it would).

  • georgehants

    On the home page this morning I get nothing but VioMag anybody know what that means.

    • Morning George. I got the same thing – it seems to be an intermittant fault. Its probably best the watch the original YouTube offering anyway (at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=862&v=lkj-7whwpUk ).

      • georgehants

        Morning Peter, ha, I don’t watch the videos etc. but wait for you knowledgeable guys to interpret if anything worthwhile came out of the demo.
        No comments on page for hours, I thought what with that dead homepage something had gone wrong.
        Do you think any advance in the situation was achieved?
        I am sure Frank is having and deserves a lie-in this morning.

        • Caveat – I’m no expert George! I’m still watching the recording of the event (sort of – its running on my second screen anyway). I think there’s another 50 minutes or so to go, but its looking hopeful – at least if the obvious (and quite plentiful) possible ‘fixes’ are ignored, and the data is accepted as is.

          • georgehants

            OK, I shall wait until everybody has absorbed and analysed the situation, time for lunch and a glass of Red, I did not open my bottle yesterday as could not pick-up any celebrations on page.

  • sam

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