Announcement: New Energy World Symposium — Stockholm, June 18-19, 2018

The following announcement comes from Mats Lewan at the New Energy World Symposium website here.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the New Energy World Symposium will hold its first session on June 18-19, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden.

As originally planned, the Symposium will address the implications for industry, financial systems, and society, of a radically new energy source called LENR—being abundant, cheap, carbon-free, compact and environmentally clean.

Such implications could be as disruptive as those of digitalization, or even more. For example, with such an energy source, all the fuel for a car’s entire life could be so little that it could theoretically be pre-loaded at the time of the car’s manufacture.

Ticket sales for the conference will start shortly when the program has been fully defined and selected speakers have been added. Meanwhile, attendees can pre-register here to be sure to be alerted when ticket sales start.

An initial list of speakers can be found on the front page of the Symposium’s website.

[Speakers listed so far: Mats Lewan, Bob Greenyer, John Joss, David Orban, Jim Dunn, Thomas Grimshaw, John Mitchell, Stephen Bannister, David Gwynne-Evans, David H Bailey]

For suggestions on additional speakers with awareness of the LENR field and with expertise about a particular industry, especially the energy industry, or the challenges of introducing new technology, please contact us.


The decision to re-launch the symposium, that was originally planned to be held 2016, is based on a series of events and developments.

One important invention based on LENR technology is the E-Cat, developed by the Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi. Starting in 2015, Rossi performed a one-year test of an industrial scale heat plant, producing one megawatt of heat—the average consumption of about 300 Western households.

The test was completed on February 17, 2016, and a report by an independent expert confirmed the energy production.

Unfortunately, a conflict between Andrea Rossi and his U.S. licensee Industrial Heat led to a lawsuit that slowed down further development of the E-Cat technology. This was also why the original plans for the New Energy World Symposium had to be canceled.

In Juli, 2017, a settlement was reached implying that IH had to return the license. During the litigation, IH claimed that neither the report, nor the test was valid, but no conclusive proof for this was ever produced.

Meanwhile, Andrea Rossi continued to develop the third generation of his reactor, the E-Cat QX, which was demoed on November 24, 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden. Andrea Rossi has now signed an agreement with a yet undisclosed industrial partner for funding an industrialization of the heat generator, initially aiming at industrial applications.

The E-Cat reaction has also been replicated by others. In March 2017, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan reported such a replication.

A few pioneering companies are developing similar technologies, among them Brilliant Light PowerBrillouin Energy and Unified Gravity Corporation, while individual researchers and research groups such as Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have been reporting progress in the field.

Altogether, there are increasingly strong indications that the LENR effect is real and also that energy products might arrive in the market earlier than many have expected. And since the implications of such a compact, abundant, clean and flexible carbon-free energy source will be huge, we think that it’s important to hold the symposium to increase the understanding and prepare for a New Energy World.


  • Dr. Mike

    It would be great if Brilliant Light Power were invited to the symposium, and they agree to present an update on their technology at the symposium.

  • roseland67

    Has anyone put together a testing protocol for the Ecat/variants?
    Essentially, “Before I buy, these tests must completed to my satisfaction and in the presence of my engineers and no cost to me” etc?

    • LarryJ

      A money back guarantee should do the trick. The customer only has to check his power bill. Easy peasy.

      • Bruce__H

        Didn’t work for IH.

        • LarryJ

          IH was not a customer. They bought but did not pay for an IP. They reneged on the agreed terms of a contract and as a result were forced to relinquish their rights in an out of court settlement.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    By the
    way, Mills at Brilliant Light Power claims to have a chemical reaction not a
    nuclear reaction.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Yes, according to Mills there are no nuclear reactions involved – although it has been suspected that under certain conditions nuclear side effects might occur. Instead of “chemical”, I would use the term “neochemical” (coined by Alan Goldwater from the MFMP, I think). That term would also fit Santilli’s theory of “magnecules” – which is, however, different from Mills’ approach.

      A point of agreement between both (and other) theories is the involvement of a ‘dense’ hydrogen species. If this is the key to all forms of so-called “LENR” remains to be seen. At least, neochemical reactions with optional nuclear side effects might explain why sometimes radiation and/or transmutations are observed and sometimes not, even if there is excess heat beyond the known chemical limits.

  • Dr. Mike

    Wouldn’t that be nice!

  • HS61AF91

    Warms my heart, to read this Announcement.

  • Bob Greenyer

    If we can get some good testing done with the ‘Super NOVA’ in the first half of the year, perhaps we can get permission to bring it to Stockholm and do a show and tell.

    First look inside the Super NOVA controller.

    This video is designed to ensure permanence of the research and to prevent this work from being lost as it so nearly was.

    For those inclined to do reverse engineering, here is another close-up video

    and some high resolution stills

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