UFOs Hit Mainstream News with Revelations about Secret Pentagon Research Program

All of a sudden anomalous technology is front and center in the mainstream news. The New York Times on December 16 published an article about the Pentagon’s $22 million “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification” program that investigated reports of UFO sightings. The program officially ended in 2012, but actually continued in secrecy led by Pentagon military intelligence official Luiz Elizondo who resigned from the program in October 2017 because of what he thought was excessive secrecy and from internal opposition.

The following video shows Mr. Elizondo being interviewed on CNN by Erin Burnett about his participation in the program, along with some footage of a US Military encounter with an anomalous craft.

In the interview, Elizondo states that there is still a lot that is unknown about some of the observations made in the program, but he says that they have identified some “very, very interesting anomalous type of aircraft, things that don’t any obvous flight surfaces, any obvious forms of propulsion, and maneuvering in ways that include extreme maneuverability, beyond, I would submit, the healthy g-forces of a human or anything biological, hypersonic velocities, low observability, positive lift — again seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics . . . I will tell you unequivocally that through the observations, scientific methodologies that were applied to look at this phenomenon, that these aircraft are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory, nor any foreign inventory that we are aware of.”

Former Nevada Senator and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid was a leading force behind the program, and much of the research of the program was carried out by Navada billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. Bigelow told the New York Times that he considers the United States to be the most backward country in its approach to UFO phenomena: “Our scientists are scared of being ostracized, and our media is scared of the stigma.”

According to the New York Times article, Senator Reid pushed for more secrecy over the program, recommending that it be given a “restricted special access program” designation. Luis Elizondo, on the other hand, after resigning from the Pentagon has joined with a commercial venture, a Public Benefit Corporation called To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science which has the goal of bringing more attention to the subject of transformative technologies that could benefit the human race.

The New York Times story has triggered a host of coverage in the news media across the United States, and around the world. Over recent decades there have been thousands and thousands of reports of unidentified aircraft doing things that could not be possible with known human technologies, but which have been mostly ignored or dismissed by mainstream science and the press — this is the stigma that Robert Bigelow refers to. With more openness, that might change.

  • sam
    • Gennadiy

      In the USSR, too, there was such a program to study UFOs. It was called “Grid-U”. From 1978 to 1992. The cost of the program is 80 million rubles, or, at the prices of that time, 166 million dollars.
      They then could not explain this phenomenon. To explain it, we need a new physics and a transition to a new scientific paradigm.
      There are no extraterrestrials there.
      In ancient Greece, people explained the lightning with sparks from the wheels of the chariot of God Zeus. In our time people read a lot of science fiction literature.
      Therefore, they explained everything incomprehensible to the actions of aliens. 🙂
      Therefore, a lot of different ufologists emerged who, with their stupidity, raised a lot of dust and severely marginalized these studies. Today the word ufologist is perceived as not quite normal person. On the Internet a lot of videos with their delusions. And, a lot of really observed objects, but a lot of computer fakes.
      After the collapse of the USSR in 1992, most of the materials on the program were sold by the colonel of the Russian Defense Ministry to Americans for a ridiculous $ 3,000.
      Perhaps the Pentagon used these materials.
      But you will agree that the amount of work for $ 166 million is much more than works for $ 22 million.
      And it seems that 22 million dollars and 20 years of research did not explain these physical phenomena. Pentagon employees need to read science fiction much less.
      But if in the Pentagon they really think that UFOs are aliens’ ships, then it is necessary to hand them an American flag in order to meet with aliens. 🙂
      But taxpayers’ money will be put to the wind … 🙂

  • Martin Lund

    First Trump and now stuff like this. The US DoD budget is bananas. America, you have fallen.

    • nietsnie

      Well… no-one in an official capacity has concluded that ‘it must be aliens’. These unidentified flying objects keep being reported by credible pilots who have logged a lot of hours. They have seen things apparently flying in the air that they could not explain. It’s not just military pilots either – commercial pilots report having seen them too. So often, in fact, that some have reported that they don’t report them anymore.

      To my mind, it’s good that they have reported what they saw, and good that the gov. reacted by investigating. Also good that the gov. doesn’t claim to have reached a conclusion as to what the pilots saw. Currently, they’re still just classified as flying objects that have not been identified. But the behavior of the objects certainly causes questions. Some rush to fill that void with their favorite explanation. But others, correctly, maintain a large internal storage for things they can’t explain and file it there.

      As a young man on spring break from college on Mustang island in Texas, an entire group of us witnessed something a mile or two away that was maneuvering in ways that we had never witnessed before. Sharp, right-angle – and even acute-angle – high-speed changes in direction and video-game-like acceleration. Too maneuverable to be a jet; too fast to be a helicopter. What we saw was a flying object that we could not identify, nor could we identify a technology that could explain its movement. We could not hear it at all. Not necessarily aliens – but spooky none the less. It was night and whatever it was looked like a large light being deliberately controlled by an intelligence to us.

      I will reveal that tequila was involved but, in my heart of hearts, I do not believe that its involvement was germane to our observation.

  • Bob Greenyer

    On March 23rd 2017 in Prague, I told a major MFMP donor of my own personal experience as a young boy.

    On the 8th December 2017, I told a number of people in the LENR community of this exact same experience.

    What I and my siblings witnessed was no coincidence. Perhaps more will be less willing to dismiss my own experience in the near future as the revelations continue.

    In the meantime, I will refer to the poem I first wrote of 28th February 2017

    This is not a magic brought from heaven
    It’s a truth that may lie in the vault that is seven
    Like hiding in plain sight, or being so light
    It’s just a demonstration of their might
    Don’t let them pretend it is other beings
    That are responsible for such fantastical seeings
    The dragons use the new fire in their belly
    By loading gold to effect dust and jelly
    Oh my friend, listen to the gravity
    Of knowledge at the root of such depravity

    Don’t be fooled again. This is based on electro-nuclear reaction driven technology, or as one author calls it, ‘magnetic-electrogravitic-nuclear reactions’ AKA ‘The New Fire’ and it does so much more than excess energy.

    TTSAAS is focussing on the classified ‘electrogravitic’ bit.

  • Gerard McEk

    So, ‘we are not allone’.
    That ‘we’ must be the Americans.
    Must be a relieve for you guys.
    I’m still allone, I’ve never seen them.
    ‘They’ went to the the US, I guess…
    Bloody defectors..

  • Billy Jackson

    the only opinion i have is to keep an open mind and await further evidence or proof. if we are the only one’s.. that’s awful waste of all that space!

  • kenko1

    NO! Frank ,don’t go there. LENR, Cold Fuson? Now UFO’s??? Delete this article and never mention the U word again.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Rossi and the Wright brothers had the right approach.

      Just make it work. Seeking the seal of approval of academia is a big waste of time.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) is logically possible and looks self-consistent. Maybe they are indeed autonomous probes that use MHD propulsion, perhaps nearly or quasi von Neumann machines built from local solar system materials. That said, testing such hypothesis scientifically looks difficult. Which is why most scientists are not so interested.

    It’s interesting, anyway, that UFO reports since 1950’s seem broadly consistent with MHD propulsion, although such propulsion wasn’t really known at that time and the features were interpreted differently (wrongly, I would say) by analysts of that time such as McCampbell.

    MHD propulsion with connection to UFOs has been eloquently and humanely described by physicist Jean-Pierre Petit’s cartoon https://www.savoir-sans-frontieres.com/JPP/telechargeables/Francais/mur_silence.htm , English version https://www.savoir-sans-frontieres.com/JPP/telechargeables/English/the_silence_barrier.htm .

    • cashmemorz

      There is a plausible seeming anti-gravity device in the making at Massey University in New Zealand by a Senior Lecturer Huub Bakker with the co-operation of Randell Mills the inventor.

      For a university lecture regarding the theory with some details about various forms
      of gravity and the anti-gravity device, see minutes 30-38 of:


      Credentials of the above lecturer:


      Details of gravity production, page 15/77:

      External Mass Reaction flying saucer(2016- ) incorporating the anti-gravity device and the hydrino-hydride plastics, in development by Randell Mills of Brilliant Light and Power

      patent for the device:

      There is as saying: if anyone has thought of it, it is probably already made or at least on the drawing board. In other words, no aliens needed.

      What the Pentagon may be doing is covering for Black Ops with regard to flying saucers. The other alternative is they, the Pentagon, are turning a blind eye to something that could give the USA military a huge advantage in aircraft. All scenarios are amazing, whatever the actual one is in action, be that aliens, military secret craft, or the mundane one of just now being developed into a real drive and craft.

    • Toussaint françois

      MHD not only connected to UFO’S, Jean-pierre’s PETIT book “OVNIS ET ARMES SECRETES AMERICAINES” where he talks about the B2 , AURORA and the russian “AJAX”

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Thanks. I want to add that knowing the MHD propulsion principle does not yet give one a flying saucer because one would also need a very efficient source of electric power. Which is also duly explained in Jean-Pierre’s magnificent cartoon.

        • nietsnie

          I wonder how long it would take an MHD-equipped space ship to accelerate to near light speed? There would be limiters on the size of the engine in relation to the size of the vessel since MHD propulsion still constantly requires something corporeal, which the vessel would have to carry, to be accelerated by the magnetic field – let alone the enormous, continuous, energy required to excite it.

          There are, I believe 42 star systems within 15 light years of earth. If we suppose that it would take 15 years (I have *not* done the math) to get near light speed using an MHD of the acceleration that could be supplied by the size of the vessel, all 42 of them would be within reach of a spaceship of this design within the lifespan of a human. Say it would take 30 years, one way, considering all the speeding up and slowing back down again, to get to Gliese 440. It’s doable.

          But, 42 is a very small number of possible locations for intelligent, space-faring, life to happen to exist *within this current time period*. I think that when you consider space-faring races, in addition to the distance to be traveled in order to visit Earth, the advent and duration of a civilization must also be considered. That is – those 42 star systems would have to happen to support a space faring civilization inhabiting one or more of their available planets *right now* in all the billions of years that they have existed, in order to have encountered us.

          If a space traveling civilization existed on Alpha Centuri a hundred thousand years ago and they encountered Earth – they would not have reported us when they got back (if they did get back…). And a hundred thousand years is just a blink in space history. In order for space faring civilizations to encounter each other they would have to co-exist in 4 dimensions, not just the 3 we normally think of. This makes it far less likely – especially if they are near by each other.

          So, I suggest that *if* there are aliens studying Earth, it is temporally more likely that they are coming from further away than 15 light years.
          That implies to me that their mode of locomotion is unlikely to be MHD.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            MHD only works inside atmosphere because it uses the atmosphere as the working fluid. For accelerating to relativistic speed in vacuum one needs something else. I do not know if doing so is feasible.

            An old, advanced civilisation might be able to build “living machines”, i.e. probes that reproduce like living organisms. A population of such machines could have existed in our solar system – and possibly in all solar systems – for millions of years, tasked with watching us and reporting back to the senders. The senders might nowadays be far away, in extreme case even on the other side of the galaxy, because stars move.

  • AdrianAshfield

    The problem is other worlds are so far away. Why would some form of life want to spend so many years traveling to view a lesser civilization? And having done that, not make contact?
    If they were drones, they could not be operated from so faraway and would have to have very advanced AI.

    With so much good evidence it would be foolish to dismiss it, but I have yet to see good enough evidence to begin to explain them.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      To me it’s natural to think that an established technical civilisations would want to monitor and study emerging technical species (using long-lived autonomous probes), for their own safety reasons and maybe for curiosity reasons. I also find it plausible that an old civilisation would have at least a level of AI available that we can extrapolate from our current one. But yes, good evidence is lacking.

    • Guy Thomas

      What’s with the “could not be operated from so far away”? So you’re saying that we’ve reached the pinnacle of scientific understanding and FTL communication is impossible?

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Known physics is a good starting point when building hypotheses to explain some observations. Because if one would assume magic instead, the observations can no longer tell where the hypotheses are wrong.

        • Guy Thomas

          At one time it was a known physical law that the sun revolved around the earth. At one time it was a known physical law that human flight was impossible. At one time it was a known physical law that alternating current was impossible. Etc, etc, etc

          • Pekka Janhunen

            I agree that in the future we may discover new physics. But we cannot discover that new physics unless we know where the existing physics goes wrong. And that we can only learn by making hypotheses based on that and falsifying them with data.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    TT Brown effect. Not extraterrestrial (14:10 min.).


    • Alan DeAngelis


      TT Brown effect again at 40:15 in the above video.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Electrogravitics, Been trying to call it since March.

    • Eyedoc

      I’m left wondering, In what way does TTBrown challenge Einsteins theory ?

  • Maybe whole the UFO thing has been released to public just for to overshadow the reports about recent cold fusion demonstration – who knows?

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • Skip

    Whether any of this stuff is real or not (keep an open mind), be especially vigilant in your interests of other subjects.
    Personally, I’ll be watching the stuff that should be on the “front pages” of MSM and the Alt media; but isn’t due to this…
    Never forget that there is ample proof that we, the little people, are being manipulated…

  • Besides time travel, it’s also possible they are cross-dimensional visitors from a quantum multiverse planet that also orbits our Sun.

  • LarryJ

    Maybe they have decided to admit they at least study the phenomenon so they can say “See if we really knew something we would tell you for sure”. Yeah right!

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is getting to crunch time and I’d like to focus on making this science open.


    • WTF?

      • Bob Greenyer

        W – Storm Trooper vacuum form mould I acquired over 32 years ago
        TF – I see a big few years ahead and I’d like my family to not suffer my choice to research this field, plus if more people can see this piece of pre-CGI history more than me, then more people can get pleasure from it.

        I have just received a message from one of the worlds largest collectors and a producer of the original movies asking what I want for it. Let’s see.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I have recordings from Andrew Ainsworth. Also my friend still owns and works out of the same building – he was with me on those days.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Extreme electrogravitics in action – Just opened the package of Hutchison samples, absolutely amazing – macro videos to come later.


    • Stephen

      Just arrived in time for Christmas. Nice 😉

      • Bob Greenyer

        John really did us proud – no crystallographic data of any substance was shared in the past with him, even after him trying to gain access by using freedom of information requests.

        I can honestly say I have not been as excited about getting a package in at least 25 years – and I only thought there were going to be 3 samples!

        Totally Stoked – and also, quite scared as there is a LOT of work there!

        • Stephen

          Wow that’s quite something! Thanks to John Hutchison. A lot of us will be curious about what comes up.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Only possible thanks to a member of the LENR community that tried to destroy me earlier this year – that set in motion a series of events that brought me in contact with John and the significance of the independent studies of his transmutations published in 2007 were not lost on me and so I knew that every attempt needed to be made to try to do more studies.

            John really likes the open ethos of the MFMP as it is in tune with his own views on this science.

            I am really excited to do this analysis, SO MUCH WORK! Could be a full time job here for a year! Need to learn new tools.

            First up I will weigh and video/photo each item in high detail and seek a description for that which is known about each.

  • Nelson Vogel

    Believe that there is no aliens coming, but that they live in our solar system underground or undersea, maybe different aliens species, who will ever know for sure ? Like to think that they protect us from self destruction, as their technologhy is far ahead from our ones, and to eliminate us would no be difficult. Just appreciate they fly in peace !!!

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Bruce__H

      Yes, absolutely. The number of alien/human selfies should go up too.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hutchison Effect samples received

    It appears from independent studies of Hutchison Effect material that the metals under go the exact same nuclear transmutation as observed in LENR, so to verify those observations, we set out to secure some samples for testing, which we have received today. It has been called ‘Magnetic Electro-Gravitic Nuclear’ reactions.


  • NCY

    Oh god… why…

  • Ted Rygas

    Opinion from my friend:
    1. Trump is trying to divert attention from his ridiculous statements.
    2. Aliens are real. UFOs are both terrestrial (USA and Russia, maybe one more country) and extraterrestrial (aliens).
    Happy Holidays Everyone.

    • Bob Greenyer

      This whole information campaign is being led by John Podesta

  • cashmemorz

    I am going to let my egotistical human side open to the possibility of us humans being the ones with the technology that we now have and will develop into that interstellar drive that will let us be top dog in the galaxy if not the universe. That is until we get verifiable visitors from elsewhere.

  • Brokeeper

    MSM is interested in UFO’s but not UEO’s (Unlimited Energy Objects).

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Alan DeAngelis

      Should that read 1995?

    • akupaku

      The so called “Ben Rich Quotes” floating around on internet are mostly false interpretations of what Ben Rich actually said. He had a standard joke in his speeches about this stuff that usually drew a laugh from the audience and that was also his purpose. AFAIK he didn’t ever mean any of it seriously, it was a joke.

  • Brokeeper

    Why not beings from another dimension (Ezk 1:4-21)?

    -The creatures were darting back and forth like
    flashes of lightning.

    -Their appearance and craftsmanship was like a
    wheel within a wheel.

    -When they moved, they went in any of the four
    directions, without pivoting as they moved.

    -When the creatures moved, the wheels moved; when
    the creatures stood still, the wheels stood still; and when the creatures rose
    from the earth, the wheels rose alongside them, for the spirit of the living
    creatures was in the wheels.

    Just a story?

    • Bob Greenyer

      What amazes me is how the translators let these reports through – you should take a look at the fantastic things in Indian texts.

      • Brokeeper

        Yep, there are two major belief systems: Belief in God and belief in science with over 7 billion belief variances in between. Choose.

        • Bob Greenyer

          It because of phrases like this

          “20 Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.”

          That I asked earlier this year if we really WANT this technology.

          • Brokeeper

            Hahaha, and difficult to replicate. 🙂

    • Brokeeper
  • Pekka Janhunen

    Nuclear or LENR powered ion drive is a possible way to travel to the stars, but achieving a short traveltime is hard because the required power per mass ratio increases with the inverse third power of the traveltime. Even if the energy source can deliver high power and energy density, rejecting the waste heat is a challenge because in vacuum, only thermal radiation is available as a heat rejection method.

    Security could be a motivation to send watchers. It is unfortunate but true that an alien technical civilisation is a potential security threat because its actions cannot be fully predicted.

    Good point about quantum communication. If it works, it’s yet another reason for aliens to prefer ‘watchers’ over trying to contact us by radio. Radio messages would be a slow, unreliable and unsafe method, hence I do not consider it likely that radio-SETI will find anything.

    • nietsnie

      Just a short comment on SETI –

      It does seem unlikely that an alien race would attempt to communicate with us by sending a one-time radio message. The four-dimensional intelligent life crap-shoot makes it next to futile. But, our civilization has been broadcasting radio waves continuously for nearly a century now. I’m not involved, but I believe the SETI program’s hope is that all civilizations go through at least a radio wave broadcast phase. The idea is to pick up on radio waves that were not sent to us but were rather inadvertently leaked out into space in the process of normal communication (or… whatever).

      • Pekka Janhunen

        One century is just so short time. In our galaxy, the star formation rate is about one new star per year. The formation rate of technical civilisations should be much less because not every star can have habitable planets. If it’s e.g. 100 times less (a very optimistic estimate), then once per century a new technical civilisation is born. But that concerns the whole galaxy. Our listenable neighbourhood is much smaller.

        • nietsnie

          My point was that if you listen to the whole sky for alien radio programs – maybe you hear planetary electromagnetic leakage from one or more of them. I think that’s what SETI is listening for – not deliberate messages sent to us (although they’d take that…). The presumption is that since we discovered radio communication that all newly evolved, technically capable, species also would have discovered radio communication.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Our own radio leakage is rapidly dwindling. Cell phones and satellite internet still do emit radio waves, but the number of transmitters is so large that when looking from afar, they mix into something that resembles noise. The reason is that we use the frequency space more efficiently than before. The more efficiently we use the radio, the more the summed result (when looked from a far distance) resembles noise. In other words, our “radio active” time seems to be not more than 100 years.

          • nietsnie

            Very interesting point, Pekka. I hadn’t considered that. Broadcast radio and TV are still discernible, but that could well just be a function of their being locally dominant. From, say, the moon the complex wave they form with other broadcasters, as a group, might not be. I wonder how SETI would classify radio signals from Earth, if the Earth were somewhere else?

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Good question, I don’t know the answer. I suppose SETI people would know. Probably some of them answers if you ask it.
            Thanks for the discussion thus far, I value your openmindedness.

          • nietsnie

            I’ve enjoyed chatting with you as well. I think our standards are, perhaps, similar. ‘Aliens’ isn’t a subject I care or think about very often any more. I guess I can imagine why it might come more to the fore for you. As a subject, I find it both compelling but also frustrating. The public domain subject content is mostly dominated by fervent belief systems, I think.

            For me it’s been decades of just checking in periodically – but there’s still nothing definitive that I have seen. So, I’m doubtful. I presume that with billions of potential public record takers, and the periodic encounters that are reported, within a reasonable period of time one would have something so concrete and conclusive as to cause a journalistic splash. But, no. Elusive as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster these aliens.

            Imagine a human operation that could possibly pull that off for sixty years. Not the world governments, certainly. Say it was the Mafia instead of aliens and try to imagine it. Sixty years…

            You have to somehow accept that decades pass by but alien security has been flawless in spite of the fact that their victims walk amongst us and even though their alien mind-wiping technology result is so faulty that the victims periodically remember what occurs to them. And, despite this, and that it is published on the Internet, the aliens don’t improve their technology nor change their abduction routine. And, none the less, they are, otherwise, never found nor noticed except possibly as lights in the sky. Nobody ever reports a space ship hoovering next to an open 3rd floor apartment window during the performance of an abduction, nor presents phone videos of same to YouTube. In fact, it occurs to me that alien spaceship apartment abductions is quite possibly the only subject that there are *not* multiple phone videos on YouTube of.

            I suspect that the truth is that there are genuinely odd occurrences that warrant investigation, but that it’s difficult to discern them from the competing background of fluff, delusion and outright deception.

            I think, for me, declaring pro on it would require extraordinary evidence. I will be thrilled to see it if it exists, though. That said, I’m also probably not interested in committing much time attempting to track the evidence myself – due to several past unsatisfying experiences down that particular rabbit hole.

  • Ted Rygas

    The extraterrestrials will not help us with their technology. We already have most of their technologies in the black projects (three advanced technologically countries have these technologies). It is the USA, Rusia and one more (you have to guess the third country, it is an easy guess).

  • Jas

    The To The Stars Accademy say they are responsible for this disclosure. When they
    launched back in October they promised there would be footage from the airforce released in a few weeks. Luiz Elizondo is on the board of directors for the new company. Their ultimate goal is to build their own FTL ship.

  • And some of you guys wanted me to keep UFOs and other related topics out of my LENR/CF videos! Perhaps they’re connected, as I hinted it, and they will all go mainstream in time. Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science. https://youtu.be/FVogEYffNTM

  • I’ve already told you: Because the number of UFO flights has likely fallen by orders of magnitude. That’s because they will have tapped into the Internet and so no longer need to fly around exploring the world and spying on everyone. That’s because, as of at least a decade ago, 99% of it is right there on Google, Google Earth, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Fox, CNN, BBC, TED, etc, etc.

    – AND … drum-roll, please … E-Cat World!!

  • Ted Rygas

    It would be very unhealthy to even name even some of them 🙁 . Besides, I do not know them. However, it is known that there are about 5000 high value patents that were declared as secret. Make your own logical conclusions.

  • nietsnie

    Yeah, I guess I don’t take them seriously. Maybe I’m wrong. But, maybe not.

  • Ted-Z

    Just check the YOUTUBE to get all the answers.

  • Ted-Z

    They wiĺll not help. Would we give the firearms technologies to the monkeys on our planet? 😀

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Chapman

    Oh Dear Lord…


    Come ON, guys. You ALL know better…

    • Skip

      Not me. I believe very little, and know even less. I don’t KNOW that there are (alien) UFOs; I also don’t KNOW that there are NOT (alien) UFOs.
      As a boy of 8 or so I saw a UFO but it turned out to be Sputnik.
      I’ll keep my suspicions to myself, keep my eyes open to the media and the sky. If I don’t personally experience proof; it’s nothing more than conjecture.
      This site (thanx Frank) is for scientific interests. Lets keep our minds open; it’s the scientific way…

  • akupaku

    About high time that main stream media starts taking UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence on Earth seriously. Time to stop giggling and time to start serious scientific studies. Not that I believe anything more is going to happen because of the NYT article. I have studied this subject extensively for over 40 years and even seen several UFOs myself so I have no doubt of the reality of the phenomenon. Unfortunately the official propaganda and ridicule about green little men and the giggle factor make it very difficult to acquire any reliable and precise information.

    • Exactly. At least this last week we made progress over the “giggle” factor. All of sudden, the media took it more seriously with much fewer giggles. Some of them even asked a few intelligent questions. Maybe they can finally do their job.

        • akupaku

          Nice video and analysis of the responses to the NYT article. After over 40 years study of this subject and US official denial of anything related to UFOs I am a bit skeptical that anything more comes out of this and this minor leak in the armor is likely to dry out but let’s hope I am wrong!

          I don’t think this is quite enough to call it “official” acknowledgement of UFO reality, something more is required. But once the leaks become wide enough it will be very difficult for them to control the spin of the story which they undoubtedly want to.

          People will soon start asking very uncomfortable questions about abductions and animal and human mutilations and demand answers. It’s a veritable Pandora’s box waiting to be opened.

          Let’s see what happens.

          And Happy Holidays and New Year to all!

  • Jas

    There are more videos coming. TTS Accademy said there would be 3 and we have had 2 of them.

    • There’s also rumored to be a 490-page report on the isotopically anomalous materials from these vehicles at Bigelow’s lab in Las Vegas. There might be a total of 38 reports according to George Knapp, at KLAS-TV.

  • Jas

    Sorry Wholewitt but not convinced by that one. Bit dubious.

  • HAL9000

    Undocumented space aliens litter the landscape with their crash waste, terrorize our citizens from the sky, create a hazard for air traffic, ruin crops with circles, and refuse to deal Fair Trade, or shop locally. Its time to build a wall space to keep this cheap tourist space trash out!

    • akupaku

      Hehe, next project for Trump after the wall between Mexico and USA is finished. Build a wall to keep out the f*cking space aliens!

      • Laugh if you like but who other than Mr Trump could have forced the release of the Pentagon’s $22 million “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification” program report?

        • akupaku

          Just joking of course but the study just proves my point. Identify the threat and then start building a defense against it.

    • Toussaint françois
      • HAL9000

        Oh, and I failed to mention: using unregistered air and water craft with failure to display a flag of port of craft origin. They are nothing but interstellar vandals, suspected of animal mutilation! They should be tarred and feathered and sent back to their home planets to set an example!

  • akupaku

    Haha, looks like CGI to me. What’s the source? Any eye witnesses? Showing UFO videos nowadays is practically worthless without corroborating evidence like eye witnesses because it is so easy to fake them with a little computer graphics.

  • sam

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