A Review of U.S. Government LENR Energy Involvement (Greg Goble)

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The government of the United States of America has filed many ‘cold fusion’ LENR patents. These LENR patents take time to develop, often a number of years, before being filed with a patent office; each being a tedious project unto itself. One patent’s development began with a contract from NSWC, Indian Head Division in 2008, “Deuterium Reactor” US 20130235963 A1, by Pharis Edward Williams. This patent was not filed till 2012, four years later. Another delay can occur between the patent filing date and publication date if the patent is deemed a matter of national security. An example of this is the 2007 SPAWAR patent, System and Method for Generating Particles – US8419919B1, with a filing date of Sep. 21, 2007 and publication date of Apr. 16, 2013, a delay of six years.

U.S. LENR patent development has been funded through the Air Force, NASA, the Navy and a few other Department of Defense labs. The government may retain rights to any of these LENR patents and control licensing agreements. Patent licensing may be granted to those who partnered with government labs in the development of LENR technology. Included with the patents in this review are U.S. Government funded LENR energy ‘applied engineering’ programs and presentations.

A chronological review of U.S. funded ‘cold fusion’ projects and patents, along with a list of the individuals, companies, universities and agencies involved, may be helpful in understanding the history of, and to determine the thrust of, United States of America government funded LENR energy technology entering the marketplace. Boeing and General Electric teams up with NASA on planes. The SpaceWorks work with NASA leans towards spaceplanes and Mars. SPAWAR LENR tech, which transmutes nuclear waste to benign elements while powering the turbines, favors teaming with Global Energy Corporation. Commercialization claims are “GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world” which leads to mega power generation, the grid, and the cleanup of onsite storage nuclear waste.

United States Government LENR Energy Review

1993 Air Force Patent “Method of maximizing anharmonic oscillations in deuterated alloys” US5411654A Assignee: HYDROELECTRON VENTURES Inc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US Air Force – This invention was made with U.S. Government support under contract No. F19628-90-C-0002, awarded by the Air Force. The Government has certain rights in this invention. GRANT issued: Feb. 5, 1995 – Inventors: Brian S. Ahern, Keith H. Johnson, Harry R. Clark Jr.https://patents.google.com/patent/US5411654A

1996 Air Force Patent (a continuation) “Method of maximizing anharmonic oscillations in deuterated alloys” US5770036A1 This invention was made with U.S. Government support under contract No. F19-6528-90-C-0002, awarded by the Air Force. The Government has certain rights in this invention. This application is a continuation of Ser. No. 08/331,007, filed Oct. 28, 1994, now abandoned, which is a division of Ser. No. 08/086,821, filed Jul. 2, 1993, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,411,654 – inventor: Brian S. Ahern

2007 SPAWAR Patent “System and method for generating particles” US8419919B1 – Filing: Sep 21, 2007 – Publication: Apr 16, 2013
– Assignee: JWK International Corporation, The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – GRANT Issued: Apr 16, 2013 2007
Inventors: Pamela A. Boss, Frank E. Gordon, Stanislaw Szpak, Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley https://www.google.com/patents/US8419919B1

2008 Patent (SPAWAR LENR tech) “A hybrid fusion fast fission reactor”WO2009108331A2 – Publication date: Dec 30, 2009 – Priority date: Feb 25, 2008
Inventors: Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley, Jay Wook Khim
Applicant: Forsley, Lawrence Parker Gallow

2008 DoD Patent (2014 publication date) “Deuterium Reactor” US 20130235963 A1 – Filed: Mar 12, 2012 $25,000 was received in 2008 from NSWC, Indian Head Division, to design experiments, review reports, and analyze data. The experiments verified heating using powered/granulated fuel. (ed. note) Quote: “As a United States Department of Defense (DoD) Energetics Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division is a critical component of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Warfare Center (WFC) Enterprise. One of the WFC’s nine Divisions, Indian Head’s mission is to research, develop, test, evaluate, and produce energetics and energetic systems for U.S. fighting forces.” -end quote – Inventor: Pharis Edward Williams Original Assignee: Pharis Edward Williams https://www.google.com/patents/US20130235963A1

2009 thru 2010 NASA-LaRC SpaceWorks Contract (applied engineering) Quote “SpaceWorks conducted separate vehicle design studies evaluating the potential impact of two advanced propulsion system concepts under consideration by NASA Langley Research Center: The first concept was an expendable multistage rocket vehicle which utilized an advanced Air-Augmented Rocket (AAR) engine. The effect of various rocket thrust augmentation ratios were identified the resulting vehicle design where compared against a traditional expendable rocket concept The second concept leverage Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), a new form of energy generation being studied at NASA LaRC, to determine how to utilize an LENR-based propulsion system for space access. For this activity, two LENR-based rocket engine propulsion performance models where developed jointly by SpaceWorks and LaRC personnel.” -end quote – See“SpaceWorks Advanced Concepts Group (ACG) Overview” October 2012 PowerPoint presentation, page 31.http://www.sei.aero/eng/papers/uploads/archive/Advanced_Concepts_Group_ACG_Overview.pdf

2009 Navy Patent “Excess enthalpy upon pressurization of nanosized metals with deuterium” WO2011041370A1 – Original Assignee: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – Inventor: David A. Kidwell – Priority date: Sep 29, 2009 – Publication date: Mar 31, – The present application claims the benefit of United States Provisional Application Serial No. 61/246,619 by David A. Kidwell, filed September 29, 2009 entitled “ANOMALOUS HEAT GENERATION FROM DEUTERIUM (OR PLATINUM) LOADED NANOPARTICLES.” – 2011 – GRANT issued: Nov 10, 2015https://www.google.com/patents/WO2011041370A1

2009 November Defense Intelligence Agency (LENR report) DIA-08-0911-003 Technology Forecast: “Worldwide Research on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Increasing and Gaining Acceptance” Quote “LENR power sources could produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for U.S. forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power.” -end quote Prepared by: Beverly Barnhart, DIA/DI, Defense Warning Office. With contributions from: Dr. Patrick McDaniel, University of New Mexico; Dr. Pam Mosier-Boss, U.S. Navy SPAWAR/Pacific; Dr. Michael McKubre, SRI International; Mr. Lawrence Forsley, JWK International; and Dr. Louis DeChiaro, NSWC/Dahlgren. Coordinated with DIA/DRI, CPT, DWO, DOE/IN, US Navy SPAWAR/Pacific and U.S. NSWC/Dahlgren, VA.http://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/BarnhartBtechnology.pdf

2010 Navy Patent (LENR fuel) “Metal nanoparticles with a pre-selected number of atoms” US 8728197 B2 – Original Assignee: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – Inventors: Albert Epshteyn, David A. Kidwell – GRANT issued: May 20, 2014https://www.google.com/patents/US8728197B2

(editors note) E-Cat’s first demo by Rossi in January 2011.

2011 NASA Patent “Method for Producing Heavy Electrons” US20110255645A1 – Inventor: Joseph M. Zawodny – Assignee: USA As Represented By The Administrator Of NASA – Pursuant to 35U.S.C. §119, the benefit of priority from U.S. Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 61/317,379, with a filing date of Mar. 25, 2010, is claimed for this non-provisional application, the contents of which are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety. The invention was made by an employee of the United States Government and may be manufactured and used by or for the Government of the United States of America for governmental purposes without the payment of any royalties thereon or therefor. Publication date: Oct 20, 2011 – Filing date: Mar 24, 2011https://www.google.com/patents/US20110255645A1

2012 NASA/Boeing Publication (applied engineering) NASA Contract NNL08AA16B – NNL11AA00T – “Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research – Phase II N+4 Advanced Concept Development” – (editors note) The NASA Working Group Report also makes public the following list of organizations and individuals working on the advanced concept contract:

Marty Bradley, Christopher Droney, Zachary Hoisington, Timothy Allen, Dwaine Cotes, Yueping Guo, Brian Foist, Blaine Rawdon, Sean Wakayama, Emily Dallara, Ed Kowalski, Joe Wa, Ismail Robbana, Sergey Barmichev, Larry Fink, Mithra Sankrithi, Edward White

General Electric
Kurt Murrow, Jeff Hammel, Srini Gowda

Georgia Tech
Michelle Kirby, Hongjun Ran, Teawoo Nam, Jimmy Tai, Chris Perullo

Vermont Tech
Joe Schetz, Rakesh Kapania

Mark Guynn, Erik Olson, Gerald Brown, Larry Leavitt, Richard Wahls, Doug Wells, James Felder, Casey Burley, John Martin

Federal Aviation Administration
Rhett Jeffries, Christopher Sequierahttps://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20120009038.pdf

2012 National Institute of Aeronautics and NASA (applied engineering) “MPD Augmentation of a Thermal Air Rocket Utilizing Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” Roger Lepsch, NASA Langley Research Center; Matt Fischer, National Institute of Aerospace; Christopher Jones, National Institute of Aerospace; Alan Wilhite, National Institute of Aerospace. Presented at the 53rd AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, April 26, 2012. https://arc.aiaa.org/doi/abs/10.2514/6.2012-1351

2012 (JWK) Global Energy Corporation news (SPAWAR LENR tech)
“Virginia Firm Offers Nuclear Energy” Jun 2012 By Emmanuel T. Erediano
http://www.mvariety.com/cnmi/cnmi-news/local/46996-virginia-firm-offers-nuclear-energy.php Quote “Lawrence P.G. Forsley, vice president for science and technology of Global Energy Corp. (globalenergycorporation.com), said their “revolutionary technology” is based on the “new science of hybrid fusion fast fission” green nuclear energy, or “Genie.” Forsley said he is among the GEC scientists who conducted 23 years of research and development with the U.S. Navy. He said they completed the design of a safe, clean, secure and affordable green hybrid fusion nuclear reactor for commercial uses. Genie reactors, he said, don’t use a uranium-235 chain reaction. Without a chain reaction, there can’t be a runaway, core meltdown, no explosions initiated by the meltdowns and no radioactive fallout, he added. Genie reactors, Forsley said, don’t have nuclear waste problems. It doesn’t need a spent fuel pool nor a spent fuel waste storage dump. It “burns” uranium-238 that comprises 95 percent of conventional nuclear waste. Therefore, Genie actually “cleans” nuclear waste, he added. Dayberry said Genie will cut consumer power costs by 50 percent.” -end quotes ALSO “Guam Eyes Clean Nuclear Power” http://www.mvariety.com/cnmi/cnmi-news/local/43960-guam-eyes-clean-nuclear-power

Quote: “We’re generation five,” Dr. Khim (President of Global Energy Corp) told the Variety during an exclusive interview, “and first of all this is a brand new concept.” He said safety is the first consideration, and that cannot be ensured by building higher walls around reactors, as Japan saw last year with Fukushima.

“You have to change the basic science of nuclear power,” Khim explained. “We’ve been working with the U.S. Navy for about 22 years and the basic science phase is now over. Now we’re going into commercial development, which the Navy is not going to do.” But Khim says the science has been repeatedly duplicated by the Navy, and has been proven, recognized and published.

Officials of the Navy on Guam, including Capt. John V. Heckmann Jr., CO of Naval Facilities and a professional engineer, attended the GEC briefing.

The GEC board of directors, Khim says, includes some well-known Washington D.C. Players, including former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Congressman and Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, and former U.S. Congressman Tom Davis, among others.” -end quotes

(editors note) E-Cat’s Ferrara Italy tests held in December 2012 and March 2013
“Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder.” https://arxiv.org/pdf/1305.3913.pdf

2013 Navy Patent (a 2009 patent continuation) “Excess enthalpy upon pressurization of dispersed palladium with hydrogen or deuterium” US9192918B2 Original Assignee: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – Inventors: David A. Kidwell (ed. note: see PRIORITY CLAIM) i.e. “All applications listed in this paragraph as well as all other publications and patent documents referred to throughout this nonprovisional application are incorporated herein by reference.” – Filing date: Aug 8, 2013 – GRANT issued: Nov 24, 2015 https://www.google.com/patents/US9192918B2

May 2013 NASA Publication NASA/TM-2013-217981, L-20240, NF1676L-16305- “Advanced-to-Revolutionary Space Technology Options – The Responsibly Imaginable” Apr 1, 2013 Dennis M. Bushnell – See pg. 13, ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook’ Quote “- given the truly massive-to-mind boggling benefits – solutions to climate, energy and the limitations that restrict the NASA Mission areas, all of them. The key to space exploration is energetics. The key to supersonic transports and neighbor-friendly personal fly/drive air vehicles is energetics, as simplex examples of the potential implications of this area of research.” –Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist NASA Langley on the energetics of LENR.https://ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=20130011698

2013 Boeing Patent (applied engineering) “Rotational annular airscrew with integrated acoustic arrester” CA2824290A1 Applicant: The Boeing Company, Matthew D. Moore, Kelly L. Boren – Filing date: Aug 16, 2013 – Publication date: May 12, 2014 – “ The contra-rotating forward coaxial electric motor and the contra-rotating aft coaxial electric motor are coupled to at least one energy source. The contra-rotating forward coaxial electric motor 126 and the contra-rotating aft coaxial electric motor may be directly coupled to the at least one energy source, or through various control and/or power distribution circuits. The energy source may comprise, for example, a system to convert chemical, solar or nuclear energy into electricity within or coupled to a volume bearing structure. The energy source may comprise, for example but without limitation, a battery, a fuel cell, a solar cell, an energy harvesting device, low energy nuclear reactor (LENR), a hybrid propulsion system, or other energy source.https://www.google.com/patents/CA2824290A1

(editors note) E-Cat’s Oct. 2014 32 day test in Lugano, Switzerland

2014 NASA and California Polytechnic State University (applied engineering)“Impact of Advanced Energy Technologies on Aircraft Design” Authors: Roger Lepsch – NASA Langley Research Center, Matt Fischer – National Institute of Aerospace, Christopher Jones – National Institute of Aerospace, Alan Wilhite – National Institute of Aerospace; 52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech, (AIAA 2014-0538) Jan 17, 2014. Quote “The impact of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology on the design of aircraft is examined. Energy conversion possibilities considered and a Brayton cycle engine with a LENR heat exchanger is selected. Potential aerospace applications of LENR devices are discussed and a high altitude (HALE) unmanned aeriel vehicle with multi-year endurance is conceptualized with primary focus on energy management.” -end quote. http://arc.aiaa.org/doi/10.2514/6.2014-0538

2014 NASA and Georgia Institute of Technology (applied engineering) “The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities” Presented at AIAA AVIATION 2014 Atlanta, GA USA, Douglas P. Wells NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, Dimitri N. Mavris Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20150000549.pdf

2014 NASA and Cal Tech Presentation (applied engineering) “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft” NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) 2014 Seedling Technical Seminar, February 19–27, 2014.

California Polytechnic State University • Dr. Rob McDonald • Advanced Topics in Aircraft Design course (10wks) • Sponsored Research Project Team

NASA Glenn Research Center • Jim Felder, Chris Snyder

NASA Langley Research Center • Bill Fredericks, Roger Lepsch, John Martin, Mark Moore, Doug Wells, Joe Zawodny

2016 – May 4th, U.S. House Committee on Armed Services (LENR inquire)
Quote “The committee is aware of recent positive developments in developing low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), which produce ultra clean, low cost renewable energy that have strong national security implications.
…the committee directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR advancements to the House Committee on Armed Services by September 22, 2016.
See Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) Briefing, pg 87, “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017″https://www.congress.gov/114/crpt/hrpt537/CRPT-114hrpt537.pdf

(editors note) E-Cat QX demo held November, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

2017 Global Energy Corporation LENR Update (SPAWAR LENR tech) – Quote: Our team of scientists and consultants have solid backgrounds in both technology and business for the development of energy technology. With GEC you get the benefit of experience that’s been acquired year after year, job after job.

While development of NanoStar and Nanomite is ongoing, GEC initial focus is the product development and commercialization of Small Modular Generators (SMG’s) using Hybrid Fusion technology. GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world.

After 20 years of R&D and product development, GEC has developed a truly safe, clean and secure atomic energy generator through hybrid fusion-fast-fission Technology. These SMG’s are safe (no chain reaction-no melt down), clean (uses nuclear waste/unenriched U as fuel), and secure (no enrichment and no reprocessing).

2006 – Global Energy Corporation founded
2011 – Subsidiary GEC Global LLC established for development of conventional power plants
2012 – BOT signed to develop and build a 50MWe GEC SMG Power Plant on the island of Saipan
2013 – Patent issued for Technology – end quotes http://www.gec.solutions

Entities of Interest from the Review
‘United States Government LENR Energy 2018′

Inventors, Authors and other Persons of Interest

Brian S. Ahern, Marty K. Bradley, Kelly L. Boren, Pamela A. Boss, Frank Carlucci, Harry R. Clark Jr., Tom DavisChristopher K. Droney, Albert Epshteyn, Matt Fischer, Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley, Frank E. Gordon, Capt. John V. Heckmann Jr., Keith H. Johnson, C, hristopher Jones, Jay Wook Khim, David A. Kidwell, Roger Lepsch, Dimitri N. Mavris, Matthew D. Moore, Norman Mineta, Stanislaw Szpak, Douglas P. Wells, Alan Wilhite

Companies of Interest

JWK International Corporation http://www.jwk.com/site/
Global Energy Corporation http://www.gec.solutions
Hydroelectron Ventures Inc
Spaceworks Enterprises Inc. Advanced Concepts Group (ACG)http://spaceworkseng.com/
National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) http://www.nianet.org
Boeing http://www.boeing.com/
General Electric https://www.ge.com/
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA https://www.aiaa.org/

Universities of Interest

Massachusetts Institute of Technology http://web.mit.edu/. Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) http://www.gatech.edu/, Vermont Technical College https://www.vtc.edu/, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – California State University

U.S. Agencies and Labs of Interest

United States Department of Defense (DoD) https://www.defense.gov

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) https://www.darpa.mil/

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Energetics Center Indian Headhttp://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NSWC-Indian-Head-EOD-Technology/Who-We-Are/

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDDhttp://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NSWC-Dahlgren/

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Divisionhttp://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NSWC-Indian-Head-EOD-Technology/

NASA Langley Research Center https://www.nasa.gov/langley, Federal Aviation Administration https://www.faa.gov/,

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)www.public.navy.mil/spawar

Greg Goble

  • Imagine a Government touting “Climate Change” and “Green House Gases!” while they have the technology to solve those problems. I grow to distrust the Government more and more each day. Maybe the Government made a decision to get out in front of the technology so they can deploy it as they see fit. I don’t know. Clearly we are at the entrance to the road that leads to the carbon age.

    • greggoble

      perhaps you meant… the road that leads out of the carbon age? The US does its best to get out in front of any technology. It could be that US labs dialed LENR energy ten years earlier, the activity in 2009 thru 2011 reflects this view. Yet I don’t think this means they had accomplished advanced control, extreme testing, and applied engineering, not enough to end the carbon age with it. My guess is many many different reactors, excitation methods and fuels have been tested, trying to hit that ideal sweet spot like the QuarkX. Establishing a working theory must be a high priority for these labs as well, in order to stay in front. I look forward to seeing what has been solved.

      • Yes should read “end of” the Carbon Age!

        • greggoble

          Yes… and could… and will…

  • Curbina

    These are all patent applications, or there are some granted ones there?

    • greggoble

      Only a non-provisional patent application goes through the patent review process, provisional patents establish a filing date and expire after one year giving an inventor time to put his non-provisional patent application together. The non-provisional application is filed as a continuation of the provisional. Six of the non-provisional applications in this review have been granted which means the patent has been granted. The application remains as public record of such. https://www.uspto.gov/patents-getting-started/patent-basics/types-patent-applications/nonprovisional-utility-patent

  • roseland67

    Sure does look like an awful lot of very smart people are working on AND openly publishing data for LENR systems.

  • greggoble

    I have an update to the review… this lead came from Chris. thanks!

    ed note… I write at kinja because when I do multiple edits as a compilation grows the IP address of the article does not change… I’m a guy of near infinite edits…

    2016 NASA Patent “Methods and apparatus for enhanced nuclear reactions” US20170263337A1 Inventors: Vladimir Pines, Marianna Pines, Bruce Steinetz, Arnon Chait, Gustave Fralick, Robert Hendricks, Paul Westmeyer – Current Assignee: NASA Glenn Research Center, Pinesci Consulting – Priority date: 2016-03-09, Application: 2017-09-14. (editors note) US20170263337A1 claims many materials are suitable for LENR.


    [0082] It should be understood that any material which may be hydrided may be used as the initial material, such as, for example, single-walled or double-walled carbon nanotubes. Double-walled carbon nanotubes in particular have an internal spacing consistent with the lattice spacing of palladium-silver lattices, the usage of which in experiment will be described in detail below.

    Alternatively, materials such as silicon, graphene, boron nitride, silicene, molybdenum disulfide or ferritin may be used, although it should be understood that substantially two-dimensional structures, such as graphene, boron nitride, silicene and molybdenum disulfide are not hydrated similar to their three-dimensional counterparts and may be subjected to a separate process, specifically with the two-dimensional structure being positioned adjacent one of the above materials, as will be described in greater detail below.

    Similarly, ferritin and other complex materials may be filled or loaded with hydrogen using methods specific to the particular material properties. In general, the initial material may be any suitable material which is able to readily absorb and or adsorb hydrogen isotopes, such as, for example, metal hydrides (e.g., titanium, scandium, vanadium, chromium, yttrium, niobium, zirconium, palladium, hafnium, tantalum, etc.), lanthanides (e.g., lanthanum, cesium, etc.), actinides (e.g., actinium, thallium, uranium, etc.), ionic hydrides (e.g., lithium, strontium, etc.), covalent hydrides (e.g., gallium, germanium, bismuth, etc.), intermediate hydrides (e.g., beryllium, magnesium, etc.), and select metals known to be active (e.g., nickel, tungsten, rhenium, molybdenum, ruthenium, rhodium, etc.), along with hydrides thereof, as well as alloys with non-hydriding materials (e.g., silver, copper, etc.), suspensions, and combinations thereof. – end quote https://patents.google.com/patent/US20170263337A1

    (editors note) The patent US20170263337A1 is a LENR patent by a NASA team. The patent citations include “Method and apparatus for generating thermal energy” (Classifications: G21B3/00 Low temperature nuclear fusion reactors, e.g. alleged cold fusion reactors) Also note the following Glenn Research Center Publication, “Investigation of Deuterium Loaded Materials Subject to X-Ray Exposure” Apr 3, 2017, where US20170263337A1 inventors work with Lawrence P. Forsley of Global Energy Corporation (SPAWAR JWK LENR tech). – end note

    2016 NASA Glenn Research Center (LENR tech licensing offer) A search for ‘fusion’ in May of 2016, done at the NASA Technology Gateway, yielded this out of Glenn Research Center… “Methods and Apparatus for Enhanced Nuclear Reactions” Reference Number LEW-19366-1. Contact us for information about this technology. NASA Glenn Research Center, Innovation Projects Office [email protected] – ed. note

    2017 NASA-GRC; JWK; PineSci; Vantage Partners; OAI; UofAkron (publication) “Investigation of Deuterium Loaded Materials Subject to X-Ray Exposure” authors Theresa L. Benyo, Bruce M. Steinetz, Robert C. Hendricks (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Glenn Research Center), Richard E. Martin (Cleveland State University), Lawrence P. Forsley (JWK Corporation), Christopher C. Daniels (The University of Akron), Arnon Chait (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Glenn Research Center), Vladimir Pines, Marianna Pines (PineSci Consulting), Nicholas Penney (Ohio Aerospace Institute), Tracy R. Kamm, Michael D. Becks (Vantage Partners, LLC) (Submitted on 3 Apr 2017) https://arxiv.org/abs/1704.01183

  • AdrianAshfield

    While the reference is most useful I am disappointed at how little has come of all this work. I don’t see exciting papers referenced. nor circulated in government departments. Certainly, as of last year, the DOE, who should be in the forefront of this, think LENR is not of interest and have not answered my letters and emails on the subject.

    It is as if they are just interested in getting patents that will hinder other workers actually trying to make a commercial product and have done nothing themselves in this regard. (Unless it is being kept secret.)

    https://www.congress.gov/114/crpt/hrpt537/CRPT-114hrpt537.pdf is incredibly long and long winded. It states:
    “To better understand the national security implications of these developments, the committee directs the Secretary of Defense to pro-
    vide a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base
    LENR advancements to the House Committee on Armed Services
    by September 22, 2016. This briefing should examine the current
    state of research in the United States, how that compares to work
    being done internationally, and an assessment of the type of mili-
    tary applications where this technology could potentially be useful. ”

    Where is this report? How come Leonardo Corp and BLP are not mentioned in the list of companies of interest?

    • greggoble

      While I share a bit of your disappointment I also see an impressive, and steady progression in these works toward applied engineering and commercialization. Consider that, until fairly recently, most these works have been mostly out of view. Clearly branches of the DoD have stated the national security implications of LENR energy. I expect U.S. to be a bit ahead of the field, with past efforts entering the military and private industry commercialization phase every day.

      • AdrianAshfield

        ” steady progression in these works toward applied engineering and commercialization.”


        • greggoble

          Unless we are being deceived… At Global Energy Corporation.

          • AdrianAshfield

            Hybrid Fusion is the only thing mentioned – very briefly. I couldn’t find a description of it on their web site.
            How is this an advance on 35kW from Rossi in 2011, or his new QX that is going into production?

          • greggoble

            The GEC reactor is best understood by studying the patents. Both Mitsubishi and Liviu Popa Simil’s LENR works are akin to GEC’s. Quantum Rabbit Labs comes to mind as well.

            Good questions. Like comparing apples and oranges… Both are fruit.
            I suppose each are important LENR energy developments.

      • Omega Z

        The U.S. DOD/Military has been aware of this phenomenon at least since the 1950’s as they wrestled with anomalous heat issues as their systems became more and more electronic based. I’m aware of one LENR report published as such in 1962. Other scientists seem to have been aware decades before that.

        Why has there been no major movement in this field for decades. I think the answer may be simple. Waiting for the advances in technology to understand it. Technology such as (SEM)scanning electron microscope among others. Note Bob Greenyer’s talk of unknown radiation signatures. If real, we’ll need to develop the technology to truly detect and describe this radiation and what it does before we can attempt to understand it and what is going on.

        While we’ll have to listen to many conspiracy theories as to who has been withholding this technology, the real culprit has been as in most technology, the slow advances in science. There is no simple scientific endeavor that can’t be drawn out for decades. Otherwise known as job security.

        • greggoble

          Thanks… yes
          The last pieces of the puzzle are usually the quickest and easiest to fit in. Then the whole thing comes together rather quickly. Barely in infancy in 89, nano and plasmonics and quark up or down, I’m not sure which… anyways, point taken… understanding is often slow to develop…
          like a watched pot. I’m glad scientists are a stubborn and tenacious bunch.

          A bit more has been added to the review… these really got me going.

          2016 NASA Patent “Methods and apparatus for enhanced nuclear reactions”
          2016 NASA Glenn Research Center (LENR tech licensing offer)
          2017 NASA -CSU; JWK; PineSci; Vantage Partners; OAI; U of Akron (publication)

    • Bruce Williams

      Adrian, like you I am ABSOLUTELY astonished, & I have been for several years now,that so little has been done by TPTB to investigate LENR & it’s possible benefits for humanity. It seems so transparently clear that there is “something there” even if it cant be explained in terms that everyone can accept……………. a very notable contributer to this forum is Axil Axil who must spend an enormous amount of his time thinking about LENR & then explaining it to dunderheads like me who try to grasp at straws & fail completely……………………Anyway, is there a complex set of secret activities ongoing ? time will tell.

      • Eyedoc

        Of course there is Bruce. When, if ever, its revealed is the only question.

    • Rene

      These patents and applications look like the typical kind of minefield corporations lay out to either stop others from innovating, or, to prevent others from torpedoing its own innovation process. This does not mean the patents in themselves are not valid, just low quality. It just gives time for the real work to be researched, tested while lowering risk of someone else jumping ahead.

    • Omega Z

      Many of the Government entities are doing exactly as they are supposed to. Keeping those in power informed so as to not be caught by surprise. As things evolve, they can take certain steps to minimize disruptions such as collapsing world economies. Not Good for Anyone. Especially those at the bottom.

  • greggoble

    I decided to compile this review a number of months ago. The reason being, I had asked a few editors of LENR news sites what they thought of the claims being made by Global Energy Corporation, see review 2017 Global Energy Corporation LENR Update (SPAWAR LENR tech). They each asked me to provide any recent follow up to those claims. None that I could find. So I decided to compile a review as a frame of reference for the question.

    I ask of each of you… “What is your opinion? Are the claims of GEC credible, perhaps credible, or not?

    Thanks for your consideration

  • HS61AF91

    Took to liberty to make note of Mr. Goble’s compilation in the Stars and Stripes newspaper, in my comment;

    For a listing of US patents involving innovative energy sources, I invite a perusal of http://feedproxy.google.com… “A Review of U.S. Government LENR Energy Involvement (Greg Goble)” It is advances such as these, that benefit mankind and reduce the monopolies currently encompassing the world, which Kissinger, perhaps unknowingly, laments about as a collapse of world order. I would prefer to call it progress, and more freedom for mankind overall. It is typical in our society, to observe these advances come complements of our military might.

    source: Discussion on Stars and Stripes 16 comments
    ‘Kissinger warns senators of ‘systemic failure of world order’ Published: January 25, 2018
    from HS61AF91 to Piers Exton
    20 hours ago

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Today’s have-nots at typically not slaves of work, but rather slaves of lack of (meaningful, paid…) work. Today’s social inequality issues have some similarities with the pre-industrial estate system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estates_of_the_realm ) where those who were outside the estates didn’t have political power.

  • greggoble

    Revised review 1/26/2018… improved introduction… a few more entries.

  • greggoble
  • DocSiders

    With my 500MWe/1GW QX array, I will be too busy melting subterranean granite to make nearly indestructible building materials (to build my 20,000 sqft house/resort facility) while carving out my 5 acre pest free 24/7/365 underground greenhouses…and operating my array of multi-material 3D printers to worry about finding a job.

  • greggoble

    Click on the three horizontal white lines in the upper left hand corner (where it shows 1/10) and the list of GEC newscasts will appear.

  • greggoble

    Of Interest
    “Microscopic Study of 40Ca+58,64Ni Fusion Reactions”

    D. Bourgin1,2 ,∗ C. Simenel3 , S. Courtin1,2,4 , and F. Haas1,2 1IPHC, Universit ́e de Strasbourg, F-67037 Strasbourg, France 2CNRS, UMR7178, F-67037 Strasbourg, France 3Department of Nuclear Physics, RSPE, Australian National University, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 0200, Australia and 4USIAS, F-67083 Strasbourg, France (Dated: February 18, 2016)


    …lowering of the fusion barrier height is induced by dynamical effects such as couplings to inelastic and nucleon transfer channels. These couplings are also responsible for the enhancement of sub-barrier fusion cross sections with respect to the uncoupled case… – end quotes


  • HS61AF91

    Thanks for that interesting journey into the capitalistic view of future events. I see that observation of what has transpired since abut 1945 leads you to this cumulative research and conclusions you draw. I do find a parallel way of looking at this however, and that is a more optimistic view. If What Dr. Greer portrays in his UNACKNOWLEDGED film/book reveals a true progression of the past 70 years, then the chance for peace, yes love, and compassion awaits this world of ours, and the dreary history we’ve lived through, is about to be replaced by non oil based technologies, including the good Doktore’s ECats. I wonder if the studied prognostications Dr. Kissinger puts forth do hint at covering up the alternate reality of hidden knowledge, soon to be exploded upon this planet, in a rainbow of various revaluations and innovations. It is important in my view to study these events now changing accepted paradigms, and anticipate the future, one of ‘gold at the end of the rainbow’.

    • orsobubu

      I absolutely agree with your “explosion of knowledge” theory. I just think that the working class (the class which produces all the user values and all the exchange values, including all of the new knowledges) will be forced to choose the path of organized revolution against the necesssary counter-revolution already on track by ruling class (necessary to maintain their system). Kissinger, will not limit himself to a cover up, his task is to prevent this revolution by any means possible, not because he is a bad guy, only because he was ordered to. The class needs to embrace his same rigorous methods, just in the opposite direction, and unleash this explosion of knowledge, which is already a objective reality, and which bourgeoise cannot permit because cannot collect the needed capitals to invest in and to make a profit from. The class needs no capital and no profit at all, just a scientific organization of the production. Capitalists, standing in front to the freaking perspective to attempt themselves to the huge task and surely fall in a world debt crisis and a revolution, will choose to anticipate the events and destroy the planet. They already did it.

  • HS61AF91

    Wow that is pretty depressing, so think that now is only the beginning of change for the better.

  • greggoble

    With a 20 hour work week everyone can have meaningful work. If we begin to value caregiving and restoration, which has little or no monetary profit, there is plenty of work to be done. Our strong survival instinct may be evolving to include each of each other and all life on the planet as a whole. Mutual wellbeing will be the standard that all endeavors must meet, replacing our concept of what is profitable. “Evolution Through ‘Cold Fusion” is a theory…

    With popular cold fusion – LENR/LENT science we are on the verge of an epic technological advancement. Always there are concurrent personal, social, economic, spiritual, and philosophical advancements, our evolution as a species.

    Our strong survival instinct is now evolving to include each of each other, and all life on the planet, as a whole.

    Sociobiology is the instinctual relationship of a species with both it’s environment and with members of it’s own species. It is theorized that humanity evolved (and is evolving) along lines of empathy and compassion as the strength of cultures that propagate successfully, our own survival of the fittest. Instinct in a species evolves as the species does.

    As humanity’s instincts evolve we gain further insight. We observe interactions amongst ourselves, our universe, and its many components. We gain deeper understanding of cause and effect, it’s benefits and detriments both within and around us. Our sociobiology then evolves.

    Back in the far distant past our instinctual fear of fire warned us away, we ran like all other creatures. Over time we cautiously captured embers when fearful raging fires had passed. We learned to utilize and then create fire. This was an epic technological advancement. Our instinct had changed and we entered the Fire Era, a major step in our evolution.

    With technological advancements we then harnessed fire for metallurgy, motion, work, and the generation of electricity. As coal, liquid, gaseous, and radioactive fuels delivered more electricity, work, and motion, modern civilization experienced a surge in personal, social, economic, spiritual, and philosophical advancements. Humanity has evolved quite a bit since the dawning of the Fire Era. Concepts of the right to well-being have grown. Humanity is slowly becoming more humane.

    We are now entering the Transmutation Era. We will have unlimited, nearly free, easily available, dense, and non-polluting energy from the transmutation of elements. With excitation, the harmonic convergence of atomic particles within the lattice ensures the cold fusion LENR/LENT nuclear active phenomenon. This is an epic technological advancement; which is sure to further our evolution as a species.

  • Engineer48

    The US NAVY SPAWAR has a nice LENR patent: from 2013 as noted above and here:


    Should be fairly easy for MFMP or others to replicate.

    US NAVY seeks to license their LENR tech and to engage in collaborative research:


    Bold claims:


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