Replication by Stepanov and Pancelug: “Reality of Excessive Heat Generation in Ni + LiAlH4- system”

A new issue of the Russian “Journal of Unconventional Science” has been published which is dedicated to the topic of LENR. It can be accessed here:

Along with some theoretical articles, there are two experimental reports.

Of particular interest to people who are interested in E-Cat-type replication is the article “Experimental studies of excess heat release in a Ni + LiAlH4 system” by I.N. Stepanov and V.A. Pancelug.

Of course the text is all in Russian, but here is an English translation (via Google) of the summary:

We investigated several variants of the reactor design, with the help of which the efficiency of a heat generator based on the reaction Ni + LiAlH4 was demonstrated. The conducted studies showed that the thermal yield of this reaction exceeds the power supplied to the heat generator by 10-50% and is in absolute terms 4.3 MJ (1.2 kWh). On the average, as follows from the estimates given in Fig. 4 and Fig. 7, a thermal cell containing 1.5 g of fuel mixture can produce 50-100 Volts of excess capacity (in excess of the power consumed from the grid). The results obtained so far, allow us to state the reality of excessive heat generation in Ni + LiAlH4- system. A quantitative evaluation of the characteristic value of this heat release and the study of its specific mechanisms require, in our opinion, further continuation of the currently ongoing experiments.

The complete article can be read (in Russian) here:

This result is in line with a number of other replication efforts reported over the years, using the ingredients mentioned in Rossi’s Fluid Heater patent, in which the COP is between 1 and 2.

  • The Director

    There is so much room for optimization here: the sky is literally the limit.

    1) I’m very curious if the LiAlH4 has been purified to remove contaminants. A tiny amount of oxygen, nitrogen, or water exposure can have a very negative impact on LiAlH4.

    2) High energy ball milled LiAlH4 to achieve a smaller particle size could help hydrogen be released at a lower temperature while preventing the LiAlH4 from melting and smothering the nickel.

    3) Although it is possible the aluminum plays a role in anomalous energy production, the aluminum in the LiAlH4 may throttle the nuclear reactions. Experiments should be performed in which various percentages of the LiAlH4 is replaced with very high purity LiH.

    4) If it hasn’t been performed already, the nickel should be vacuum degassed under heat and exposed to a hydrogen plasma to load protons into the lattice before being loaded into the reactor.

    5) After exposure to a hydrogen plasma to produce a nickel hydride layer on the nickel, a small amount of methane (no more than 1%) could be added to the plasma to start growing Negative Electron Affinity diamond structures with an ultra low work function.

    6) The magnetic field produced by the resistances should be considered. A high frequency rotating magnetic field could be helpful in adding helicity and promoting EVO formation.

    7) A high density metal shell should be placed as close as possible to the active fuel. This could help thermalize the strange radiation emitted. Strange radiation tends to pass through light metals like aluminum. Maybe a copper sheath could be used.

    These are only a few of several possible optimizations.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Coupled chain reactions?

      Al(27) + He(4) > Si(30) + H(1) 2.3722 MeV

      H(1) + Li(7) > 2 He(4) 17.3 MeV

      • Axil Axil

        LENR is not caused by fusion.

        • Alan DeAngelis
          • Axil Axil

            That shows transmutation, not fusion.

            Fusion is a nuclear reaction that is constrained by the Lawson criterion.


          • Andreas Moraitis

            The graphics above appears to show the capture of alpha particles by heavier nuclei. That would clearly be fusion, since the alphas are positively charged. (The same holds for deuterons in case that the alpha signs are meant as ‘units’).

            BTW fusion leads always to transmutation (change of the atomic number).

          • Vinney

            On a lighter note (well I found it interesting anyway). Linustech visits the offices and laboratories of nuclear fusion startup, GenerallFusion.
            Interesting look at some of the machinery used for testing nuclear fusion theories, both current and past prototypes, and smaller reactors to test newer concepts.
            Obviously enormously complex and costly machinery. And among General Fusion investors there is also Jeff Bezos.

          • Fusion is the nuclear reaction in which smaller atom nuclei merge into larger one. Lawson criterion applies only to plasma, not arranged crystals. Stop trolling educated people at LENR forums.

          • Axil Axil

            “the pot calling the kettle black.” You are not talking about astro blasting anymore, Why?

          • The “astroblasting” is just the matter of arranged crystals….

          • Gerard McEk

            Hi Axil, It seems the Lawson criterion is defined to (light) atoms of similar mass. But why would an fusion between a heavy atom and and alpha particle(s) not be called a fusion? Please educate us, thanks!

          • Axil Axil

            I don’t recall any reaction cross section for the fusion reaction involving the fusion between a heavy atom and an alpha particle(s). This may mean that science does not consider this reaction can occur on earth. Of course, there are fusion reactions that are expected to occur in the heat and pressure environment that are typical in supernovas.

            But science has not discovered how to produce fusion as they understand the fusion reaction to be that can occur on earth in the lab.

            But in these LENR experiments, will science accept that these products are rightly called fusion, or should they be called transmutation?

          • Alan DeAngelis
          • Axil Axil

            Fusion as a natural process is a produce of temperature, pressure and time.

            The various natural fusion reactions in which oxygen is involved is found here


          • Alan DeAngelis

            The point is that if Rutherford could transmute oxygen with
            the alphas from decaying radium, the alphas from the above lithium-7 reaction could transmute aluminum in the above proton forming reaction.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Pardon me,

            Transmute nitrogen

          • Alan DeAngelis
  • Pons & Fleischmann’s work has been the primary impetus behind further replication efforts since their claims in the nineteen-eighties, including Rossi and the various other groups and individuals seen here and elsewhere. We seem to be seeing the fruits from all of the attempts and research carried out over the years, we are getting all sorts of similar claims, theories, and test results, most if not all are related to P&F’s early work. I am gratified to see results starting to accumulate but I wonder if P&F might be forgotten in the coming wave of theories and working hardware. Let’s try to remember the origins of this discovery and strive to give due credit where deserved. Perhaps we will forever be a “few years away” from acceptance, adoption, and implementation, but I think we are nearing a tilting point where the weight of discovery will outpace the oppressive and dissentious inclinations of modern physicists and scientists shown thus far. For observers and commentators like most of us, there is little to do except wait. We appear to have been expecting working LENR devices and theories to be a few years away, going on now for the last seven years or more, so many of us have become quiet and adopted a wait and see policy, well maybe now we have waited long enough and we are about to see something. (For sure within the next couple of years,..(right?).)
    I suppose we should remain stoic because it’s becoming ever more probable that the dam of doubt is starting to crack and the deluge will be all the larger when it finally breaks. I’m impatient to proceed into the next energy paradigm and leave this current hydrocarbon era as a footnote in humanities wretched annals of scientific history.

    • Axil Axil

      The Fusion meme has been extremely destructive to any valid theory of LENR that makes sense. This idea has interfered with any meaningful progress in the LENR tech for a very long time. Progress began when protium was shown to be LENR active. Now deuterium based LENR is all be dead.

      Progress in LENR is more rightly ascribed to Piantelli and his co-workers.

      • Interesting and I agree, Rossi does give credit to P&F, but only in a perfunctory way. If he succeeds I suppose he will earn the right to own as much of it as he can. I would like to see a flow chart of work done by the LENR leaders since P&F that shows LENR’s path from then to now.

        • Oystein Lande

          Piantelli said once that he went back to look at some anomalous measurements in his Ni-H gas cell after hearing about F&P.

          So it is said he made the discovery at the end of 1989. F&P press conference was in march 1989.

          Also of interest is that F&P mentions nickel hydrogen in their patent from 1989 as another possible CF system, but they stuck to Pd-deuterium research during their research.

          So without F&P, Piantelli may never have gone into CF research.

      • Oystein Lande
    • Fibber McGourlic

      Don’t worry Nixter. Pons & Fleischmann are the Wright Brothers of LENR. They will go down in history as the progenitors of a transformed world of peace and plenty.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    It should be “50-100 W” (of excess power). See p. 5 in the PDF:

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yes!!! And when the evidence becomes as clear as Krakatoa erupting,
    we’ll have to hear about what a “responsible” role the marbled institutions
    that set LENR back for nearly three decades played in bringing it about. And
    the insular circle jerk will once again bestow upon itself the highest rankings
    for these infallible institutions.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      “…The energy conversion per unit time (power) of fusion in the core varies with distance from the solar center. At the center of the Sun, fusion power is estimated by models to be about 276.5 watts/m3. Despite its intense temperature, the peak power generating density of the core overall is similar to an active compost heap….”

      Rossi can do better than that by lowering the energy of activation with a transition metal catalyst.

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