‘Precision Cut High Energy Crystals’ (Torus Tech)

Thanks to Max Nozin for posting the following comment:

“Check out pdf on this page




“Once you figure out that quantum field is indeed a sea of little bullets ( oscillating ie spinning) regardless how you actually calling them, it brings home many theories new and abandoned a century ago.”

Torus Tech is a company that states it is working on applying the work of Nassim Haramein, the company’s executive director of research and development and who is the inventor in the above patent. He is also the author of a paper cited on the company’s website titled “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” available here:


Torus Tech states the following regarding its business strategy:

“Currently our focus is in vacuum energy related interactions whereby we are developing technologies that can either directly or indirectly interact with the fluctuating energy dynamics that constitute the very structure of the vacuum itself. Once prototypes are completed and data analyzed we partner with manufacturers who have the right infrastructure and expertise to manufacture the end product at scale. Currently we are working with two manufacturers on producing the ARK™ crystal at scale while we build out our proprietary charging process in house. In parallel to the manufacturing work we are conducting plant based trials to demonstrate the effect of this technology on promoting optimal biological function.”

  • LION

    Watch this space I predict good things will come from it. Nassim Haramein is a very Brilliant and capable Human Being.

    Hi Nassim,
    if you would like to talk, please get in touch with Bob Greenyer of MFMP and he will give you my private email.
    RESPECT to you and the team you work with for all the wonderful work you are doing.

  • Chris

    Anyone else seeing what looks like plans for the Flux Capacitor?

  • Dr. Mike

    What appears to be missing from the patent application is how the crystal will be “useful” in meeting the criteria that for a patent to be issued it must be useful, novel, and non-obvious. Perhaps this is the reason no patent has been issued in 3 years since the application was filed?

  • Ron Kita

    I had a brief look at the patent application….hmm. What is of interest to me are monoclinic crystals. One-side/angle is different. This occurs in benzene series molecules such as naphthalene is monoclinic- this comes from a totally symmetric(2) hexagonal molecule. Also benzene ring currents are “non-bulk” superconductors. Coined by Dr Freeman Cope and cited in my Gravity Modification Patent US8901943 . Professor Martin Tajmar who has a WO patent application on an Electret (Space) Drive is trying to prove that I am wrong, and in a SSI 2016 -youtube Professor Tajmar has an interesting V-Shaped weight curve- He claims that weigh loss is do to outgassing..BUT then V goes upward! Ingassing….. he simply ignores it.funny. He wants to see anything but gravity modification. Attendees do not pick up his flaw! Ron Kita, Chiralex.com

  • Axil Axil

    from Harvard

    Molecular chirality

    Just as gloves and hands come in mirror-image pairs (a left and a right), many molecules can exist in ‘left-’ and ‘right-handed’ forms. This property of handedness is called chirality, and most biological molecules are chiral. Surprisingly, all living organisms contain almost only ‘left-handed’ amino-acids and ‘right-handed’ sugars. This exclusive one-handedness has the important consequence that proteins and DNA are chiral, and that the biological and pharmaceutical activity of many molecules is often directly related to their chirality.

    To give a few examples: We need sugars in our diet, but if we were to eat the mirror image of these sugars, molecules that contain the same atoms but only arranged in the left-hand form, then we would starve, as our body can only metabolize the right-hand form. This is for instance utilized in some artificial sweeteners, such as Tagatose or Natrulose, that are the mirror-image of milk-sugar and that taste sweet, but that we cannot absorb and that therefore have zero calories. Similarly, the two mirror-image forms of a chiral molecule may have very different smells, such as with spearmint and the spice caraway, which tastes like cumin.

    The organic chemist is mostly concerned with Molecular chirality. Drugs don’t work if they are not the proper chirality. Organic catalysts change the chirality of organic chemicals. Crystals can change the chirality of EMF and chiral EMF can change the chirality of matter.

    A crystal with the proper structure can adjust the chirality of matter by either refecting chiral EMF or allowing chiral EMF to pass through it.

    I personally would not want to have chiral EMF pass through my DNA. If these crystals are producing chiral EMF, they might be dangerous. It’s not nice to fool around with Mother Nature!

  • Axil Axil

    Like all fuel based LENR reactors, Rossi produces ultra dense hydrogen/lithium in his fuel. He loads that ultra dense lithium into the QX. He excites the lithium using high voltage and RF which produces chiral based magnetism. This special form of magnetism destabilizes nucleons that release energy and subatomic particles.

  • LION

    Hi Nick Sunchild,
    thanks for your informative post.

    • Nick Sunchild

      Happy that i can share it with all of you 😉

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for this.

    They say pivo – would be great to meet you.

    Sounds great – I plan to travel to UK for the UK LION replication at LFH labs – so you will need to catch me before 15:30 or be in Brno on 22nd.

    • Nick Sunchild

      I like to here that, yes you should be on the replication of LION!

      It try to make the 22nd happening, if not, i think i could be around 11 – 12 am in Brno on the 23rd. But as the German’s say “kein Bier vor vier” i would switch to a espresso or coffee 😉

      I hold you informed

      Thanks to all of you for your awesome work! You let us feel that we are a part of it!

      • artefact

        True. Fängst du mittags an zu saufen, kannst du abends nicht mehr laufen.
        (if you start to dring at lunch you will not be able to walk at night)

      • Bob Greenyer

        Ok – official replication looks to move to April, so will be able to meet on 23rd.

        • Nick Sunchild

          let’s fix it beginning of next week, so the information if replication move to april or not is present. I will be ether way in Brno and I am ready for a positive exchange as well i am sure you will have fun of one two story’s i can share out of Nassim’s World View.

  • Rene

    Although the patent application contemplates many things, what it claims is only a specific cut and make of a crystal. That is all. There are no claims or power generation nor of power storage. I guess we have to wait quite a bit longer before a ZPM is actually claimed.

  • Lightning Mike

    I have tried to follow Nassim’s work for years and also been trying to follow the LENR revolution as well and I don’t have the technical background to put it all together, but I think Nassim’s theoretical framework could really help make sense of this effect. One of the foundation elements of his theory is that there is 64 tetrahedron vector equilibrium that is the structure of the vacuum (i.e. background energy fluctuations are not random but happen along the lines of this pattern) So then anything that has resonance with this pattern is able to access and amplify those background fluctuations, like tetrahedral living organic molecules which are able to defy the 2nd law of thermodynamics and become more ordered and organized. This phenomenon seems to be underpinning the LENR effect too, with the metal lattice plus certain secret sauce resonance frequencies being key to enhancing and amplifying it. This new crystal they are producing is charged in the field created by the device for the stimulation of Magnetohydrodynamics https://www.torustech.com/portfolio and it has shown interesting positive effects on plant growth. I hope some of you more technical minds can get together and crack the code of this thing! What is especially interesting to me is the connections Nassim makes in his Crossing the Event Horizon DVD series with ancient religious systems which seem to have inherited remnants of an understanding of this unified physics but without the full understanding of what they represent like the 64 hexagrams of the I ching, the kabbalistic tree of life, 8 of which can be put together to form the vector equilibrium, and the 19 circle flower of life pattern on ancient Egyptian temples. Anyways, I am rooting for someone to come up with the next step to get at that unified theory of everything….I know you guys can do it!

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