‘Home Again’ (Peter Gluck)

After a long absence due to illness, Peter Gluck has posted on his Ego Out website, and since he is addressing the LENR community at large I thought I would repost his message here.


Home Again

Dear Friends,

I am temporarily able to think and I want to tell you the following:

I am unable to get and send information because I cannot read or write. My daughter helps me and my blog partner, Georgina.

I fear that there will be no energy revolution as it was the information revolution which is a great success. I fear that LENR will die and disappear. Nothing is certain regarding LENR-technology, even that it does NOT exist. I am desperate. The Miamy Trial – Rossi vs. Darden is a complete mistery, but it seems Rossi has not lost the trial. What will bring the future to LENR? In this blog I have told many times what I think about Pd/D and Ni/H etc., and I have not changed my opinion.

What have we to do? Is any hope lost?

Thank you!

Your old friend,

Peter, this is my brief reply to you. I am glad you are home, and have the help you need to post again. Thank you for all your efforts and work over the years, and I do hope you feel better and are able to contribute more as time goes on.

Personally, I don’t think that LENR will die and disappear. I am optimistic. I think there is enough interest from talented and determined persons to keep working at the problem until success comes. We have various groups and individuals working in private and in public who are trying to understand and develop the technology, that I think sooner or later the breakthrough that you are hoping for will come.

My best guess is that Andrea Rossi will be the first person to bring the technology into the commercial sector. I think he has the technological prowess and the necessary determination and force of will to do it.

While I think we can be sure that Rossi won’t be giving help to his competitors, but if he (or anyone else) can bring forward a working LENR product, then we will know that technologically it can be done — that it is not impossible — which I think will cause interest in the field to greatly increase.

I don’t think it’s possible for us to make predictions about the exact timing of these things, you never know what holdups may occur, but I’m optimistic that in the end we’ll see success.

My best wishes to you!


  • Stephen

    Great news that he’s home. Peter is a true and honest LENR warrior of our time. One of the best.

    I hope this year brings him a big smile.

  • Harvey Hamel

    It’s really great that Peter is able to communicate again. I miss his daily newsletters. I agree with your LENR assessment and I pray that the light of LENR will shine on us all…soon.

  • AdrianAshfield

    Very good reply. I agree completely.

  • Gerard McEk

    It is great to hear from Peter again, but what a tragedy that he lost his sight! Our great LENR Nestor…. I feel so sorry for him, now he depends on his daughter for staying in contact with the LENR community. It is not good for the speed of response and the sharpness of his so much appreciated writings.
    I hope many of us keep him up to speed with the LENR developments.

    • Warthog

      I am sure a person with his mental capabilities will master text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies in short order. God bless him!

  • sam

    I found it amazing how Peter can communicate
    with a Scientist at there level and a simple truck driver like myself
    so easily.

    • Dr. Mike

      With your interest in LENR I don’t think anyone would classify you as a “simple truck driver”. Perhaps, a good truck driver with a keen interest in science, but not a simple truck driver.

      • sam

        Ten Four Dr Mike

    • Buck

      I once sat next to a truck driver at a coffee shop as he was looking for a good used RV. He was retired because of a medical disability, the driving had damaged a kidney beyond repair.

      He was a very nice guy and we enjoyed a good conversation. I hope you did not meet the same situation.

      • sam

        I am as healthy as a horse Buck.But I am getting to
        be an old teamster.

        • Buck

          Good news and the best still to come.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Peter, you are an inspiration and your intent has always been well placed.

    Thankyou. It will happen.

  • Dr. Mike

    I would also like to join Frank with best wishes for Peter.

  • greggoble

    Thanks always Peter…

    Here is a fun tidbit, for you and all of yourn (meaning all of us)… these articles about LENR at a site called ‘Giza Death Star’ by author Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.

    E-Cat World had a mention of him back in 2013… somehow I missed it.

    peace love and granola… your friend… Greg

    here is the link

  • Anon2012_2014

    Best wishes Peter.

  • SG

    Peter deserves much credit for tirelessly defending his intuition that Ni/H was the way forward as opposed to Pd/D–the difference between changing the world versus a lab curiosity. He influenced my thinking over the years. I hope to hear more from him.

  • David_Kaiser_39

    Peter, my wife and me and all of us here are with you now. I remember all the great and good things you wrote in your blog during all these years. You are extraordinary. You are not alone. We all hope you will get better soon. We are eager to read more from you. Love.

  • georgehants

    Peter, welcome back, try and stay Hopeful, Bob Greenyer may have something to cheer us all up shortly.

  • greggoble

    I have been researching the NASA GRC/PineScie/Vantage Partners LENR energy group working with the SPAWAR/JWK/Global Energy Corporation (GEC) LENR energy group.

    I decided to understand the relationship between NASA Glen Research Center and the U.S. Department of Defense. I discovered they have a strong relationship and that NASA GRC is particularly well suited to merge all NASA and Department of Defense LENR energy technology groups’ applied engineering and market entry efforts. Quote: “…synchronizes activities at the world-class installation to support critical research and development for NASA, the Department of Defense and commercial industry to advance space exploration and global aeronautic leadership.”


  • Pekka Janhunen

    Great text, Frank, especially the sentence starting “While..”.

  • 💙 Peter. Don’t despair!

  • sam

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