NASA and Global Energy Corporation Agree to Develop “High Power Space Generator”

Thanks to Engineer48 for posting links found by Alan Smith to contract documents between NASA Glenn Research Center and a company called Global Energy Corporation (GEC) which outline agreements between the two parties “For Development and Testing of a High Power Space Generator”

The first link is an “Umbrella Agreement”:
The second is an “Annex”:

The project description from the first document: “The initial goal is to develop and run a self-sustaining 10 kW thermal, 2 kW electric, hybrid generator for planetary space missions and planetary surface power. Such generator technology would be scalable to 100 kW at the Plum Book Facility. Larger generator designs would be built and run at appropriate offsite location.”

There is little detail about the technology to be used, but the point of contact for GEC is Lawrence P. Forsley, formerly of US Navy SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, who is a long time researcher in the field or LENR and is the listed inventor of this patent for a “Hybrid Fast Fusion Fission Reactor”

The agreement was signed in January 2018 and the project milestones run through the end of 2020.

  • Engineer48

    Looks like NASA need GEC to build them a 600C LENR reactor to replace the fission reactor.

    Seems everything else is about ready to fly:

    • Engineer48

      According to this GEC graphic, the reactor they are developing for NASA is non fissile, which leaves a LENR reactor.

      • Anon2012_2014

        Pu-238 is non-fissile, i.e. when a neutron hits it it is absorb into Pu-239 rather than fissions. (Anyone here — correct me if I am wrong.)

        Thus, this GEC graphic does not rule out a (boring) Pu-238 thermoelectric generator. I don’t think this NASA contract is an LENR contract although I could be wrong if GEC knows something they have not told us publicly.

        • Gerard McEk

          What I understand is Pu 238 difficult to get and that GEC has another method of generating heat. We all hope it is LENR, obviously. Let’s wait and see.

          • Anon2012_2014

            I think Pu-238 is bred via transmutations via specially configured reactors and breeding blankets of suitable starting isotopes. My understanding is that US DOE just restarted a reactor for this purpose. The issue as the new DOE reactor says they will only make 1.5 kg per year; and current stockpiles are only 35 kg. There are other thermal generator fuels however; and this is clearly for a launch multiple years away. Yes, LENR would be better, but I think this contract is for a conventional radioisotope thermoelectric generator.

          • Engineer48

            Hi Anon,

            It is not Pu-238 based.

          • TVulgaris

            If we can expect TEGs from Pt-238 to produce “over 20 megawatts for…propulsion”, by the numbers you’ve listed, it would require 200X175 kg just in fuel- not including the reactor, adequate shielding, conversion gear, etc., etc.. etc.- does this still seem realistic?

          • Anon2012_2014

            Sorry I missed the 20 MW. I saw 10 kW.

          • Engineer48

            Hi Gerard,

            It is LENR.

            Co deposition SPAWAR LENR.

  • greggoble

    From NASA’s Centennial Challenges: 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge Phase 1 – Now into Phase 3
    Teams – Phase 1
    Team: Rustem Baishev
    RB Systems Facebook –

    One day Mars will become as an ordinary destination as our own Earth’s continents and cities. In such case expandability is the main consideration, for which the most suitable technology should be invented to dictate the design. Given the distance to Mars and roughness of its terrain, the translation of a 3d model from virtual into physical space is a task of an extreme complexity for any positioning and printing method. Therefore, those methods should be as analog as possible.

    The nuclear powered (cold fusion mini reactor) crawling extruder, once deployed, is “tethered” by laser beam to the anchor point in a sensor head of the “Shepherd Bot”, which is locked on its spot. Once copied its position, the machine starts to crawl and excavate the soil from beneath of itself, grinds and mixes it with a bonding agent and slowly extrudes into pre-determined, constant domed profile of the structure, which is optimized for radiation protection, direct sunlight blockage, as well as becomes a natural solution for thermal balance of the sealed habitable space below. In the special chamber, the extrusion is then bombarded by high pressure high temperature CO2 flue that glassifies surface layers for stiffness. With this the machine crawls and builds the submerged structure behind; then Shepherd Bot commands it to turn, and trajectory forms a spiral – a geometric definition of an infinite growth. The colony is kept contained with no need to build infrastructures from scratch as oppose to a scattered settlement. For an increasing demands of interplanetary specie, the technology is kept being developed until the first settlement in a size of a city is built on Mars.

    • Engineer48

      Hi Greg,

      Nice find:

      “The nuclear powered (cold fusion mini reactor) crawling extruder, once deployed”.

  • Anon2012_2014

    It’s almost certainly a radioisotope thermoelectric generator:

    • Gerard McEk

      I do not think it will be based on decay. Besides, the specific energy of this principle would not allow for the requested scalability to 100 kW.

      • Anon2012_2014

        “Besides, the specific energy of this principle would not allow for the requested scalability to 100 kW”

        1) Specific energy is just the energy per unit mass. Each gram Pu-238 makes 0.57 W (power) of heat. 10 kW = 17.5 kg of Pu-238. 100 kW = 175 kg. Half-life is 88 years, so the specific energy is 2.2 x 10^12 j/kg. I don’t see specific energy as an issue, nor specific power.

        2) To scale, why not just more of them? Imaging they are “pods” on the outside of the “Mars Ship” well away from the crew section and that each pod weighs 100 kg with all ancillary equipment to convert the alphas and/or heat into electricity. Why not 10 of them in a circle so that they can radiate on the “cold side” of their heat engines? Pu-238 is an alpha emitter at 5.6 MeV. We can shield the gamma after the Alpha strikes the energy absorber (assuming that there is not some direct energy conversion like a travelling wave converter).

  • Engineer48
    • Engineer48

      Need to add another ICCF-21 paper:

      LENR is real and has gone commercial.

      • TVulgaris

        Dropping a lot of shoes, aren’t they?
        If this is commercial release, though, it doesn’t give much hope for near-term domestic-market deployment.

        • Engineer48

          Hi TV,


        • Engineer48

          Hi TV,

          I see this as the commercial release of one group that is aligned, because of who owns the SPAWAR LENR tech, the US Navy, with their desires.

          The US DoD is moving into space in a big way, including fighting space battles. All that needs a lot more energy than solar panels can provide. So it seems logical to team up the US Navy LENR reactor tech with the NASA KiloPower KRUSTY Sterling in space power tech.

          Cleary the above also applies to US Navy surface and subsurface power generation systems.

          BTW there are thermal to electrical power conversions systems that have achieved over 50% conversion efficiency. OK more complex than the NASA KRUSTY Sterling tech but it is doable if required.

  • Engineer48

    Gentleman and Ladies,

    LENR is real and is moving, via multiple parties, into an initial commercialisation phase.

    The time to doubt is over. Sure theory is yet publically bolted down but that will not stop commercialisation.

    Now is the time for commercial LENR product development and innovation.

    Would suggest that anyone who denies what has been revealed has back pocket / pay check / investment / etc reasons to deny.

  • Engineer48

    Think this LF post explains what GEC is doing:

    “Although that patent teaches a method to generate neutrons and describes in general terms their use, this embodiment teaches another means to fast fission a natural abundance uranium deuteride fuel element driven by DD primary and secondary fusion neutrons within said fuel element.

    Consequently, a heavily deuterided actinide can be its own source of fast neutrons, with an average neutron kinetic energy greater than 2 MeV and greater than the actinide fission neutron energy.

    Such energetic neutrons are capable of fissioning both fertile and fissile material.

    There is no chain reaction.

    There is no concept of actinide criticality.

    Purely fertile material, like 232Th or non-fertile isotopes, like 209Bi, may fission producing additional fast neutrons and energy up to 200 MeV/nucleon fissioned. ”

    Suggests they are using a precursor LENR reaction to cause fission events to occur in raw uranium fuel but at a low enough level so it the fission can’t self sustain nor produce undesirable high grade fission poducts.

  • Stephen

    As much as I understand the priority for LENR on earth applications especially where most needed. I actually I think LENR is very well matched for space applications. In this environment where very high optimisation and trade off constraints are so important due to the high cost of launch and extreme environment conditions it could be a game changer and truely an enabling technology, both in the power and thermal regimes but also how it enables all the other the technologies such as structure propulsion, actuator and sensor use and placement etc to be optimized with out the normal power thermal constraints if current space craft.

    A very good and relevant example is the current sting push by some space agencies to establish a base on the moon.

    Since the moon is tidal locked to the earth and has the same face facing the earth through out a complete orbit of about 28 earth days. The moon consequently has a night time duration of 14 earth days. (And a day time duration of 14earth days).

    The temperature on the moon varies between -183 deg C at night and 106 deg C during the day.

    This temperature variation could be useful for some technologies but for most technologies structures etc it would be a big problem and would be pretty uncomfortable for humans working there.

    Due to this currently this the only really viable at the position for a moon base is at the poles since at least here you can guarantee an energy source through out the lunar month. (This also brings the possibility of water in craters that are permanently in shadow)

    But there are big benefits going elsewhere such as on the face towards Earth or on the dark side of the moon for space observatories etc

    So a technology that can provide sufficient heat (and potentially power) for a moon base during the 14 earth day night and enable cooling during the 14 earth day day would be essential there. I think LENR such as e-cat etc could ideally fit that requirement.

    This would be an ideal first step application before using it in deep space applications where a thermal/power source is also needed.

    Who knows perhaps all the ingredients needed to build an ecat type device already exist on the moon.

    • TVulgaris

      Subsurface construction is the obvious solution to nearly all the major (known, anyway) problems with human lunar presence. Temperature extremes are pretty easy to manage, given this is a pretty hard vacuum- one thin layer of aluminized mylar eliminates nearly all radiative inputs/losses, until particle decay and direct bombardment degrade it, and they’re by far much more serious problems even just a meter of solid cover attenuate nearly completely- it’s not as though there’s any lack of rock there (of course dust is a ferocious problem, but underground would probably be straightforward to address.

  • We are in a very weird place right now.

    It’s happening. But it’s not happening as far as the world is concerned. Is it really happening?

    • Engineer48

      Hi Lenr G,

      NASA would not be engaging in a Space Act contract unless they know, have been shown positive experimental results by GEC, AND they want the tech.

      Tbe NAVSEA-Ledios award is the US gov softening up the public for what is comming.

      Involving NASA is just adding to the very soft release that Yes LENR is very real and going commercial yesterday.

      So yes it is real but the credibility of NASA and the US Navy backing, GEC’s LENR tech is taking some folks breath away.

      • Honestly I expect this effort to be killed as soon as the current administration realizes what it is and the threat it poses to the Oil & Gas folks.

        • Engineer48

          Hi Lenr G,

          US gov needs a counter to Rossi’s rollout.

          Would suspect threat analysis says they must move now.

          • I very much doubt the USG is doing anything with respect to Rossi. Maybe.

            I do wish we knew who Rossi was working with now. Given the assumed spread of inside knowledge the lack of leaks is concerning. Information about something so radically good would be propagating one way or another usually. Maybe that means it’s USG classified.

          • causal observer

            They can’t classify commercial information; there could be a policy of don’t talk about it. Leaks maybe somewhat contained by the threat of lawsuits and losing stock options.

          • Thanks for the book tip.

            I understand an agree with everything you say. But some number of people are sitting on an information bomb that should cause excitement and change the behavior of those in the know. No sign of either yet.

          • Omega Z

            ->”New Power” (about crowd-power vs hierarchy power)

            Bare in mind, the Hierarchy nearly always obtains it’s power from the Crowd. Say there is something practiced by society that ” I ” don’t like. Society doesn’t care about my views. However, If I spin a good story and twist or omit certain facts that society in general aren’t knowledgeable about, I can gain a following. Soon, these people will demand that ” I ” take action. An action I wanted to take from the beginning. But I obtained the power to do so from the crowd. By manipulation. Note anyone that disagrees will be labeled idiots and the bearers of fake news etc…

          • LarryJ

            This technology is so radical that leaks don’t matter. It’s like Youtube videos of ex usaf pilots or astronauts who leak that they saw UFOs. Nobody cares because it is beyond belief for the average person.

          • Vinney

            New Mats Lewan interview on Cold Fusion Now.
            Dated April 23, 2018
            Almost reiterating everything Eng48 says.
            Interesting accounts of visits at Doral indicating some unique manufacturing process being conducted on ‘customer’ side.
            Rossi is ontrack to ‘publicly’ release mass manufactured E-cat QX this year.
            Next year global research funding for LENR related technologies will grow many fold.
            The stigma of talking, working, and being associated with LENR will be removed.

          • frank

            I am wondering, since it should be clear to everybody, that there was no customer and no manufacturing process at Doral. This is publicly available information (Doral court documents).

          • Omega Z

            ->”it should be clear to everybody, that there was no customer and no manufacturing process at Doral.”

            The court documents does not conclude this. They only show that nothing was present when people came into the facility after the fact. Those documents state no heat exchange was present when they came through, but there is evidence that a heat exchange system had been there and removed as could other things.

            Just as those documents indicate Darden didn’t try to steal Rossi’s IP, But many here at ECW saw the patent applications that Darden filed without Rossi’s knowledge. Those documents don’t tell the whole story and any conclusions drawn from them are worthless.

          • LarryJ

            It is not clear at all to me that there was no real customer and no real use of the generated power and I read all the documents. If depositions told the whole story then trials would be unnecessary.

            Rossi was determined to save his final arguments for his day in court and since that never happened we will never know what would actually have been argued in court.

            What is clear is that Tom Darden/IH and his very strong legal team gave up the crown jewel in his LENR portfolio on the opening day of arguments for nothing which makes his court case look very weak despite what the bloggers may have blogged.

  • greggoble

    My interest has been US government LENR, it took hold with the NASA SUGAR LENR presentation and blossomed with the GEC Guam Fiasco. I became convinced that we would see the most advanced LENR tech coming out of US govt. funded labs, that they were farther along the road and weren’t letting us know.

    I’m glad to see them presenting the generator to the ‘cold fusion’ community now… I was upset that they weren’t presenting it back then. (see my Cold Fusion Now articles from the time of the Guam Fiasco) I’m still a bit upset because…

    This technology should be shared worldwide and fast-tracked for the sole purpose of ending the nuclear fuel cycle and remediating nuclear waste.

    I’m a science fiction and space buff so I love to see the NASA GRC SPAWAR GEC VANTAGE PINESCIE LENR space effort. Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Non Radioactive Nuclear Flight has been one of my most popular articles. I hope people start using the acronym NRNF when referring to it… one of my buzz words. I still think we will see NRNF before we see a home E-Cat unit, even more so now.

    STILL The importance of ending the nuclear fuel cycle, remediating spent fuel rods, hopefully on site, creating high process heat and electricity, IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. With this technology the existing primitive nuclear energy industry can remain viable, clean up its mess, and wean itself off refined uranium and plutonium fuels.

    I really REALLY hope this is what GEC has in mind with their so-secretive business plan. I also really hope all of you ask them about this at ICCF as I am unable to attend. quote “GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world.”

    To think that David Kidwell accused Japanese researchers of contamination not transmutation… accusing them of sloppy research… I’m pretty positive he knew of SPAWAR transmutations while standing before us all claiming there were never any transmutations seen in US DoD labs. Same year as the Guam Fiasco. Shameful and sordid history chapter in science.

    Yes LENR is real and the race to market entry is on. Applied engineering, the rush to Mars and wealth of Asteroids, save the human race and depopulate/heal the planet.


    • We don’t need to depopulate. We just need to use our resources more wisely. LENR and nanotechnology together can heal the planet and let the Earth flourish while we do the same.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Absolutely no need to de-populate with LENR.

    • Warthog

      ‘Scuse my ignoramusness, but what is the “Guam Fiasco”?? I thought I followed the LENR biz more than most, but this is a totally new term for me.

  • Engineer48

    Tearing up watching the Anzac day public wreath laying in Turkey & France and the read out of those who

    “Lest We Forget”.

    • causal observer

      Tough, important sacrifice from the other side of the world, with great honor.
      Thanks for the freedom.

  • The benefits of exploring and expanding into space are huge and should be pursued full tilt. No argument there.

    But many of the problems caused by overpopulation are drastically reduced or eliminated by extremely inexpensive energy, the prosperity that would follow (which should, critically, level off birth rates) and technologies to fully recycle all matter and introduce massive efficiency improvements to everything from food to travel to construction, etc.

    The Earth’s population could level off at around 10 billion and be prosperous and environmentally healthy with human activities derailing natural processes and ecosystems less and less. Our gorgeous planet would stabilize and heal with more than enough room and resources for everyone. It’s very do-able. We just have to do it.

    Step 1. LENR. Now please.

  • Warthog

    Thanks. I missed the Guam thing completely.

  • causal observer

    Daily dose of real science: Quantum entanglement of macroscopic objects.

  • They just appointed a climate change denier to lead NASA. They do what their O&G funders tell them to do.

  • greggoble

    A few things to consider, a few have been brought up by others. It’s good to look at them together. The U.S. government (DOD) retains control of SPAWAR LENR patented technology, JWK and GEC hold certain (limited) rights. Since LENR energy is a matter of national security the DOD determines SPAWAR LENR tech roll-out, Guam as an out of site turnkey plant did not work as planned. GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world; they are pursuing the electrical production market. NASA went to a GEC location and was pleased with the initial results, GEC has a great LENR reactor (most likely not hardened). Plans for continued testing of a space/launch hardened LENR reactor coupled to a space certified stirling engine. Plans to scale that up to 100Kw thermal with generator(s) on site at GRC, up to 20 Mw elsewhere. GRC is not developing a LENR reactor, what NASA most likely assists with is space hardening, data collection, performance, design, materials, suggestions, sterling generator interface, i.e. space readiness which is in the best interest of the DOD and NASA (see the PineScie GRC AEC contract). Technical superiority in the air is arguably the most important part of U.S. security and defense. Believe you me, Plumb Brook GRC will do every thing they can to bring this to fruition and the DOD will certainly quietly contribute.

    As to Scaling-Up 10Kw? 100Kw? 20Mw? 5Gw? GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world. GEC hasn’t just been doing nothing after Guam. This begs a few questions rather than statements and musings about GEC being all about nothing.

    Let’s say a ‘Singlet’ is 1,000 watts thermal and sort-of like a light bulb.

    Let’s say a quick disconnect ‘Unit’ has 100 Singlets and puts out 100 Kw thermal.

    Let’s say a ‘Module’ has 10 Units and puts out 1 Mw thermal.

    Of course I am making all this up… as an example.

    Scaling up is not hard to do and GEC has perfected it over the past five years or so.

    Breaking up ain’t hard to do either.

    Whats difficult is space/launch hardening.

    In a 20Mw thermal LENR space power system

    What parts need hardening?
    What ones would you harden first?
    Does GEC harden the frame or NASA?
    Does GEC harden the seals or NASA?
    The electrical systems?
    The piping?
    Sterling engine interface?

    Well you get my drift…

    NASA does the heavy lifting (pun intended) space for that!
    GEC takes care of the small things (LENR reactors are tiny).
    The DOD has back-up (and cajones too).
    JWK can supply any cash needed.

    • Engineer48

      Hi Greg,

      Nice summary. As I see it as well.

      Need to add the Russians claim to have a unlimited range nuclear powered cruise missle. No way can it use a conventional pure fission core, so probably is a LENR reactor with maybe a top up fissile final core to get the required exhaust temp.

      There may be a bit of catch up occuring here?

    • causal observer

      Hi Greg,

      That story makes a lot of sense to me. I missed one piece though; where did you see information to the effect that the GEC “core” was small?

  • causal observer

    Thanks for sharing that. I apparently casually observed, causally resulting in a mis-assumption. The terms “fuel rods”, “electro-chemical solutions”, and “fast fissioning” apparently induced an image of thick metal elements. However, those terms are found across multiple patents.

    My model of the QX is that it is essentially an exotic arc lamp (“size of a pencil stub”). That and the laser-deuterated polyurethane experiments indicate that measurable LENR effects do not intrinsically require much mechanical volume.

    So there’s no reason to think GEC hasn’t figured a way to at least start on the path to miniaturization.

  • greggoble

    Readers have asked, Why Guam?

    A few powerful politicians have been on the Board of Directors of GEC. One has deep ties to Guam, Democratic Congressman Norman Mineta.

    It was during the few weeks before, during and after ICCF18 (July21thru27) that I wrote the Navy LENR series.

    ‘Mineta, Davis, Carlucci, Global Energy Corporation, LENR, Navy, Guam’ by Greg Goble
    Published July 19, 2013 Cold Fusion Now – Navy LENR part IV
    – Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, CAPAC Secretary, commended Mineta for his years of public service and dedication to promoting civil rights and liberty for all Americans.
    – “As the founder and former chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Norm worked to inform Members of Congress of the unique challenges facing Asian Pacific Americans in our nation,” said Bordallo. “I further appreciated Norm’s work to modernize and improve our infrastructure system in America as the longest serving Secretary of Transportation. I join the CAPAC in honoring Norm’s service and accomplishments, and on behalf of the people of Guam, I wish him a sincere Un dangkulo na Si Yu’os Ma’ase.”

    Please listen to this you tube, Keynote Address ICCF 18 – 2013
    Uploaded by ColdFusionNow on Jun 18, 2016
    Dr. David Kidwell of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC gives the keynote address at ICCF-18, 2013.

    Go to the 21 minute mark which leads to David’s thoughts on transmutation in LENR experiments and where he discredits works by Mitsubishi. Go to the 45 minute mark where he states his group has seen no transmutation in LENR experiments.

    Here are David’s Navy LENR patents.
    – 2009 Navy Patent “Excess enthalpy upon pressurization of nanosized metals with deuterium” WO2011041370A1 – Original Assignee: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – Inventor: David A. Kidwell – Priority date: Sep 29, 2009 – Publication date: Mar 31, 2011 – GRANT issued: Nov 10, 2015 – The present application claims the benefit of United States Provisional Application Serial No. 61/246,619 by David A. Kidwell, filed September 29, 2009 entitled “ANOMALOUS HEAT GENERATION FROM DEUTERIUM (OR PLATINUM) LOADED NANOPARTICLES.”
    – 2010 Navy Patent (LENR fuel) “Metal nanoparticles with a pre-selected number of atoms” US 8728197 B2 – Original Assignee: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – Inventors: Albert Epshteyn, David A. Kidwell GRANT issued: May 20, 2014

    Here is the Navy patent wherein LENR causes transmutation of elements.
    2007 SPAWAR Patent “System and method for generating particles” US8419919B1 Filing: Sep 21, 2007 – Publication: Apr 16, 2013 Assignee: JWK International Corporation, The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy – GRANT Issued: Apr 16, 2013 Inventors: Pamela A. Boss, Frank E. Gordon, Stanislaw Szpak, Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley

    David is not just a NRL researcher, he is also a Navy LENR inventor. Did he know about Navy SPAWAR LENR transmutation at the time of his speech? I did.

    Also note another contradiction…

    2011 Nov. (SPAWAR LENR news) Quote, “On or about Nov. 9, 2011, Rear Admiral Patrick Brady , commander of SPAWAR, ordered SPAWAR researchers to terminate all LENR research.” -end quote A New Energy Times article titled, “Navy Commander Halts SPAWAR LENR Research” by Steven Krivit

    Wiki – In 1974, Mineta ran for the United States House of Representatives in what was then California’s 13th congressional district. The district had previously been the 10th District, represented by retiring 11-term Republican Charles Gubser.
    – He won the Democratic nomination, and defeated State Assemblyman George W. Milias with 52 percent of the vote.[6] He would be reelected 10 more times from this Silicon Valley-based district, which was renumbered as the 15th District in 1993, never dropping below 57 percent of the vote.[7]
    – Mineta co-founded the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and served as its first chair. Mineta served as chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure between 1992 and 1994. He chaired the committee’s aviation subcommittee between 1981 and 1988, and chaired its Surface Transportation Subcommittee from 1989 to 1991.

  • greggoble

    An excellent paper to read from chief scientist of Global Energy Corporation/JWK group. The title is:
    “Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Using Pd/D Co-Deposition”
    TECHNICAL REPORT · OCTOBER 2015 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1200.3281
    It can be downlowded here:

    Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions
    Synopsis of Refereed Publications on Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions
    P.A. Mosier-Boss – US Navy SPAWAR-Pacific, San Diego, CA and L.P. Forsley – JWK Corporation, Annandale, VA Global Energy Corporation, San Diego, CA University of Texas, Austin, Austin, TX


    The significance of condensed matter nuclear reactions cannot be overstated.
    The successful commercialization of the technology would be paradigm shifting, to say the least.
    Our research and implementation is a few years ahead of what we have published.
    Contact us regarding our current work in hybrid fusion-fission reactors, energetics and compact power generation. -end quotes

  • greggoble

    I was excited till I read the specs at NASA… super enriched uranium core. Good old fission on steroids.

    NASA pursues many possible routes. The project you present began years ago. It may become irrelevant with the advent of LENR space power systems, coming on the scene from below most peoples horizon point. LENR rises to the top in the eyes of NASA.

    Here is a NASA comparative analysis of nuclear energy density.

    from pg. 2

    LENR 8,000,000 times chemical
    Fusion 7,300,000 times chemical
    Fission 1,900,000 times chemical.

    2014 NASA and Georgia Institute of Technology (applied engineering)

    “The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities”
    Presented at AIAA AVIATION 2014 Atlanta, GA USA, Douglas P. Wells NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, Dimitri N. Mavris Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia –

    Dimitri N. Mavris, Department Q – Washington D.C. LENR development group. Author of a few department of defense LENR reports… research his works… find something new I’ll add it to the review.

    • Engineer48

      Hi Greg who wrote:
      “I was excited till I read the specs at NASA… super enriched uranium core. Good old fission on steroids.”

      That is the KRUSTY KiloPower space reactor system.

      Hopefully GEC, with a non-fissile core (pure LENR) for their space reactor, shows NASA there is another pathway.

      • greggoble


        Correct me if I’m wrong, their fission reactor core should be around 300 celsius. Also, isn’t it the same stirling engine as the GEC/GRC configuration?

        I agree, LENR temperatures will be another, more benign, pathway,

        I also applaud another observation previously made by you.

        The thermal energetics of LENR are an easy and more than adequate replacement for the NASA conceived U238 nuclear fission space power and electric propulsion Mars missions.

        • Engineer48

          Hi Greg,

          GEC has stated NASA asked them to develop a non-fissile core, which to me says a LENR core but without saying LENR.

          That way NASA loses the shielding mass and probably has a lower mass core. Less mass = happy NASA. Of course no nasty radiation emissions nor radioactivy fissile cores are a big plus.

          From what is known elsewhere, GEC should be able to regulate their LENR core operational temp so to get the best temp for the Sterling heat engines.

          • greggoble

            Thanks for your insight,

            These new developments put this early paper, by Dennis Bushnell of Langley, in a most favorable light. This came out in April of 2013… just before ICCF18. Quote (page 13)

            So, is LENR “Real”? Evidently, from the now long standing and diverse experimental evidence – yes – With effects occurring using diverse materials, methods of energy addition etc. This is FAR from a “Narrow Band”/episodic set of physical phenomena.

            The “Precautionary Principle” demands that we core down and determine realism for this arena, given the truly massive-to-mind boggling benefits –

            Solutions to climate, energy and the limitations that restrict the NASA Mission areas, all of them.

            The KEY to Space Exploration is Energetics. – end quotes

  • Engineer48

    Probably too early for GEC to get a mention. Should still be interesting.

  • Engineer48
    • Not LENR.

      It consists of a highly enriched uranium core built by NNSA,
      heat pipes provided by Advanced Cooling Technologies
      through a NASA Small Business Innovation Research
      contract, and Stirling generators provided by Sunpower,
      Inc. The core is a solid block of a uranium alloy, and heat
      pipes are clamped around the core to transfer heat to
      Stirling power conversion units to generate electrical

      • Engineer48

        Hi Lenr G,

        Correct. Existing KiloPower KRUSTy reactor uses a fissile core.

        However NASA has created a new KiloPower KRUSTy pathway to test a “non-fissile” (LENR) core to be provided by GEC.

    • psi2u2

      I can imagine it but I’m still against the militarization of space. Is that impossibly idealistic?

      • greggoble

        This years idealism is next years realism… dream the impossible dream.
        How to create a world where no one ever feels the need to go to war.
        Love and caring… love and caring… more love and caring.

        We agree, these advanced warfare technologies are NOT something we can all just live with.

        This article was published, inadvertently, on Valentines Day, back in 2014 at Cold Fusion Now. The article is about a presentation by Bushnell, published in July… way back in 2007, written for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and DOD.

        “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] Dennis Bushnell, NASA, LENR” by Greg Goble at Cold Fusion Now

        LENR, ZPE, Graphene, Nanotechnology, Robotics,Virtual IT, Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioengineering; all these arts of science and advanced technologies are of interest in this document. Everyone working in these scientific fields should review this document, envision the solution proposed by Dennis Bushnell, bring the issues forward in public forums, and work together to create a world where people do not feel the need to go to war.

        This 2007 113-page slide-show from NASA, exposed in mid 2013, lays out what we are preparing to prevent; by foreseeing what the capabilities of advanced technologies will bring to the theater of war.

        Dennis Bushnell brings everything out into the open for us to think about: these advanced warfare technologies are NOT something we can all just live with.

        They are difficult to defend against, and often untraceable; being cheap and easy to manufacture. They will be developed commercially, and very simply; without requiring any long-term governmental development like mega-trillion dollar stealth bombers, naval carriers, and observational platform programs.

        They are soon becoming commercially available, legally. Actions which classify these dangerous technologies as illegal are needed. – end quotes

        NASA document

        • psi2u2

          Thank you. Excellent post.

        • causal observer

          Same old problem: Security, privacy, access. Same old solution: transparency, community, accountability.
          No one is safe until everyone is safe.

      • HAL9000

        My bro GORT is the solution. His justice is enough to make the Earth stand still.

      • Engineer48

        Hi Psi,

        Satellite killing satellites already exist.

        • psi2u2

          That’s unfortunate but not surprising.

      • Rene

        On paper there is a space for peace treaty. In practice every country who has the ability to place stuff in orbit has military weapons in place, mainly satellite threat neutralization systems ranging from surveillance to jamming to direct kill. Do they have orbiting weapons that can strike ballistic missiles or direct strike terrestrial targets? That is unknown to many of us.

    • greggoble

      Looking through articles from the past… I found this from 2011.
      Now including it in the review.

      Power point presentation title: ‘LENR at GRC’
      Publication date: Dec 09, 2011
      – Fralick, Gustave C. (NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, United States)
      – Wrbanek, John D. (NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, United States)
      – Wrbanek, Susan Y. (NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, United States)
      – Niedra, Janis (ASRC Aerospace Corp., Cleveland, OH, United States)

      Slide 16 – Future Tests?: Stirling Laboratory Research Engine (SLRE) at Cleveland State University
      PoC: Dr. Mounir Ibrahim, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University, 2121 Euclid Avenue, SH 231, Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

      Slide 17 – LENR Energy to Rotational Power Research Facility
      Research: Theory, Computational Dynamics, Reactor diversity, matrix elements, size, scale, rates, materials , blends, catalysts operational limits, device interfacing, HX, shielding, controls, instrumentation, communications, safety and more… Glenn Research Center

      Slide 18 – Future Power Source? Free-Piston Stirling Engine Schematic with D/Pd Energy Source

      Slide 19 – Benefits for NASA
      • Replace 238Pu as power source in deep space missions
      o Currently in short supply
      o Now depend upon foreign sources
      o Perhaps 5 years to supply our own
      o No money in new budget to restart domestic production

      • Replace fission reactors as power source for human habitation missions
      o No radioactive waste
      o No radioactive material accident hazard on launch

  • Engineer48

    Imagine the amount of space based power generation that the US Space Force will need to fight wars in space!

    $700 billion is not chump change.

    • causal observer

      I’m having a hard time imagining more than a lot of spattered satellite debris. Fortified space stations? A single 1kg iron brick from an opposing orbit is all that would be needed. Lasers to shoot down the bricks? Don’t miss!

      • greggoble

        Habitable environs in space are fragile… Like living in a glass house.

        Thanks for your observation, please… Don’t throw stones.

        Space inhabitants may find that peace is essential… Also, guaranteed housing, clean air, water, food, free entertainment, health care, fitness centers, etc. etc. etc.

        These concepts will take hold and eventually migrate to Earth.

        Here is the ‘theory’ at least…

        “Evolution Through Cold Fusion” June 4, 2012

      • Engineer48

        Hi CS,

        Crewed orbital platforms need lots of power to maintain the life support systems.

        As for weapons, look no further than The Expanse, long range missles and short range machine guns.

        But more likely electric powered killer satellites that have the ability to cuddle up next to an undesired satellite and disable it by spray painting over it’s solar arrays, clogging up it’s attitude control thruster ports with a bit of epoxy and then give it a spin.

        • causal observer

          In the old military race of offense vs defense it’s like Bushnell’s slideshow. The potential future technological offensive capabilities are too hard to defend against, and even more so as Greg points out in the case of the intrinsic fragility of space infrastructure. The only counters are to take out the logistic trains and safe havens. Since quick LEO from anywhere will soon be available, pursuing the logistics trains then backs up into attacking IC3, which means it isn’t space war anymore, and taking out the safe havens means knowing the location of every abandoned factory (or tunnel system) used by all groups of evil-doers, which means BIG (BIG!) Brother. It may come to that. Maybe though, the smart people of the world will decide it’s time to seriously work on the root causes of the problem. I suspect though they will continue to pay more attention to stealth space stations, super AI/NSA population surveillance and running away to Mars.

    • Rene

      All needed is a small railgun. One good sized puncture will do it.

      Just one kinetic kill salvo operation will mess it up for everyone. It will be a great opportunity for salvage and debris cleanup companies 🙂

  • Engineer48

    Impressive engineering result guys:

    The team exceeded their own expectations with a modified test unit that output greater than 4 kilowatts of power at an operating temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, with a power conversion efficiency of 35 percent.

    Which suggests they will achieve their 10kWe output.

    Also means GEC’s non-fissile (LENR) core has a working Sterling back end to supply heat to.

  • Rene
    • greggoble


      10 years… no refueling. Radio active.

      • Rene

        Indeed, it is not something to be near when it is operating. That beryllium reflector is at best 50% reflective. My guess is the 10 year limit may be the reflector falling apart. But that system works, and LENR is yet unproven. When/if it happens it will be a great replacement.

  • greggoble
  • greggoble

    The thing about E- Cat energetics is…

    Industrial heat.

    Not much else

  • greggoble

    Here is a “ripple” to consider.

    We see that the NASA GRC AEC LENR reactor group plan to collaborate with the folks at Jefferson Lab’s Low Energy Recirculator Facility (LERF) in Newport News, Virginia. (see slide 4, Morning Session 1 – 9:30 am) title ‘Low Energy Target Irradiation at LERF’ by Theresa Benyo and Larry Forsley NASA Glenn Research Center March 17, 2017 at the Workshop on Science at LERF.

    AEC GEC at LERF – NASA Document: Pre-Decisional
    – Expand the capabilities of the LERF to below 5 MV kinetic energy
    – Determine the effect of low (below 3 MV) kinetic energy gamma rays on beryllium and deuterated metals
    – Resolve electron screening thresholds in a stationary laboratory center of mass
    – Study the gamma/electron irradiation effects on deuterated metals.
    – Past research involved accelerated deuteron beams relative to the laboratory frame center of mass.
    – Focus of this study explores a stationary laboratory frame center of mass for the deuteron while increasing the electron density and energy to investigate the effect of electron screening.
    – In order to cleanly observe the effect, this study proposes to start from below the photo-

    Now part of the review… LENR at the NASA Glenn Research Center AEC Effort (advanced energy conversion)

  • greggoble

    Finally I found an old comment from GreenWin. It provides insight and points for further research into the GEC story.

    greggoble • 5 years ago

    GreenWin August 10, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    Greg, you ask the following: “The GEC GeNie Reactor has only been properly presented at Cold Fusion Now. Why is that, Pulse writers?”

    For one thing it appears from your (and my own) research that development of this technology has been entrusted to NSTech LLC – and its group of partners. Without digging too deep one can see these partners, CH2M Hill, Northrup, B&W, AECOM are heavily vested in the nuclear fission industry. In as much as the GeNie represents a significant challenge to this industry, it is something like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

    Specifically, CH2M Hill has admitted to criminal conduct following a Department of Justice investigation into its operations under a Department of Energy contract at the DOE Hanford, WA, nuclear site. CH2M Hill (CHG in the complaint) “CHG committed federal criminal violations, defrauding the public by engaging in years of widespread time card fraud.”

    “Between 1999 and 2008, CH2M Hill had a Department of Energy (DOE) contract to manage and clean 177 large underground storage tanks containing mixed radioactive and hazardous waste at the Department of Energy’s Hanford Nuclear Site in southeastern Washington (the Tank Farms Contract),” explained the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a March 7, 2013 press release…”

    So, one must ask, who put NSTech in charge of the one technology belonging to the American people that could at once remediate nuclear waste AND generate thermal and electrical energy?? It is a DOE contract, and as such the buck stops with Ernie Moniz, current Secretary. Given the weight of CH2M Hill’s criminal conduct, and its obvious bias against any form of cold fusion, can we expect the GeNie technology to see the light of day??

    It would therefor seem appropriate for immediate retraction of the NSTech contract and reassignment to an entirely independent contractor directly supervised by a Congressional oversight panel reporting to the bipartisan Comprehensive Nuclear Waste committee. The oversight panel should include LENR experts like Mike McKubre, Rob Duncan, and Peter Hagelstein.

    One might further speculate that the Global Energy project signed by the (subsequently impeached) Guam Governor was torpedoed by political intrigue. If the private financing via JWK remains available, there is little financial exposure to the US taxpayer and therefor seems like a reasonable license for the Navy/JWK patent. Development of GeNie reactor should not however limit additional patent licenses issued to other interests in either energy production or nuclear waste mitigation.

    We’ll look into this further and continue to post here.

    A brief look into NSTech LLC partners B&W (Nuclear Fuel Services), and AECOM provide further evidence that development of the GEC GeNie technology, and or the USPTO cold fusion patent (Energetic Particle Generator) issued to Navy/JWK – is in the wrong hands. B&W Nuclear Fuel Services is heavily invested in the management and supply of traditional nuclear fuels for Navy and in downblending enriched uranium for use in nuclear power facilities (fuel rods) and MOX at Savannah River Site. The advent of a successful nuclear waste/weapons transmutation process would severely limit long established financial revenues for B&W.

    AECOM energy is heavily invested in traditional centralized power plant construction and maintenance, including especially hydropower dam building and operations, thermal natural gas/coal-fueled boiler/turbines and construction, and operation licensing (COLA) for nuclear facilities and nuclear process plants.

    The remaining NSTech LLC partner Northrop Grumman is heavily invested in fission-based nuclear energy via its shipbuilding division and partnership with AREVA. In a press release re the JV they wrote as follows:

    “The joint venture, AREVA Newport News, LLC, with AREVA as the majority owner, will establish a world-class facility to manufacture heavy components for the U.S. Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR), AREVA’s Generation III+ nuclear reactor, thereby supporting the nuclear energy resurgence, fueling domestic economic growth, and meeting the demand for American energy security.” These are fission technologies based on the French EDF nuclear industry designs.

    To sum, the NSTech LLC is the most heavily invested fission technology venture in the United States, and as such has absolutely NO incentive to successfully develop and utilize the Global Energy GeNie hybrid design OR the use of the Navy/JWK patent for waste mitigation. The extremely valuable Navy/JWK patent is therefor essentially useless in the hands of NSTech LLC and should be immediately withdrawn. Should NSTech have any proprietary interest in the Navy/JWK patent via e.g. certain joint development experiments with Navy SPAWAR, Congress (via the Bipartisan, Comprehensive Nuclear Waste Legislation) should order DOE to nullify said interest via contractual obligations and termination rights.

    As proposed above post, a completely independent oversight panel reporting to the Congressional Bipartisan Nuclear Waste committee should be assigned the task of assigning licenses to the Navy/JWK patent for the express purpose of fast track development of nuclear waste mitigation. Since the Navy/JWK patent belongs to the American people and is not intended or capable of use in weapons or national security interests, outside the application of significantly reducing the radioactive half life of nuclear waste – the oversight committee should include civilian and military scientists familiar with LENR and cold fusion research. There are many qualified from both Navy Research and institutions like SRI, University Missouri, and e.g. MIT’s Dr. Peter Hagelstein.

    This Navy/JWK patent, the property of the American people is a likely first step to an effective method of reducing the vast quantity of nuclear waste both commercial and from retired weapons stockpiles. Immediate development of the GeNie reactor AND other implementations of the patent technology for waste remediation is a most urgent action for the Congress.

  • greggoble

    I spoke with Joan Wu Singel at TechLink the day Engineer 48 posted it. She then sent me an e-mail…


    I usually support SPAWAR in the business part of their licensing efforts (lab technology license to commercial companies); hence patent 8419919 listed me as the POC on the TechLink web-site.

    There are over 5000 active DoD patents spread over 6 TechLink technology managers.

    I have to confess I am not familiar with all the patents that list me as the POC and I have no insight on LENR vis-à-vis SPAWAR.


  • greggoble

    In 1982 Lawrence Forsley founded the Institute for Applied Forth Research, now called simply the Forth Institute. This organization sponsored an annual Conference on Forth Applications at the University of Rochester, Rochester NY, and publishes the Journal of Forth Application and Research, a refereed technical periodical on applications of Forth, new developments and techniques, and surveys of specific areas of Forth.

    Introduction – Lawrence P. G. Forsley

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