Rossi ‘Trembling’ after E-Cat SK Test

Andrea Rossi has made some comments the tests that he and his team have carried out over the weekend on the latest version of the E-Cat that is called the ‘SK’ (named after the late Swedish physicist Sven Kullander). This is apparently a more powerful reactor than the QX. Here are some recent comments from Rossi about the SK testing.

May 27, 2018 at 5:31 PM
Dear Andrea:
Strong congratulations for the successful test of the Ecat SK. Can you tell us the power you got?

Andrea Rossi
May 27, 2018 at 5:45 PM
100 kW and it is 4 times as big as the 1 kW Ecat QX ( not counting the heat exchanger ), that has the same dimensions of the Ecat QX shown in Stockholm on Nov 24.
I think we made a very good work in these months. Very brutal, but fruitful.
I am still trembling. It was emotional. Now we have to work on it, but I think they will arrive together in the market.

May 27, 2018 at 8:51 PM
Dear Andrea Rossi:
Can you describe some particular phase that made you tremble during the Ecat SK test?

Andrea Rossi
May 27, 2018 at 10:14 PM
we had to protect ourselves behind a grade 14 glass because looking at the light radiated by the SK could damage seriously the eyes. Few seconds after the turn on of the reactor the heat radiated from the Ecat SK broke the 14 protection glass. We had supplementary 14 protection masks. Nonetheless, I saw from that minuscule reactor exit a tremendously dazzling white light all around the laboratory and I will never forget this impression. The SK was born. I think we will make it useful. Many errors emerged, but now we work to correct them, the most difficult part has been resolved.
Warm Regards,

Just as a point of reference, 14 shade eye protection is the type used in glasses used for viewing a solar eclipse safely. The only light you can see with those glasses on is that of the sun, otherwise for looking at anything else, it is just like being blindfolded.

It’s still not clear to me from Rossi’s comments whether the SK will supersede the QX, since he says above that there are still “many errors” and that he thinks “they will arrrive in the market together”. So possibly he is thinking about a 2-track development until the SK problems are solved.

  • Rene

    A short vid would have been so illuminating. Oh well.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Ionization… but why?

    O Day is coming…

  • georgehants

    So while Rossi seemingly progresses further, we have just the SUN Cell and Bob Greenyer et al close behind but with very little money or facilities to work.
    From the rest of the World, virtually nothing.
    These pages should have thousands of scientists all contributing and learning from the Evidence and discussions.
    They are probably all still arguing about if Pluto is a Planet or a Cheese Roll.
    The gods above are once again laughing at the comical antics of us humans.

    • Why do you say

      science has no idea how the planets formed in there orbits


      This is not a controversial area of astrophysics.

      • georgehants

        Why all we know about planets is Wrong
        We thought we knew how planets form, but the discovery of hundreds
        outside our Solar System changed all that, even what type of world can
        house life like ours.

        • Interesting article (thanks for the link), but I think they overstate the confusion aspect.

          Basically any solar system that can form from varied initial conditions (gas/dust volume, density, spatial distribution, neighbors), guided almost solely by gravity, will exist somewhere (hey, it’s a big Universe). That is enough to explain all the differences we see… gas giants close and far… retrograde/strange planets in strange orbits from chance captures of wanderers… collisions… different planet compositions… binary systems… etc. While it’s cool to discover all this variety out there and has required tweaks to theories I don’t think it’s been unexpected. Just some biases that needed to be flushed out due to our intimate knowledge of our own system.

          To say the theories were wrong is misleading, IMO. Theories are fine-tuned to match new data all the time. That’s just good science. Bad science is thinking you know it all and rejecting new evidence because it doesn’t fit your existing model which had worked so well for you up to that point.

          • georgehants

            Interesting that you are so willing to try and find excuses to sciences continual claims to Know things that they do not and persecute anybody, students etc. that dare to question the holy teachings.
            Have you ever heard of Cold Fusion, a typical example of the insane workings of science, no matter if one is discussing planet formation, Cold Fusion or genuine UFO’s. etc. etc, and these Facts cannot be excused or hidden by false denial.

          • George, I’m here on a LENR message board and generally supportive of reported results and researchers. Does that not suggest an open mind?

          • georgehants

            LENR G, that is a Fact that must be consistent one cannot pick and choose what to think positive or negative in science.
            Planetary formation was taught and reported for many years like so many other subjects as if the answer supplied by the priests was an irrefutable Fact.
            Any statement by science or scientists that they KNOW something that is not fully open to challenge by anybody is incompetent Dogma.
            P&F and many thousands of other students etc. that have been persecuted for not towing the religious line would I think agree with me.

          • Agreed, good science is always open to new data and willing to adapt.

            As I said.

          • georgehants

            LENR G, I think that sentence is as accurate as it is possible to get.

      • The gravity attraction theory does not completely answer the question of how the planets formed.
        There is still debate how the planet are formed.
        Stars not so much a theory, but planets ?

  • sam

    Comment from Axel on Lenr Forum.

    It sounds like Rossi has duplicated the SunCell, and all in the same packaging as the QX. That power density to size ratio will be hard for the competition to beat. The muon flux out of that SK reactor might be so dense that someone could swim in it. With all that power density, how long can the fuel source last? I have not thought it possible for light to be able to break glass.

    • LION

      Hi sam,
      Hope you are well-thanks for this:
      ” I have not thought it possible for light to be able to break glass”

      Axil is in my opinion a real ASSET to the LENR Community and tomorrow I hope to publish some new X ray emulsions to make him SMILE.
      ” I have not thought it possible for light to be able to break glass”
      LION 2 —?????????.
      What is always most interesting in Science in general is convergence of DATA.
      I thought BOB’S new presentation was BRILLIANT, what a TREASURE he is to the LENR Community TOO.
      THANKS to everyone for supporting BOB and MFMP.

      • cashmemorz

        Maybe over absorption of Hydrinos, in the interstices of the glass. If the hydrates making up the glass are in resonance with the hydrinos, then according to GUT-CP the hydrinos are able to capture the light from the UV coming from the LENR device via the hydrates in the glass to return to normal ground state and thereby fill the glass with excess hydrogen. Glass is hydrophilic under general conditions. The new hydrogen forms bi-hydrogen as its normal molecular form and the glass gets to be too big in 3D directions, expands and the stess is too much for even the toughest of glass, breaks into many small pieces. Could confirm Mills’ theory. No one heard of light breaking glass? This is how.

        • LION

          Hi cashmemorz, THANKS- all constructive input is welcome.

          • cashmemorz

            On a fringe science place like ecat world I will be the one outside that fringe. And that ladies and gentlemen is why Mills is mostly ignored or shunned and called a fraud. And according to some, is also on a par with Rossi. But at least Rossi makes no claims to weird physics. That is the part about Mills approach that really riles physicists.

      • LION

        some emulsions will be posted at this link by late Tuesday evening:

        In response to Axils post below:

        Axil Axil • 3 days ago

        At 44:29, the LENR active agent seen in ECCO is an ultra dense hydride that will produce strange radiation tracks. Since it is a superconductor, it is metastable and retains its activity for months if allowed to extract energy from matter.

        in this thread (below) if above link does not work:

    • Ophelia Rump

      UV blocking glass absorbs the UV. That could be a lot of energy absorbed, along with the heat differential the glass may have shattered from heat stress.

  • 100 kW out of something smaller than a brick.

    If this tech doesn’t sweep the world in the next couple of years then we’ll know we’ve been had and Rossi is just a very talented science fiction writer and performance artist who has chosen the Internet as his platform. The details are convincing. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

    • kenko1

      I give til Jan 1,2026.

  • Gerard McEk

    The math of how long the fuel lasts, could that be as follows:
    AR thinks the SK (100 kW) could run for half a year, while its dimensions are 4 times the size of the QX (1 kW), that can run for 1 year.
    So it’s volume may be 4^3 is 64 times as big as the QX. The fuel should last 64/(100/1) year = 7 months and 20 days?

    • sam

      Gerard McEk
      May 28, 2018 at 8:59 AM
      Dear Andrea,
      It is fascinating to read your first impression of the SK, it looks like a sun on earth, isn’t it?
      The heat must be tremendous.
      1. Do you have any idea how long the fuel will last, while continuous in operation?
      2. Now that you take also the 100 kW SK in operation, it seems that with the already planned production equipment, your production capacity rises also with a factor near to 100.
      So it seems you could produce Ecats with a total output equivalent of about 10 GW next year, is that a right assumption?
      3. Can you control the SK with the same controller as the QX, or do you need ‘heavier equipment’?
      4. I would assume that also the cost per kW output dropped dramatically, is that right?
      Thanks, kind regards, Gerard

      Andrea Rossi
      May 28, 2018 at 9:07 AM
      Gerard McEk:
      1- too soon to know, I suppose at least 6 months
      2- no
      3- different equipment
      4- yes, but we are not going to sell the Ecats, we will sell the heat installing them in the factories of our Customers and controlling them from our HQ in the USA by means of reserved communication channels that we do deem unattackable ( we really do ).
      Warm Regards,

      • Brokeeper

        To the response to question 2 as “no” was a bit surprising since, except for size, the 100kw module is similar to the 1kW E-Cat. Perhaps Rossi was responding to the production time of the 1MW plant as a whole because the bulk of the plant construction time is the placement and parallel connections of the individual units. Howbeit, it should still reduce that production phase quite a bit with less space.

  • gdaigle

    I’m curious as to what the wavelength is of the light produced in the SK and if it differs from that produced in the QX. After the introduction of both models to industrial settings for heating applications I could see it being used with fiber optic systems to provide interior lighting around the clock without the need for thermoelectric conversion. Once Rossi turns to residential heating applications it could be employed there as well. Seems like an opportunity for IoT device manufacturers to begin consideration of integrating optical control systems into their traditional networked controls for lighting, security, etc.

    • Buck

      wavelength measured was between 100 and 200 nm, in the ultraviolet range.


      Herwig Lauten
      May 28, 2018 at 8:03 AM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      have you been able to obtain a full spectrum scan of the radiation emitted by the Ecat SK?

      Wish all the best,

      Herwig Lauten

      Andrea Rossi
      May 28, 2018 at 8:49 AM

      Herwig Lauten:

      Yes, the lambda is between 100 and 200 nm

      Warm Regards,


      • gdaigle

        So, into the far ultraviolet range. Germicidal and not very friendly for residential lighting. Must have had some longer wavelengths thrown in there to light up the lab.

        • Bob Greenyer
        • Bob Greenyer
          • Axil Axil


            In Rossi’s case, the polaritons are held in the fuel that he uses in his reactor. He stimulates that fuel with light and polaritons grow in number until the SK reactor becomes self stimulating. This is self sustain mode.

            The SunCell plasma has demonstrated self sustain mode for minutes without any electrical input. The SunCell and the SK reactor look nearly identical. But the SunCell builds its fuel on-the-fly in an on line initialization process. It takes a few minutes for the SunCell to achieve self sustain mode. During that startup time, SunCell fuel is being formed.

          • causal observer

            1) Having been controlled to this level the SPPs (surface plasmon polaritons) are an undisputed reality.
            2) The chiral preference of the weak force (still just too weird for my symmetry favoring mind)
            3) Weak force disruption of hadrons
            4) Lots of energy, lots of possible event types, and lots of reaction surface

          • Anon

            I have a friend who studied there… he told me they have a team working with Cold Fusion. I thought he misunderstood what Cold Fusion is …..

          • causal observer

            Nice observational work Bob

          • Bob Greenyer

            India. That was the foil maker of Suhas Ralkar

            This was the apparatus that caused Ti rods to glow ‘Red Hot’ under water and Steel ones to both glow red hot and melt.

            We have more data to share on our time there.

      • Axil Axil

        This is the same as the SunCell. Now that is a coincidence.

      • Obvious

        Dazzling white light in the UV range?

        • Axil Axil

          You make a valid point. The SK is producing a large amount of heat, it is also producing white light so how can what Rossi claims about the limitation of the light output to XUV make sense.

          • Obvious

            Conflate the colour temperature of a plasma with actual temperature and it makes some sort of sense… the 12000 C (or whatever, 1eV hot), the UV peak, the dazzling light.
            It’s just like the Lugano IR total emissivity vs camera band emissivity conflation, but done ad absurdum.

  • bfast

    just put something in the market to prove to everyone that it works!

  • cashmemorz

    Getting to look more and more like the hydrated mix that Randell Mills uses in his Suncell and gets similar large amounts of light from. And they both ,Ecat and Suncell are supposed to be available commercially this year or maybe next. It is coming to be a close nose to nose horse race.

    • Axil Axil

      I have an opinion: The SunCell uses a water based ultra dense compound that is superconducting(hole superconductor) and carries Surface Plasmon Polaritons on its outer spin wave.

      Rossi also produces a lithium based ultra dense compound in his fuel preparation process that also carries Surface Plasmon Polaritons on its outer spin wave.

      See below for how it all works.

  • causal observer

    Parallel development means multiple teams. The SK appears to be a significantly different physical device that will have different manufacturing requirements => different manufacturing design patterns => different set of human brains working on it during same time period.. There could be shared learning, however, the indication is that Rossi must be getting a lot of support.

    • Axil Axil

      Mills solved the energy density issue using molten silver electrodes. Rossi must have solved the electrode problem using RF simulation into this plasma without electrodes.

  • sam

    Can someone tell me what a specialized lab is?

    Andrea Rossi
    May 28, 2018 at 9:01 AM
    The test has been made in the USA in a specialized laboratory and the persons were me plus two
    Warm Regards,

  • Jimr

    Can someone tell me what is glass 14, i’ve looked up 14 ga. etc but have not found an answer.thanks.

  • Brokeeper

    Just a thought on this Memorial Day. However you analyze this amazing accomplishment, it is a good day of remembrance in the United States. To commemorate those courageous men who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms of thought that inspire these imaginations and actions that promote better lives for us all.

    • sam


      • Brokeeper


  • Axil Axil

    Under the assumption that the SK reactor is pumping out muons by the ton, it might be possible to surround the SK with a thick molten lead blanket and thereby increase it thermal output by 1000 times due to muon induced fission. If a lead calcium alloy were used as the blanket material, transmutation of this alloy to gold through muon induced fusion might occur. Gold would become ubiquitous. Instead of galvanizing metal, gold plating would perform better.

    • causal observer
      • Axil Axil

        one takeaway, Polaritons can travel a long way.

        • causal observer

          Hi Axil,
          Back to the overall model:
          1) I recognize the findings that indicate that SPPs can separate electrons by spin into left and right handed clusters.
          3) I see the path by which vortices of electron clusters can self-synchronize and amplify
          4) I generally get how the concentrated effect of the weak force in left-handed electron vortices can transform quarks resulting in mesons and muons
          5) I recognize how the mesons and muons can then disrupt other hadrons resulting in lots of chaotic energy

          I’m not clear on step 2: how/why the mono-chiral electron clusters form vortices.
          Do you know of any citations for that?

          • Axil Axil

            I need to read and understand this as follows:


            Chirality and angular momentum in optical radiation

            EMF in its natural state is a mixture of its polarized components. But a polariton is a entanglement of light and election spin. So the entanglement with electrons force EMF to become separately entangled with either right or left handed electron spin. A condensate of Polaritons must therefore separate photon/electron spins by their chirality. These chiral spin currents will tend to form vortexes on the surface of a metal due to mechanical factors. See conclusions in the above reference.

            Plasma also produces chiral particle separation and this is currently under study to explain how plasma produced by meteor impact could produce the left handed chemistry that lead to the formation of the chemicals that make life possible.

          • causal observer

            The third to the last sentence in the conclusion of the article you liinked opens the door to vortices. Plus I now recall seeing another article you linked that showed counter-circulating “donuts”.

            The oganization of energy into structures at that level is a real eyebrow-riaiser about entropy and syntropy in the universe.

  • akupaku

    Worrying in some ways I would say hearing about this. Rossi is spreading his resources, finances and time inventing new “stuff” instead of concentrating on bringing something working to market asap. But that’s what he has been doing as long as we have known him. He is an inventor, not a producer of anything tangible. What’s the next distraction going to be? Yet another better reactor module producing 10 MW? But nothing ever reaches the market because he is just on the verge of a better reactor until he drops dead and takes his secrets to the grave with him.

    • Jimr

      There is no doubt in my mind they are doing preliminary work on a 1mwh device. I think that is good, however I agree that the 100kwh device should come to market in some form. It appears that Rossi is hooked on 1 meg total units. There should be some use for a 100-200 kw unit.

      • Omega Z

        It’s highly probable that a 1 Megawatt system is what is required initially to make this technology economically viable at start up as far as ROI. There is a lot of up front costs involved.

        • Jimt

          I think he also wants to keep them in the steel shipping containers for safety reasons. Smaller units would require a differeet container and used shipping containers are reasonably priced.

          • Vinney

            I think we are going to have to wait for mass produced CHP gensets before we get something industrial designed.
            But I am sure the Ecat with heat exchanger inside is very elegant, most times something that is that revolutionary has a unique beauty of its own, stopping people in their tracks.

  • causal observer

    Freedom is pretty interesting. I don’t recall having to carry identity papers issued by a foreign power anytime recently.

  • Brokeeper

    I think our core values as a free people has manifested itself in many dimensions of national interests and to protect those values we wish to propagate them to others.

  • sam

    Warren Oken
    May 30, 2018 at 6:36 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    can you tell us which colour was the light radiated from the Ecat SK?

    Andrea Rossi
    May 30, 2018 at 5:14 PM
    Warren Oken:
    You mean what we saw: blinding white, like when you try to look directly at the sun. But attention: we did not look directly at the plasma, it is too dangerous for the eyes, so we were protected by due screening; what we looked at was the area around it .
    Warm Regards,

  • Brokeeper

    I agree with you in a certain point of view. One can be bound in the bonds of greed and it’s love of money. Historically speaking the first century christians existed in purely communal societies. They understood in the fullest money did not set them free.

    • orsobubu

      Also primitive societies, tribal populations that lasted for hundreds thousands of years, existed as absolutely communistic organizations. Our DNA evolved in this way, it is not true that human nature is greedy by physical nature. It is true instead that men evolved culturally into greedy societies, but culture can evolve rapidly also today. Take a look on youtube at Antscanada videos: it is amazing seeing the way these insects collaborate incredibly to build fantastically efficient communities, There are recent studies about possible human (capitalistic) social superorganisms, based on less hierarchies, less leaders, less exploitation, where the benefits are produced at most for the entire social group… these scientists don’t understand that communism explained all of this two centuries ago.

      • Brokeeper

        Interesting. Thanks!

  • Mikey

    Yeah finally the SK version!! Whahahaa again something new. And probabaly some hard study and 20 hour working days. pfff BS.
    Come on people. Nothing too see here. Just a man that believes his own lies.’

    If he really had a working LENR device we would have seen much more disruption in our world. A working hotcat, or what was the name, would be enough to power 80% of our heating needs even with quite low temperatures.
    But still he manages to keep people waiting, asking questions and thinking out what could it be that he has. Chiral spin, vortices, angtanglement, nice work and thoughts but probably all in vain because he has nothing I am sure now.

    I am done. Waited too many years.

    • Axil Axil

      Some perspective please…

      Fission was discovered in the early 1930s, The first commercial fission reactor: The Mark 1 reactor led to the US Atomic Energy Commission building the 60 MWe Shippingport demonstration PWR reactor in Pennsylvania, which started up in 1957 and operated until 1982. During that period of development, many $billions were spent using every specialist in the allied science stable.

      Rossi has done the same type breakthrough job on his own with his own funding.

    • kenko1

      aw,c’mon, just wait ’til Jan 1, 2026. Pretty plz?

  • Zdzislaw

    Rosi prowadzi opowiadanie o swoim wynalazku jak Szecherezada Sułtanowi- ten słuchał i na tym się skończyło.

  • R101

    Goal posts on the move again. That robotic assembly line just gunna be idle ever longer.
    I’d put money on Bob and the team MFMP having something visible to the masses before Andrea Rossi does.

  • sam

    Steven N. Karels
    June 5, 2018 at 3:43 PM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    What is the longest, continuous operation of the SK version of the eCat reactor? seconds, minutes, hours, days…

    Andrea Rossi
    June 5, 2018 at 4:14 PM
    Steven N. Karels:
    24 hours.
    Warm Regards,

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