Explaining Lugano (Bob Greenyer)

Bob Greenyer has published a new video titled “Explaining Lugano” in which he reviews the isotopic analyses that were found in the fuel/ash analysis of the 2014 Lugano test of the E-Cat. Bob reminds us that the main findings were that Al disappeared, all Ni isotopes migrated to 62 Ni, and the lithium ratios had inverted from natural ratios.

Bob has commented here on ECW: “Like the previous explanation of Parkhomov’s 4.2GJ, 5400h experiment published Wednesday morning, I present a simple explanation of the ash found after the LUGANO experiment, using most energetically favourable paths at FusFis.org

Bob’s slideshow is here:


The video can be seen here:

  • greggoble

    Thanks Bob,

    Here is a little bit of history. The three items aren’t related, that I know of. I’d like to find a copy of Tickling the Dragon’s Tail… off comment I know. Enjoy.

    From 2016
    “Mission to Mars by Catalyzed Nuclear Reactions of the Commercialized Cold Fusion Power” https://inis.iaea.org/search/search.aspx?orig_q=RN:48049010
    Authors: Woo, Tae Ho (Yonsei University, Wonju (Korea, Republic of)) Proceedings of the KNS 2016 Spring Meeting

    From LENR Korea ICCF-17
    August 10~17, 2012
    Invited Speakers: Dr. Lawrence P. G. Forsley
    (Global Energy Corporation, USA)
    Title: “Tickling the Dragon’s Tail: Harnessing LENR”

    From 2013
    GEC Newscast 9 Korea Plan
    How can Korea have an economical change?
    Published on Jun 25, 2013

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks Greg

  • artefact

    The other video explaining the data from Parkhomov:

    A discussion / analysis of data from key experiments run by Dr Alexander Parkhomov


    • Alan DeAngelis

      Boron is interesting. Back in the 1990s, just for fun, I painted a portion of the grooves of a LP vinyl record with a dilute solution of aqueous boric acid (from a pharmacy) and let the water evaporate. When I placed an alpha meter on two popsicle sticks, close to the surface (of the painted section), I got a few counts. It was probably just an artifact but at the time I was wondering if it could be the following reaction as the vinyl record built up a static charge.

      Boron-11 + p > 3 alphas

      • Bob Greenyer

        This is a very interesting concept – those old vinyls sure can build up static charge and static charge is key to forming EVOs

        • Alan DeAngelis

          At that time my cousin had a radon testing business. So, this is similar to the one he let me use. I placed this on top of the LP with two popsicle sticks as a spacer.

          Maybe using CR-39 plastic for this wild-goose chase instead of an alpha meter would work even better [more quantitative (if indeed it is real)].


        • stuart

          Hi Bob are you familar with Eric Dollard? In this presentation of the history of electricity he talks about an experiment which he carried out with an old street light placed in the neutral zone, between the field from two out of phase tesla coils, and seeing ball plasma and even an effect that looked like a whole galaxy within the light before it exploded…his explanation for this is that it is the creative force in the universe…..that sounds like a good candidate for an Exotic Vaccuum Object to me?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Yes I have, You will see more things that look like galaxies before this year is out.

        • Axil Axil

          Refereeing to the LION diamond analysis…

          ​The minors are producing some​​ hard to understand goings on inside the tunnels that they are digging. For one thing, where is the diamond excavation waste going as the tunnels are being dug? This excavation waste could gave been transformed into gas since the tunnels are gas tight cavities whose spaces are completely encloses within walls of solid diamond? But it is more likely that the excavation waste is being converted into sub atomic particles and associated electrons that are transparent to the diamond walls.​ The transmuted matter that is being deposited at the far end of the tunnels must be coming from quarks that were being suspended, encoded, and compressed by the magnetic flux tubes.

          This reminds me of the Star Trek​ transporter technology where matter is dematerialized​, compressed, encoded, and suspended in the transport buffer for later reassembly. I know it is crazy but damm, it is how it really looks.

    • Bob Greenyer

      “Chemical energy of coal-burning yields about 4 eV per atom burned”


      2MeV per Nickel atom is 500,000 X more yield.

      To put it another way, 1kg of Nickel ‘burned’ in the New Fire of a Parkhomov reactor is equivalent to burning 500,000 kilograms of coal.

      The former a child can hold in their hand, the latter would take six of the largest Panamax class dry bulk carriers to ship


      • artefact

        Its 500,000 KG not T. The Panamax can handle 80,000 T.
        Still much though.

        • Bob Greenyer


  • Bob Greenyer

    ERRATA – in the atomic volume chart, 2 x 27Al = approx 20, whereas 1 x 54Fe = approx 7.5 not 15.

  • georgehants

    Evening Bob, just wondered if you have read and studied Stanislav Grof, I read all his books years ago?
    “Western Science is approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions,
    one that will change our concepts of reality and of human nature, bridge
    the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and reconcile the
    differences between Eastern spirituality and Western pragmatism.”
    Stanislav Grof in ‘Beyond the Brain’

    • Bob Greenyer

      Judging by the quote, I think this man was spot on.

      • georgehants

        American Psychologist, May 24 , 2018
        PSYCHIC PHENOMENA “American Psychologist”
        is the flagship journal of the American Psychological
        Association many of whose members have been fiercely
        skeptical of psychic phenomena (psi). So it will be
        interesting to see how they react to the article it
        is currently publishing: “The experimental evidence
        for parapsychological phenomena: A review”.
        The article concludes: “The evidence provides cumulative
        support for the reality of psi, which cannot be readily
        explained away by the quality of the studies, fraud,
        selective reporting, experimental or analytical incompetence,
        or other frequent criticisms. The evidence for psi is
        comparable to that for established phenomena in psychology
        and other disciplines, although there is no consensual
        understanding of them

  • Jouni Tuomela

    Frank, Bob is not Greener, but even Greenyer, in the title. 🙂

    Searched for the atomic picture in your video to understand more.
    Came across this explanation of atom functioning, and just read it.
    Does this have something in it? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ce06d1084f4b4abe920e8c90b94ca34a5ef8c7d5caa434764bd345bb7a6c3f0.png


    • artefact

      Stoyan Sarg:

      Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation
      Unified Theory Based on an Alternative Concept of the Physical Vacuum


      • Bob Greenyer

        What artefact said.

    • cashmemorz

      Another strong contender theory for either augmenting or replacing the Standard Model(SM as based on Quantum Wave Mechanics). Some aspects of this -Basic Structures of Matter- were given a Nobel to another similar theory. The first contender position, to replace the SM, actually belongs to the Grand Unified Theory-Classical Theory. The GUT-CP has too many corroborated predictions, in the hundreds, to just continue being ignored.

    • Jouni Tuomela

      I just cannot do the math, but could this look like the real thing?


  • Obvious

    How did the reactor do all that isotope change without making any extra heat?

    • Axil Axil

      Your question is based on the assumption that the LENR reaction produces heat as its only output format. But consider how much heat would be produced if all the matter that is made to disappear and/or transmuted were converted to only heat. E=Mc2 generates a lot of energy production.

      So either the LENR reaction is not happening or there is another format or formats into which energy is being produced by the LENR reaction.

  • Axil Axil

    Reference to the video: “LION 2 – Diamond mining analysis overview”

    The minors are producing some hard to understand goings on inside the tunnels that they are digging. For one thing, where is the diamond excavation waste going as the tunnels are being dug? This excavation waste could be being transformed into gas since the tunnels are gas tight cavities whose spaces are completely enclosed within walls of solid diamond? But it is more likely that the excavation waste is being converted into sub atomic particles and associated electrons that are transparent to the diamond walls. The transmuted matter that is being deposited at the far end of the tunnels must be coming from quarks that were being suspended, encoded, and compressed by the magnetic flux tubes.

    This reminds me of the Star Trek transporter technology where matter is dematerialized, compressed, encoded, and suspended in the transport buffer for later reassembly. I know it is crazy but damm, it is how it really looks.

    The one cool feature that diamond affords in the analysis of the minors behavior is that we can see what the minors have done when totally enclosed in a solid material. Diamond’s transparency opens a window into what the minors have done. It is like looking into a termite colony to study their life cycle.

    It was generally accepted by those who undertook the study of the LENR reaction that the LENR reaction confined itself to the surface of a metal. In this particular circumstance. Surface Plasmon Polaritons are acting in their native state. In this state, the SPPs form in bumps and pits on the surface of the metal. But the minors open up a new ballgame. They are now symbiants that exist on the backs of ultra dense material that forms inside the lattice structure of a non metal. But hydrogen becomes a metal when it is compressed enough by the chemical bonds of the host material. In the symbiant state, the minors work below the surface of the material. This wide variability in the LENR life-cycle makes LENR hard to understand.

  • Axil Axil

    We have recently seen in the LION reactor meltdown that we have been looking at that many individual active LENR​ agents (AA) produce the same identical transmutation product which includes the specific isotope. This suggests that there is communication between each individual AA so that they can act as a single macro entity. These AA may be quantum mechanically entangled.

    Additionally, the same coordinated transmutation process has been seen in the latest Dr Alexander Parkhomov Data from his last experiment. In that experiment, a nickel foil has been transmuted to include gallium 69 exclusively. Also in the Lugano test, nickel 62 and lithium 6 were generated to high levels of purity.​

    The same quantum mechanically entanglement process might allow a colony of ​microorganisms to share LENR derived energy between them and also produce LENR reactions by tapping into a common energy pool that they all contribute to. The microorganisms may therefore act as a macro scaled sized agent​ whose energy potential both protects each individual from high levels of nuclear energy release through super-absorption and also to amplify their collective power to generate a potent LENR reaction ​through super-radiance ​on a global colony wide scale.​


    There is no consciousness or intelligence​ at work here. The entanglement is an inherent characteristic of the LENR reaction mechanism. ​

    • georgehants

      Axil it is logically impossible to say “There is no consciousness or intelligence​ at work here” what lies at the basis of our reality in totally unknown and cannot be foreseen without much more Research and Evidence.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Bob, we need a program to either clone you or find more like you. You put an air of unquestionable respectability and comprehensibility which a lay person like myself can grasp; to LENR.

    • Axil Axil

      Not only that, Bob has an unsurpassed ability to find sublime meaning in the smallest and most obscure details in experimental observation. He has rare abilities.

      • Bruce Williams

        Additionally I would like to add that Bob seems to have boundless energy & time to devote to his work. Bravo Bob & thanks a lot !

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks guys, its too much!

          Helps me push forward though.

          I am so excited to get what I have in my head and in my ‘in progress’ presentations out to you guys. Ok – I may be wrong, but science often has dead ends. I am trying – mostly I am starting from the excellent and methodical work done by others that has been either dismissed or overlooked. On the third day of ICCF-21, I was thumbing through one of the main references of shoulders, a book by Lafferty, this edition, 1976 I think, that the project had purchased and I literally was blown away by one of the included papers that was based on long term research in vacuum arcs. I can’t wait to get that packaged and related content up into a digestible format.

          So much has already been done – it was ignored or overlooked then and people that re-discover it now are dismissed out of hand, because, I think, there is a lack of critical thinking – so sad.

          • stuart

            Bob I and im sure many others appreciate all the effort and commitment you are putting into this subject, you could of easily chossen a much less controversial field to concentrate your efforts and im sure, been way better off financially also….what you and the rest of the MFMP are doing is following in the footsteps of real experimenters and free thinkers of old….i always look forward to any of your videos or experiments and cant wait for the next one to come.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Stuart, thanks – I can tell you 100% you will not be disappointed.

    • cashmemorz

      HEAR, HEAR!

  • georgehants

    Electrical dipole activity detected in a quantum material unlike any other tested
    “Usually, we think of quantum mechanics as a theory of small things,
    like atoms, but here we observe that the whole crystal is behaving
    quantum-mechanically,” said Drichko, senior author of a paper on the
    research published in the journal Science.

  • GiveADogABone

    Fuel is LiAlH4
    Li7 is 93% of natural
    Fe54 is 5% of natural

    Given equations are :-
    1: Al + Al = Fe54 22MeV
    2: Li7 + Fe54 = Ni60 + H1 16 Mev
    Problems :-
    1: Equation 1: shows no particle(s) to carry of energy?
    2: Why not Al + Li = S for equ 1:, followed by S + Al for the second?
    3: Two atoms of Al for each one of Li7 are needed but LIAlH4 contains equal numbers of Al and Li atoms. Twice as much Al needed? Al exhausts before Li7.
    4: Could a Fe54+Li7 reactor work without the Al?
    5: I believe the statement ‘Bulk of 7Li becomes 6Li’ is incorrect. The bulk of 7Li is incorporated into Nickel, leaving the unchanged waste 6Li behind and inverting the natural ratios.

    An alternative equation involving LiAl [1:] that bypasses the problems:-
    Li7Al + Li7Al = Ni61 + Li7 about 38MeV, or
    Li7Al + Li6Al = Ni61 + Li6
    This reduces the reactions to one involving two LiAl molecules with a heavier atom to eject and carry off all the energy.
    Problem :-
    Is a four-way fusion with ejection, starting from two molecules, possible?

    [1:] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium_aluminium_hydride
    At about 200 °C, Li3AlH6 decomposes into LiH and Al which subsequently convert into LiAl above 400 °C.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Not recorded in that presentation, but said off hand – I believe that Iron would be a good start point as an additional fuel stock – moreover, Cr even better as that breeds through to Iron as shown in the review of what might be going on in LION.

      1. My view is that this is not an issue and I will explain why in O-Day. P. Hegelstein is presenting one approach. Both Srinivasan’s report of 4 tons of excess metals produced per day for 11 weeks and NOVA / George Ohsawa reactions demonstrate there are no gammas from this reaction.

      2. Because, we already know the outcome from Lugano.

      3. Extra Li is added in the Rossi patent mix

      4. Yes – I said as much at ICCF-21, moreover KOVACS from Norway presented results from an experiment that used just Li7 and Ni+Cu

      5. you may be right, I need to think more – I had about a day to think on this data with jet-lag and this was an impromptu presentation,

      Here is my view

      For Aluminium 2xAl + 3x7Li > 1H + 62Ni + 2x6Li, this may happen at the same time leaving 4 fragments carrying away kinetic energy

      All of the remaining 60Ni and 61Ni left over from Ni nucleon exchange reactions (that don’t yield 62Ni) require 2 or 1 7Li to go to 6Li to result in 62Ni.

      As I have said a number of times, the Parkhomov data, as he recognises himself, is a simplification that is just 2:1, 1:2 and 2:2 – all that could consider these reactions would say that it is a multi-body reaction – it is just a guide, a tool. Even still there are more than 500,000 outputs.

      • gdaigle

        Spitballing outside of my wheelhouse (yes, an odd mix of idioms), but if beta decay or electron capture is involved in these isotopic shifts, would this provide an opportunity to directly produce electric current (e.g. betavoltaic cell) as a supplement to thermoelectric generation?

        • Bob Greenyer

          I think that there are are several options. For one, in my understanding the active structure emit electrons as they grow.

  • Obvious
    • Bob Greenyer

      Did the ‘none’ fuel transmute in part to single isotope 69Ga?

      • Obvious

        Might look that way if tested without proper calibration, standards and blanks in the same analytical stream by a non-accredited lab technician.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Luckily, calibration, standards and an accredited operator were used when we did it.

    • LION

      Hi Obvious,
      I would appreciate it if you could post some links about the origin of this experiment, and the claims made by the claimant, as I have no recollection of having seen it before. THANKS.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Between 1994 and 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah a near 11 year study proved Kenneth Shoulders ‘Charge Clusters’ could remediate nuclear waste, this was subsequently replicated by the DOE in government labs. After proving it worked the DOE threatened FISA, secret courts and incarceration to prevent the the technology from being used.


    Then new Obama administration in 2010 asked for a presentation across all agencies – cancelled before event.



    Tip off: Francois Toussaint


    • Thomas Baccei

      A unifying perspective may well be that in some manner these projects – enticing from afar – are being convinced to “disappear”, somehow, by some coherent agency. Paranoid? Sure, but we are playing in an arena with deep currents It is easy to speculate on the nature of such agencies: from the mundane (CIA, Oil Companies) to the bizarre (NWO, Aliens, Time Travelers.) or even “ultra-bizarre with your posited “consciousness” or “spirit” in the effect itself. The hypothetical reasons for this inhibition on developing a “charge cluster” technology span the entire range of possibilities from financial to national security to non human management of our capabilities. It may well be that that anyone who gets close to a solution are convinced rather than coerced. Not many of these Lenr “mushroom” companies or researchers vanish in the night. They just seem to peter out and blow away. What if you, Bob Greenyer, were shown undeniable proof that the end result of releasing this new technology into the world would lead to an unmitigated disaster for this planet and the human race? Could you not see yourself doing the same silent retreat, the same “tip-toeing” out of the room?

      All of us Lenr groupies swoon over the positively incredible benefits inherent in a realization of the Lenr potential, but I still fail to see very much examination of the possible unintended consequences. Like Axil Axil’s theory of a reduction of matter to a quark soup (which seems to be at least a part of your “O”). In my opinion, the unintended consequences, if this is correct, are heart stopping. Lenr is squirming to get out of the bag, it is perpetually inching toward that goal and yet, as in a bad dream Zeno’s hare of breakthrough never quite catches up with the tortoise of conformity. Could be a chimera, I suppose, a mass delusion, or possibly the bag itself refuses to be opened!

      • Axil Axil

        Leif Holmlid has been breaking matter apart for awhile now and his experiments have been currently replicated by at least two others. If there is a back door into the strong force, it will be found soon. We cannot classify mother nature as “top secret”

        • Thomas Baccei

          Axil, I have read your fantastic speculations for years now, and hugely appreciate the areas of physics being developed and communicated. Consider my response to Bob, It is not nature which is to be feared, but humans. I would ask you this, If you personally perfected a means of controlling “charge clusters” and this control would allow for almost god-like powers to transform elements, control gravity, challenge the speed of light and give unlimited non polluting energy, but realized that that same technology could be used easily to destroy like Shiva, what would you do?

          • Bob Greenyer

            “god-like powers… Shiva”

            Funny you said that, Piantelli said to us on our third day with him

            “I don’t think humans can be trusted with this technology”

            of course, one might take the view that one should not release the knowledge with this realisation in hand, it certainly seemed to be something that Piantelli was grappling with – but what if only the bad stuff it can do was affecting humanity already and the good stuff was being withheld to maximise control and profiteering? Would someone with the knowledge then be behoved to release it?

          • Thomas Baccei

            Bob and Axil, thanks for your responses. I did not know that Piantelli made that comment. I am neither anti technology nor fearful of nature’s secrets. It is human nature which is the source of my concern. It is always a balancing act however. There are broad efforts to curb biological technologies – cloning of humans etc. and for good reason. AI is now being debated with some very competent thinkers being fearful of the possible unintended consequences. I wonder if the moderator of this site would consider creating a new thread ethical and practical considerations of this sort can be discussed. As we approach the realization of potent new forces which may well be at our disposal, it is vital, in my opinion, to closely examine all aspects of the need to consider possible negative outcomes, and consider the ways in which threats and dangers could be avoided or controlled. In fact, I will write a brief introduction to such a thread and present it as a new topic. I have no answers, but one cannot deny the pertinence of these questions.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thomas, Piantelli knows EM can do more. He has a cancer treatment centre.

            It is a human issue… but as I say – what if all the bad aspects are already being used – what would you then think as appropriate action?

          • Musical Hemispheres

            Maybe the fear is that currently, usage of the bad aspects is confined, because the knowledge is secret, but that this would change once the knowledge is out.
            In the end, I agree that nature’s truth cannot be hidden forever. We must hope that humanity can wise up on time.

          • Bob Greenyer

            With this technology in hand there would be extreme temptation to use it to hold dominion over all – so all must know, so that they may recognise it for what it is and demand that any benefits are deployed rather than it be merely used as a tool of suppression and profiteering.

          • Vinney

            Piantelli must have discovered far more ‘harmful’ effects of LENR than ‘useful’ effects, because apart from optimistic patents, he hasn’t demonstrated any useful technology that would be of interest outside of academic circles.
            And as far as I know, Nichenergy has received no publicly announced investments. Maybe same demonstrations , like Rossi undertakes might help get the ball rolling.
            Hangon, he may be waiting for Rossi’s launch to garner some interest in his venture.

          • Bob Greenyer

            He has been invested into – by at least LENR-Invest and that was made public – but it was not a good move for Piantelli.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I have discussed an aspect of this technology which is unsafe in my “What Really is ‘New Fire’ Fuel”, that is that it can produce in violent intense iterations, a proportion of heavy elements. These can be remediated by the the exact same ‘active agent’.

        O-day, the prequels and the follow ups will show that this can be a safe technology that can solve many problems we face – half the time we are gaslighted into defending why we are not seeing radiation products in LENR experiments – this technology CAN produce them – but only when driven hard / interrupted, it does not want to do that. This technology works with what you give it.

        • Thomas Baccei

          Sadly, if there is a way in which Lenr could be dangerous, it will be exploited. If it is either very dangerous, or an easily implemented source of danger the technology must be under some form of control. Witness my sad country with the many idiots running about with guns, to protect themselves from other fools with guns. It is not nature or reality which I fear, it is the uncontrollable lust for destruction which is a basic aspect of the human condition. It is not the fact that Lenr can be made safe, but the fact that it can be made dangerous.

          • Bob Greenyer

            It already has. We are in an asymmetric position.

            Unhappy people lash out – LENR can help meet their needs and wants and so foster happy people.

          • Charlie tapp

            Why would you call them idiots if they are protecting themselves and other people? you should probably go get yourself a new country I here North Korea is nice this time of year. Ps don’t hide behind any of those idiots when the shit hits the fan please.

    • Axil Axil

      The weak force only deals with left handed chiral particles. If we want to increase the decay rate of particles, then convert their spins to left handed spins. This is what the Kenneth Shoulders ‘Charge Clusters’ do, that polarize particle spins. This polarization is what increases the rates of decay of particles and stabilize them fast.

      The same is true for neutrinos. Neutrinos all have left handed spins.



      Parkhomov showed that neutrino exposure would speed the decay of particles.

      Neutrinos from the Sun will change the decay rates of radioactive isotopes.

    • Tip off: Francois Toussaint???? OK, I’m ignorant and clueless… Rather than a more obvious hint, I’d much rather you just say it…

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi John,

        Rather than just re-post something as if I found it, where another person/organisation has found the information first – I credit them as is just and in this case the tip – to go and watch the video – including the relevant section, was put forward by a poster named as Francois Toussaint

      • David_Kaiser_39

        I searched for Francois Toussaint on Youtube. I found an account with this name. He posted the following video:


        • Toussaint françois

          Hi, I like surfing on topics that of interest to me, and share it eventually that’s all .

          • Bob Greenyer

            And you are very good at it – the tips you give are always relevant. Thankyou.

    • magicsnd1

      Unfortunately though he presents well, David Yurth doesn’t support his claims with any details or scientific evidence. He is co-credited for several patent applications with two granted, though none in the fields of chemistry or nuclear technology.

      There’s also this interesting bit of trolling history, with two separate posters claiming to be his brother Larry (one pro, one con):

      Sorry Bob, interesting but not convincing claims including the assertion of a government cover-up. More info needed but not apparently available.

      • Bob Greenyer

        No need to apologise, I did two things

        1. Passed on a video segment I was made aware of just today, that was published years before I seriously considered / was aware of Shoulders.

        2. Accurately paraphrased sections

        I then, merely twice guided the reader to execute his or her own critical thinking. I made NO judgements.

        Here however is a view I could take.

        Adamenko drove 300J of electricity into a metal target containing 60Co and massively reduced its radioactivity – these type of experiments also produced classic ‘Strange Radiation” tracks using Metal Dielectric Semiconductor detectors in experiments conducted by Adamenko and Vysotskii. Strange Radiation are charge clusters themselves whist, IMPO they are a fragments of a more stable HDCC that fragmented. As I understand it HDCC was a name that was coined by Hal Fox who was trying to commercialise Ken’s work


        This data IS published for Proton 21 labs work in a near 800 page book that anyone can buy. Shoulders refers to Adamenkos work as being due to CCs/EVOs and I agree.

        So, the notion that a group working for 11 years would be able to see similar effects to those published and resulting from the Proton 21 work is not out of the question. He only mentions other approaches in passing – a good proportion of his talk is centred around the shoulders replication work and the aftermath.

        His claims about having this work locked down mirrors what I understand happened to Shoulders regarding his book ( and there was an attempt to do the same on his patents ) – and then there is Shoulders site being taken off-line 2 days after I made public my presentation last year… Curious, since Shoulders died in 2013 – why not at that time or before my presentation? At some point you can take a view on how many coincidences start to show a pattern.

        In summary, I think as it stands the video is anecdotal only, but is supported by Proton 21 research, Kenneth Shoulders and my own experience.

        I suggest that people use Hooktube.com to clone this important testimony.

    • Vinney

      Why didn’t one of them become a French citizen by buying a château somewhere in France and develop the technology with French companies.
      As far as I know, France is not on US terrorist watch lists, and is still a favoured holiday destination for Americans.
      But importantly for them, France has a lot of nuclear waste that it is storing in deep mountain chambers.
      Surely, they would appreciate some of the material being processed this way, even if not all.
      F & P also had to abscond to France, so they are not the first.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Normally family reasons.

  • Axil Axil

    LENR’s connection to artificial gravity.


    Extraordinary momentum and spin in evanescent waves. – NCBI

    “Momentum and spin represent fundamental dynamical properties of quantum particles and fields. In particular, propagating optical waves (photons) carry momentum and longitudinal spin determined by the wave vector and circular polarization, respectively. Here we show that exactly the opposite can be the case for evanescent optical waves. A single evanescent wave possesses a spin component, which is independent of the polarization and is orthogonal to the wave vector.

    Furthermore, such a wave carries a momentum component, which is determined by the circular polarization and is also orthogonal to the wave vector. We show that these extraordinary properties reveal a fundamental Belinfante’s spin momentum, known in field theory and unobservable in propagating fields. We demonstrate that the transverse momentum and spin push and twist a probe Mie particle in an evanescent field. This allows the observation of ‘impossible’ properties of light and of a fundamental field-theory quantity, which was previously considered as ‘virtual’”

    The evanescent optical waves unlock the spin of light for the Surface Plasmon Polariton. These waves convert the force inherent is the spin of light into a linear force that is identical to the force of gravity. This force is described by the “Belinfante–Rosenfeld stress–energy tensor”

    Belinfante–Rosenfeld stress–energy tensor

    The curious combination of spin-current components required to make Belinfante tensor symmetric and yet still conserved seems totally ad hoc, but it was shown by both Rosenfeld and Belinfante that the modified tensor is precisely the symmetric Hilbert energy–momentum tensor that acts as the source of gravity in general relativity. Just as it is the sum of the bound and free currents that acts as a source of the magnetic field, it is the sum of the bound and free energy–momentum that acts as a source of gravity.

    • georgehants

      Axil, does this bring gravity into the Quantum World giving the long sort-after TOE?

      • Axil Axil

        I don’t know. To understand LENR well, we need to know a lot of things. I am still working on it. General relativity is not easy. Einstein works on the TOE for decades and he failed to come up with a theory.

    • greggoble

      Fascinating… I’ve been reading suggested papers presented in discussions here and at LENR Forum. So much of what is needed to understand the LENR NAE is found in new fields of science. Experts in nano and plasmonics would be a boon to any cold fusion research team.

      Thanks from a poetic layman whose passions include science.

      Here’s something that your comment about gravity reminded me of. It’s about how NASA views plasmonic force propulsion.

      NIAC NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts
      Plasmonic Force Propulsion Revolutionizes Nano/PicoSat Propulsion
      Joshua L. Rovey and Xiaodong Yang
      Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

      1. Sunlight is focused onto deep-subwavelength metallic nanostructures through a lens

      2. Resonant interaction and coupling of light with the nanostructure excites surface plasmon polaritons that generate a strong gradient optical force field

      3. Nanoparticles (e.g., glass beads) are accelerated by the gradient force field and expelled at high speeds

      I imagine that in LENR nanoparticles (or other tinier things) could also be accelerated at high speeds by these strong gradient optical force fields.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    My guess is that aluminum is being consumed in the following coupled chain reactions.

    Li(7) + p > 2 He(4) 17.3 MeV

    He(4) + Al(27) > Si(30) + p 2.37 MeV

    • Alan DeAngelis


      The very first artificial transmutations done with alphas, He(4).

      • Whoops – that’s embarrassing: The Parkhomov tables don’t show that reaction – only the He3 ones.


        He3 is very rare on earth but there’s plenty on the moon, so they say.

        • – OK, I think I’ve got it – Rutherford’s He4 reaction was highly endothermic – requiring the large amount of input energy of the alpha particle.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            Yeah, you might enjoy reading this old book. Asimov writes
            about Rutherford and the other pioneers.


          • Bob Greenyer

            and it was AN ALPHA particle – not 4He

          • -no one said it was “4He”, which I would translate as four Helium nuclei. I don’t know how to type superscripts and subscripts on this forum but the convention used in the above image of Rutherford has He with a leading superscript of 4 (= A) and a leading subscript of 2 (= Z). Given that calling it Helium – He – automatically clamps the Z at 2, the simple, non-superscript way of writing a 2 neutron isotope comes back to He4 – if we are talking the most common isotope of Helium. As I said, He3, the Helium isotope with only one neutron, is very rare on Earth but its reaction with many elements is net exothermic, hence the idea of mining it on the moon.

            But, yes, most “alpha particles” are just fully ionised He4 atoms – nuclei (but some alphas would presumably be ionised He3 – including the ones said to have been bombarding the moon – and being trapped in the lunar rocks – since its formation).

            Its interesting that it took Rutherford a while to realise that alpha particles were “just” Helium ions. From Wikipedia we have:

            “In the years 1899 and 1900, physicists Ernest Rutherford (working in McGill University in Montreal, Canada) and Paul Villard (working in Paris) separated radiation into three types: eventually named alpha, beta, and gamma by Rutherford, based on penetration of objects and deflection by a magnetic field.[10] Alpha rays were defined by Rutherford as those having the lowest penetration of ordinary objects.

            Rutherford’s work also included measurements of the ratio of an alpha particle’s mass to its charge, which led him to the hypothesis that alpha particles were doubly charged helium ions (later shown to be bare helium nuclei).[11] In 1907, Ernest Rutherford and Thomas Royds finally proved that alpha particles were indeed helium ions.[12]”

          • Bob Greenyer

            People use 4He and He4 all the time and so do I, if meaning four Helium – I would write 4 x He

            Without looking it up, I think an Alpha particle can ONLY be 2p2n

          • – well, it would be interesting to hear more about the 2p1n particle – the “Light Alpha”?

            – anyway, its annoying how much one can forget over the years. Here is the opening paragraph of the Introduction to my own 1970 MSc thesis, entitled “A Tritium Gas Neutron Source”:

            “A process for fast, polarised neutron scattering experiments has been underway in Auckland for the last three years. A system using 6 Mev unpolarised deuterons from the AURA II accelerator to produce 16.4 Mev, 50% polarised neutrons from a thin (.5 Mev) tritium-in-titanium target by the T(d,n)He4 reaction has been developed by R. Garrett and A. Chisholm (my co-supervisors) and is described in the former’s Ph.D. thesis (Ga 60). It uses the associated alpha particles to provide coincidences with pulses from the scattered-neutron detectors in order to eliminate the effects of the background neutrons. This method is superior to the older ones – scatterer in – scatterer out, time of flight and scatterer recoil tagging (but the latter method can be used in conjunction with alpha particle method, providing a triple coincidence”.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Dang! – You’re a pro at this in more ways that one!

          • Nuclear Physics was very strong at Auckland University at that time. The AURAII and the older AURAI labs were buzzing with all sorts of interesting experiments (of which mine was a minor addition). And there was an equally strong infrastructure of technicians and workshop people who were keen and knowledgeable about it all. And it was all well funded. Compared with that “cool scene” (as we called it then), the setups that you, Rossi and all the other “LENR battlers” have to make do with now is like chalk and cheese. A very great shame, IMHO.

            AURA II is now long gone and the whole nuclear research scene at AU is a shadow of its former glory. It was partly the victim of the NZ version of the “N word” – “Nuclear”. But, as early as 1968, I and many other Physics and Chemistry students were queuing up to use the IBM1620 computer in the nearby Chemistry department. It supported Fortran 2 and you had to use punch cards BUT, coming from having to use slide rules, log tables and mechanical calculators to perform complicated calculations, it was a huge buzz! My passion for computers and programming started right there and most of the rest of my career morphed into scientific computer programing – which I variously applied to acoustics, vibration analysis, image processing and computer vision.

            But maybe I can still contribute to LENR via the likes of the Parkhomov tables. Speaking of which, I’ve combined the Cascades2.php (compact) and Cascades.php (full, detailed, diagnostics) versions into one new version – Cascades.php – in which you can effectively change one version into the other (or an in-between one) by just setting two extra new switches. Have a play. I’m also tidying up AllTables.php with a view to retiring the three older programs (Fission.php, Fusion.php and TwoToTwo.php) which can each only use the one table. Remember that, for the minor penalty of having to use full SQL, AllTables.php can do everything the older three can do and a lot more besides (and typically using more than one table).

          • Bob Greenyer

            Fascinating history – thanks for sharing.

            Noticed the new version – thankyou – not had a chance to test its metal – I think it will need another tutorial video to de-mystify it for the masses.

          • Roger that. Here is one I’ve just run with this SQL: “select * from Fusion where E1 = ‘H’ and (E2 = ‘Ni’ or E2 = ‘B’ or E2 = ‘N’) order by MeV desc”.
            – The resulting Reactions Table Has 3209 net rows(!); The Nuclei Table Has 128 rows.
            the link to the full results is here: http://www.thinktankreport.com/CascadesResults.HNiBN.html
            – so a possible superset of all the nuclei you might end up with the extra Boron and Nitrogen present in the basic Nickel – Hydrogen experiment.

          • Bob Greenyer

            As the operator of the SEM/EDS machine at Masaryk university jokes when we look at some LENR samples – “Looks like you have the whole periodic table here” of course, that is what Adamenko and LeClaire found.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Nickel hydride, minus two positrons?

    Ni(58) 2p > Ni(60) + 2 positrons

    Ni(60) 2p > Ni(62) + 2 positrons

    Then to get rid of Ni(64):

    Ni(64) 2p > Ni(62) + He(4) 9.87 MeV


    • Alan DeAngelis


      nickel hydride, p~Ni~p

      • Alan DeAngelis


        Just did the calculations:

        Ni(58) + 2 H(1) > Ni(60) + 2 positrons 17.358 MeV

        Ni(60) + 2 H(1) > Ni(62) + 2 positrons 15.389 MeV

        • Alan DeAngelis

          And finally:

          Ni(61) + H(1) > Ni(62) + positrons 9.082 MeV

    • Bob Greenyer

      This is Piantelli theory, as I calculated in early 2015.

      Piantelli, when presented with that data then said that he had concluded many years before that it was in fact nucleon re-organisation.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Happy father’s day.

        Thanks, I also thought that:

        “Maybe in the pressurized nickel-hydrogen systems with a little heat, an
        octahedral hexahydride nickel(0) complex, [NiH6]6- can be formed. This
        negatively charged complex might reduce the Coulomb barrier by compressing
        nuclei and allowing them to fuse.

        Likewise in palladium-deuterium systems an octahedral hexadeuteride
        palladium(0) complex, [PdD6]6- could form.”

        In the comments here https://ecatsite.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/italian-lenr-workshop-april-10-14/

        • Alan DeAngelis


          I’ve been thinking about (d.p) reactions since April of 1989. I snail-mailed a one sentence letter to C&E News where I misspelled Fleischmann. May 15, 1989 C&E News, page 3.

          “Sir: The heat evolved in the Fleishmann and Pons cold fusion experiment may be due to a palladium-deuteron “stripping” reaction.

          Pd-108 + d > Pd-109 + p

          Pd-109 > Ag-109 + e “

          And soon after that John Dash did find Ag-109 (not natural ratios) being created
          in his variation of his F&P replication.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks – off out with the kids swimming after dinner

    • Bob Greenyer

      Always love that clip

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah, I’m one of the original mad men. I’ve been thinking about (d.p) reactions since April of 1989. I snail-mailed a one sentence letter to C&E News where I misspelled Fleischmann. May 15, 1989 C&E News, page 3.

        “Sir: The heat evolved in the Fleishmann and Pons cold fusion experiment may be due to a palladium-deuteron “stripping” reaction.

        Pd-108 + d > Pd-109 + p

        Pd-109 > Ag-109 + e “

        And soon after that John Dash did find Ag-109 (not natural ratios) being created in his variation of his F&P replication.

        I found the link to the letter May 15, 1989 C&E Ne (see page 3).


      • Charlie tapp

        Way off topic but was thinking in a less scientific way while working on a wheel bearing that failed in a axle tube. A mechanic would fight and struggle to remove the race from the tube to replace it seeing how it was pressed in. A very good welder would simply weld a bead around the entire inside of the race and reach in with a gloved hand and simply pull out the race. Now a lay person would assume the heat from the weld would expand the race makeing it harder to get out but it actually contracts it makeing it smaller. While thinking about reactors and coils I was wondering if anyone takes into account the left and right hand rules of electricity when winding their reactors? I would think if the sintered nickel powder was at the appropriate end and the coils wrapped according to these rules the magnetic pulse of d.c. Power would pump the hydrogen molecules into the nickel lattice. not only being hot from the heating coil itself but also from the jiggling against each other they would receive from the applied field, like a microwave works. Nickle is non magnetic when heated past a certain point so mabee at that temp it also is a magnetic shield creating tiny pockets of packed in hot vibrating hydrogen that can do nothing but get hotter and smaller like the race of the bearing while getting smaller makeing more room for more molecules of hydrogen. Until bam they get so small they collapse not fuse with another creating what looks like black holes in some of your photos. The spheres you see are just the Nickle cage that has stretched out from the preasures. I think Rossi uses three phase power for a faster tighter packing machine. And a ground because that would allow the gigantic electric fiel from the tiny black holes to leave the sphere allowing continued operation. Because in lay mans terms a ballon filled up to much would pop stopping the whole process. Sorry kind of dragged out there for second but do you have info on which way coils are wrapped on working reactors and non working reactors? And where in the reactor was the Nickle powder, right side left side center? This might sound all crazy but could be important in my simple mind , I can build a simple motor that if not wound correctly will not spin to the right but always left.

        • Bob Greenyer

          It is a very valid comment – Alan Goldwater and I have debated the winding for some time – mostly on the bi-filar / counter wound – but not the initial handedness – need to check that for the heater coil in LION and the reactor core.

          On the subject of BHs – keep thinking, refer back to all my previous images and comments and… keep thinking.

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