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The goal of E-Cat World to be an essential hub for news, comment, and analysis of all topics pertaining to the emerging field of LENR, and so we are inviting writers, analysts, industry experts, journalists and other professionals to contribute articles to the site.

Why be a Contributor?

E-Cat World is one of the top sites for news and information on LENR related topics, and as a contributor you will reach an informed and interested audience in a field that promises to be of enormous future importance.

E-Cat World has excellent ranking for many search terms in Google making your articles easy to find and thus expanding your influence.

All articles you publish can include your contact and business information, and link back to your site.

As a contributor you will be given a dedicated page on E-Cat World where you can list biographical and professional information and promote business services.

Guidelines for Submitted Content

LENR technology has the potential to touch all aspects of life, and so we are looking for articles that deal with such areas as science, business, economics, politics, society, etc. Article submissions should be your original work and should be written to professional standards. Articles should be well researched and key facts should be referenced.


Authors submitting content will grant E-Cat World a non-exclusive license to publish the article — and the article you submit must not have been published elsewhere first. You will retain copyright on your work, and will be free to publish your work in any way you choose once it has been posted on E-Cat World. E-Cat World retains the right to edit the article and its title for clarity, and to ensure correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. All material submitted, including images, must not contain intellectual property that is owned by a third party.


Generally well-written articles with original, thoughtful content will be approved for publication, however there is not guarantee that submissions will be published, and E-Cat World reserves the right not to publish any content submitted.

You may submit articles via email to [email protected]