Job Vacancy — UK

WANTED. Co-worker with management experience for small start-up R&D laboratory in outer NE London area. The main qualifications are enthusiasm and a willingness to embrace new methods of working on a stream of innovative and varied ideas for which we are in the process of securing IP rights and development finance.

A background in any of the following areas, electronics, mechanical engineering, software engineering or biomechanics would be helpful, and some knowledge of marketing a plus.

A successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to motivate people, interact with the public as well as staff and sell novel methods of R&D to new clients. Brains, energy, personality and enthusiasm are the prime requirements. Age, formal qualifications and gender are irrelevant.

The salary will initially be very modest, but there is the possibility of obtaining bonus equity in a new business with considerable growth potential.

Initial enquiries/applications should be submitted before the 15th of February to [email protected]

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