Sergio Focardi Speaks about The Origins of the E-Cat

In an extensive interview with Radio Città del Capo, an Italian radio station, Univeristy of Bologna Professor Sergio Focardi talks about how he became connected with Andrea Rossi, and how they worked together on the development of the e-cat. It’s an interesting interview for a number of reasons. Focardi gives more details on how the device works, although he does say there are certain things he does not know about it — specifically the secret catalyst used which Rossi has not revealed to him (nor has he asked Rossi about it). He also does not know  the details of the business agreements that Rossi has entered into. Focardi’s role seems to have been to help with the testing of the e-cat. He says he is an experimental physicist, not a theoretical one, although he does provide some of his own thoughts on the possible sources of energy released.

It’s clear from the interview that Focardi has no doubt about the fact that it works. He mentions that they heated Rossi’s office for months using the e-cat. He states, “For this we have already carried out the essential tests, the device works, works for months. There is no radioactivity, obviously because there is a lead shield, and we ran some measurements. We also measured the water flowing through the device: we found the same radioactivity as in the water from the waterworks. So there are no radioactive phenomena. Well, clearly the world must pass through all these tests … and after all is said and done, the object already exists.”

For anyone interested in this technology, the article is well worth reading. For English speakers an excellent translation of this interview is available here