Rossi: E-Cats to be Installed at Universities of Uppsala and Stockholm in Sweden

Andrea Rossi said this weekend that E-Cat devices would be installed at the University of Uppsals and the University of Stockholm for the purpose of collecting data. Two Swedish physicists, Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen have spent time with Rossi and have already issued a report on their observations of his invention.

Rossi said on his website, “We will give to the University of Uppsala and to the University of Stockolm our devices to allow them to use the same devices 24 hours per day, to get data regarding the energy production. We trust them, and we know they are really neutral, without binds with competitors of any kind. I personally knew them and I have in them total trust.”

Professors Kullander and Essen work at the Universities of  Uppsala and Stockholm respectively. No information has been provided about when these E-Cats will be installed, nor when, or even whether, the data collected will be made public.