Rossi Says That Over the Years He Has Blown up 37 E-Cats

An interesting little piece of information came out of Andrea Rossi’s web site today.

One of the questioner asked, “Another fun question: How many reactors have you blown up? (You have experimented to determine the safest size/pressures/temperatures. Stress testing is important!)”

Rossi’s answer: “37 (all recorded, with the supposed reasons of the event)”

It’s interesting that Rossi has an exact answer to that question; he has been paying close attention to the safety aspect of the E-Cat. He has said that the reason he is using a combination of small e-cats rather than large models is because the smaller units are inherently safer.

Rossi has said about the 10 kW device they demonstrated earlier this year:

“This is the dimensions we have tested for years, and we know it very well; this fact allows us to guarantee the necessary reliability and for what concerns the safety and security systems and for what concerns the operational efficiency”

He also said regarding safety:

“The replication of the effect along the patent has to be made by professionals. It is dangerous, if made by amateurs, because there are explosion dangers and because the nickel powders are toxic. The manipulations must be made in professional laboratories, with professional protection devices (

Since then they have moved down to an even smaller version of the E-Cat.

Anyone looking at installing E-Cats will want to be certain that they are safe, and Rossi is apparently paying close attention to that aspect of his technology.