Rossi Confirms The Name is “E-Cat” — And Other Details

An interesting exchange took place on Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics site today in which Rossi responded to a questioner. For clarity’s sake I have inserted Rossi’s responses after each question.

Congratulations on your very promising technology. It will be a long wait until October, so thank you for continuing to answer questions on this site.

Have you had a chance to think about how your technology will be marketed? [Yes] What will be the official name you choose to call the technology. Several have been mentioned so far, e-cat, e-catalyzer, energy catalyzer, rossi catalyzer. Can you confirm the official product name you will choose for launch? [E-Cat]

Have you made any agreements / partnerships with official govt agencies eg: DoE to facilitate the rollout / distribution of your technology? [No]

Can you give an approximate month / date when your devices will go on sale to others in the industry. When do you anticipate the first commercial sale of an e-cat (after the 1MW plant is installed)? [The first in October, follow up in november]

Have any of the MAJOR media asked for an interview yet? [No]

In a few words we learn some interesting things. Rossi has previously mentioned signing a very important contract with a US entity — we can now rule out a government agency. This also confirms what was discussed on this site yesterday, that no major mainstream media company has shown enough interest in the E-Cat as yet. We posted earlier that RAI television will be covering the Rossi technology in a show on May 3; perhaps they have not interviewed Rossi — or perhaps he does not consider them a major media player.