Rossi: 97 E-Cats Continuously Operating in Four Locations Worldwide Today

The release of interesting details from Andrea Rossi about the E-Cat continues on his Journal of Nuclear Physics site.  Today he responded to multiple questions from a visitor; Rossi’s answers are posted next to each question:

Q:Some good E-Cat trivia for the fans:
1. How many e-cats are in continuous operation today? [97]
2. How many geographic locations are e-cats running today? [4]
3. Are there any e-cats running in the US with businesses you own or individuals you trust? [Yes]
4. Any estimate on how much fuel has been spent over the life of your research? [Less than if I was taxist]
5. Is there anything confidential about how you use electrolysis for the reactor is is that industry standard technology? [I do not use electrolysis]

It seems like Rossi enjoys responding to these kinds of questions — he recently said that the reason he continues responding is that he always learns something from the questions he receives. It’s refreshing to have someone in his position giving direct answers to direct questions — although there are certain types of questions (ones about proprietary technical information) he refuses to respond to.

From these and other answers Rossi appears to be a careful record keeper, and someone with a sense of humor. I’m guessing he means taxi driver by when he refers to “taxist”!