New Testing of E-Cat by NyTeknik : Video and Test Results Released

The Swedish Magazine TyTeknik has released video of  tests they conducted of one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat modules in Bologna on April 28.

Mats Lewan, reporter from NyTeknik (who holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology) carried out a test of the system and took steps to eliminate the possibility of measurement errors in the following ways.

1. Calibrating the ammeter measuring input current against other instruments.

2. Measuring the total input water on a precision scale.

3. Calibrating the temperature measurement sensor by immersing it in boiling water to ensure that it was detecting only water vapor at the outlet of the E-Cat. When immersed in water, the sensor read 99.6 degrees Celsius, and at the outlet of the E-Cat the measurement was 100.5 degrees.

Lewan checked to make sure that there were no hidden connections to the E-Cat from the floor or walls (there were none), and also tested for presence of possible external wireless energy (nothing unusual was found)

The results of the test showed that a net power of between 2.3 and 2.6 kilowatts was produced from an input electrical power of around 300 W.

Another set of tests at which Lewan was present were conducted on April 19 which were filmed by the Italian television station RAI, and their reporting on the event will be broadcast  on Thursday, May 5 at 20:35.

In the video, Andrea Rossi explains that the unit that is being tested will become part of the 1 MW plant scheduled for release at Xanthi, Greece in October. He says that he tests each module one by one. According to Rossi the 1 MW plant will be made up of around 300 of these small E-Cats connected in series.

NyTeknik’s report, video and test results can be seen here.