“The Magic of Mr. Rossi” — RAI Television’s Video on Rossi and the E-Cat Now Translated into English

It didn’t take long for someone to translate the May 3 RAI television feature on Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat invention from the original Italian into English. The program shows a demonstration of the device, and  includes interviews with Rossi and some of his colleagues, including  physicists Sergio Focardi, Guiseppe Levi, Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen,   who discuss the E-Cat, how it works and how it has been developed.

A section of the video discusses Petrol Dragon, a former business of Rossi’s in which he attempted (and failed) to create a technology that could make oil from industrial waste.

The program also introduces officers of Defkalion Green Technologies, the Greek company who will be manufacturing E-Cats for public sale and at whose factory the first E-Cat power plant will be installed.