Rossi: “Not Impossible” that Two 1 MW E-Cat Plants Will be Ready in October — One in Greece, One in the US

In one of his typically terse responses to a question on his website, Andrea Rossi has hinted that a there may be more than one power plant ready in October when he launches his technology commercially.

A questioner asks:

“1. Will there be two 1MW stations in november, 1 in greece and other in USA?
2. By this date, will you give full e-cats for certain universities to test them in any way they want?”

Rossi answers:

1- Not impossible
2- Yes: University of Bologna, University of Uppsala

Rossi has said that he has signed an agreement with a US company, and on May 11th he commented, “In due time we will make a press conference, when the 1 MW plant in the concern of our USA Customer will be in operation.” Rossi is implying now that this press conference in the USA could take place in October — at least it’s “not impossible.”

In addition, he says that the Universities of Bologna and Uppsala (Sweden) will have their own  E-Cats where they can conduct testing “in any way they want”. Statements like these only increase the anticipation for October for many people who are following this story. Lots can happen between now and then, and as with many product launches problems and delays and difficulties are not uncommon. It’s going to be a long summer for some!