Fast Facts about Ampenergo, US Company Will Partner With Andrea Rossi to Commercialize E-Cat Technology

Here are some key facts about Ampenergo , the private US company that has signed an agreement with Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation to commercialize his E-Cat technology, gathered from the recent NyTeknik interview with Craig Cassarino, Vice President of Ampenergo.

  • Ampenergo will be selling E-Cat licenses and  products, and in return will receive a portion of the royalties therefrom.
  • Ampenergo has paid Leonardo Corporation an undisclosed amount of money as part of their agreement with Rossi.
  • Ampenergo is searching for new funding sources and is in conversation “with several large companies, some investment companies, because it’s not just a technology, we’re creating an industry here … There’s never enough money to make everything happen.”
  • The first products are projected to be available by late fall of this year or early next year. The first product is likely to be a 1 MW plant for heating or power generation.
  • Initially, the first E-Cat products would be manufactured by Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation.
  • Ampenergo will not initially be marketing home heating installations
  • Ampenergo will be seeking to partner with the “right” companies as they attempt to combine technologies to find the best ways to proliferate E-Cat technology.

So Andrea Rossi’s commercialization strategy is beginning to take shape. We now have two separate companies, Defkalion in Greece and Ampenergo in the US who are positioning themselves to take the E-Cat and run with it once the technology is officially launched. It appears that both companies are brand new and are feeling their way with this new technology. In uncharted waters it’s important to have smart and effective navigators who can negotiate the difficulties that will surely come up. It will be interesting to watch these two companies and see how they handle this potentially world-changing technology.