All 330 E-Cat Modules of Rossi’s 1 MW Power Plant Completed — Now A Container is Needed

Andrea Rossi has confirmed that the manufacturing of the 330 E-Cat modules that will make up the first 1 MW plant has been completed. Rossi has said that there are two factories in the US involved in the manufacturing of the devices.

So the power plant is built; what happens between now and October. About this, Rossi said, “Now goes on the testing of each of them and the construction of the container.”

Building the right container could be quite a challenge. This has to get to Greece from the United States with its contents in one piece! Rossi has said that the dimensions will be 3m x 2m x 2m and will weigh 2 tons.

Regarding the container, a commenter on Rossi’s web site made an interesting suggestion:

“I think you should look into implementing your power plants in the form of Shipping Containers. Each container will have it’s own reactors, control system and power output panel.

“Having the power plants in the form of Shipping Containers will allow for them to be very portable and easily deployed to any location very quickly. They could be easily dropped off, quickly turned on and then connected to the local grid.”

Rossi’s response: “You are right, we are doing what you suggest.”