Call for Ideas — Ways to Demonstrate Usefulness of the E-Cat

There was an interesting suggestion posted yesterday on Rossi’s web site from a reader who is an avid swimmer:

“I am adept at swimming (I swim about 7km per week).

“But now is the beginning of winter in Brazil, and the pool water becomes too cold for swimming.

“Some clubs have swimming pools heated electrically, but very few, because the electric heating is very expensive. A good advertisement for the E-Cat would be to sell it to clubs (for heating swimming pools and steam sauna). With a cheap heating, all the clubs could have a heater for cold fusion, and the news would spread worldwide. I could even do demonstrations to clubs in my city.”

This is a proposal which provides a local practical benefit, and at the same time demonstrates to the world the usefulness of the E-Cat — a good advertisement for Mr. Rossi.

I thought it would be interesting  and fun to see if any of the readers here could think of other interesting and novel ways to demonstrate the usefulness of the E-Cat to the world at this early stage of its development (not talking about future applications that will require lots more development and engineering). If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments below!