Daily Digest of Rossi Quotes: June 4th

Some interesting quotes from Andrea Rossi from his web site

When asked if it would be viable to increase the output temperature beyond 500 degrees celsius by feeding one E-Cat into another, he answered,

“Unfortunately I cannot go over 500 Celsius, for intrinsic reasons.” 

Asked if the 6-month operating duration for an E-Cat could be extended by turning it off, for example if you only need heat for a portion of the day, he responded,

“Yes, it is summary time. If you turn off you do not comsume Ni.”

Someone suggested that the E-Cat could be used for producing distilled water. Rossi responded,

“Yes, the potable water distilling is a possible application.” 

Rossi was asked how he would vote in an upcoming Italian referendum on whether Italy should return to nuclear power. His reply:

“Should I have been in Italy, I would vote against the nuclear fission plants. Just to get other enemies, as if I had not enough of them…