Daily Digest of Rossi Quotes: June 5th (1MW E-Cat Plant to be Unveiled Last Week of October)

There are many people looking forward to October when Andrea Rossi’s first E-Cat plant is scheduled to go into operation. Rossi has now been more specific as to when in October the launch will take place. From Rossi’s site on Jun 5th:

Q: Do you have a specific date in October when your reactor will be ready or are you just generally targetting October?

A: Last week of October.

This takes a little more uncertainty out of the timeline, although I’m sure some will be disappointed that they will be kept in suspense until the very end of the month.

Some more interesting exchanges from June 5th:

Q: Will you be licensing the technology to third parties for further development into various applications or will you be doing that all by yourself with the help of your companies in Greece and the US?

A: We will license.

This would seem to be an approach that would allow for a more speedy proliferation and development of the E-Cat technology; it would mean that established companies with engineering and manufacturing capabilities would be able to bring E-Cat based technologies to market faster than if Rossi’s own companies were to do the development, production and distribution from scratch.

Q: 1. Have you signed any non-disclosure agreements with third-parties that would prohibit you from disclosing intellectual property related to your invention?
2. I’m curious about technology diffusion versus technology secrecy; how far would you be willing to go to protect your intellectual property? Would you be willing to delay the launch of the E-cat in order to invest time and resources on “self destruction” technology?
3.I’m working as a programmer and sometimes I see the benefit in making a project “open source” (i.e. free for everyone); it allows other people to advance the project in ways that I might not have thought about on my own and it allows me to benefit from the advances made by others. Additionally, if a project has any defects, I will receive reports about these defects so that I can easily fix them. For me it’s a very delicate process to decide what should be open and what should be closed source. However, I would argue that both alternatives have their own respective advantages and disadvantages. Also, I think that referring to the “communist model” and saying that it doesn’t work is just making things a bit too simple (as I’m sure Einstein would have put it.)

A: 1- yes
2- yes
3- It is a matter of contracts

Rossi again demonstrates that he is going to be bound by contracts he has entered into with third parties which require him to keep certain information about the E-Cat confidential. It seems this is the main reason that he thinks the home-based E-Cat technology will take time. He wants to have in place a mechanism to make sure that these devices cannot be back engineered. He has said that they have solved the security problems for industrial E-Cat installations, which should mean that there are no delays in rolling out the first plants, but his answer here indicates that home-based E-Cats will be a longer time coming. He will delay release until he is assured the secret is safe.