Will the E-Cat Release be Delayed?

I have noticed that since Andrea Rossi started mentioning that he is working on a technology that will  self-destruct the E-Cat reaction chamber (safely) if it is tampered with, some have started seeing this as a reason, or excuse to delay the release of the technology.

If Rossi was a scammer and the E-Cat did not work, it would make sense for him to to have a reason not to deliver the goods as promised. But there has been no talk from Rossi about delaying the E-Cat’s launch. He continues to maintain that the 1 MW plant will be launched in October and commercialization of the technology will begin in November.

What Rossi HAS said is that the reason that it may take some time for home-based E-Cats to be installed is that they have not yet resolved the issue of how to prevent reverse engineering, but of the industrial E-Cats he has said, “In industrial plants this issue is more easy to afford and has been resolved”.

There’s no information about this problem has been resolved, and its possible that there could still be delays,  but from what Rossi has said I don’t think there is any reason at this point to think that he is involved in any stalling tactics. The last week of October can still be circled on our calendars!