Rossi: Industrial E-Cats to be Guarded Day and Night

There has been a lot of discussion about how Andrea Rossi might prevent his industrial secrets from being discovered and much of the focus has been on how they might be made to self-destruct if tampered with. However it seems there is a much more traditional way of protection being considered for the E-Cats at industrial plants.

On June 14th a visitor to Rossi’s web site asked, “When this 1MW plant opens. how do you intend to keep the process secret with such a large number of working E-cats “out there”? Will they be guarded night and day? It seems a little impractical.”

Rossi’s answer: “Yes.”

Rossi, as usual, answers the question directly but provides a minimal amount of information which will no doubt feed speculation.

Rossi has said previously the issue of how to secure the trade secrets at industrial sites has  been resolved, and this answer indicates that they will be using security guards in some way. It’s  likely that the cost of securing the E-Cat will be more expensive than the manufacturing of the units. Employing people on a round-the-clock basis along with surveillance equipment will not be cheap, but apparently the value of keeping the secrets secure are considered worth the cost.