Defkalion Green Technologies Announce News Conference

Defkalion Green Technologies, s.a., the Greek company which has an exclusive agreement with Andrea Rossi to commercialize E-Cat technology in Greece and the Balkans has sent an announcement to Daniel Passerini, author of the Italian blog Ventidue Passi D’Amore E Dintorne that the company will be holding a news conference on Thursday, June 23rd at 14:30.

Here is the full text of the announcement:




    Thursday 23rd June, 2011 @ 14:30
    Municipality of Palaio Faliro
    Terpsihoris 51 & Artemidos
Today, there is great pessimism regarding the future energy needs of our planet. Energy will soon become universally cheap, clean and readily usable.

Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have discovered and patented a technology that will change the world’s energy field. This technology will be made commercially available by Defkalion Green Technologies s.a., a Greek company.

By combining Hydrogen and Nickel to create an exothermic reaction (at room temperatures and in a device that can be safely placed in households and also industry) heat is emitted on a 24-hour basis. This energy is produced at a fraction of the cost in comparison to currently available energy sources, it is clean and totally green.

Furthermore, using conventional, readily available third-party technologies, the heat can also be used to produce electricity.

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. has secured exclusive distribution rights for the entire world, except for the USA and military applications. It will start production and first distribution of its products from its factory in Xanthi for the Greek and Balkan markets, initially. Two more factories are scheduled within 2012. International sales are already strong in demand, which will spur exports.

Suffice to say, that Greece possesses 83% of Europe’s Nickel deposits, a key strategic consideration. Furthermore, at this time of the global financial crisis, Greece is faced with a golden opportunity to become energy self-sufficient, gain in employment in one of its most underdeveloped regions, as well as become a technological leader in this new scientific field.

The press conference will comprise of undisclosed to-date information relating the technology’s commercial and industrial applications, the company’s strategic placements, as well as commercial issues that are of interest not only to Defkalion’s future customers, but also to the political society of our country. It goes without saying that such an important development also possesses a strong international dimension in many aspects.

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a.

It may not be coincidence that this conference has been scheduled at at a time of great political and economic turmoil in Greece. The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou is preparing to reshuffle his cabinet as he is trying to pass new austerity measures in the face of massive budget deficits, while there have been protests and riots in Athens by Greek citizens unhappy with the prospect of new budget cuts.

Defkalion has connections within Greek governing circles, and has received the necessary approval to launch its E-Cat factories. The purpose of this conference seems to be to provide some hope within Greece that new economic development is not far away, and that the fortunes of the country could change if it became a leader in a new energy industry. It’s very possible that this news conference could give new visibility and to the E-Cat story and attract more attention to its considerable possibilities. It will certainly be interesting to learn what new information is revealed, and to see how the world’s press covers the event.