Rossi Responds to Scrutiny of his Claims

A recent episode in the E-Cat story has illustrated a divide between those seeking for proof of Andrea Rossi’s claims of  a new source of energy and Rossi’s own approach to validation.

In brief, journalist Steven Krivit recently visited Rossi at his workplace in Bologna with a desire to find the truth regarding the E-Cat. He published a preliminary report of his observations and interactions at New Energy Times. In the report he questions whether there has been conclusive proof that the steam produced by the E-Cat is completely free of suspended water droplets saying,  “even one percent of water in the steam will make a major reduction in the Rossi-Focardi-Levi claims.”

Krivit is not convinced that there has been a thorough enough accounting  of the steam output from the E-Cat, and requested more data about the steam analysis from Guiseppe Levi. Specifically, Krivit wanted to be absolutely sure that the Levi has measured the percentage of water in the steam output by mass and not volume. (Levi said they did measure by mass) Without that assurance, Krivit is apparently not going to be convinced that the E-Cat is as revolutionary a technology as Rossi claims.

Asked on his website about Krivit’s report, Rossi has had strong words. He believes that they have indeed thoroughly reported on the water-in-steam issue (saying they are producing “dry steam”) and that Krivit has been unfair in his reporting and questioning. In the larger picture, Rossi reiterates that he is not interested in getting into any validation in the public arena: “Now I have to make my 1 MW plant, then we will make other 1 MW plants for our Customers. That’s all we will do. Our Customers tests are the sole tests that count, for us. Therefore, I have absolutely not time for competitors anxious to test my Cat to make their “validation”.