Defkalion News Conference: Who Will be Watching?

This Thursday at 14:30 Greek time, Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. will be holding a news conference in which they say they wiill be revealing more information about how they plan to bring E-Cat technology to the industrial and home markets.

To those who are following the E-Cat story this event holds a lot of interest, because we realize this technology has the possibility to be truly revolutionary once it is put to use in real-world applications, but at present it is unclear whether many people outside the relatively few enthusiasts will pay any attention to this event. But people really should tune in, if possible. Right now the world’s attention is focused on Greece because the country’s financial condition is so poor that it has the potential to trigger a new round of global financial tremors. If they were really paying attention, however, observers might find in this Defkalion news conference a reason to feel more optimistic about the future of Greece. It could prove to be at the heart of a new energy revolution and the launching pad of new E-Cat based technologies.

Possibly Thursday’s event will come and go without causing any change in opinion about Greece, or the future of the world’s energy industry, but it is also posible that some may come across information presented that will make them sit up and take notice. We don’t know who from the press will attend and so what the impact wiill be, but it might be worth it for readers of this site to give a heads up to friends and aquaintances about the conference. You never know what the tipping point will be that will bring knowledge of the E-Cat out of obscurity and into the global consciousness.