Greece’s Moment of Destiny: How the E-Cat Could Change the Nation’s Fortunes — and the World’s

There’s been quite a lot of discussion by people following the E-Cat story about the lack of attention that is being paid to Andrea Rossi’s technology. Rossi himself has said that he would have preferred not to have publicized his work until October when his 1 MW plant is revealed, but he went public earlier this year at the insistence of his colleague, Sergio Focardi.

For a long time I have thought that it doesn’t really make too much difference when the world starts to take notice, because once E-Cat products are on the market there will be no way to ignore the reality of this technology. I have thought that seeing the press drag their heels is somewhat amusing, since they are well behind the alternative Internet media on a very important story.

But I am beginning to change my mind about this in the light of what I am learning about the current situation in Greece. The Greek Parliament is scheduled to vote today and tomorrow over another set of austerity measures that need to be passed in order for continued bailout money from the Euro Zone nations and IMF to keep flowing. At the same time there is civil unrest growing in the nation which will likely grow if those austerity measures are passed. I even heard an analyst on the BBC mention civil war in Greece if the austerity measures are passed.

Civil unrest and economic disaster in Greece would make Defkalion Green Technology’s task of launching a brand new industry all the more difficult. It’s hard enough to be successful in a new enterprise in an atmosphere of stability.

If further austerity is not passed by the Greek Parliament it will almost certainly mean no more funding from Europe and thus lead to a default on its bond obligations. This could lead to them dropping out of the Euro Zone and cause worldwide distress in the financial world as creditor nations and banks with exposure to Greece are hit hard. The contagion could spread worldwide.

How would this scenario change if there was widespread knowledge of what is happening with Andrea Rossi, and Defkalion Green Technologies? How would the general Greek population feel if they knew they could be the leaders of an industry that could not only help their country, but also benefit them personally through sharply reduced energy costs?

How would Greece’s creditors act if they were aware that they are dealing with a country that could be the leading player in a new energy revolution?

It’s not easy to answer those questions, but if the full potential of the E-Cat technology became widely known, understood and accepted it could make a huge difference in the precarious Greek situation. So I’m hoping now that news of the E-Cat spreads far and wide rapidly and finds its way on to the radar of global consciousness as soon as possible. The Defkalion press conference was a good start, and perhaps the news of it has begun to make its way to people of influence, and maybe there will finally be a breakdown of the wall of relative silence that seems to be surrounding this very important technology that could change the fortunes of Greece and the world.