Greek Government Agencies Involved in Testing of Defkalion’s Hyperion Products

One of the key hurdles for any company to clear when introducing a new technology is to receive authorization from government and other regulation bodies to allow products into the marketplace. This is especially important when dealing with energy technology, since so much attention is paid to safety and environmental impacts of energy production.

Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) have confirmed that in preparation for commercialition of their technology, agencies of the Greek Government are in the process of testing Hyperion products (which use Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology)

In a forum posting on DGT’s website, the company made the following statement:

“All official test by the Greek Authorities are in progress. We have already answered which are the Ministries that, by law, have designated related authorities and labs to run such tests:

-Ministry of Regional Development/Industry
-Ministry of Environment/Energy
-Ministry of Education and Research

As stated in the Press Conference and in other topics in this forum, the results and the protocols of all tests will be published in Defkalion’s site uppon issuing of Certificates.

Thank you for your question”

In the same thread, DGT said they expected the results of this testing to be available to the public in the fourth quarter of 2011.

It’s interesting to see how DGT seems to be involved in a thorough preparation for the rollout of Hyperion technology. The fact that like Andrea Rossi, they are willing to respond to questions about the company and its technology in a public way shows a level of transparency that is refreshing and very helpful to a those who are trying to evaluate the extraordinary claims that are being made about this new energy technology.