Defkalion Green Technologies to Negotiate About Awarding Licenses Potential Hyperion Manufacturing Partners

An email apparently from Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) to potential manufacturing partners has been posted on Vortex-l outlining the process by which DGT will be awarding licenses to manufacturers to produce its E-Cat based Hyperion products.

Some interesting points come out from the email:

  • There will be one company chosen per country as a “country rights holder” with the ability to award sublicenses to other companies within the country.
  • Companies manufacturing Hyperion products will have to pay DGT a fixed royalty of 40.5 million Euros per factory producing 300,000 Hyperion units per year. Additional royalties will be paid to Defkalion for each product sold.
  • Licensees will purchase the “black box” units which contain the industrial secret from DGT.
  • DGT will provide licensees with factory blueprints and technical support.
  • The email specifies the requirements that Hyperion producing factories will have to meet in order to be awarded licenses. Smaller and larger factories can be negotiated according to local markets.
  • Companies that want to be awarded licenses will be able to meet with DGT for negotiations during July and August this year.

DGT states in the document that they have to date received expressions of interest from over 850 companies in 63 countries, and over 2 million hits on their new web site that was launched on June 23rd.