Energy Breakthrough Key To Dealing With Economic Problems: Rossi’s Energy Catalzyer Could Be It

If there is any way to solve the huge economic problems faced by people around the world, energy solutions have to be found. We live in a time of increasing energy costs and the prospect of them going higher as they become more scarce. We see all kinds of efforts to find alternatives to the fossil and nuclear fuels we have become dependent on, but while we see incremental progress in energy innovation, no new energy technology has as yet have been comparable in abundance or efficiency to the traditional mainstays.  Those mainstays are becoming more expensive and scarce as physical supplies dwindle and a variety of government regulations make them more costly.

This is what makes the appearance of Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer technology so significant. We are apparently approaching the introduction of an energy source that has the potential to eclipse anything we have yet seen in terms of abundance, economy and efficiency

Andrea Rossi has said that initially his energy costs will be 10 percent of current costs (both thermal and electrical). It would obviously take time for a new technology like the energy catalyzer to become widely implemented, but in time it could become ubiquitous (barring artificial obstacles)  If this turns out to actually be the case the economic impact would be phenomenal. Imagine your heating, electrical and fuel bills cut by 90 per cent. Imagine the impact on businesses if energy overhead costs are cut by 90 per cent (and the cost savings that could be passed on to consumers). Imagine the impacts on local, and national government budgets if their energy budget line were cut by 90 percent. Imagine the cost savings in agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, and other energy intensive industries if they had to pay 90 per cent less for energy to power their operations.

Once this technology has been fully and finally validated (Rossi says this will be in the marketplace — no more public demonstrations until after October) there should be a surge of interest in the E-Cat, and it will be time to start studying the way to adapt to a new economic reality. Certainly there will be plenty of turmoil to deal with as established interests, based on the old energy economy will no doubt struggle to remain profitable and relevant, but the prospects this new technology offers will be so attractive that huge demand throughout the world will make it difficult to stop.

The energy catalyzer could be the most significant invention since the dawning of the industrial revolution — not only because of the immediate benefits, but it could spark a new wave of research leading to scientific discoveries that could eventually eclipse even Rossi’s nuclear discovery.

Unless Rossi and his associates have been lying all along, and faking their demonstrations and data, we are indeed on the verge of an extraordinary development that could provide the world with something that could totally transform today’s dismal economic climate. It should be only a few short months until we find out the truth.