Bill Gates is Seeking for “Energy Miracles” — Will he Get Behind the E-Cat?

If you listen to Bill Gates speaking these days you will find that he is focused intently on solving energy problems. He recently participated in the Wired Business Conference where he took questions from editor-in-chief Chris Anderson and audience members.

From this conversation it is clear that Gates is extremely knowledgeable about the current state of energy technology and production, and the drawbacks and advantages of various technologies. Gates is using his influence and funds to support technologies that he sees are promising — and at the moment he seems to be particularly in favor of new types of nuclear fission reactors which he says have the benefit of emitting no carbon, being much safer than earlier reactor models and having the ability to produce the levels of power that the growing world economies require.

Not surprisingly no one brought up Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology in the hour long session, and it is unclear how much, if anything, Gates knows about it.

However, it is interesting that at their press conference on June 23  Defkalion GT showed a slide presentation which included information and statistics which came directly from Bill Gates’ “Innovating to Zero” push where he calls for energy solutions in which CO2 emissions are eventually eliminated. Bill Gates has been saying that there is a need for “energy miracles” to prevent planetary catastrophe. Defkalion clearly believe they have what Gates would consider a miracle technology.

Here’s Gates talking about the issues at TED2010:

It would seem that once the  E-Cat is proven to work as claimed it  would be a technology would be fully supportive of if he knew about it. Even if he did not invest a penny in the technology (and his money may not be needed, or wanted) his support and endorsement of the technology would be hugely influential in ensuring its rapid and widespread adoption.

Does Bill Gates know about the E-Cat? I don’t know — but once he learns about it I would not be surprised if he comes out as one of its most fervent supporters. So maybe someone who has Gates’ number should give him a call and tip him off about what Andrea Rossi has come up with.