Rossi: E-Cats Producing Now Producing Power Without Energy Input “Most of the Time”

Yesterday we reported that Sergio Focardi explained that the nuclear reaction inside the E-Cat reactor was started by applying a heat source of 60-70 degrees C, and that after the reaction was underway there was no need for the continuation of the heat source.

In the public demonstrations earlier this year made by Rossi and Focardi the E-Cats has a continuous heat source applied to the reaction chamber throughout the demonstration, but now it appears that in the testing that Rossi is doing that is not the case.

He was recently asked about the heating of the catalyzer by a questioner on his site:

” Can you tell me if your internal heater participates in any chemical reaction instead of only heat transfer?
If the heater is used as a “getter” for contaminant gases like some speculate then this dimensionally restricts your design. From what I understand and what you told me the heater is only for heat, do you agree?”

Rossi Answered:

“I cannot give information regarding the reactor’s operation.
By the way: in the stress tyests we are doing in this period with our modules we are making energy without energy supply from the reasistances for most of time. This answers, partially, to your questions. I am sorry if I can’t give more to you.”

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To be creating energy large amounts of energy with minimal input has been the dream of many  inventors, technologists and thinkers for centuries — and of course something that has been held by many to be impossible according to current understanding of scientific laws. Rossi is now making a claim which will bring hope and excitement to many observers on the one hand, and most likely scorn and derision from other quarters.

Rossi appears to be moving ahead regardless of public opinion. He continues to assert that the only test that matters is when he delivers his first power plant to Greece in October, an event which he has recently stated is still on schedule.