Rossi Gets Advice on Electricity Production, Already On Track to Retrofit Power Plants

Since Andrea Rossi put out his appeal yesterday for help with electrical generation from his E-Cats there have been multiple posts on his blog from readers who have ideas of technologies he could try. In addition to traditional turbines there were mentions of a new thermoelectric generator that has been developed by Panasonic which is a solid state thermoelectric conversion tube designed for use in geothermal power applications.

Rossi was gracious in his response to all suggestions, and indicated that he will check into all of them. One thing he did mention, however, was that he already has a technology in place to handle electricity production on an industrial scale. He commented, “I have ready a technology to retrofit existing power plants, and possibly soon one system will be installed.”

So it sounds like his request for help is in connection with generating electricity on a small scale — perhaps an attachment that can be connected to an individual E-Cat that will allow for home-based electrical generation that seems to be the desire of many people who learn about the E-Cat.

As far the time scale for success in this electrical quest, Rossi sounds measured in his prediction:

Q: How long do you think it will take to have a smal e-cat (in the range of 5-30 KW) producing electricity? And how long it will take for bigger plants (1MW or more) to produce electricity?

Rossi’s answer:

1- From 1 to 2 years
2- 1 year

If this is a realistic prediction, there would be plenty of people who would be happy to wait for such developments.