More on Nichenergy

We have recently learned of another company that has been established to commercialize technology based on a nickel-hydrogen reaction, Nichenergy. This company is founded by Francesco Piantelli and some of his associates and appears to be gearing up to compete with Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology.

A thread was recently started at the Italian site Energetic Ambiente by Roy Virgilio who attended the July 23 meeting about cold fusion in Viareggio in which he reports on the plans and progress of Nichenergy. He begins his thread with a status report about Nichenergy.You can read a translation by Arika Shirakawa (much better that Google’s) of  Virgilio’s post here.
It appears that we might have a company working somewhat along parallel lines as Rossi. Both companies are basing their technology on the same reaction, but using different means to maximize the power output of that reaction. Rossi has apparently found a catalyst that boosts the reaction significantly, but it also sounds like Nichenergy is finding ways to enhance the reaction through nickel preparation techniques. It will be fascinating to watch the progress of both camps, and hopefully the world will benefit  from competition between them. If this reaction is widely accepted as being a valid source of enery we will no doubt see many other players coming on the scene and progress in this field could develop rapidly.